Watch SpaceX Launch 60 Starlink Satellites!

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SpaceX will be launching 60 of their Starlink satellites on top of their work-horse Falcon 9 rocket. The Falcon 9 will launch from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, in Florida. The booster supporting this mission (B1049.4) flew on Telstar 18 Vintage on September 10th, 2018, Iridium-NEXT 8 on January 11th, 2019, and Starlink .9 on May 24th, 2019. This booster is going to be recovered on SpaceX’s Autonomous Spaceport Droneship (ASDS), Of Course I Still Love You. The ASDS will be located over 629km downrange. SpaceX will attempt to recover one of the fairing halves with Go MS Tree. They will fetch the other half out of the water.

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  1. zenedoboz

    Tim, when you are covering the in-flight abort, give yourself a lot of leeway, and don’t zoom in too much. I much rather have a video where the dragon is small and in frame, then a zoomed in glorious closeup, and it moving out of frame every 5 seconds. And the recording being 4K, you can create a panning HD closeup shot as well.

  2. Mihir Neal

    Trending 17 for GAMING? Ah yes, launches are so unreal and dramatic that YouTube thinks it’s a game!

  3. C.C. ORR

    Respect you seeking to understand and not just memorise your work

  4. For His Glory

    Why is this trending on “gaming” xD

  5. Tom Bentley

    If you want to talk climate warming——don’t forget to cover all the science like solar cycles, ocean currents, and the climate also is in constant flux.. if you concentrate on human caused climate change then you loose me.

  6. Animation Space


  7. James Rider

    I posted over a year ago capsule is too heavy rocket too small people wrote back to me how stupid I was they’re not telling the truth The truth would get their program canceled

  8. Bmo Baby


  9. Pic Pac

    Could you do a video comparison of rockets from different space agencies primarily outside of US ? Like Heavy rockets from JAXA, ESA etc… and then if some of them have some ludicrous rockets in the works ? I feel like all we hear about are NASA, SpaceX and sometimes Blue Origin and very rarely we hear about rockets from outside of the US. I for example am very curious about the Arianne rockets and how they compare to other agencies’ rockets.
    Their launchpad in french guiana which is as close to the equator as you can get is also something I’m interested in. Like how much advantage does it give them.

  10. Mokhahle Thabo

    At 1:33:39 did you see that?
    is it satellite or space debri?

  11. Jaime De Alba

    Yes tesla was ⏫🎓

  12. Mihály Forgó

    Why not drone ship’s cam save video and stream few second later?

  13. turmat01

    The pulsating foil: i have been told its RCS firing to keep the rocket’s orientation. Every time it fires, the shock makes the foil move

  14. Ace Hardy


  15. kght222

    chuckle it would be more funny if the title was “Everyday Astronaut: Moon Dandi” . it just sounds fun.

  16. No Name Supplied

    Ahhh. Not in the right timezone!

  17. Daniel Filippus

    Has this happened?

  18. Great Lk Superior Deep View, CGB-I 2020

    Mig or Tig welding, are contamination free welds, because oxygen is not at the immediate area of the weld,. Inert gas (Argon) is blown onto the weld area to create an oxygen free environment. Electric welders in space are probably made for eachother. (Awesome question)

  19. Dave Wolf

    Your feed looks great tonight! The new equipment is obviously paying off!

  20. Philip Mangiovillano

    Tim, Do you know if Crew Dragon and Starliner can dock with each other?

  21. LawsonJett Gaming

    hey Loo

  22. chrisgotagun time

    Phone home

  23. Doom

    Trending on gaming. Lol wut

  24. Great Lk Superior Deep View, CGB-I 2020

    Oh, I think heat will be the challenge. Wil the heat flow through the work piece, because it cant disipate into “Space” like itf there were particals called the atmosphere. So perhalps and inert gas will still be necessary for a different reason. To carry off heat. Eh!

  25. Bitchute is better than Youtube

    I only watch these videos for the money land

  26. George S

    Hi Tim . Please tell to Elon to try the black paint invented(or used) by Mercedes , is it almost non reflective and quasi invisible in the dark

  27. PalimpsestProd

    thanks for this

  28. RyNiuu

    42:30 they should invest money from youtube views :P but I am not sure if they are running ads, probably not.

  29. Alexander Xiang

    this is trending

  30. Dingo Prod

    do with the hosted video from spaceX

  31. Justwantahover

    Anyone else looking for space denying flat earthers?

  32. Mitch Kahle

    Great work, SpaceX

  33. William Record

    Hey… this is currently “#35 ON TRENDING FOR GAMING”. Cool!

  34. Koka Nakalasinan

    Congratulation SpaceX and NASA…Safety Landing…

  35. Willem van der plaat

    nice live show :) thanks!

  36. Raymond Jones

    Awesome!!!!!!….love that falcon!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊

  37. Ptremp

    #35 on trending for Gaming. . FOR GAMING ?

  38. Matej Marković

    Hi tim, great content, keep it up…
    What do they do with the second stage does it stay in space or does it deorbit and splash into the ocean and is it even worth to try to recover it

  39. Andy C

    Jessie Anderson… Not ashamed to admit I have a massive crush on her :D <3 <3

  40. Prometheus 18562


  41. Old Man

    Tim: You remember those stainless steel rings in the Spacex fab shop that have the square holes in them? I know what they are.

  42. Ramon S

    Don’t watch the new “lost in space”, it’s just a character study, do definitely watch “The Expanse”, it contains a good deal of “what if rockets didn’t require heavy fuel and could burn for 9 or more Gs all the way to Mars”. The politics of it are awesome too, real red pill stuff.

  43. Pierre

    Love your work buddy. I am looking forward to your analysis of the environmental impact of rocket videos. Wish you all the luck.

  44. KrKyoutube

    @ 23:51 Did i see this right your Auto video quality settings on Youtube is 360p ? :O
    Mine if i put it to auto it’s usually 1080p or 2k

  45. VideoDotGoogleDotCom

    I subscribed just to get you closer to 500k subscribers. I watch pretty much all of your videos, but I had not subscribed until now, because I never really sign in to YouTube. Happy New Year!

  46. Hicham Bardawil

    i live next to something called rocket space in London, know what they do ? i so want to go in as ask them for a visit :)

  47. Gary Shepard

    Wow, who was that jerkoff who couldn’t stop flapping his jaw until t-5 seconds before launch? (Must be a relative of Elon’s)

  48. Hugo I’ll go

    Lol 😂

  49. Thiago Ramos

    Best space tech Channel on YouTube. Keep the good work! Cheers from Brazil!

  50. Alexander Ash

    Really great coverage for this video. Would be great for a video on maybe the insight of the footage showing the release of the satellites as that looks like awesome!

  51. SpetsnatzLegion 336

    Textbook landing as always, well done spaceX

  52. Grey Wolf

    Nah, I just watched Iran launch 15 ballistic missiles.

  53. Sci-fi Si

    Your camera, focus, color and sound are spot on Tim. Nice one. Great show too, thanks :)

  54. John McCaa

    Number 42 on gaming trending XD

  55. masterchief _draw

    Do I need a permission to livestream the spacex livestream like Tim does?

  56. Jttv

    I like the hosts

  57. Great Lk Superior Deep View, CGB-I 2020


  58. Joe Kozak

    34:34 is that the normal color for an unstarted second stage engine? new coating?

  59. Muka Zero

    After watching Boeing mission, I’m now feeling appreciated how SpaceX has made launching lived cover an entertaining to watch. Before that we just take it for granted.

  60. The random channel

    1:32:05 Iswallow lmao😬

  61. David Beppler

    I always watch the launch with you Tim! Your commentary is the best!

  62. life on today's technology R.A.M

    The second stage fly right above Iran

  63. Rich Marceau

    I’d like to see the drone ship reel out a bouy with a camera and a motor just strong enough to hold it at the end of its cable… a sea-level shot from maybe 500′ away. perhaps uplink it directly from the bouy.

  64. Denis Polyakov

    Hi , I know you said that chemistry isn’t your strongest field of science.
    Its OK we can’t be good at everything. )
    Just wanted to correct what you said about everything named “oxide” is a good oxidizer.
    Actually, on the contrary. Oxide is already oxidized matter, that usually has lower energy level then it had before oxidation. But the oxides that are used as rocket fuel (like N2O4) are made in endothermic reactions, accumulating energy in their chemical bonds.

  65. TheTransporter1461

    Thanks for the Livestream! i really enjoy SpaceXs footage and your explanations!

  66. WisdomVendor1

    Those landings never fail to give me goosebumps ! ALWAYS AWESOME !!!!

  67. Vic Kovacs

    At first, I wondered why Starlink 1 was the second mission, but after they started naming Dragon ISS rentry burns at zero, the computer engineer in me smiled.

  68. R D

    Question: When will SpaceX start making their own methane fuel for use on Starship to develop the expertise needed to manufacture the fuel on Mars?

  69. youdodat2

    That was exceedingly AWESOME!!!

  70. USMCArchAngel03

    It’s hard to appreciate everything that has to go right in those first few seconds.

  71. Chris M

    Lauren Lyons 😛🍆

  72. Leonardo Gil Reloba

    Hey Tim, thank you so much for looking into the ecological effects of spaceflight. I love everything space related, but obviously I’d like to live on a planet with a functioning ecosystem/not a hellfire deathtrap, so that part is kinda important to me aswell. I’m really looking forward for you to release your work, keep it up, love what you’re doing!

  73. Simon Woodson

    Shut The Front Door!!! You haven’t seen the expanse? Dude!!

  74. imyomelman

    Cuts to descending rocket at 31km high lol 😂

  75. PA Nilsson

    Just love that music, Tim!

  76. Tim McDonnell

    Hey Tim, any chance you could have a chat your your buddy Elon and get some Stage 1 telemetry added to the webcast? Would be great to see in real time.

  77. Matthew Jones

    Good job getting on trending for gaming…?

  78. Tyyberius

    16:17ish- “I swallow” 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  79. Edwin

    Great Show!
    Lol remove the “C” from the alphabet. Nice for countries like Kanada, Skotland, Shili, Tjina and Tjeg Republik.

  80. Lee Nux

    26:53 -> t -5mn

  81. James Wright

    I like watching you, best from spain.

  82. Margot Copeland

    ARCA – I’ve followed them from the beginning, and their modus operandi is to use popular buzzwords (“aerospike” is the latest), create a nice looking inoperable mockup, get funding, jump to next project. It’s all show and no go…one of their early rockets used the “pendulum effect”…which anyone who has studied the smallest amount (or tried to fly using it) would realize IT CAN’T WORK and shows the lack of real engineering at ARCA. They’ve given New Space a black eye – they may have started early on with good intentions, but settled into latest-thing/voodoo engineering/vaporware scams over the years.

  83. Great Lk Superior Deep View, CGB-I 2020

    Steam? Hey ya. Water changes state at 100 ‘C, so that’s cool, clean, keep checking in on their progress it’s interesting

  84. Jason Deal

    It’s so crazy like I always love documentaries but some how the YouTube gods put Tim dodd on my feed which lead me to my first video watching spacex landing their first rocket successfully. I’m hooked ever since but I would have most likely would have never got to witness that with out this YouTube channel. Thank you for all you have done for space community.

  85. John Moruzzi

    Why don’t they just…. record the 1st stage descent internally, and they replay it later as saved rather than live footage ?
    The same for fairing descent and recovery ( good or bad).

  86. realrayra

    WITH SpaceX hosts, please, They’re part of the show.

  87. Ramon Mosetti

    in Switzerland it’s currently 6am. have to get up for work and saw the stream right after my phone kicked me out of sleep. sadly can’t watvh the whole thing live..

  88. Ûítîmàtê Tróübíè ?!

    #45 Trending For Gaming
    Me: yes that is 0% right

  89. Bill Blackburn

    Actually welding in space might be fairly easy. Here on earth we go to great lengths to keep the oxygen away from the molten weld puddle. If oxygen gets in contact with the weld puddle it will cause oxidation of the joint metal and a weak weld. With MIG and TIG welding we use inert gases such as carbon dioxide, argon and helium to shield the weld and keep the oxygen away. With stick welding, there is a coating around the metal rod that produces a gas when it is burned and shields the weld. It also puts a coating over the weld that protects it until the weld puddle solidifies. With no oxygen in space shielding gases should not be required. In regards to heat transfer and control of the molten weld puddle this would require testing.
    Enjoyed the show. Keep up the good work.
    Became a peatron last month.

  90. fernbap

    Tim, we want an interview with Jessica!

  91. EinChris75

    I love how you sneak in metric units ;-)

  92. J Glass

    Anyone else think Tim looks like Wil Wheaton’s long lost brother?

  93. Roman Geber

    Love that by now we live in a world where people worry more about the life stream of a booster landing more then the actual landing :)
    Remember the time when landing was considered impossible?

  94. daffidavit

    The guitar chord changes in the beginning of the intro are beautiful. “Simple, soft” as Khan would say.

  95. MrJaiimez

    SPX: 48th successful 1st stage landing.
    Everyone else: Urm, we’re working in it.

  96. Michael McLean

    I feel like SpaceX deploys Starlink over New Zealand to flex on RocketLab

  97. Matej Marković


  98. Kenaiwolf

    Hey Tim. I just wanted to say THANK YOU.
    I’ve watched you go from being a fellow goofy enthusiast in an orange space suit, to a mature source of space knowledge. (“Oh, how quickly they grow up…”). You make space FUN!

  99. Jackalovski

    it still impresses me that they can hit that little boat int he middle of the ocean from space with something that is effectively a guided brick

  100. Lewis Massie

    31:48 Launch
    34:27 MECO, Stage Separation & SES-1
    35:18 Fairing deploy
    38:20 Entry burn
    39:56 Landing burn (No feed cut out!)
    40:47 SECO-1
    1:17:13 SES-2 & SECO-2
    1:33:20 Starlink deploy

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