Finding Planet 9 in the Cosmic Microwave Background with Dr. Brian Keating

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Could we find Planet 9 by using the Cosmic Microwave Background? New research says it’s possible! @Dr Brian Keating joins us for a live conversation about this new approach. PLUS: Brian is also going to be interviewing me in an experimental simulcast on both our channels!

Plus, some updates on the Hubble Space Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope as well!

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  1. Cupid Stunt

    A delightful conversation. I really liked the inclusion of the societal aspect.

  2. Red Ketchup

    We also need a huge radio telescope on the opposite side of the moon !

  3. Michiel Hollanders

    Great stuff, thanks!

  4. Bram Moerman

    “Be Kind”. . . Wow.

  5. C Alex

    Much respect to you both!

  6. Adone Borione

    I sincerely hope Starlink won’t ruin your projects

  7. Mr. Meow

    well deserved, congratulations, wish you and your channel all the best for the future

  8. stuntard

    Starts 11:00

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  10. Paul Peck DrywallTube

    Love that Christian!🔥🙌🏼😎

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