Watch ULA launch the world’s largest operational rocket, the Delta IV Heavy!

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United Launch Alliance will be launching another satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). The NRO has a contract with ULA to fly their NROL satellites on Delta IV Heavy rockets. ULA previously launched the NROL-44 mission on a Delta IV Heavy, the 12th overall launch of that rocket. NROL-82 will be the 13th launch of a Delta IV Heavy, leaving only three more planned launches for the expendable launch system, all for the NRO.

Want to learn more about today’s launch? Check out our Prelaunch Preview! –

02:30 – Prelaunch Preview
09:12 – Q&A
15:55 – ULA Goes Live
29:35 – Go / No Go Poll
35:35 – T – One Minute
36:35 – Liftoff!!!
47:50 – Q&A

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  1. KalecAmagosh

    reusability and price don’t matter when you’re the only one that can get the thing where it needs to go.

  2. Christian Oakley

    Hey Tim. Mate,…could not agree more with your decision to stick with live Starship Launches. You,…through no fault of your own, got bogged down a tad with Starship. I say that, not because you have missed other significant launches,….but, in my uniformed view, it has taken away your ability to take advantage of one of your great strengths,..that is a wonderful ability to tell a story and provide a thorough explanation of various space programs, engines, rockets and missions. I also think Elon has shafted you as bit by not engaging with you personally for the the Everyday Astronaut show (for a show (entertainment) it is).

    I have said this before,…but your programs on the history of spaceflight,..are second to none,….along with Homemade Documentaries.

    Bravo mate.

  3. Pople BackyardFarm

    Pretty interesting stuff

  4. fireofenergy

    Thanks for explaining that rocket exhaust is like nothing compared to the air transport industry which is like nothing to ground transportation!

  5. Nicholas Komisarof

    ISNT Falcon heavy the largest by weight and payload to LEO? It might be the widest but thats about it. Falcon heavy weighs nearly twice as much.

  6. Matt Thompson

    I like how it’s the largest, but not the most powerful.

  7. Alvin Estevez

    Moon Dance… I really like this tune! Very chill!

  8. R U 1 2

    It would be nice if you could put the telemetry (Altitude, Speed, etc.) in a corner of the screen, to help out your international viewers. Thanks…good luck and have a great flight!

  9. Shawn McClay

    Lmao, it’s normal for the rocket to catch itself on fire.

  10. kurčina

    best rocket/science/space exploration channel on youtube. i love your videos. i remember a few years ago when i didnt even like you, and today, you earned my subscription.
    great quality videos with tons of information. awesome!

  11. TexanUSMC8089

    So they’re launching a rocket that has a Marine pilot as a mascot…on an AF base. LOL

  12. Ekansh Tari

    Can this load be carried by the falcon heavy?

  13. Tamasha R

    I drove 16 hours to see this one, my first launch. I now want to move to Lompoc 😂

  14. Andrew Lagasa

    its always blows my mind just how fast the turbopumps can pump propellant.

  15. Martin Warne

    Smartereveryday has a vlog up of Destin getting a tour of ULA with the owner Tory Bruno. A must see

  16. Lucky Luke

    I wish I could watch the launch yesterday. I can’t wait for Sept when Falcon 9 launches.

  17. Robert Wren

    Way too late for my brain to convert to metric. When Perseverance was falling towards Mars. I had to Google how far away from the surface it was. My head just can’t convert it.

  18. Brent Allsop

    When the delta 4 launches, in addition to being lit on fire, before it launces, it looks like there are flames, outside the nozzle bells of the 3 core engines. What is that fire?

  19. Coach Kopan

    Do or can triple body rockets generate lift to offset gravity losses?

  20. Stan Burton

    Most NRO payloads require vertical integration (optical paths are pretty fragile it would appear), whereas falcon heavy integrates horizontally, which means those payloads are closed to Falcon Heavy.

  21. paul elkin

    love that music so much :)

  22. Gabriella Eaton

    We appreciate you so much Tim! We love all the information which is so educational even for those of us who haven’t a clue!! Thank you thank you!!

  23. Harvens Piou

    54:10… Professional “illustrator“ 😉

  24. Lister Dave

    Beautiful launch. Pity the landing didn’t work so well, and like SN11 we don’t even have any video of it not landing.

  25. Joseph Grills

    Young man, you know your stuff

  26. javier olguin

    Lol your face at/after liftoff! Like a kid in a giant candy store 😁👍

  27. Lang Jones

    Definitely the finest tooth of combses.

  28. Dr mosfet

    Regarding pollution and carbon, Thorium Molten Salt Reactors could be the answer! Would prefer fusion but it’s been perpetually 5 to 10 away for the last 80 years now, the best way to get carbon out of the atmosphere is not to put carbon in the atmosphere in the first place.

  29. memer man

    Tim solution for co2 plant forests and protect them and put biom specific animals.

  30. beertime continuum


  31. bastisonnenkind

    VOLUMESHIOUS! You need a new hat!

  32. William Gallop

    “There are those who use metrics and those who went to moon.” Who had to convert everything to metrics for von Braun.

  33. Jimbodiah EU

    With 600M per launch, they could spend some money on decent cameras and transmitters/receivers. If people love the footage, they would be more excited about ULA launches.

  34. Michael Murphy

    I think you need to have a SpaceX spacesuit!

  35. Dodleboper

    I was rewatching the q&a and there were so many times I wanted to chat but I remembered this is a replay.

  36. sid

    Thanks YouTube for just not giving me the notification for this when it was live.

  37. Star Lord

    Has any1 heard from SpaceMike I always thought Tim and Mike would be a great tag team with there knowledge of Rockets both self taught as well

  38. r0wy 230

    Say sus if ur a crewmate…

    I didn’t hear u ;(((((((((((


    You answered my question on crossfeed!

  40. Alexander Harris

    Dang, I missed the part where the boosters re-entered and landed…

  41. audigex

    SpaceX really need to bring back the Go/NoGo poll. I know they do it digitally now and that’s more efficient…. but it’s just cooler to do it with a callout

  42. Cooky Monstr

    Launching from the place of assembly? That’s self confidence :-)

  43. S R

    That dance that Tim did when it launched💯

  44. Lucas Fehr

    Haha. “Absolutely not, but maybe…”

  45. Shaun O'Hara

    “Finest tooths of combses” has to be your next T-Shirt

  46. K Petro

    I used to live about an hour from Vandenberg. This would have been an awesome flight to catch!

  47. Romel Ramo

    There’s one thing I dont of this is that it doesn’t land lol

  48. Nolsp

    Getting my notifications 13 hours late.😐

  49. Jacco van Dijk

    As a SpaceX fan, I’m supposed to frown a little in disfavour, of course.

    Yet being brutally honest, Delta Heavy is impressive. 🚀 Watching these engines ignite fuel-rich, creating a worrisome gargantuan fireball around the rocket moments before liftoff, adds to the suspense. Congratulations on another successful launch, ULA! 🎉

  50. Neil Jakeman

    Love how Tim became Gollum with his ‘tooth combses’ 😂

  51. Shane ORegan

    Nice Launch- UL-YAY!

  52. Januarius Gabriel Quero P

    This is the first of four remaining launches that delta iv heavy has left soon it will retire and we have to say goodbye i will miss this orange giant:(

  53. Dustin

    Dang it I need to follow the launch schedules. Would’ve made the drive to go watch it launch.

  54. Caonabo Javier

    This is a great launch. Plus it’s named after one of my childhood heroes, Pappy Boyinong, who was a great pilot and hero of the second world war.

    I love the great balls of fire that always accompany Delta IV heavy launches.

  55. Max Jones

    Once Opportunity powered down some of its components break. It has a number of fault modes it “might” recover from… but it’s what cold does to batteries that is probably terminal.

  56. KwasiGhana

    That hydrogen flame 🔥

  57. Revnik

    so the boosters will return back and land on lanidng pads, right? … oh wait…

  58. Stephan

    Isn’t Falcon Heavy the largest operational rocket? 🤔

  59. marek pastyrik

    regarding spin gravity on starship could they spin it for sleeping time so they are virtualy lieing on the floor ? i understand they probably sleep in shifts but still

  60. Kenan Alcantara

    Hey everyday astronaut would you be watching the launch of the chinese core module of their space station this coming april 29

  61. amodedoma

    There goes $440,000,000.

  62. Andrew Bailey

    I thought the Falcon Heavy was the largest operational rocket?
    Love the Delta IV though

  63. zapfanzapfan

    Always exciting to see it light itself on fire.

    Nozzle rich exhaust :-)

  64. Bertie Blob

    “The industry moves really slowly”. Well it used to. But not any more. Spacex and others are making sure of that!

  65. Brian Amaral

    Good broadcast and coverage Tim, thanks!

  66. Robert Fox

    Thank you!

  67. Jhordan Baque

    Tim! Do you know when Firefly will be launching alpha?

  68. The Space Kid

    It’s funny how Tim’s cameras are better than ULA’s

  69. Jeff Newcomb

    Should have been titled “Watch ULA dump $100 million in the ocean.”

  70. Bert Blankenstein

    Geez this is a powerful rocket! 50s and going at 970mph.. Good show ULA.

  71. Jim A

    Ooh slick 6.

  72. Caroline Wizardtail

    What an amazing, beautiful flight!!

  73. Lettermansgirl

    Another fantastic video. Thankyou for sharing your amazing knowledge!!! 🇨🇦😊

  74. Atomic Viking

    From the way they describe it, it sounds like that rocket is carrying the most peaceful satellite in the universe.

  75. Aaron Doucet

    Volumpous hydrogen… Sounds about right lol

  76. Logan Mitchek

    You should really collaborate with Wintergaaten and have him play some of your tunes on the Marble Machine X

  77. Al T

    Managed to see it flying near where I live right after booster separation!

  78. Ron G

    It was funny that JUST as the animation was showing the fairing separating to reveal the classified payload they cut away.

  79. snuffeldjuret

    it’s a bit funny how exotic a non-falcon 9 launch can feel :P.

  80. Michael Earnest

    Tim, you rattled off all those potential occupations, you should have said diplomat. I’ve never seen anyone so nice to everyone and everything.

  81. David Nonato

    SpaceX has raised the bar for any rocket launch broadcast, I always wait for the landings!

  82. Haruto Sunaa


  83. Ronald Jennings

    I’m all notification I haven’t seen you in awhile wondered if you was okay apparently you are good to go🚀

  84. Luca L'Aurora

    Was hoping to see the rockets land… ;) Maybe even stable video during various separations…. Someday someone will be able to do all this… ;)

  85. Shiro Lee

    Where’s the clip of the boosters relanding for reuse?

  86. Devin Dykstra

    I always forget the Delta IV Heavy is technically taller than Falcon Heavy.

    It must have something to do with the core’s 5m diameter compared to the Flacon Heavy’s 3.7m cores.

  87. Lee


  88. Colby Uetake

    Extendo-nozzle ‘cuz!

  89. Alexander Langhans

    Powered by Hydrogen fuel was an unexpected item I did not know about

  90. Tom Watt

    Your the only thing worth watching. You keep that American dream going for us and Kennedy. Thanks for your hard work your a true example for all man kind.

  91. spoot

    Why don’t they use space age units in the call out? how many furlongs and fathoms is a mile?

  92. Pavlo Kasperskyi


  93. Álvaro Mendes Prado

    The memorial for the teammates at 27:28 was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. RIP.
    Awesome launch.
    Thanks for the transmission, Tim. You rock.

  94. дрюно стоп

    Lift off- 36:25
    Booster seporation- 40:30
    stage seporation- 42:10
    faring seporation- 42:40

  95. DummyJoe

    Delta IV Heavy is a beast! I love that rocket, so sad it’s being retired.

  96. Kenny

    Nozzle-rich engine – love that.

    Speaking of, wouldn’t that continuously lower the efficiency of the engine over time?

  97. Gorgi Kalamernikov

    T-1 minute 35:34

  98. Ian 'Wookie' Winter

    Did you get all your cameras back working after last fight

  99. Levelz31

    Does sn15 have faa approval for tomorrow? Static fire looked good

  100. Chillz Alex

    I was in class when it launched lol

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