Does Pluto have an ocean?

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Does Pluto have an ocean? It may seem strange, but Pluto might actually have an ocean hidden underneath its icy surface. Astronomers thought Pluto might have an ocean even before the New Horizons spacecraft flew past the dwarf planet in 2015. But images returned from New Horizon’s flyby shows evidence ofcryovolcanoes. Sputnik Planitia in Tombaugh Reggio appears to have an ocean beneath its nitrogen ice layer. Now two teams of astronomers have shown that ammonia in Pluto’s ocean as well as a layer of methane gas hydrate clathrates can keep Pluto’s ocean liquid for billions of years to come.

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  1. Arioch IV

    This seems like an awful lot of second- and third-tier speculation about the positioning of a crater that could simply be coincidence. Ammonia from the interior doesn’t have to be already liquid to be brought to the surface by an impact.

  2. Christian Bergman

    Charon … Charon, Kharon, Sharon!!!!

  3. Luke Perry

    Great vid

  4. Vimal Ramachandran

    If there are hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor, that’ll keep the water warm, so life wouldn’t have to adapt to extremely cold environments. In fact, hydrothermal vents may provide the only source of energy in subsurface oceans where sunlight can’t penetrate.

  5. andrew roden

    Poor Neptune and Uranus they be like “what about us?not even a planet!!” Lol

  6. Luis G A

    Why not send a mission with nano orbiters inside, capable of investigating these outer objects? Might save time and money.

  7. Dave King

    Only astronomers: recently a few billion years ago lol

  8. Raimo Kangasniemi

    We need Uranus and Neptune orbiters before a Pluto orbiter; understanding the ice giants and their moons (some of which might hide seas) is more important than a return to Pluto.

  9. Steven Utter

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  13. Beanmachine91

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  14. Christian Bergman

    2015? Seems like just yesterday

  15. Sakkura1

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  18. D 90

    Amazing video..

  19. Beanmachine91

    the bible confirms space is older than we are

  20. Savage Scientist

    New Horizons was a beast, Is it still sending images

  21. Dziban Molniya

    We should send orbiters to Uranus and Neptune before we mess around with Pluto.

  22. Johnny Kerley

    And they got all this from a fly-by mission.

  23. Zach Van Harris JR

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  25. Sudden Revelations

    NASA boardroom discussion: Pluto is desolate. Hand Rises. There’s an ocean maybe there. Meeting adjourned. We’re going to Pluto. Scientists leaving boardroom: There could be an ocean on the Sun β˜€οΈ. Scientists πŸ₯Ό well we’re open to that to. πŸ˜‚

  26. zapfanzapfan

    Who would have thought that a snowball in the outer solar system could be so interesting :-)

  27. Yourboiabdullah 1

    Love ur videos

  28. Don't, Jim Angius

    I wanna swim in the Plutocean!!

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  30. Legion of Weirdos

    I would never have thought Pluto large enough to have an ocean.

  31. Beanmachine91

    why is pluto the only outer planet that’s rocky?! do the gas planets have solid cores? that has to explain their gravity

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  35. crypto cruising

    this is a fantastic video and i love the water bubble. if there is water on these planets surely there would be some kind of life in the water, I’m not saying fish or stuff like that but there has to be something

  36. Victor Salerno

    Very interesting and informative! Thanks!

  37. joe dasilva

    Thanks for another great video
    You are always bringing amazing n puzzling information that makes me love astronomy more and more .

  38. Don't, Jim Angius

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    I love watching your videos. You talk about your knowledge with such confidence. I am so nervous still when I am filming I find it very difficult to get what it is I’m trying to say out because my mind goes blank. Especially when talking about technical stuff. Your really good at it, thank you for the video and the lessons beyond your subject matter!

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    πŸ”΄ More about New Horizons’ flyby of Ultima Thule:

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