Could James Webb detect alien life on Hycean planets?

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The James Webb Space Telescope could detect life in Hycean planets within the next few years. Hycean planets are exoplanets with liquid water oceans surrounded by hydrogen/helium atmospheres. Hycean planets are a sub-class of “mini-Neptunes” that could contain biomarkers in their atmospheres. Simulations by a team from Cambridge University show that these planets could be detected by JWST in just the next few years!

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02:52 Exoplanet K2-18b
04:54 Habitability of Hycean planets
07:37 Hycean habitable zone
10:50 Detecting biomarkers with James Webb Space Telescope

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Madhusudhan et al. 2021:
Nixon & Madhusudhan 2021:
Madhusudhan et al. 2020:

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  1. Chordie Pa.

    Good morning Christian. Your video came up in my suggestion bar. Like millions of others, I’ve been waiting to see what the JWST has to offer for what seems like an eternity.

    But one of the first things that caught my eye when the video began running was the “Stealie” in the background. That can’t be random. So I thought I would say hello from one Deadhead space enthusiast to another. And you’re only an hour down the road. I’ll wager you were at Merriweather on more than one occasion, as was I. :)

    Thanks for the vid. Hopefully by next year at this time we’ll have some great results.

    Have a Grateful day.

  2. Koungmeng Eong

    Hi Christian, I hope you are doing well. Thank you for the video. I hope James Webb’s lunch will be successful. There are endless possibilities that we can learn from the telescope.

  3. Rob Bujold

    As always, educational and very well explained.

  4. Jorge Couttolenc

    First they have to launch the telescope, see if it works…, then you can ask that question…
    For all I know, it could detect if there are hamburgers on the moon… Lol
    Sorry but the telescope is still at NASA Space Center or somewhere in the planet still

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    I still remember when James Webb was due to launch in 2007…

  11. will2see

    12:34 – “But in last few years…” – What? No, this method is much older than a few years!
    The field of exoplanet atmospheric science has expanded rapidly
    since the first transit spectroscopy measurement of the hot Jupiter
    HD 209458 b’s atmosphere by Charbonneau et al. (2002).

  12. will2see

    These kinds of videos drive me crazy and make me mad!

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  14. will2see

    8:50 – “…the dayside of these planets would eventually become too hot to sustain life.” – There is no way we could know this. What we are talking about here is just our assumptions based on our extremely limited notion of what life is. If you are talking about biological life, then ok. But I suppose that you are not talking just about biological life, but life in general. And as we don’t know (don’t have the slightest idea) what life, in general, could be, then there is absolutely no point saying where life could or couldn’t thrive (or be sustained, or whatever…).

  15. will2see

    There is no point in talking about the concept of habitability or habitable zone without defining the life for which these concepts should apply!

  16. will2see

    0:44 – “… could be habitable for heat-loving microorganisms called extremophiles.” – You are talking about BIOLOGICAL! organisms that we know from planet Earth and you try to apply this notion to another planet. But that is wrong! Our notion and understanding of life are extremely limited. We basically DON’T know what life is. So how could we make any conclusion at all about “life” on another planet? As I already said (wrote) many times, FIRST OF ALL, DEFINE life! Only then, we can start speculating about it and try to find it. Without a definition of life, there is absolutely no point talking about life somewhere else. What do we even mean by life??? Does it have to be biological in nature? I don’t think so! Life in the Universe could have uncountably many forms and could be based on things that we can’t even imagine. By talking about some extremophiles on other planets, we are just limiting ourselves, because we are doing conclusions based on our ignorance. And BTW, life is first of all a process, not a thing.

  17. will2see

    First of all, DEFINE life.

  18. Maciej Bukowski

    The real problem is not if extremophiles can survive on hycean planets but if they can emerge there. Too much water = everything is diluted and complex chemistry needed for life cannot start. Therefore you may need land and shallow zones that come with it or for that matter – geysers (source of energy) to start life before any kind of extremophiles may colonize ocean plates.

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    The problem is minerals.How could those planets get and/or maintain them,especially the less water-soluble ones?

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    “It’s life, Jim. But not as we know it…” :’D

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  37. Ric Anderson

    Very interesting video!
    We keep talking about what JWT can or may do. According to NASA, it’s going to be launched in 2021, which is quickly passing by. I see no scheduled launch date on NASA site. It cannot discover life while on the ground….. James Webb team, let’s go!

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    It’s destiny is failure. It will soon become known as the colossal boondoggle of NASA. (or it may succeed and boost extra solar exploration at a rapid and astounding pace!)

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    Great video! Launch Pad, John Godier, and The Exoplanets Channel are my favorite channels

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    Thank you for making a video about hycean exoplanets and explaining it so well and crystal clear! :)
    Please keep us up to date, if there is any more news about these fascinating exoplanets or anything else related to ice giant planets.
    As a biochemist, I think ice giants are really interesting, however, I also think these planet types are also underestimated of their potential by most astronomers unfortunately.

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