Watch SpaceX Launch 57 Starlink Satellites PLUS 2 other BlackSky Global satellites!

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SpaceX will launch 57 Starlink satellites and 2 BlackSky Global satellites on their Falcon 9 rocket. It’s launching no earlier than August 7, 2020, from Launch Complex-39a (LC-39a) at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Starlink 9, is the ninth operational launch of SpaceX’s Starlink communication satellite constellation.

Want to learn more about today’s launch? Check out our Prelaunch Preview! –

  1. Neil Safeer Ghaznavi

    Norminal? Please explain

  2. Neil Safeer Ghaznavi

    Vs Nominal terminalogy

  3. Always On the Move

    Pointy end up, flamey end down!

  4. One Canadian Girl

    I’m new to everything space, so, much of the lingo is flying over my head. But I’m not going to stop watch, following. The strong positive, forward thinking, nature of all this feels so much better than much of what’s being “discussed” here on Earth.
    Everyday Astronaut, thank you for what you do, for plebes like me.

    Side note: I just started following (lightly researching stuff on) Elon Musk, and his enthusiasm, drive and positivity is so…… intoxicating.

  5. Flat Plainstone

    Tim, this was taken from your website at starlink 9 prelaunch preview: “WILL THEY BE ATTEMPTING TO RECOVER THE FAIRINGS? SpaceX will be attempting to catch the fairings on their recovery *vesicles*” :P


    33,000 views in one minute

  7. Ian Fenwick

    Hey Tim could you potentially make a video on Apollo one or the more “unknown” Apollo missions like 7 or 9? Maybe the Apollo 15-17 deep space Evas.

  8. Carl Flanders

    He did say the thickest part of the atmosphere at the fastest speed for Max Q…

  9. Aaron S.

    Great content Tim 👍

  10. OtherTheDave

    34:35 Countdown to candle lighting

  11. HotelPapa100

    1:37:39 “Telemetry”: Call it ‘(estimated) orbit data’

  12. shreyas sajeev

    Hey, I just wanted to know if u would invest in space x if they went into a IPO,
    Also do u own any Tesla stock

  13. Paul Paulson

    52:10 Tim Dodd the Everyday Starhopper 👍

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