How the Moon was Created

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How the Moon was Created is a longstanding puzzle. Astronomers believe the Moon formed in a giant impact between Earth and a Mars-sized protoplanet named Theia. But this model has several problems. New models show the Moon was formed in a synestia – a giant cloud of molten rock vapor after the proto-Earth was blasted apart in a giant impact.

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๐Ÿงญ References:
Lock, Stewart 2017 – The structure of terrestrial bodies: Impact heating, corotation limits and synestias

R. Canup 2012 – Forming a Moon with an Earth-like composition via a Giant Impact

Sarah Stewart

Simon Lock

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  1. Indigo Child

    Gloriously ignorant useless information.

  2. Anton Cronje

    The only theory scientists refuse to entertain is Intellegent Design. There is far to much of maybe this and only if this happened. You said it yourself “weird”.

  3. MrBlack

    Wrong all wrong. The only real explanation for the moon is that… wait for it… SOMEONE ELSE PUT IT THERE! And that’s the only explanation that makes any sense; but then, you’d have to believe in little green men and we all know that’s just a bunch of swamp gas despite that FACT that more than 1/2 the earth’s population HAVE SEEN THEM! Sheesh
    People… get with the real program.
    And all these SECRETS are hidden in… wait for it… ANTARCTICA the greatest place on Earth to HIDE everything they don’t want YOU to know about. Aliens/SSP/Mars/Moons and on and on and on.
    Antartica… I figured this out back in the 60s before they turned ‘conspiracy theories’ into a joke they could disinformation you with.
    Ahh… the world is so brainwashed asleep there is no way of waking people up.
    I repeat in case I lost any of you…
    ‘Someone else’ put the Moon where it is as an observation post. ~endofline

  4. Dan Edwards

    “isotopes are formed in chemical reactions” (3:27) – well, only if you mean a molecule of an isotope is split off or joined to another molecule during a chemical reaction, such as if heavy water gets broken down and the deuterium atom is set free of the oxygen atom. The isotope atoms though are formed in nuclear reactions.

  5. Robert Steiner

    I bet his parents are proud of their son, they spent so much money on his education to find that his guess on how the earth and moon were formed was as good as the next guy on the internet who has a grade school education and came up with the same idea. What a joke, I dont know how these guys get their satisfaction in life, coming up with these ideas that seem great with so limited a perspective in what the solar system is all about.

  6. Bryan Vinculado

    How old our moon?

  7. Marc Kieltyka

    buy god end of for our water an mood swings

  8. cosmiclettuce

    The gravitational force exerted on the Moon by the Sun is twice the g-force exerted on the Moon by the Earth. This means that the Moon is actually orbiting the Sun, and that it shares a common orbit with the Earth. The Moon just *appears* to orbit the Earth. How might this different perspective effect origin models?

  9. WaRRioR

    isnt there enough evidence to beliefe the Moon was Created by some Intelligence?

  10. Don Chamberlain

    Interesting. I was reading a couple months ago that not only do the Earth and Moon have an identical isotopic fingerprint, but that Saturn has that same isotopic fingerprint. Now, how could all 3 have been created together or from Saturn?

  11. Beanmachine91

    i will moon you!

  12. Sourabh Patil

    Why is moon’s centre of mass not at it’s geometric centre? We know this is it’s reason for lunar day being equal to lunar month but is this linked with it’s formation?

  13. feddkraft

    I have always thought that the Moon and the Earth appeared at the same time without a special impact except those small ones that happened when they were collecting material of a protoplanetary disc. It just randomly happened that a system of two bodies formed. I used to believe that all planets started from being one bigger chunk of rock, dust or gas surrounded with it’s own disc like we see by the gas/ice giants. Later those disks either landed on a planet, formed a bigger Moon, or remained around a planet. Gas giants’ discs may form sizable moons later.
    If this theory is totally wrong, I find it the most simple, much simpler that an impact scenario, so I expected it to be explicitly debunked… But it wasn’t mentioned at all, even as a completely wrong though simple!

  14. Grunf

    Haha ฤ†uk. A kind little owl here in europe, I assume he is croat

  15. Dziban Molniya

    “Synestia” is an absolutely horrible name for their proposed object.

  16. BigFoot NZ

    I thought I’d read somewhere that the moon samples contained unnatural (manufactured) elementals ?

  17. Mystic Madman

    The Moon is an artificial satellite, we can’t believe any more swamp gas theories about collisions and space dust. There are far too many other coincidences that are not coincidental about the distance between the Earth, moon and sun being perfect for eclipses and just the right size and place to do so. I’m not buying any other theories, especially flimsy liberal college indoctrination NPC theories.

  18. Darrin Green

    I haven’t seen the actual literature on the Giant Impact Hypothesis, but on face value, I disagree that it suggests the ejected material would form from the offending projectile. In practical experiments, and under slow motion photography, the projectile stays relatively intact when compared to the material it impacts with. Just like craters we can view from meteor impacts, the meteor is really small when compared to the amount of soil displaced by the force of the impact. Fluid dynamics is also different between substances like water or light oils and substances like molten rock. Think of a lava flow down a slope vs you a thinner fluid like water running down the same grade of slope. I’m sure I’m missing something, but wouldn’t a very high velocity projectile impacting a substance like the early forming Earth eject hundreds times more impacted material into space than impactor material? How is someone concluding the other way around? The projectile, most likely, would have been coming from much farther out from the sun than the Earth, and as such had much more time in very cold “space” to cool down and solidify that the Earth. Try putting a glass of thick but still flowing mud on a white bed sheet and then drop a rock or marble about 1/3rd the diameter of the surface of the glass, and see which material you get the most of splattered out on the sheet. Now turn the sheet over (clean surface) and add slightly solidified mud to the top of the glass (simulating the partially cooled and solidified surface of the Earth at that time) and drop the same rock or marble into it. How much of the semi-solid material is splashed out in relation to the projectile material. Much more of the “Earth” will still be splashed out to form that disk than projectile material. Even in the footage you had used from S.T. Stewart, a “chunk” of material was seen being flung way out from the impacted material. I also don’t like that model because it looks, to me anyway, to assume both objects to be made up of the same density and same level of solidity material. I’m not saying that I believe 100% that this is how the Moon formed, but just going by my limited knowledge, if an impact would have occurred at that stage of Earth’s evolution, the Moon would indeed share a lot of the Earth’s elements (genetic twins…of the earth at that time)…with the caveat that the Earth would have additional materials to it “donated” by that projectile as the still molten Earth melted it and incorporated it. The Moon had much less mass so cooled much more quickly making it harder to “incorporate” minerals from projectiles hitting its surface, and also allowing the Moon to skip some element formation that occurs with plasma level temperatures. I believe there could be a combination of factors that incorporate Stewart’s team’s final model toward the end of your video.

  19. vdiitd

    India is in the middle of sending a mission to the Moon’s south pole. Any expectations from that mission?

  20. ejud2001

    This last theory you presented- with the moon in an ever-decreasing oscillation- so, can we expect that in some years it will be horizontal to the ecliptic, and then go 5 degrees to the other side?
    Great video!

  21. Legion of Weirdos

    Just 1%? I thought the moon was bigger relative to earth?
    I LOLed at “emerging bulge”
    The seed moon idea is interesting.

  22. Jobu LOL Blond

    Wow, too smart for me but super interesting! :) New friend!

  23. leatherneck joe

    Hay how about giving us a profile on the habit ins on the moon I guess that would be a little much anyway I like your video…..

  24. Gma Lolly's Stories For Children

    You had me at weird

  25. Tommy Vaske

    Absolute top notch. Thanks a bunch for yet another great vid!

  26. David Currie

    Love this channel

  27. joe dasilva

    It is absolutely wonderful to watch another video of yours . I believed that the formation of the moon happened by the collision of earth with a massive body in a perfect angle . I have to watch again thus video to understand better .
    Thanks for sharing knowledge.

  28. CONCERTMANchicago

    *_With all the mystical and godlike spiritual thinkers throughout humanities history, how come no one ever predicted what other side of the moon looked like?_*
    Thank u planetoid Thea 4 crashing into our young Earth and supplying our planet with an extra size iron core and a half center. I also still believe in theory, which possibly resulted in another small moon like body forming after planetary collision. Then smashing onto the unseen portion of our moon, which produced its Highlands.

  29. Don't, Jim Angius

    Oh yeah!!,!

  30. The urban explorer

    another great vid , and so fascinating on how all this happened

  31. kombrig 2

    Thanks for sharing new ideas about the formation of the Moon, Dr. Ready! Every next idea is a lot more insane that the previous. And all of them — much less conceivable than a classical Big Splat Theory.

  32. Forbidden Crystal Internet

    Awesome videos, really really interesting. Well researched, elegantly presented, succinct and easily accessible. Science without all the History Channel BS is always nice. Great Job!

  33. Guillermo Ramos

    sound very good , for years we been talking about the earth spinning faster , make scenes

  34. Mohammad Ahmad

    You really need more recognition man, ultimate explanation.

  35. Gosia R Home Cooking

    Hello my new friend. You have amazing channel . Full watch and I love it. Thank you for sharing and giving an enjoyable video .
    I hope to see you again soon . Have a great day:)

  36. Hehehehehehehehehe

    Great video Christian, I knew about the previous giant impact theory but was unaware of all the recent discoveries in the literature. Thank you for keeping us all up to date and well informed.

  37. Hiroshi loves You

    That clip, again, is an absolute masterpiece! โ™ก

  38. Khondker Rifat Hossain

    Somehow Sir, the imapct hypothesis doesn’t sound right….
    People say it is a small deathstar

  39. Mark Reedman

    Great video thanks Christian. Simply adds to the notion we live in the strangest place in the universe.

  40. Karthik Naren

    Awesome again, christian! loved it

  41. Don't, Jim Angius

    I love you channel! You rock, Christian!! Thanks for all your hard work!

  42. Don't, Jim Angius

    That book behind you looks super interesting!

  43. ZappaBlues

    Who gave the one thumbs down,…. a flat earther???

  44. Stephen Rogers

    Thank you for all the hard work you put in to your videos ๐Ÿ‘

  45. Launch Pad Astronomy

    ๐Ÿ”ด WHOOPS! At 3:19 I said that isotopes are made in chemical reactions, such as those that take place during planet formation. That’s NOT correct. Isotopes are made in nuclear reactions, such as in the cores of stars. What I planned to say was that isotope RATIOS are formed in chemical reactions. That’s an oversimplification, but one that I thought was fine for the purposes of the video. And yet somehow I never noticed I dropped “ratios”. Sorry about that!

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