Watch SpaceX launch (and land) a Falcon 9 for JCSAT18/KACIFIC

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SpaceX will be launching the JCSAT-18 satellite to Geostationary Orbit (GEO) on top of SpaceX’s work-horse rocket, the Falcon 9. The Falcon 9 will launch from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, in Florida. The booster supporting this mission (B1056.3) flew on CRS-17 on May 4th, 2019, and again on CRS-18 on July 25th, 2019. The booster is going to be recovered on SpaceX’s droneship, Of Course I Still Love You. The fairings are going to be recovered on Go Ms. Chief and Go Ms. Tree, which left port on 12/14/19, heading over 700km downrange.

Want to learn more? Check out our Prelaunch-Preview! –

  1. takanara7

    I wonder if at this point people are cheering more for the successful video downlink then the successful landing, since the video cuts out way more often then the rocket crashes, lol.

  2. Chat Bot

    First burn is over the Caribbean looked like a giant red eye in the sky.. just wondering on if the second controlled burn happened closer to the continent. When viewed From the ground one would see a red/orange glow. An indigenous human and/or anything gazing upon this phenomenon would call upon tribal revelations to explain an unknown event. Explanations broken down to the simplest terms of reference. Guided satellites conserve an extraordinary amount of fuel once in orbit and can directly tell about its telescopic sightings. Consentrated micro bursts aimed inward towards planitory masses disrupting the collective “peace-of-mind”.

  3. Bluecrown360

    Oh dude! Plzzzz give to Wikipedia if you’re using it!

  4. mark Schippel

    I find it somewhat humorous that SpaceX can land a plummeting booster stage in a relatively small bullseye on a pitching barge but can’t seem to catch the parachuting fairings on a football field sized net.

  5. CapAnson12345

    All the coolness of this was ruined everytime they said “I love you”

  6. Hugo Clarkin

    Incredible footage, it would be crazy if they put a 360 camera on the second stage…

  7. Jim LaGuardia

    This is ridiculous! US mastered anti-grav in 1954. Reaction engines are obsolete. Look up Lockheed TR 3B.

  8. jaimes350

    space X is making something realy difficult look like walking to the local corner store and picking up the milk 🤷‍♂️ the Russians must hate space X so much right now 😁

  9. Andrew Van Der Plaats

    Tim, success breeds complacency. I’m getting tired of pointless chatter along with repeaded promotions for all your swag. I’m sure others don’t mind, but the point of spending time with you is to learn more about what’s happening when it comes to space, not how to buy those limited edition tee-shirts, hoodies, etc., before they sell out. Time to get grounded and to get back to what got you here in the first place.

  10. Len whatever

    The SLS is kind of like a “shotgun wedding”. The SLS will fly or NASA’s funding dries up. So, No SLS = No NASA.

  11. Lifecraft

    Folding the canards would really cause more problems than it’d solve. For once you create an aerodynamic load that is off-center, as well as mass hanging to one side of the vehicle. If you compensate for this by turning in opposite directions, you might end up creating a propeller that sets BFR in rotation. Also not good. Canards are basically least of a problem during ascent whilst stuck out straight at 180 degrees.

  12. Roadster Tracker -Ben Pearson

    Tim would consider flying on a Starship with only tens of flights and no abort system, and says he is a chicken.
    Reliability required for NASA is 1 in 500 failures.
    I say you are brave to even consider launching on a Starship before it has launched at least 50, more like 100+ times with no issues…

  13. jarod atkinson

    Ugh Tim…. Omg….. Steam is the invisible bit you see just above the spout of a boiling kettle…. the smoky bit you see above that is VAPOUR mate…. You know… like those white fluffy things you see in the sky when you look up!!!! That stuff you see coming off the rocket is vapour……

  14. Jack Hoffman

    I like the videos live best when I can see it “live” …the pre and post launch is ok but I usually watch the Sx version. Yea this has production by this producer etc has info..but as far as launch vechile and load Sx has the info. If im not multi tasking then I usually pick Sx more than any other production of the launch. …when multi tasking and live I often Sx and add a production commentary…this or others that have been mentioned on previous shows/launch.
    I prefer Sx or other coverage because its the best source for launch info during the launch…or Blue Orgin…Rocket labs…nasa…etc etc. I dont mind commentary and I think I really have enjoyed some like falcon heavy…Starmans launch……but still a bit to much talking about non related launch/payload info. I hope it doesn’t go quiet….and I do like commentary… …I guess to say it short I could say just a little less non related stuff during last minute before ignition would be pretty AWESOME!!! …I think. again I really liked falcon heavy…with Sx on my iPad and EA on my iPhone.
    A new and awesome launch like the shuttle…..any of the Sx launches..especially successful ones…and other new and awesome stuff can get distracting with all kinds of ppl. Its Kinna like a large auditorium for those launches…what was it 100k viewers at the same time just on this channel… watching Starman ride on FH? …that was comparable to when I watch the first shuttle take off and land…but with chat too…really fun. …actually FH Starman was more fun even though it wasn’t as amazing as the first shuttle…it still was like how cool? ..really cool…fun interacting and dang I still remember those boosters land & Starman cruseing…fun. an wow

  15. TraditionalAnglican

    If SpaceX plans to do Starlink launches every 2 weeks, SpaceX is going to need at least 4-5 dedicated Starlink fairings – One on the rocket, one coming home, one or two being reconditioned, & one being prepared for launch. Most of those will be fairings that were “recovered from the water”, which means Starlink will be taking all of the fairings GO Ms. Tree & GO Ms. Chief miss…

  16. Jay Washburn

    Why carry all that fuel to land ?

  17. Truth Seeker

    This is CGI if you cant see this then there is no help for you! Its a cartoon! Smh!!

  18. herewithcoffee

    Please stop nodding at everything.

  19. Skysurfer

    Fairings? Nothing on feeds…

  20. PalimpsestProd

    Blue Origin: Build a shipping and resource acquisition system to make money. Amazon in space.
    SpaceX: get humans to Mars, help save our species.
    Altruism has no profit margin, luckily comms sats do. I really can’t see Bezos being nicer to his staff in space.

  21. jeffcity

    That’s a different camera angle n the drone ship. I wonder if that contributes to a better video feed.

  22. Grisly Blackstone

    why is all the good merch from America, shipping costs to Europe are just too much

  23. quiron139

    Jeff Bezos vs Elon Musk is the Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs feud of this generation.

  24. alexn310

    I think it cut those engines a little bit too late on that landing burn, you could see it flying up a tiny bit and then cutting the engines to fall down a meter or two onto the droneship. Anyway qood launch as always

  25. clavo

    C’mon is a camera-drone signal producing transmitter, too heavy or complicated to put on a fairing? I would very much like to see a fairing deploy it’s chute and make landing on one the boat with a catcher net.

  26. takanara7

    The arabsat wasn’t the only tip-over. One of their early attempts actually came to a stop correctly on the boat, then fell over when one of the legs collapsed. It always annoyed me that Jeff Bezos claimed he was the “first sub-orbital landed rocket” because the falcon technically first landed then simply underwent an unscheduled disassembly a few seconds later.

  27. Jalen Duncan

    Is it me, or did the first stage start to lift off a bit after it touched the landing pad..?

  28. Steve Poplar

    😢Please stop posting spoilers in the title for those of us who have to watch afterwards…takes all the edge and drama out. Thanks…love it all otherwise!

  29. George S

    Hi Tim. I wish you to ask Elon how will cope with contraction – dilatation between the first stage and the ceramic tiles or between the cold parts with tiles and worm parts with tiles of the rockets , i mean between the cold tanks and the much worm part of the exterior of the rockets , because the contraction – dilatation will be fairly big and will try to make bigger the space between the tiles

  30. David Beppler

    After all the Starlink satellites are in the air SpaceX will have better internet connection and we should be better able to keep high rez video working! Starlink FTW!

  31. Zach Walters

    Anyone else notice the first stage flew back upwards a little bit before cutoff on the landing? Had to watch twice but I’m sure it did. Lucky landing that time!

  32. Smoking Fox


  33. FrankyBoy

    Someone TL;DR me what happened to the farings?

  34. Kevin Hayes

    What can’t they make the fairing into a flying wing and guile it back in?

  35. shreyas kv

    What is the smoke that is seen around the rocket before launch?

  36. Skyeos

    Spacex should have you be the announcer during the launches

  37. key9405

    Space rocket launches happen all the time now but why do still get emotional everytime?

  38. Kevin Turner

    What happens to the Stage 2 Space X Rocket after it deploys it’s payload?

  39. Corey S

    I think people conflate F1 failures with failures during the testing and trying to solve the exhaust instability.

  40. Paul Garrett

    Aside from the possibility of tons of rocket and rocket fuel landing on you, how close to an F9 launch could a human stand in the “open”? Would the noise/vibration be the limiting factor? (I have a dream of being “close” to launch – not miles away!)

  41. Albert Lebel

    I agree with you, they make it look soooo easy landing these things now. They have come so far in so little time it’s just a beautiful thing to watch. Hats off to all the engineers, techs, investors etc. that made this happen and continue to improve it. Hard to put words to something like this. Keep up the good work. Also great job here by the Everyday Astronaut.

  42. Frank Wang

    Can you pass “youtube: coil building machine GPI” to Elon? It’s much better way to build the starship.

  43. 4DCResinSmoker

    What happens to the upper stage booster after the Satellite has departed? Guessing that it’s either pushed into a graveyard orbit or slowed to allow gravity to do its work…

  44. takanara7

    Grammar schools are what they call elementary schools in England.

  45. Steven D

    Tim, why isn’t there on-screen stage 1 telemetry during booster recovery for F9 east coast lauches, but there is for west coast? Txs.

  46. 墨離


  47. R Coyote

    68 thumbs down that work not for SpaceX?

  48. takanara7

    payload is 991 pounds more then what the Cybertruck can tow.

  49. TheFSFLensman

    I flew my very first mid=power model rocket ever (a North Coast Interceptor-G using a “G77-4R” reloadable motor) near where Mr. Musk & Company is testing Raptor engines now!

  50. Mário P

    Should NASA use Starship for heavy payloads and SLS for human modules?

  51. ann onn

    Why didn’t you cover Artemis day?

  52. Tony Good

    Fantastic….. More spy satellites…. We can know when and where they go up……. But we don’t know where they go once up there…… And what precisely they do.

  53. Michael

    Any1 else notice that the first stage decided it wanted to go back near landing? 41:40

  54. Alan Heavey

    Love yo mate. As Elon is now your influencer 😁, how do you feel about suggesting to him that a single sit down podcast with Jordan Peterson could produce some of the most profound human thoughts since the sharing of the creation of fire. Them 2 talking alone for 2hrs about whatever the heck tangent they fall upon oooooooh, my synapses cook at the thought!

  55. 1dedrer

    FYI, Don’t drink and VLOG…🥴

  56. Tomas Beblar

    Never gets old

  57. Matej Marković

    You should make a discord server for non patreons???!

  58. Mac M.

    So I take it no asia-pacific starlink coverage any time soon?

  59. life on today's technology R.A.M

    Can you send some tshirt to Iran?!

  60. Nunya _

    @1:04:05 Side note: Ships that large are always Diesel. Gas is only used in small, high speed boats. It will be so nice to see Elon FINALLY using ♥solar Tesla powered ships♥.

  61. Kyle M

    Tim, you should look into Floatplane.

  62. Dustin Snodgress

    With the artimes program comment, I’ll through in there that I hope this is the last program that funds programs for development and the comercial industry will grow enough for NASA to purchase seats from commercial companies, rather than fund development for a program.
    Except if NASA funds some new transportation rocket/space vehicle which is well beyond the grasps of comercial development costs. For instance, some anti gravity launch system (cool down, I mean that as an example of some development than comercial might not be able to fund yet government maybe could. Not that anti gravity is something that would be developed. But if it could, it would probably need Gov’t funding to do such a thing).
    Other than something like that, I hope future missions will be purchasing from comercial companies.
    As far as how many flights, they hopefully have several to help pave the way to frequent inter celestial body travel

  63. apsan p varkey

    did they caught the fairings too

  64. HappyGamer99

    Ciao from Italy! I like very much your videos.

  65. Somewhere South of Minnesota

    Tim, you became a swag master! Never thought you were that type.

  66. Tecom Elettronica

    Every landing is a big wait … this landing seems almost perfect with the position !!!

  67. Mark O'Connell

    You keep doing what you are doing

  68. Nick Schmitz


  69. Javier Pano

    Do float plane it’s great

  70. Robbie Whitelock

    Everyday Astronaut are you going to watch the cst-100 starliner test flight? I am

  71. aw8tingapproval

    Countdown starts at 32:59

  72. Michael Farrell

    Really wish we had first stage telemetry for re-entry

  73. No Name Supplied

    I still can’t believe this is happening. This is REAL!!!

  74. Donald Saunders

    During the remaining Apollo missions and subsequent launches the Saturn V and F-1 engines never experienced a failure. It was perfect, and the F-1 engine still holds the record as the largest single-chamber, single-nozzle liquid fuel engine ever flown.

  75. Adrian

    Landing at 41:25

  76. Neil Larson

    love your coverage!

  77. David Hall

    1:13:35 LOL

  78. Trey Harmon

    So glad we got our full flow T-shirt during the BF sale! Elon’s free publicity broke Tim’s inventory again!

  79. Dave Robert

    Love your work always. This audio really suks…..

  80. Ben Andrews

    Great Show as usual… So informative – love your excitement!

  81. TheMalarz1989

    Get some sleep man xD

  82. Trey Harmon

    Hey Tim! The Q&A is reminiscent of my favorite Dr. Seuss book, “Green Eggs and Ham”…Would you launch in a Starship from a house? Would you, could you with a mouse? Would you ride it from a boat? Or with a goat? =) Re-read it! [Can comments get a copyright strike?] =/

  83. TraditionalAnglican

    Fairing recovery missed – Good news for Starlink – We have another fairing available for Starlink launches…

  84. samadhi town

    Lol, this is trending in the gaming category.

  85. John Secreti

    Another successful launch by SX. Thank you of course i still love. Be at the port when they bring 1st stage home. How cool are we americans!🚀🇺🇸😎 simply amazing

  86. Malcolm Wood

    Amazing, it’s like THUNDERBIRDS LOL.

  87. Contessa Adella

    43:00 Ha ha ha! I felt like this when mobile phones first flooded the market for common folk…never before had regular folk had a means to communicate remotely, anywhere. But youngsters like you are thinking…so what…no biggie…we all have cell phones…it is just part of normal life right? NOW you are in that position seeing resusable rockets become a normal thing…..your kids are going to be like…stfu Dad…OF COURSE ROCKET STAGES LAND THEMSELVES….ITS NORMAL OK😂

  88. Mike Lezan

    Hey Tim thanks for the coverage and don’t change a thing!!! Great coverage.
    One question about being a member and patron, what is the difference?

  89. Alba_Phenom

    My heart’s in my mouth every time they land on a drone ship, I half expect a failure each time.

  90. Michael Domansky

    Beautiful shot! Looked great tonight over the lake while I was smoking a pork loin!

  91. tris mer

    What I love about Space X is they use SI units for their telemetry which is good for all of us watching. It is weird that Blue Origin uses imperial units as all US students and those under 30 years old have studied SI units at high school. So it seems they are catering for oldies in the US only. Thank you Space X.

  92. TheFSFLensman

    You are in the same place James Kirk claimed to be…”I’m from Iowa…I only WORK in outer space!” Keep up the great work on making spaceflight make sense to us geeks without engineering degrees!

  93. Antichrys

    Would love to see a rough at home experiment to demo the dangers of attempting to catch a spacex fairing in midair.
    I could see this getting a bit pricey and complex if you try to make it as faithful as possible btw lol…..(ie. drones for starters, possible coordination with another pilot, etc )
    Orrrrr…..just hang a true to scale (1/6th?, 1/8th?) fairing below a hovering drone. Then watch it flail like crazy underneath the rotor wash and we’ll get the idea just as effectively.

  94. rgray318

    I wish you were on Floatplane

  95. bluidguy

    Glad your including the SpaceX overlay, I enjoy your commentary as you are very knowledgeable, and I dig that overlay :).

  96. Turbo999be

    Impressive bull’s eye landing. The level of precision for a sea landing is mindblowing.

  97. FromOnHigh

    More like Everyday Awesomenaut!

  98. captbad

    The boosters landing back successfully always brings tears of joy to my eyes.

  99. Juan Paramio

    34:57 best “blasting the rocket” maneuver until today

  100. Momiji

    I will never get tired of watching these things land!

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