A Conversation with David Kipping of Cool Worlds (with better audio)

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When I spoke with David Kipping at Cool Worlds on my livestream, something went wrong on my end that prevented David’s audio from coming through the stream clearly. I tried to improve the audio as best I could and edit out the time spent troubleshooting. If you haven’t subscribed already, please check out Cool Worlds at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGHZpIpAWJQ-Jy_CeCdXhMA

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  1. Tim

    great video I really liked it

  2. no pe

    thx it was unwatchable

  3. Assaf Wodeslavsky

    Great job. Great guest.

  4. Active Brains

    great job waiting more videos, I wanna really be youtube friend with you

  5. ezzz9

    Nice job on fixing the sound I enjoyed the video now that I could hear it. :)
    Now that you stated the problem I can give you some things to try. Audio capture programs. They record incoming sounds and there are free one you can download that are good. Then you just add the file to your video edit program move it around to sink it up and your good to go. Low tek fix. 2ed mic on the speaker or get that speaker closer to the mic you are using, place it under the mic facing upwards at the mic, maybe put a book or two under it to get it closer for a clearer and better sound and watch your meter to see if it is the same level as your voice. But of course, keep it low enough to keep it out of frame. Thanks again for taking the time to fix the sound.

  6. Heavy Metal Hair Salon

    It’s all good dude

  7. Heavy Metal Hair Salon

    This science is important

  8. Marcell D'avis

    Thank you for putting in the effort to make the audio better.


    sir use hash tag like #
    LaunchPadAstronomy #scientific_discussion to reach more people. awesome video

  10. Heavy Metal Hair Salon

    It’s good get to the scientific lecture lol

  11. OtherTheDave

    Wow, this sounds way better. Thanks!

  12. Darrin Green

    I haven’t watched it all yet, but with the first 3 minutes of the actual conversation, it sounds really good. You did a great job of adjusting the audio volume when needed.

  13. no pe

    I find it hilarious when ever humans are referred too as “intelligent life”, arrogant life, yes, we don’t even know what the vast majority of the universe is made of

  14. David Sims

    I have a hypothesis that iphones owned by David Kipping will hover in the air indefinitely when he drops them.

  15. The Exoplanets Channel

    Two of the best channels in youtube!

  16. z

    ……..you did a great job with audio ……….thanks for re-uploading !! :)

  17. FoxyDevonLady

    I didn’t think I’d listen to the whole broadcast…but it was too good not to! Excellent interview Christian, and thank you very much for cleaning it up so that we can hear it properly. Great work and stay safe. :)

  18. Darth Fakington

    ‘If we know we’re not alone, why bother funding the efforts to contact?’ – David’s conclusion re: funding searches for alien contact.

  19. Launch Pad Astronomy

    Hopefully the audio is a little better here. Once again, sorry about the sound quality.

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