Watch SpaceX launch 4 astronauts to the ISS!

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SpaceX will launch four astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) in their Crew Dragon spacecraft atop a Falcon 9. Crew-2, also known as USCV-2, will lift off from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A), Kennedy Space Center, Florida. This mission will mark the first launch of a flight proven Dragon 2 and the first crewed launch on a flight proven Falcon 9.

Need to know more information? Check out our Prelaunch Preview:

02:47 – Prelaunch Preview
09:30 – Q&A
19:30 – Go / No Go
29:10 – Prop Loading
1:03:15 – T – 1 Minute
1:07:00 – Stage Separation
1:13:15 – SECO / Booster Landing
1:16:27 – Dragon Separation
1:19:00 – Q&A

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  1. Derick Eksteen

    Hi Tim. What is the silver material looking thing on the second stage

  2. الأسود العنسي

    1:16:37 I am not saying it is aliens, but it is aliens.

  3. Martin H

    wouldn’t it be more comfortable to sleep in the capsule vs the station?

  4. Douglas Gabrielle

    Re: Soyuz quick rendezvous… Isn’t Soyuz launched from a higher latitude, more in line with Station orbit?

  5. Chad Harris

    Why don’t they show the crew during any of the launch sequences? I guess why do they only show the crew video feed once they are in orbit? Was just curious! Appreciate everything you do sir.

  6. Mark Snow

    Meanwhile Boeing is still preparing Starliner for it’s first successful unmanned orbital flight test -_-

  7. Kwan Stewart

    When is the starship winning hls video coming out?

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  9. James

    1:09:07 I’m pretty sure watching that ice get obliterated by an RCS thruster was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

  10. Larry Roberts

    OK ——- The Dragon Back up Abort system or Lifeboat is the crew Dragon that is able to separate from the Falcon 9 if it blows up. The Starship also has an abort backup system. it is the Starship that can separate from the Super Booster if it blows up. Only the Starship would land back at the launch site or even simply drop down to land in the water where it could float until help arrived. The heavily loaded Starship would simply sink down into the water about halfway instead of tipping over like the Falcon 9’s booster has done a few times. Then as propellant boiled off Starship would slowly tip over to lay on its side like a huge lifeboat. Though I hope Musk builds a very big ship for it to land on in case of an abort. The Starship could also land across the Atlantic at dozens of possible Airport runways in an Emergency though I have not heard anyone talk about that possibility yet. What about that Everyday Astronaut?

  11. Thomas Higgins

    Sooo, 11 astronauts, up there?
    I think we need a bigger space station…. :)

  12. Winkkin

    Isn’t it sop that the capsule Commander sleeps in their Dragon?

  13. Vavavu Shop

    It is just that talking makes me look up another video

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  15. MB

    Guys, they dont all sleep at the same time, jeez lol

  16. IPWNUNinjaQuick

    Primary purpose of catch is turnaround speed. Legs are needed for all of them in case something happens.

  17. Dayna Anderson Hepler

    great commentary as always!!! 🚀

  18. VDE18

    Makin’ it look easy

  19. Nick Roosevelt

    How many people are going to be at the space station? Seems like Crew 1 is still there?

  20. Mark

    Hey, can anyone tell me why Falcon 9 no longer employs side boosters – used to watch em land in parallel. Now instead, we just see the first stage returning. Thx for any help you can offer here.

  21. John DoDo Doe

    Launch abort on Mars makes sense if there’s multiple starships on the surface. Aborted astronauts can crawl out and ride a rover to the spare starship for a second attempt.

  22. Backyard Casting

    Idk why I’m watching this, i was there

  23. Colby Uetake

    NASA should get you as one of the moderators for Launch America

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  25. Rider Biker

    Tim, Thank you for all you do and the content. I have been watching launches since the Mercury days. Your coverage and enthusiasm is by far the best to watch. You have taught me so much with your videos. You, Felix, Scott and Marcus are all great resources for space information and break downs of that information. You are far, far better than anything the networks ever did.

  26. Jack DeRoche

    Same spacecraft and rocket! Incredible

  27. Andreas Mattsson

    There is no such thing as suction. The lowest possible pressure is 0 bars. All the pressure delta (for liquids coming out of the tank) is provided by tank pressure.

  28. Rolph Finkin

    It’s not only fighter jets with abort systems these days. Small planes like Cirrus come with emergency parachutes often as well.

  29. Bertie Blob

    Thanks for talking over the inane NASA/Spacex commentary. I couldn’t watch it if you didn’t. 👌👍🏼

  30. Robert Wren

    How can Starship win a contract without an Abort system? I just don’t get it. Seems like a set up for failure. I love hearing your channel more than others cuz you give out real info, and are not trying to sound cool. Thank you for all your very hard work.

  31. Robert Wren

    I’m on the West coast, and I have to be up to take my Granddaughter to school, so I did set my alarm just to wake up to watch her lift off on NASA TV. I did tape it so I can go back and watch them getting ready. It was so beautiful when the sun hit the gasses. I must say, I loved the shot showing both the rocket and the first stage coming back. I love hearing your take on all that’s going on. You know, This and the Mars mission proves the Bible to be true. God said in the End Times man’s knowledge would increase. A rocket that flies itself into space with humans abroad. A rover that can land on another planet, and then drop off a drone that can get a Software update from Earth. WOW!

  32. Boris Fett

    Awesome, Thank you for the great info.


    At 6-7 mins into flight, why does the altitude drop…it maxed at 201km then began coming down 198km etc?

  34. smitemus

    1:09:05 look at the ice just pulverize

  35. Jake

    Why isn’t there any updates on the Boeing Starliner? Any status on its development?

  36. John Draper

    Is this live? Why is it dark at Kennedy?

  37. TechTog

    Yet again, a little bald man sits alone in a darkened room, tears trickling down his cheeks.

  38. Robert Hayward

    I really like the launch information with times, eastern I assume since it is Florida. Thank you Trever!

  39. V S

    What just came out from behind the dark side of the Earth and zoomed really fast out of frame??

  40. luckosteve12

    Awesome job as always. Thanks Tim, you are an international treasure. 🚀🇨🇦🚀

  41. Dave Crupel

    I can’t believe it’s already been a year since Bob & Doug took off in the Crew Dragon test flight…..Jesus…

  42. J Mack

    1:14:11… & 1:16:39 UFO behind crew dragon!!! 😌

  43. Robert Jennings

    You Rock Tim! Thank you for this.

  44. Kevin

    This is so cool, thanks for the excellent coverage!
    I have a question; because ( Kerbal Space )
    Google says that the ISS is orbiting at 408km, How high could the ISS orbit be and still be reached by a Dragon capsule?

  45. Space Enthusist

    I didn’t get to see this because of school and i had to sleep :(

  46. jakeman50

    best launch ever ! watched from my front yard, super clear staging and boost back.

  47. R Gyle

    Tim, thank you for all your hard work! You are the essentialist of essential workers!

  48. Mark R

    So glad spacex does their own commentary and don’t have to listen to these folks

  49. Jose Angel Hernandez

    Thank you for all the additional information specially about the flames creeping up into the low pressure zones. 👍🏻

  50. sylar2a

    look at that awesome supersonic shockwave at 1:05:24!!

  51. mohawksniper79

    The only hotel that is full in the world😁👍

  52. Tim Black

    Thank you!

  53. Arthur Strebel

    What was that space debris flying by at 1:16:35 and almost hitting the capsule? What a luck flying in between the two units!

  54. JC Tallcott

    One second launch window imposed by cryo fuel.
    30+ minutes before launch they commit to the 1 second launch window when fuel loading begins.

    It’s only an issue when they would like to hold for 10 minters due Florida weather window. Instead they need to unload fuel (~45 minutes) and start the 30+ minute fuel load again.

    I recall a discussion from SpaceX hosts during one of the Bob and Doug launch attempts.

    Looking forward to the Russian rocket video.

  55. Near Earth Objects

    Best Stream of All

  56. Joseph Neider

    What do you think of the astronauts getting to put their initials in the soot on the booster?

  57. EvilMonkeyPaw

    Gosh the SpaceX pressure suits sure look sharp.

  58. Chris R

    Every time I see “KSC” I think “Kerbal Space Center”

  59. tesicnr

    Hi @Eviyday Astronaut, if you don’t know something just admit it…there is no need to come up with convoluted nonsense answers…I think everybody would understand

  60. jedi

    It never gets old ….so amazing to see space X do their thing.

  61. mohawksniper79

    So rockets is why we can’t have kerosene lamps anymore because the price of kerosene is crazy 😁

  62. The Legacy Of Sejohn

    now you can see why nasa chose spacex for the lunar lander

  63. b cheesy

    Awesome you keep presenting as the same loveable character as the show gets pretty gnarly momentum.
    Keep it “up” :)

  64. Dan Dunham

    Fantastic episode Tim👍👍. You are so fun to watch and your style works well with all the great content. Thanks for keeping us all up to date with your enthusiastic style.

  65. Tim Yarrow

    26:00 – From an orbital mechanics viewpoint, does it make sense that the ISS passed straight over the launch facility 38 minutes before launch? AHHH…and now you just addressed that point. Fascinating business, this. Thanks greatly for your channel.

  66. Владимир Кирьянов

    Респект!!! Теперь нашему рогозину, на метлу и…. В Клоаку!!! Все ПРОСРАЛИ!!!!

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  68. Acheiropoietos

    1:05:46 Thanks for explaining how negative/low pressure encourages flames to creep up the side of the rocket; I always wondered about that.

  69. Eli Snyder

    No I missed it

    Oh well

  70. Jacob Holman

    Great show Tim

  71. Pavel

    They have recovered everything from the last SpaceX launch (26:35). There was no damage to these expensive cameras! ;)

  72. Michele Simmers

    Had my dogs outside just before 6 this morning at saw it! I’m in western Virginia! So cool!

  73. Jardel Elias

    1:15:10 Dammit….
    Dammit…. dammit. Ok, slowly does it…
    Got it. Easy every time.

  74. tbyte

    Cant wait for the new video :)

  75. gijbuis

    Why does the telemetry only kick in 30 sec after launch? And why can we never see the exhaust reduction on throttling down for maxQ? Maybe it’s only a small reduction?

  76. Maria Castro

    Every day astronaut I’m a big fan so thank you

  77. V

    Still waiting for those flat earthers and conspiracy nuts that cant even find a real one

  78. Harrison Coleman

    Ice breaking away from the first stage to float peacefully in space

    RCS thruster: that’s not allowed to happen, get fucked

  79. Will

    This was my first rocket launch! Saw it from right across the bay in Titusville.

  80. William Macon

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  81. Zach B

    1:09:06 watch the particles get destroyed by the thruster on left screen

  82. Joey Farmer

    We had a great view of it here in North Carolina. What a amazing thing to see.

  83. Дима александров

    Здесь русские есть?
    Are there any Russians here?

  84. spidennis

    Just watched the crew dragon launch , then observed the ISS pass overhead here at south padre island. I was hoping to possibly see the crew dragon follow, catch up to , approach the ISS. Is this not possible?

  85. Michael Kerr

    The shot with the vab on the left brought back many memories of my shuttle days. SpaceX is badass.

  86. Wayne Hystek

    1:09:05ish you see the nitrogen thruster fire directly into some chunks of ice and obliterate them… very cool…

  87. jusak_siahaan

    Thanks Tim,
    Congratulation Spacex & NASA
    History made..

  88. anuma nuva

    The future is here

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    1:16:38 very interesting
    The guy trying to say this is a plug is very funny

  90. Jessica Kirsh

    Great stream, Tim, as always!

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    22:56 – My first ever LIVE interaction with you Tim! Thank you!

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    1:16:38 What was that, really curious to learn… it seemed to be coming from far away

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