Watch SpaceX launch (and land) a Falcon 9 going to the ISS! (CRS-19)

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SpaceX will be launching their cargo Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS) for NASA. The Dragon — which has flown twice — will be launched on a Falcon 9 (1059.1) from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral in Florida. The booster supporting this mission is brand new. After the booster releases the second stage and Dragon, it will perform a boost back burn, reentry burn, and landing burn. The booster will land on Of Course I Still Love You, which will be located 344.42km down range. It is unclear why the booster is landing downrange, when it is a routine mission for NASA and SpaceX.

Want to learn more? Check out our Prelaunch-Preview! –

  1. Tony Durmon

    I really enjoy your channel and coverage of these launches. But maybe don’t talk over the events that are taking place during the launch and deployments. I certainly don’t mean to be overly critical here because you rock! Just a suggestion…don’t attack me too much! You do a great job!

  2. Taylor M.

    It’s interesting how the earth is EXTREMELY round in some angles but completely flat in others. All depends on the angle and position of the fish eye lens. A fish eye lens will not flatten an already curved object FYI. Just an observation…..

  3. Sam Johnson

    Awesome. Go SpaceX
    But the camera views…on the right…how does the 2nd stage appear to be going 2 directions at the same time? Where are the cameras that cause the earth to alternate from left to right in the images?? No mater where they are mounted on the craft, the earth should always be to the right of the image given the craft is traveling East.

  4. john smith

    You can’t outrun a fork Tim. A person’s heart health has WAY more to do with their diet than with anything else. Many runners/athletes die of heart attacks, so exercise does not necessarily equate to good cardiovascular health. And a low fat diet is NOT healthy, because of the high carbs…
    Hint: sugar & a high carb diet is what really causes CVD. Almost all processed food found in stores is full of sugar & starch. Start reading ingredients, it’ll shock you (i.e. Campbell’s tomato soup has HFCS as 3rd ingredient).

  5. Aiden Shannahan


  6. Bert Verschuren

    Hi Tim. At 35:44 we see the nose cone come off. How does it manage to do this while it is being pressed against the Dragon by the massive acceleration of the 2nd stage? I could imagine explosive bolts, but I guess it needs a big boom to be launched forward and then off into space. It might not be as obvious as it looks…

  7. Lifecraft

    44:20 There would be an easy and cheap solution to the vibrating antenna problem. Similar to how SOFIA the airborne teleskope is stabilized: The whole 17 tons apparatus is balanced on one bearing and stays precisely pointed due to rotational inertia. Putting some 5 to 10 tons of concrete on a ship for inertial mass does not increase fuel consumption to a relevant degree. Also the cost of materials would be miniscule, like way below 2000$

  8. ToasterBrain

    Whats with the countdown timer? It’s not a steady time signature, its seems to slowdown and speed up randomly.

  9. Superfunhappytime

    What happens to the second stage once dragon disconnects?

  10. This is funny. xD

    were there any humans on any space x flights before?

  11. sbmphr

    To a lot of people myself included the booster landings are the most exciting and important part of a SpaceX launch followed by the launch itself and SpaceX know this, hence why they are trying to fix their coverage of it. Don’t forget not so long ago boosters landing were science fiction.

  12. Exzcellion Gamma

    Why is this trending on *Gaming*

  13. Søren Bartels Rasmussen

    Why would you waste any breath on the slight part (and very obtuse) viewers that stil regard conspiracies as a possibility? Let them live in their disconnected world (which of course is odd as they are watching youtube videos)

  14. Marc vE

    @Tim : why does SpaceX use km and km/h instead of mile and mile per hour? I thought in America the metric system isn’t used?

  15. just a scientist

    I wish to see the star ship taking people to the moon..

  16. John Mark

    Good job Tim.

  17. Woeful Zeus

    Hey Tim! I got a question for ya that I can’t seem to find an answer for anywhere else… what if someone designed a sort of 3rd stage for the Falcon 9 / heavy rocket? One designed to carry payload from LEO to beyond.
    The reason I ask is because the single stick Falcon 9 has been proven to carry 15 tons to LEO and still land for reuse. If a 5 ton high ISP kick stage was placed under a 10 ton vehicle, how much performance would theoretically be possible?

  18. Docktor Jim

    Is this the first time SpaceX has launched live cargo?

  19. Brock Hooper

    Are there laws in place for sending humans on a giant stainless steel blow torch to the moon? But really, will SpaceX have to meet Specific safety requirements to fly humans to space when they’re not contracted by NASA?

  20. M Jay

    Cybertruck needs dragon solar panels. Deploy as needed.

  21. Tom Ulcak

    At 44:48. What is that object flying by? Ice?

  22. waavo1968

    Star hopper definitely top 3

  23. Abdulkarim Ahmed

    How can stage 2 engine works with flames while there is no O2 in orbit?

  24. The Creeper

    Ugh flattards have invaded the comments nice coverage btw tim

  25. Coco's Guesthouse Koh Phi Phi

    Wonderful tube vid

  26. Joe Kozak

    landing video matters for PR.

  27. Nikolla Tesla

    Tim I just realized. You’re probably the biggest Iowan independent youtube creator :0…

  28. Kieran Calder

    27th on trending for gaming.. Good job Youtube

  29. Sai Alapati

    What happens to the second stage once the the dragon capsule was deployed?

  30. Anthony Castro

    Flat-Earthers: What about recovering the farings?”

  31. TheFSFLensman

    With the cancer research going on at the ISS I think it is time to start planning Crichton-White Orbital Medical Center!

  32. Seb Gibbs

    any fairing capture this time?

  33. Tom Koller

    Nice video, Tim. Thanks.

  34. Doug Sarbon

    Getting good landing footage might not be important to the mission but it’s solid gold in the PR realm. If it’s too problematic to broadcast a live fee, they should at least invest in a couple gopros for post flight video.

  35. Rabbit

    I know you go on to talk about Ice, but at 36:10 you can see half a ring falling away left of the left grid fin. Is that a piece that comes off the second stages bell?

  36. Wooden ThingsAU

    Fantastic views, thank you @everydayastronaunt & @ SpaceX. I didnt get to see it live, but still very entertaining.

  37. Chris Rysdale

    Hey Tim! You should ask Elon how long until the droneship uplink is going through Starlink!

  38. Rune Nielsen

    What happens to stage 2 after payload deployment?

  39. Anton Krause

    How do you join his discord?

  40. Willem van der plaat

    What is dropping of the 1ste booster at 3:55. Very strang item. UFO?

  41. hmichaelr1

    Tim, what is that object just above the horizon (at 36:09 through 36:36) on the 1st stage view?

  42. N S


  43. robert malis

    Thank you Tim for all that you do

  44. Atom - Fire

    Why the hell did I get the notification now? This was 6 days ago lol.

  45. Joe Tyburczy

    Getting pretty routine (but always fun to watch, nevertheless). Seems the days of “pooping pineapples” are over — at least for these missions. Still excited (but biting my nails) about the crew inflight abort test…

  46. sirach walker

    36:07 what is the crescent shaped object flipping over and over moving to the left of the grid fin in the picture?

  47. PA Nilsson

    Thanks Tim. Superb as always. Love your channel, including in-depth videos. 👍👍

  48. GrN

    What’s that thingey/object/stuff moving along the ultra-hot exhaust at 37:20 and again at 37:43 ?

  49. Mark Arnott

    👨‍💻 This is the 5th copy ive seen of the Launch from the SPACEX channel🚀😲🥇👍

  50. Marc Verbenkov

    Anyone watch this on VR? I couldn’t figure out how to watch via occulus quest big screen beta. Got a notification but it didn’t show up in the app

  51. ravneiv

    Most cars are primarily made of steel though

  52. ravneiv

    Most cars are primarily made of steel though

  53. Jack Hughes

    Something enters the shot on the left at 36:11 and it looks like debris

  54. AbsurdTurd523

    40:05 landing

  55. Boris Fett

    These videos are great. Thank you for the commentary and pre flight rundown.

  56. Das Daleberger

    On board cams improving nicely.

  57. JackSpeed 439

    Outstanding. I’m sure SpaceX is getting more and more accurate with their landings, almost hitting dead centre in the target zone.

  58. pentagramprime

    24:18 You were talking about modifications to the Super Draco thrusters. I am curious, now that they have switched out this valve, would the thrusters still be available in the event of an emergency involving parachute failure (following an otherwise nominal reentry procedure)?

  59. The Lab

    43:20 becaose the ship is shaking so it dosen’t have good conection with the satelite

  60. Progje

    Houdini xD

  61. Shadow Tech Tricks

    Love your videos Tim , keep em comming :) cheers

  62. asherael

    “of course I still love you?”

  63. Jose Soto

    Can they recover the second stage somehow?

  64. Nathan Lewis

    I was thinking they could solve the video outage on the drone ship by having cable fibre or coax to something further away that relay it to a satellite.

  65. JackSpeed 439

    I would love for SpaceX to have the second stage telemetry under the second stage video feed and then have booster stats such as speed, altitude and distance to landing zone under the booster video feed. SpaceX love and cherish their data so I just know that they have the data available. At the least change the telemetry to the other side. It just grates me to have the numbers under the wrong picture.
    What do you guys think? Or am I too greedy.

  66. Jumbo Dogg

    Dang. I missed it. Next time!

  67. Anthoney King

    Hi Mate I was watching a youtube about the India launch to the Moon and the fail of there landing and how a guy like your self found the impact site on the Moon it just goes to show we can if you really want can get involved with the space race and as for the coolest thing the twin landings of the booster has to be the best thing ever to watch so far thanks for a Great Vlog

  68. James Leonard Panes

    Yes. Space X makes the impossible look easy. Simply Awesome!

  69. Alan Young

    Thanks Tim, i get excited watching you get excited. The work you put in to explain all the different aspects of space travel and the technology is very much appreciated. Your willingness to deliver the truth is inspiring.

  70. Elrhyes Seyhrle

    Awesome Fully Charged! Have fun :D and thank you for the live stream.

  71. Jan Novák

    Thanks for mentioning Fully Charged. I did not know the show but I love Robert Llewellyn (yes, because of Red Dwarf). Subscribed and just processing the backlog :) Thanks!

  72. Alex Pinheiro

    37:17 🐀🚀 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  73. Chazzy Mac

    Tim, can we get the link for the Valdez video you mentioned at 10:05?

  74. Eduardo Olazaba

    Tim, you sound like you’re trying to hide some UFO info from us O_o

  75. Sérgio Machado

    37:17 RAT

  76. PalimpsestProd

    you “do this to yourself” because you’re a nerd, that’s way we’re here. congrats on your dad.

  77. Lemnai Wangnaw Lemnu

    5 second matter because I was weatting for this time .

  78. James Dean

    Thanks for explaining what happened with the Dragon capsule! Great explaining too!

  79. Wir verändern

    37:20 nice Mouse

  80. Prowler Cam

    Did you see at around 40 seconds of flight when they switched to CGI? We told you the earth was flat!

  81. madmunki creations

    thanks for the coverage Tim I missed the live launch has been a hot minute since the last launch, cant wait for a star ship update keep up the great work.

  82. Superlative CG

    “Sky’s the limit” is probably an inadequate phrase if you work at SpaceX.

  83. Alessandra Sivori

    Thank you for sharing makes me cry that the only thing that keeps the nations together is space, is so beautiful

  84. William Swenson

    Good on your Dad; glad to hear he’s doing well.

  85. Max Tenbült

    44:32 Nice fairing

  86. mark edwards

    Great show Tim love you showing your emotions and excitement it’s why I watch you
    And thanks for the explanations of what’s going on
    Keep up the good work

  87. Superfunhappytime

    Man Tim is like one of my favourite people.

  88. AL

    40:07 proves the Earth is flat
    Joking of course

  89. Johan Andersson

    SpaceX makes this look so easy!
    Also, the presenter saying “This is an important step towards vehicle reusability” made me almost laugh out loud, they have been reusing rockets for so long. I bet he says that when he parks his car 😁

  90. Gold Gamer

    My friend and I watched the actual live stream on spacex website at school on 12/5/19
    I hope the astronauts will get their scientific “present” on the station
    I also found out that it launched on 2019 and will land in the year 2020

  91. TurnTimeTable

    My neighbor designed and built the cameras on the lunar rovers. I like to imagine 1 or 2 atoms from me made it to the moon.

  92. Johannes Dolch

    Just tell them “Yes, that was a Ufo. What? You must be new to this, there’s Ufos all over the place.”

  93. Richard 1

    Maybe they could use Starlink eventually for better landing videos.

  94. flamencoprof

    34:57 First time I’ve seen both-way capture of 1st stage separation. Not sure if it’s a first for them, but definitely a nice first for me.

  95. Mark Edwards

    I have a funny feeling that the only reason Musk designed Starlink was to solve the 5-second dropout of drone-ship landings. ;-)

  96. Duderama 67

    Space X: Today-ISS, tomorrow-Domino’s to your door.

  97. Greydon Iselmoe

    34:56 some dude coughs at the exact same time as stage separation!

  98. Jorge Zorros Xamaica

    32:09 COUNTDOWN

  99. Mike Lezan

    Thanks Tim for covering these live. I always learn something new.

  100. James JP Hawkins

    Tim, I am a long-time follower. Today’s launch put my brother-in-law’s T-cells onto the Space Station. They will be working on methods to cure Parkinson’s.

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