Watch Virgin Orbit launch a rocket from a 747!!!

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Virgin Orbit will be conducting its second operational launch of their LauncherOne rocket on the Tubular Bells, Part One mission. Its previous launch attempt was in early 2021. The payload consists of a few small satellites from the United States and Netherlands governments as well as nanosatellites from SatRevolution, a Poland based satellite building company. LauncherOne will launch from underneath a modified Boeing 747-400 aircraft named “Cosmic Girl”.

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  1. Thibaut Stilli

    Why middle age units?

  2. Spaceman Duke

    the late deploy made me think of the event the rocket ignites while still attached to the 747… Tim, how about modeling that in Kirbal?

  3. Bob Withrow

    Tim, the 747 is the best aircraft ever. She is truly the Queen of the Skies and has NOT been dethroned by the A380

  4. malpesoup spoup

    3:15:42 what was that

  5. Sean Bad

    Was lucky enough to work on Cosmic Girl while she was in service. She used to fly to RSA in the summer, and I did the line transit checks on her. So nice to see they found a new life for her.

  6. Michael dan Mosley

    Looks like ELON is already on MARS👁

  7. Bart Bols

    Virgin orbit, chad Spacex

  8. Todd Kimball

    They had lots of practice with Virgin Galactic doing the same thing but on a smaller scale.

  9. Kirk Claybrook

    What is “MPH” and “FT”?

  10. Kirk Claybrook

    Can the plane land with the rocket attached?

  11. shakattak

    Virgin Galactic’s NG2000V will probably be a RRengine-based supersonic craft with probably a hybrid-rocket to take it to sub-orbital altitute. Landing on regular airstrips and then refueling and re-mount.

  12. HL65536

    Why OLF did not do well? For me personally it just sucked. The quality of the information presented was very bad. 50% inaccurate/sensationalist overblown news stories. I want my information sources to be accurate. That is why I now am subscribed here and was not in the early days of this channel.

  13. Frank Agustinus

    Awesome first stage recovery, landed smoothly .. 3:11:43

  14. Jay M

    3:11:36 – First stage recovery

  15. Venkat Raman Patnaik

    Hi Tim Dodd,

    The web page that you are showing show the link in your live stream

    But it opens the Transporter – 2 Mission Live stream

    Please update it to this video..

    Thank you

  16. roobscoob47

    Thanks for your team’s info…. I will go from ‘zero to astronaut’ quicker from the info on your channel….

  17. Digital Dan

    In the 1960’s the Pop Sci type magazines were promoting personal helicopters of the future with little ramjets on the rotor tips to simplify the propulsion systems. You’d wheel one out of your garage and off you’d go. Still future, 70 years later.
    Wow! A 747 made a more or less ordinary takeoff. Wonder of wonders.

  18. John Crochet

    What could go wrong?

  19. H H

    One thing great about using a 747 is adjusting where you are going to send the rocket to orbit. Such a giant increase in optional entries to leo.

  20. Rick T

    wtf is the point all this bs has been done.

  21. Paul Boger

    The new Aussie agency is A.R.S.E!! Well, it should be!! The Royal Australian Air Force do have a new space command in it’s organisation.

  22. Paul Boger

    Sir Richard seems to be doing better then Bozo. Has Blue Origin done an orbital launch yet?

  23. Bill Trent

    I think sub-titles are less intrusive than sharing monitor space.

  24. Eric Johnson

    early 2021 wasn’t a launch attempt – they were successful. this was the first commercial attempt, the previous launch was demo #2.

  25. Lyon E

    Could be good competition for Rocket Lab. The ‘shimmy’ on assent seems a little dodge but otherwise good job

  26. Huh? What?

    I may be late to the game but, anyone know the reference to “Tubular Bells Part 1”?

  27. Valamas

    Virgin, WTH!?, stupid imperial units.
    Thanks for allowing us to listen Tim.

  28. Knightfang1

    Pointy end forward, flamey end aft

  29. typo148

    So it is “unique” like an X15?

  30. Black Terminal

    747s are so beautiful

  31. Black Terminal

    1:17 for the plane starting to move

  32. Lachlan McKenzie

    what happens to Stage 1, burns up? how backwards if that is the case

  33. Dennis P

    Quite worrying – Oh my God -720 / HQ oh no ! Hardly any difference. Nothing to worry about.

  34. Conleth Byrne

    Very intresting stream, rockets, planes & lots of information I did not expect. Thanks Tim good video as usual. Bye All

  35. Christopher Darwin

    Thanks again!

  36. Benoît ST-Jean

    1:38:10 the comment of the operateur LOLLLLLLL

  37. Dennis P

    The 1st time I walked onto a 747 – before the interiors, seats or any partitions were loaded was amazing. (doing QA). You could look all the way from end to end. You then realized exactly how MASSIVE it was. Standing under the tail section was like standing under a 10-story Building.
    You would step into the aircraft, off the air stairs & you could feel the entire Aircraft/Air
    frame moving from your step on. It was amazing. Nothing like it. It is VERY big !

  38. Pirmin Borer

    That’s a 747 with a big tomahawk!

  39. Richard Holmquist

    Incredible coverage. Thank you Virgin Orbit and Everyday Astronaut. Thank you Tim for not reinventing wheels.

  40. Pascal G.

    As a European I find it such a shame to use imperial units on rocket launches. So does Blue Origin unfortunately. Feet and miles/hour don’t mean a thing for the vast majority of the world’s population

  41. BOOGY110011

    G force meter on screen would be great to represent better acceleration. I was just surprise how fast that thing go. :)

    Really? In MPH?

  42. Chris Malikoff

    How insular to use imp units.

  43. Corinne Moskal

    checking in from MA

  44. Tyrone Williams

    Hmm but how does Virgin Orbit compare to Chad Space X.

  45. Likely candidate

    Impressive production from Virgin. Good views and telemetry (while they lasted), customer interviews were kind of interesting for filler.
    Got pretty boring near the end.

  46. Tyler Walter

    Am I watching the new fast and furious movie? 😂

  47. Chace Crowell

    Tubular Bells is one of my favorite albums – shame Mike Oldfield is known mostly for a ‘horror soundtrack’ than the beauty his music is

  48. mike94560

    They ought to just use Mach number for speed. I know in space there is no sound but it is a universally understood speed standard.

  49. EinChris75

    Did they play Tubular Bells? At least they have the rights to it…

  50. sun king

    Watch land on earth burn for humans flying illegally

  51. Kyan White

    Such and awsome video Tim, You ROCK!!!

  52. Simon Clarke

    While there are many other people who cover space news we like you. Your personality, your enthusiasm and your quirkiness.

  53. JayBirdFPV !

    Hey everyday astronaut! Did you guys ever get VR footage of starship launch? If so where can we find it. Think it would be amazing to watch starship launch on the oculus. Thanks for everything you do!

  54. Rune M

    The language of this team seems like they live in a very weird bubble, like the “geuwwy” for what most people would just say “G.U.I” without needing to be cute about it. And frankly I think the use of the word “abort” as part of a normal process is probably a very bad idea, dangerous even, I can’t say I know of a specific problem it could cause, but confusion can never be a good thing around explody things and this just seems like it’s a term, like “takeoff” that shouldn’t be used casually all over the place because doing so is an accident waiting to happen. It should be used exclusively for one single important thing and nothing else. There is a reason why, on the radio with planes, you say “departure” rather than “takeoff” until you actually are giving or revoking a clearance to take off and you shouldn’t be hearing people “aborting” the landing gear after the plane leaves the runway and climbs away in a norminal fashion and if you do, then your terminology is seriously messed up.

    If you don’t see the problem I suggest reading about the “Tenerife airport disaster” – the most deadly aircraft accident ever..

  55. Chester Snapdragon McPhis

    Do they think deaf people can’t read? No need for sign language when you have subtitles

  56. Simon Hopkins

    Guess who ever made the data screens was a star trek fan :D

  57. Manfred Sever

    Why don’t they display in MKS units? It’s a European-owned company, no?

  58. Tanking it!

    Saw something fly off the rocket. It was at 2 hour 30 min mark

  59. comedyshane

    That was crap whats the point. Love your channel though

  60. Rory Shields

    I love air launch, it isn’t perfect but I still think it’s an exceptional concept

  61. Shaun Craven

    Why is Virgin coverage of the launch so poor – get you act together – we want to see all angles and if the rockets fails (well that’s what the do, occasionally) then it fails, won’t stop us watching the next launch. Continued poor coverage will just put followers off.

  62. Bible Code Theory Researc

    This is a nice tax right off for Virgin..

  63. Christian Stanley

    The military will pick this up to deploy rapid satellites. This application would be very useful during war.

  64. Jeremy Galloway

    Does anyone know if there is more fuel in the starboard wing…or more flap on the port side…to compensate for the weight of rocket to keep bells level? Or more mixing/comp controls? Or something else…?

  65. geofrancis2001

    Roll Gain is too high in the lower thicker atmosphere, once it gets higher up the roll authority is reduced brining it back into limits.

  66. ED&EV

    Are you gonna stream the Falcon 9?

  67. Richard Johnston

    Wheels up? Wait until the wheels are retracted to say that.

  68. Steve Blomefield

    congrats virgin orbit. Steve from Zimbabwe.

  69. Alex

    Patreon is great? It double charges you if you subscribe to someone at the end of the month.
    If you subscribe on 29th, you pay.. then you get charged again at 1st. Its robbery…

  70. дрюно стоп

    stream started- 3:15
    engine start- 1:33:20
    take off- 1:33:54
    drop- 2:28:03
    e meco- 2:31:18
    faring separation- 2:31:43
    seco- 2:36:35
    plane touchfown- 3:11:45

  71. epiccollision

    Not sure how I feel about a “space” company displaying MPH and ft….🤦🏼‍♂️

  72. Dave starcelt

    Launch a rocket from a 747? So what? Watch any military site and you can watch all sizes being launched from a WIDE variety of aircraft.
    No wonder Virgin launches are so boring & over rated.
    When the Virgin boss takes his WAY over priced flight. He shouldn’t hold his arrogant head to high. Monkeys, dogs and even insects have done the same thing and paved the way for his commercial joke of a flight.

  73. Skysurfer

    So… what was that button on the data stream showing “Outside of corridor”…?

  74. Bill


  75. sc1338

    Why is the turbofan spinning?

  76. Jake Fleming

    Video begins at 3:00

  77. Bradford Smith

    2:26:49 is the start of the drop maneuver

  78. decogame


  79. Aayan K


  80. CattyRayheart

    I like that virgin has support for sign language.

  81. pea tier

    id put my money on space x but some like it different

  82. Tony Jee

    the “shimmy” on ascent sounds horrifying

  83. Jacob Cassar

    now this was pog champ

  84. Antony ms

    i only saw the separation and to the end

  85. KennytheHedgehog

    Glad I could catch the highlights here while on my 15 minute break!

  86. Miss Dog Lover


  87. Dandeling


  88. SPACE889


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