Watch SpaceX launch 143 satellites for their first dedicated rideshare!

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SpaceX will be launching 143 satellites and 3 additional payloads for a variety of organizations on their first dedicated rideshare mission, Transporter-1. The Falcon 9 will lift off from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) and will place the satellites and third stage into a 500 km Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO).

02:40 – Prelaunch Preview
13:00 – Q&A
14:50 – SpaceX Stream is LIVE
17:38 – SpaceX Hosting begins
29:23 – T – 1 Minute
30:23 – LIFTOFF!
33:00 – Stage Separation
38:10 – Rentry Burn
39:10 – SECO
40:00 – Landing
1:25:15 – SECO 2 (And LOX shot)
1:28:22 – Deployments Begin
2:02:00 – Starlink Deploy
2:03:05 – Q&A

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    Isro 104(India)

  2. Jared Mulconry

    This flight profile was really interesting. I’m guessing they put more vertical velocity into the 2nd stage to give it more time to circularise and to ensure it wasn’t doing a low flight over the Caribbean, effectively dropping the 1st stage and fairings like bricks into the Caribbean Sea. That would also explain the seemingly early fairing separation, since they were probably already at appropriate altitude and were on-target for their splash-down location.
    Very cool.

  3. onestop cop

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  4. Amrit prajapati

    Congratulations *SpaceX & Mr Elon Musk* from India 🇮🇳

  5. Shannon Parkhill

    the altitude just jumped from 226km to 538km @1:23:30 … huh?

  6. wade woehrmann

    caught both halves.

  7. Josephine Lanzanas


  8. X5 - Camping & Stuff.

    The reason the American Flag moved around on the Moon footage….

    Because the MOON’s Atmosphere has Very Low Air Pressure. Unlike Earths, that Holds the Flag in Place.
    The Moons low Pressure is Unable to hold it Still or Flat, so the Flag just Flops around like it’s in a BREEZE..

  9. kauffmanba

    Tim, the one man band of webcasting.

  10. Daisy Carr

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  11. Wally Kunz

    At 29:00 the LOX did not condense to make clouds when it met the warm ambient air. The vented LOX condensed the water out of the warmer air. Hope SpaceX edits the spokespeople better in the future.

  12. kauffmanba

    Tim, where are you located? Are you broadcasting from inside your garage or storage unit?

  13. DivineEntity01

    36:35 was that a satellite on the left side of the screen?

  14. Bill Milosz

    What satellites were on here? Looked like a stack of Starlinks and a bunch of lil’ sats.

  15. Lucas Whitten

    Did you here mr beast might go to the moon on his tweet

  16. SpaceX Demo

    Fly me to the moon…

  17. Clarence Hopkins

    Amazing stuff

  18. Daniel La Bonté

    Crazy enough to be in Guinness Book in 1985 for playing racquetball for 35 hours. Only needed 4 witnesses 24/7 and send proof of the event. Something tells me that wouldn’t be too difficult for SpaceX to do. Keep up the great work. Daniel from Montreal

  19. Oliver Balough

    I miss your informational videos. The streams are okay I guess but you did some of the best informational space videos out there.

  20. Feynmanfan

    Streams have got very popular. Obviously three or four hour streams, often with long stretches of nothing much happening, can keep eyeballs. However, your channel is now entirely launch streams and the informational content is diluted. I know a stream must be way less work than researching, writing and shooting more produced informational videos, but I’m really missing them. Just a thought.

  21. laurieh

    36:35 wtf? Bottom left.

  22. Benjamin Burns

    I feel like we never get anymore non live launch vids. Take a chill pill bro we don’t need every live launch work on some educational vids maybe even interview s

  23. Elon Musk

    Does anyone know what object was floating next to the first stage booster (around the middle left hand side) @36:35

  24. Manfred Koestli


  25. confuseatronica

    Purple Space Jelly sighted

  26. Oddbjørn Gebhardt

    Quite peaceful not hearing your comments over spacex’s feed.. Just saying.. Lol

  27. Flynn Mehu



    I appreciate the opportunity of this experience

  29. Fedora

    Cant wait for SN9’s launch attempt tomorrow

  30. Dennis Roberts

    You were talking about propellant evaporating in a fuel depot. depends on the propellant. If like Momentus, you use H2O as reaction mass, then your propellant is not likely to evaporate. might freeze, but not evaporate. just keep behind a shade until needed.

  31. Spandan Ray

    SpaceX is revolutionizing the space industry by launching rockets ao often. Even their reusability is having a huge impact on future missions for any private company or government agency

  32. vic tweezy

    Dude… I cried… Welcome to space Jack…

  33. Dave Patchett

    Should SpaceX try catching a Falcon9 first stage before progressing to Starship booster?

  34. Dusan Hlavaty

    What was that audio mixer on your iPad please?

  35. Funken Gruven

    Their on-screen timing for 1st stage landing was off…looked like it was lost for bit there until it came in as per usual…as per usual…that’s something I never thought I hear myself say about a rocket “landing”, but that’s how reliable the Falcon9 is getting to be. I can’t remember the last time they lost a booster (when not on purpose).

  36. Jeff Minnion

    Remember when watching a space launch was an annual event? And here we are watching it with sunday AM coffee..

  37. GuiltySpark347

    wow this was a big mission

  38. fixpacifica

    They never show the crane lowering the booster to the floating barge.

  39. Stuart Brown

    Excellent broadcast ; on you own too
    Well done
    Stuart in Ireland

  40. Jonathon Knapp

    Was that just the fairings we saw at 36:12 , 36:23 , and 36:34 on the left side of the screen?

  41. Tech TL;DR

    SpaceX is doing 3-4 launches per month this year. Love to see how far they’ve come!

  42. Stuart Brown

    Outstanding discussion document and well done Trevor

  43. Joseph Hobbs

    31:48 Flamey end up pointy end down

  44. Steve Luiting

    OK. How did they get a tracking shot while the rocket is launching into space? A drone?

  45. Vicki White

    Dumbo operator?? Omygoodnesss Tim you’re Very knowledgeable!!! 🤗

  46. Ruben Braekman

    I love how you can make a youtube channel centered around these livestreams! I love space stuff 😍

  47. Bill Reese

    Tim Dodd, why do your videos no longer have an option to display automatic captioning? I have watched your videos in the past and enjoyed your commentaries – some of the best (if not the best) out there – but for the last two weeks all your videos have become just meaningless picture shows for me and anyone else with a hearing loss. Is this just arbitrary by Yahoo or is it something you can turn on?

  48. Jager1726

    Hey Tim!! I can’t thank you enough for all of your coverage. BTW, my “Future Martian” t-shirt is crazy soft and comfortable! You, Andrew and the whole team rock!

  49. roy Castanares

    guys did u see something at 36:35?at the fist stage rocket screen…what could it be?

  50. enrique shockwave

    73 booster recoveries, other than rocketlab which is cool but not in the same class, no one is even coming close to doing what spacex can do

  51. Gunter Raffel

    I suggest you ask your audience whether they feel that you may be talking a bit too much. After a while, the overwhelming flood of words gets a bit too much to tolerate easily.

  52. Ronald Jennings

    I am glad it was a success🌍🚀

  53. Mr.President

    guys anyone knows avrege how much spacex profit get from this launch ??

  54. wino99999

    Just like Blue Origin’s – New Shepard Space ‘Lift’ – almost completely pointless except for conning gullible people into getting space wings they really shouldn’t be entitled to, and possibly the odd experiment that only needs seconds in space!

  55. FE PORT

    nice sci-fi

  56. Snaxjake

    Why aren’t we suppose to see the LOX tank?

  57. Roscoe Holcomb

    Sorry….I love your channel, but I can’t watch any more with You Tube sticking some annoying, repetitive ad in there every 5 minutes. I’ve had it with You Tube money grubbing.

  58. Ivorybow

    Godspeed to little Jack and blessings to his mom and dad, Mandy and Sean. And God bless Elon, who has earned thru merit, the right to be the custodian of the great wealth he has created, and uses for humanity’s future.

  59. Mitchel

    Someone said Elons work wasn’t redundant enough, that must have pushed a button lol.

  60. Eric Egbertzen

    tell the shell ,,and re use off the oil riggs .. beware off the costs ..story.. big hugh from amsterdam

  61. Lewis Massie

    30:25 Liftoff
    32:54 MECO & Stage Separation & SES-1
    33:20 Fairing deploy
    38:13 Entry Burn
    39:00 SECO-1
    40:05 Booster landing

    1:02:42 Landed booster

    1:25:18 SES-2 & SECO-2

    1:29:10 Rideshare deployments begin

    2:01:55 Starlink deploy

  62. Fluxx

    36:34 what’s that thing that passes the first stage?

  63. Michael Dunne

    Did I read this right about the booster – just a 48 day turn around from the last mission?

  64. nikolai iliev

    Tim , yes it is almost impossible for starlink satellites to bumb each other. But, when some satelites stop working , their engines will not work anymore . Then what ? There is a chans for crash , but i hope that never happend .

  65. The Dapper Potato

    What is the effect of satellites crowding the planet? What is the gameplan for if it becomes a problem?

  66. Jesus Magana

    relax ford

  67. Ford Perfect

    There goes viewing the night sky

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