How massive stars die – with a BANG!

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When massive stars die, they don’t fade away gently, instead they explode as supernovae – and in some cases, hypernovae – and leave behind supernova remnants, neutron stars, and even black holes. But how they get to this point is really amazing; high-mass stars evolve very fast and create elements heavier than carbon and oxygen. During the supernova, they create heavy elements. In fact, Betelgeuse in Orion is about to go supernova!

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  1. Icza

    Man, really sorry for your loss. Don’t worry about taking that time off though, I love your videos and would never stop watching just because you took a break. They’ll pop up in my sub feed when you return from any break you take so no problem at all. I was thinking part way through watching this one, this is one of your best videos yet. It never fails that you blow my mind with this stuff. I have to keep pausing or skipping back a few seconds to think about what you’re saying and take it in because it’s just mind boggling.

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    With a BANG? I thought while they were out on tour they get wasted and discover drugs. Lol.

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    sorry for your loss but will look ward to more videos thank you

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    Sorry about your mother. She must have been proud of you. Great videos! Keep them coming!

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    g`day christian i am sorry for your loss mate its good to see you back to making videos i have missed your uploads of great videos full of knowledge and insight and i am looking forward to more videos as other commitments allow you to post… have a great new year mate
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    So sorry about your Mum and thanks for your very informative video. Welcome back

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    I have found your channel while browsing for Betelgeuse and immediately subscribed to it. This is amazingly illustrated and informative. Thank you for your time and sorry for your recent loss. Greetings from Brazil.

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    wonderful as always, Christian. but, sincere condolences on the passing of your mother. :-(

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    Awesome content here! Came across you over on the Video Influencers live stream this morning and had to check you out. Low key I am a liiiiiiittle obsessed with space and astronomy .. maybe it goes hand in hand with my travel obsession haha. Excited to watch more here & happy to show some support.

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    Excellent video, very sorry for your loss😥

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    Sorry for your loss. May her soul rest in peace.
    I discovered your channel only today, and I really enjoyed the video. Hope to see more from you sir.

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    Sorry to hear about your Mother. Thanks Mom for giving him a telescope so he could be inspired to help us understand Astronomy!

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    Welcome back Christian. I’m very grateful for the time and knowledge you share with us. My sincere condolences. We are all part of the circle of life in our wonderful universe.

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    Sorry to hear about your mom. But…
    As she inspired you, you now inspire others, most of whom you will never meet.
    Matter does rearrange itself. But like quantum information, somethings are passed down and endure.
    Thanks for all the inspiration my “Friendly Neighborhood Astronomer”.

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    very imformative and god give your mother peace in heaven amen RIP

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    My condolences, I feel you… Literally. My mom passed 3days later, 9/27. So glad to see you back!

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    Informative & Entertaining . But most importantly , Astronomy explained in such an easy to understand way that even i can grasp most of it . I truly enjoy this Channel . And i am so happy to have found it . I am so sorry for your loss . But i do wish you a Happy New Year ahead .

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    God bless you brother my condolences on your Mom, be strong my friend. Keep up the great work I just love it.

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    10:24 I read somewhere that most of gold forms when two neutron stars collide and that only a fraction is created by Supernovae, am I wrong?

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    I want to give this a standing ovation. I’ve been looking forward to your return, and you did so in true style. Your presentation style was perfection and the end was super touching. Also a huge congrats on the sponsorship. Your mum would definitely be proud of this one, and I absolutely loved what you said about her memory ❤ love you mate :)

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    My sincerest condolences on the loss of your mother. It sounds like she was a very special person not only in you life but others as well.

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    “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”
    Carl Sagan

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    So sorry for your loss, remember when someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

  54. Launch Pad Astronomy

    🔴So sorry I’ve been off the grid lately. Unfortunately my mother passed away and I had to spend much more time than I thought to get the house ready for sale while doing the professor job at the same time. But now I’m back and there’s much more to come! Check out more videos about stars here:

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