Who will be the KING of the Small Sat Launchers?!

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Today I wanted to do a comparison of some key players in the small sat launch industry. With a handful of new launchers getting hardware out on the launch pad, launching and even some getting to orbit, I think now’s a good time to give you a rundown on some of these exciting new rockets and compare them to the Falcon 1 to see if the industry has caught up to what SpaceX was doing 12 years ago!

03:45 – What is a Small Sat Launcher?
06:45 – Rockets too cool to not mention
10:15 – Rocket Lab’s Electron
13:20 – Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne
16:30 – Astra’s Rocket
19:10 – Firefly’s Alpha
21:00 – ABL’s RS1
22:30 – Relativity’s Terran-1
24:30 – Comparison
28:30 – Conclusion

Check out our article version of this video for sources and easy searching! https://everydayastronaut.com/small-sat-launcher-comparison/

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  1. CA&P Railroad

    as always another amazing deep dive that i love

  2. Nicolae Crefelean

    20:40 That’s funny, Firefly keeps an eye on the competition, or maybe just SpaceX. 😄👍

  3. MECO1

    The ‘Launcher launching Rocket rocket’ bit reminded me of Airplane. ‘We have clearance Clarence. Roger, Rodger… what’s our vector, Victor? ‘

  4. Juho Nikula

    I really love all the Everyday Astronuat music lol


    “I left my wallet at ABL” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it

  6. Marc Bollinger

    Great video. As an aside, any idea when we are going to get to see some of that sweet edited SN15 footage you teased during the stream?

  7. Seth Apex

    Air launches make the most sense when you need to make a launch on schedule, such as for space tourism, and therefore cannot be asked to worry about weather conditions on the ground.

  8. Seth Apex

    Is there theoretically an object we would want to launch that is too large for the BFR to launch?

  9. Lang Jones

    “Super unique” = unusual.
    “Very unique” = unusual.
    “Super ultra competitive” = competitive

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  16. Wesley Deng

    A few years back, Shotwell was asked how many small launchers would survive. Her answer was “Zero”. Let’s see if her prediction will hold.

  17. Fardreamer

    Firefly’s rocket uses engines called Reavers .. how cool is that?!

  18. Andrew Morris

    “When I grow up I want to be a tractor.”
    -lil’ Tim

  19. TecSanento

    But this summary just made me realize how lucky or professional SpaceX have been with their brilliant launch record

  20. Musikur

    I find it interesting that you have the too extremes of rocketeering: you have the highly create and abstract names like Falcon, and Electron, and then on the other side you have Launcher One, Rocket One, Engine 2……

  21. Alejandro VG

    Me before opening the video: Did Tim forget about European Vega and japanese Epsilon?
    Me after watching the video: Yes, he did

  22. RadRacer33

    ABL gonna wreck everyone. Keeping on the DL but they will go big real soon.

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    Firefly was watching a SpaceX live stream in their control room.

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    Amazing content, loving all the science with Tim, Felix, Marcus and of course Scott. So much quality content.

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    20:40 the spacex stream in the firefly hq^^ even they knew whats good ;-)

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    Congrats!!! for reaching 1 million!!! I’ve been here since 2017 and I am happy for you, for achieving this amazing goal !!!

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    Great video! Didn’t realize how big of a movement this is. Always entertained and learning something on your channel. Keep up the good work!

  35. Anthony Umana-Paniagua

    7:25 I actually thought of any rocket had this type if fueling

  36. DarthMooMoo

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    My dad is a material science dude doing 3d printing for relativity. They’re contracted to print their engines, and parts for them

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    Because someone invented a very cheap semi-truck khm-khm $3mln starship khm-khm

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    why are you comparing falcon 1 to the rest of the competition when its out of service? compare it to spaceX’s ride share programme via the F9.

  53. Osir isrex

    Relativity’s rocket is the most interesting, we’ll see if it can fly!

  54. Matyanson

    Suggestion: You can talk about alternative (non-rocket) space launches. And about their safety

  55. Rory Shields

    Astra may be my favorite. To me that second stage just looks so cool.

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    The Million Dollar …uhm Subs Man.
    Congrats Tim !
    Well deserved ! Keep at it !

  57. VIM Mentors

    I love how out of a list of 160 launchers, only 12 are “Operational” and of those only 6 have more than one launch. So “competition”?

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    3:50am. Thanks Tim. Rocket Lab for me. Eat my hat.

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    Tim I’m so glad you got a sponsor for your videos. They’re not that bothersome to viewers and we’re more happy when you’re able to have a better source of funding than patreon
    Loved the easy comparisons btw.

  63. Alex Landherr

    Small Sat Launchers: Where Size Matters in Multiple Ways…

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    Great video! Lessons learned: when you start building rockets, go straight to the big ones. It’s not worth anymore with so much competition

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    You should check out high Impulse, rocket factory Augsburg and Isar aerospace! These are three german teams developing smal launchers

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