Why Starship won’t have an abort system… but should it?!

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Time stamps:
3:05 – How abort systems work
5:25 – Space Shuttle Safety Margins
10:40 – What Made the Space Shuttle so Dangerous?
16:00 – How Starship Will Differ from the Space Shuttle
21:00 – Engine Reliability
30:25 – Starship Abort Options
34:30 – Do Abort Systems Actually Make a Rocket Safer?
38:55 – How to Improve Rocket Safety Without an Abort System
41:50 – Are Launch Abort Systems Necessary for Human Spaceflight

Article version – https://everydayastronaut.com/starship-abort

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    I’d say the RD-180 is more of 1.5 engine(s)

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    41:37 uh, your proposed answer does have the downside of planet-scale ecological collapse

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    Amazing video. You did a very clear introduction to system safety that is very complex. I like when you talk about the first safety assessment on apollo…. still true today in safety critical applications . Great job !

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    He has a labor force that pays him wtf 😂

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    “Spam in a Can.”

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    BTW: Shock waves actually do move faster than the speed of sound. That’s why they’re called “shock” waves. 😱

  23. Ronnie Pirtle Jr

    What if you over engineer your entire system and stil have an escape capsule?

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    37:05 After emergency aborting, “the crews were given cigarettes and a shot of vodka to relax when they were met by the recovery crew” sounds truly Russia.

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    Does anyone remember Daniel O’Brien aka DoB aka Deanie O’ Beanski from Cracked..? I feel like Tim and DoB are brothers lol. DoB actually writes for John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight now.

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    When we saw it come over the horizon we thought that’s weird, should it be just one fire ball?

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    43:20 I’m going to quote the Apollo13 Flight Director (according to the popular movie…): “I don’t care what it was designed for. I want to know if it’ll work”

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    43:22 I actually made a dragon capsule in KSP that does that. It’s capable of landing on minmus and returning with 1km/s ∆v left for landing. It even has special solid motors for softening the landing in the last few seconds

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    Dear Tim,
    since nearly two years I am watching your videos. Those are awesome and i like your style. Fresh music, nice pictures. But the best thing is how you present facts about a simple question without prematurely judging or presenting something unilaterally and then weighting the facts, re-evaluating them and giving a properly thought-out answer. Just like in this video, at first I thought “Launch Escape System .. stupid question … of course everytime.” But after 48:43 the world was different again. Smarter. That is true science.
    To your question: Would I am going on a rocket without a launch escape system? Since I am a father … No. But Yes. But … NASA would laugh at me if I wanted to be an astronaut :).
    So please do more videos and keep your style. Now I have to sign up at patreons …
    Geatings from germany.

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  71. wesleylook16

    27:55 Minor mistake: Airliners are actualy able to deploy it’s landing gear even without any hidraulic power using only gravity to do the work.

  72. coolmadmike

    1919: “I’m not going to fly until planes are as safe as cars.”

    2019: “I’m not going to space until rockets are as safe as planes.”

    2119: “I’m not teleporting until transporters are as safe as rockets.”

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    This man knows his stuff, he is committed to stars.

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    Can you really say the F-1 is more reliable than Merlin? Sure, it’s at 100% success vs Merlin’s 99.88%… but it’s only flown 65 times vs Merlin’s over 800. Not really a fair comparison

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    I have yet to see this from any nation or company, except during spacerace when rockets were more difficult, but one must keep in mind they had almost unlimted funding, because of the of instilled fear of beeping Sputnik.

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    In the early 1900’s the consensus was that life rafts on the Titanic was a waste of space and that they were better off just making the Titanic itself safer.

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