Watch SpaceX static fire Starship SN-5!

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  1. Keith McKnight

    The last static fire was SN4 before it went KABOOOOOOOOM

  2. Mark Jennings

    I guess you had to be there!!!

  3. Shiva Reddy 3⃣3⃣0⃣1⃣

    Who tf donated a 1000 SEK

  4. PageMonster

    Condition Brown averted! 💩

  5. Tony Montana

    they are all flying to Mars to party. Look at us, we earthlings are peasants.

  6. Llamasquishy

    Busy day for you today, Tim! Keep up the great work!

  7. Chirag Chaurasia

    When is the hop coming???

  8. Electriceeeel

    Thanks or the hard work, insane enthusiasm, and for giving so many people the privilege to see and learn the crazy realm of rockets and outer space. Great teacher! Positively the best EveryDay Astronaut bringing space down to everyday people.

  9. Edward Roxas

    So happy for mankind!,

  10. Scorpio

    Great job, Gene and Rachel!

  11. Valamas

    Omg Tim. Lol. Im going please just be quiet for a sec

  12. Ze G

    What will your 1 million subs special look like? I mean: all your videos are special and awesome!!!

  13. Ci' Absalon

    SpaceX announced earlier that SN5 would undergo only one (1) static fire test… Lift-off soon to be a reality.

  14. Reginald Carey

    What was ejected at ignition

  15. piranha031091

    Awww, missed it! :-(

  16. Freddy Waterman

    This live stream totally got cut after the live stream finished

  17. Chris Stone

    What an anti climax. All that time and scrubbed streams for that. I applaud you on your dedication.

  18. Woden of the Angles


  19. frbe0101


  20. Robert Loewe

    It didn’t explode!

  21. Maddog Jones

    SN4 did a series of test fires before it’s unscheduled energetic disassembly.

  22. David Sims

    You called it two minutes early.

  23. Rene Ismael Cochran

    See you at the Hop 🥳

  24. sully

    Congratulations SpaceX, what a day today!
    Perseverance this morning (thank you NASA), this static launch that we have been waiting for over the last 3 days… what a day for space flight!
    I can’t wait for dragon return and the soon to be HOP.
    What a month this has been : )

  25. G Karenko

    We are here for them. 👏

  26. Lourd O DaFlies

    Waited so long to see this. Stepped out the door for 30 minutes and they fired. When is Elon building his time machine… I got robbed.

  27. 1Energine1

    Elon: blocky end up jejeje

  28. DME EMD


  29. JCM

    So happy no RUD. Go SpaceX.
    You guys do a great job with all the updates etc, thanks for all the hard work you put in.

  30. Rob bobnot

    Thank you Tim. Its been emotional. Time to hop hop hippity hop.

  31. Silber7

    2:56 seagull

  32. william gorham

    I had to pull over on the way home lol

  33. Wild Atlantic Man

    Brilliant. Every day since January I’ve been on this…….thank G it’s happened, … successfully!!!

  34. Edson Carvalho

    So much waiting, just for a rocket fart! And we crazy people loved it! :-D

  35. This is funny. xD

    the venting right after the fire looks simular to those nitrogen thrusters. will or can they be used as such in an actual mission?

  36. Reckord

    Thank you Rachel and Gene!

  37. Piano Reeves

    Damm I missed it soo closely 😂😂

  38. João de Carvalho

    Oh yes!! Oh yes!!

    So, this is what SpaceX followers have been waiting for days…

    Was it good for you?

  39. Bamfhammer

    3 days for this! awesome!

  40. N P

    Thanks for showing this incredible once in a lifetime opportunity

  41. Andy Swanson

    Whoo Hooooo finally!!!!!!!!

  42. Clement Tong - The Everyd

    3:30 Engine Ignite

  43. FMC123

    @Everyday Astronaut, didn’t SN 4 do a couple of static fires before it disintegrated?

  44. Loud Moderns

    Oh; just thought I would add, successful static fire test, awesome! Elon, keep blazin the trail man. SpaceX, your off the chain. Nicely done.👌

  45. RB

    This is like one of your shortest live videos I have ever seen. But, finally a real test.

  46. Michael Cox

    What kind of reaction control are they using on these test models? (I saw some plumes from a couple of points up high on the body) How will these compare to the final design?

    By the way, send my thanks to Rachel and Jean for catching this–awesome that y’all were able to get a stream of this!

  47. Jimmy Edwards

    Lesson learned,,, just wait for the replay.

  48. NaomiPhoenix

    OMG, it finally happened and it’s still standing!

  49. Carlos_A_M

    Whats this whole boat stuff about? What happened?

  50. ReValid

    nuuuuu i missed out on the livestream!
    I was sure the static fire would get delayed again but was wrong!
    Guess ill have to check out on the next livestream…

  51. Benjamin O'Connor

    static fire is at 3:38

  52. maximo padula

    FINALLY. Now we have to wait for the hop
    . Hype

  53. BPJ John

    goddamn did they take their sweet time.

  54. Alfonso Mendoza

    0:28 ufo sightings to you see the slow motion

  55. Liquid Flames BRAND

    I feel like I’m watching Tony Stark in his workshop. “Okay, start off 10% thrust to achieve lift.” and it explodes. Come back some time later, “okay seriously, just 1% thrust capacity…. Oh yeah. I can fly.”

  56. [ ShiningSir3n ]

    Can anyone explain exactly what the static fire is for the SN5?

  57. Darren AM

    Go spacex !….light that sucker up and hop ! rEspect

  58. cwulfe1

    Best quote…..”It’s still standing! Yes! It’s still standing!”

  59. Mr.President

    respect to everyone who all day watched the live of the everyday astronaut and did not write or comment on any live chat or comments section, i see you my boys .

  60. Norrin Radd

    One step closer to Mars.


    As always, good coverage. One annoying thing you could work on: Try not to say “literally” so much! If something might not be literal, but is, it’s OK to add a clarifying “literally”. But, if something is obviously as said, no need to add a rambling “literally” to somehow make it “more true”

  62. dust man

    It’s going to be so awesome to see starship go to space. Can’t wait. It will change everything.

  63. Seth The Tech Guy

    The one time I don’t catch the stream

  64. I say thee nay

    Nominal. Good grief Tim, you’re killing me.

  65. Sir.Smoke

    3:40 fifteen second delay ? sound moves at about 300m per second

  66. V Pici

    Thanks Tim, as usual great coverage and enthusiasm. Keep up the good work!

  67. Bluswede

    Did anyone hear the chant “light that Rap-tor” set to the same cadence as “Horton Hears a Who’s”…”Boil that dust speck” ?!!

  68. Sem

    Aaawww mann just mised it but glad i can replay love your vids keep going mann💪🏼❤️

  69. Jimmy Danly

    So glad it finally happened! Sad I couldn’t watch live, spent the last week watching live, then had to be on the road when it happened today lol

  70. Odysseus Rex

    Man, I’ll bet Elon heaved a huge sigh of relief. Now, the question is, can she hop?
    FWIW, I think the last successful static fire was Mk-1. SN-3 collapsed and imploded during a pressure test. I don’t think it ever even had an engine installed. If it did, it never fired.
    I hope the hop test goes well and they finish up SN-8 and start doing a series of ever higher tests, 150 meters again, 1 km, 5 km, 10 km, 20 km. They should have SN-9 buikt well before they finish that, and they ought to be started building the first Superheavy.

  71. Ian Dennis

    Thank you for all of your coverage today! I am looking forward to Bob and Doug’s return next

  72. Aaron Simpson

    What’s this all aboat?

  73. Avoiding Trees

    Well done SPACE X
    keep making the world dreaming
    Cheers from France , smart America 👍

  74. AJ Morin

    That’s all? I waited and watched for days and all we were waiting for was that, oh man we’re weird….😋🤔😒😔

  75. hostyle0

    Tim sounding Lewd af “cmon baby show me yer raptors” haha

  76. Tom

    Keep doing what you’re doing Tim, favourite channel ever!

  77. Death Valley Dazed

    Rachel, Jean, and Tim – you’re my heroes!

  78. Nino

    omg finally haha … i thought the boat ruined everything

  79. Ancient Astronut

    Let’s reload and do a 10 second static!

  80. Mike

    Static fire starts at 3:30

  81. Vader_Mester

    Following the SpaceX naming conventions, SN5 can be named “And It’s Still Standing” from now on :D 3:49

  82. Ummer Farooq

    So this is the boat that delayed the static fire when I was watching the live

  83. Michael Benno Butter

    Tim: So beautiful to see and hear you hollering! We waited for this one so long – and finally: Well done chaps in Boca Chica! Germany, Radebeul are soooo happy! Good job Tim – I simply love your commenting. Very personal, emotional, factual and your clear and well articulated language… a dream! Greetings – and go on!

  84. Pål Brekke

    What was the thing that flew off to the left just before rocket ignition??

  85. Ron Fullerton

    “They will fire this off just in time for me to take a nap”, from one native Iowan to another, I am glad you have your priorities in order! Thanks for sticking with it.

  86. sofuckingannoying

    At 3:34 you can actually see the contrail from the ULA sniper’s bullet! Thank God he missed. I guess the boat was rocking too much.

  87. wakzyon

    Tim Dodd “Come on Baby” : Me “Light my fire”

  88. T330d

    Now i have Elton John „im still standing“ in my Head. Thank You! 😂

  89. Soh Hai

    3:32 guys

  90. Kevin K.

    Job well done. Hop next? About time something went right for someone. Congratulations.

  91. Jebediah Kerman

    Random fact: Here in the Philippines, we have the slowest internet connection speed.

  92. London England

    Jeff Bezos is crying now on his boat.

  93. Caleb Fojtik

    Ive been following this for days watching aborts and scrubs and i miss the live 😭

  94. Ad Astr4

    Succes.Go to 150m hop.!!!

  95. Soviet Muffin

    3:35 is the ignition time

  96. NewarkHensFan

    “Ok guys, let’s listen, there will be about a 15 second delay”
    Literally .5 seconds later: Boooooooooooom

  97. Live. Vibe. Lasers.

    “Come on baby..light that can do it”
    ~Tim Dodd

  98. John Whitehouse

    Awesome wish I could see it live, I caught this by chance after watching earlier, thanks Tim :-)


    Awesome progress, another big step to bigger things Big Up space X, Big up Rachael & Jean and everyday astronaut I am not able to wait for the 150m Hop ^_^

  100. Jay

    Yay it didn’t do a SpaceXplosion

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