Watch SpaceX Launch 60 More Starlink Satellites!!

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SpaceX’s Starlink 14 mission will launch 60 Starlink satellites atop its Falcon 9 rocket. The Falcon 9 will lift off from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40), from Cape Canaveral Airforce Station, in Florida. Starlink 15 will mark the 15th Starlink mission, boosting the total number of Starlink satellites launched to 893.

Want to learn more about today’s launch? Check out our Prelaunch Preview! –
  1. Shuntsam2

    I fail to see how the telescope feed adds value to your stream. We get a much closer and clearer view from SpaceX in their stream anyways.
    Makes sense only before Spacex stream starts.

  2. Muhammed Reyhaan

    Woah, first to comment? noice

  3. Josh Wilson


  4. Jaime Alvarez


  5. Tim Seeburger

    I for sure thought that booster was lost when that camera went nuts. Lmao. Definitely mount issue.

  6. Slyde InfinitySpinCasts

    When there trackable It will be stable , most of those satellites will achieve their orbital position hopefully at the standard altitude. Hey even Crew Dragon 1 DBS is still there ,maybe it’s a useful buoy. Sure fish was the most interesting part, unremarkable else, thanks for the telescope view. Latency and synchronicity is important. I have about .5 of a second in my headset delay and that’s just on average with I7 not I9 . Burner Bon Born but really four boosters on SLS possible but unnecessary. Hopefully Starship test before that quaint old religeous thing Halloween.

  7. James Barisitz

    I guess liquid oxygen is cheaper than chips the way they vent it off prelaunch.

  8. Dan Banowetz

    It would be cool if you would plot the simulated telemetry in real time during the propulsive landing. It would be neat to see the velocity and altitude both trending down towards 0 as they both reached the x-axis at the same time. If the thrust is constant and the mass is decreasing as fuel is burned, the (negative) acceleration should be increasing with time. The velocity would be the integral of the acceleration and the distance the integral of the velocity.

  9. Lewis Massie

    34:00 Liftoff
    36:41 MECO & Stage Separation & SES-1
    37:28 Fairing Jettison
    40:28 Entry Burn
    42:41 Landing Burn
    43:01 SECO-1
    1:18:28 SES-2 & SECO-2
    1:37:30 Starlink Deploy

  10. john smith

    A like just for the jumpy fish. Ace!

  11. alexplosion_ITA

    I have a question: is falcon 9 second stage recovered or they let it float in space?

  12. Melvin Cruz

    How are they fixing the problem with the astronomy

  13. The 9 year old army

    65345th and 22th Comment

  14. Erik Olafsen

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but: How long does the tension-bar stay in orbit?

  15. ramsey awad

    Could you let us know what happens to stage 2 once it has deployed its payload? Will they ever attempt to recover?

  16. George Anderson

    When will Starlink be complete and up & run?

  17. Daniel thunder

    What happens to those brackets that come off on deployment? do they deorbit quickly or float around up there as space junk?

  18. Antichrys

    Drone ship cam has been shook one too many times it seems. Time to send a guy out to tighten that mount….

  19. MömpfLP

    42:28 really scared me first

  20. Daniel Brown

    Tim loves what he does.. Brian Fellows for animals and Tim Dodd for Rockets, “He loves ro-ckets, and they, love him back!”

  21. Mel Clifford

    Good job Tim – you didn’t scrub it!

  22. Jeffrey C

    Drone ship camera definitely slid down the pole it was mounted on. If you leave your mouse on the horizon you will see it slide as it comes in then it drops by a lot by the time it lands.

  23. dust man

    Are the drone ships of the SWATH design?

  24. Timo

    Incredible. 100th successful launch. Congrats, SpaceX! 🚀

  25. Micheline Guillet

    sweet dreams

  26. daniel chan

    could you ask Elon to display a real time Max Q gauge for the 1st stage. it would be cool to see the g forces displayed in real time especially during SN8’s flip maneuver.

  27. Arbana Froto

    Can’t wait for landing in the 🚀🙏Moon🌝🌚🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌜🌛🌙😍

  28. Emillio Zapatta

    When are you driving down. /

  29. clariplayer

    Thanks again 🇦🇺

  30. MA Knife and Rods

    Will starlink have the same problems direct tv has that every time there is a storm it goes out.

  31. Dr Bendover

    Nice view ah flat earthers:)

  32. One Canadian Girl

    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

  33. Dominic Hadley

    Lol the Fish want to go to Space too! XD

  34. Shuntsam2

    Lol the drone ship camera trolled everyone! :D

  35. Corey Black

    I was worried about that landing for a second there, thought it crashed but all good

  36. alienbikerider

    Great job again boys and girls !! Thanks for your hard work!!

  37. Ken Rupert

    Fish Launch ? !! Tim, I love it ! Thanks for all you you do !!

  38. Robert Phillips

    Thanks to Flight club. Love that stage one telemetry.

  39. Joy L

    Loads of those fish in the lake were doing the jumping!
    Almost like they were getting a look at the F9 and cheering it on!

  40. Joy L

    cheers Tim I watched every minute with pleasure

  41. gasdive

    1:00:00 objects in orbit are following a straight line at a constant velocity through spacetime. So there’s no point in the orbit that is “different” to any other from that point of view. So the perigee is the same experience as anywhere else in the orbit. You don’t feel any acceleration because there isn’t any.

  42. David Ward

    Love the 1st stage telemetry :)

  43. 77gravity

    I’m just here for the booster landings, for me that is the most amazing part of this system.

  44. john beart

    🥺I missed it live. Nooooooooooooooooo….😭
    How can we have an independent Mars colony if I can’t even wake up for a launch.

  45. s sot

    I wonder why they dont put another camera on the drone ship looking upwards

  46. Tero Piispala

    For me that looked they just lost some bytes from the video stream. Corrupted motion vectors can cause weird effects and also missing or curruptes macroblocks

  47. Tim Doyon

    Another perfect landing! 🎯 Bullseye! Man, it never gets old, does it?!?!

  48. Surfer Dude

    All proceeds from the Future Martian T-shirt go toward the “Send Tim to Mars” fund. :D

  49. Edgar Valles

    Reusable Fish Rockets 🚀

  50. Chad Hagans

    New Rock Band Name: 9 Engine Hover Slam

  51. مصطفی نظرزاده

    No one bothers repainting the droneship!

  52. W L

    17:52 – Jumping fish, no really
    33:33 – Launch

  53. Rok Lužnik

    34:52 Did you see how clouds evaporated around fire?!

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