Watch SpaceX land Starship SN15!!!

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SpaceX Starship SN15 will be attempting another exciting medium altitude test flight (~10 km / 33,000 ft *ISH). This UN-CREWED rocket will lift off from Starbase (Boca Chica), Texas under the power of three Raptor engines. At apogee, it will flip into a horizontal (belly flop) configuration for descent. Prior to landing, it will ignite three of its Raptor engines to initiate the landing flip before shutting one down. SN15 will attempt a propulsive landing on the landing pad, potentially becoming the first Starship prototype to successfully do so.

03:05 – Prelaunch Preview
08:45 – Introducing MaryLiz Bender!
11:30 – Inside Starship
15:00 – Q&A
05:23:50 – LIFT OFF!
05:29:30 – Landing!
06:45:40 – Slow Mo replays!

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  1. Pavel Mareš

    This made my day one hour after midnight as I was watching from Prague, central Europe. Thanks!

  2. Peter Arnold

    Tim, when MaryLiz is in shot, you look like Peter Beck, sitting at the back of mission control during an Electron launch.

  3. Ann Sederquist

    Rewatching again this morning, still in shock! Yesterday I felt like I ate way too much sugar after everything was over. Just crashed! So emotional! Great work, Tim and team!

  4. GeekyBrian

    Go Tim! You deserve every million and millions more, been here for years and not going anywhere. (But mars) 🚀

  5. Hiddenself

    They made slight progress in weather conditions since SN11 :)

  6. Nyyppis

    We need studio ambient conversation mic for the streams. Excited commentary and discussion on instant(ish) replay would be so cool to hear.

  7. Latitude 66 North

    Success, we like. Tim have a pleasant way to present the events. Mary Liz made a welcomed adding to the presentation, and I hope it was not the last time you two joined forces in an event like this. It made the presentation even more flavorsome. ⛄🐐🐣😀👍

  8. Generator

    And Tim jumping up and down shook the cameras more than anything else

  9. charles worton

    According to Wikipedia, Spacex was incorporated May 6, 2002 – 19 years ago today (not May 05). In a lot of states, Spacex isn’t even old enough to drink.

  10. Austin Phillips

    I love MaryLiz reaction. I cried. It’s soooo beautiful.

  11. zapfanzapfan

    That was a good way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Alan Shepard’s flight!

  12. Starhopper

    I kinda miss the old really hyper SN8 Tim
    But then, just because he’s not expressing his excitement as much, doesn’t mean that there is less excitement

  13. Starhopper

    When it went in the clouds, I got really nervous because of a certain other starship that I will not dare to mention

  14. ptviwatcher

    Almost 7 and1/2 hours of pure dedication to the occurrence. This is an awesome channel!

  15. Max Ziebell

    Wow! Finally! Loving it! … sad that we couldn’t see all of it because of the clouds.

  16. Rune Fanøy

    “Other space experts said I was daft to build a rocket like Starship, but I built it all the same, just to show ’em. It sank into the swamp. So, I built a second one. That exploded and then sank into the swamp. So, I built a third one. That flew high, fell over, exploded and then sank into the swamp, but the fifteenth one… stayed up! And that’s what the world gets, lad: the strongest rockets on this planet.”

  17. Andrew Magdaleno

    Congrats to SpaceX, Tim and crew for catching this!

  18. Kurt Thompson

    So cool. Thank you Tim for bringing us along with Space X.

  19. Haru Kyusen

    amazing :-) congrats to spacex :-)

  20. Imran Sahir

    The best part about your live webcasts is when you say something and instantly realise it came a little wrong or weird and then you repeat it in muffled voice. That’s hilarious and makes me rewind and see all of those moments when you did it. I love you, Tim, and each member of your team.

  21. AnExPor

    Can’t wait to see the processed cut of the footage you collected!
    Thank you for your dedication to this.

  22. BrokenProp

    Love seeing this with you but you should tap into the Space X feed. Your cameras are great but no substitute really.

  23. Jaume Riera Costa

    From barcelona tonight i really enjoyed the broadcast of this passionate Everyday astronaut team !!!

  24. Chris Pilgrim

    Watching this on SpaceX is okay, but on here it is AWESOME! Thanks for doing what you guys do. I hope SpaceX will fix whatever their issue is with the cameras spazzing out during the best parts. Your footage definitely makes up for their lack of it. Patiently awaiting the next launch of Starship.

  25. Tim Robinson

    This was the first one I missed! Arrrh!

  26. AMortalDefiant

    I hope to see MaryLiz on future launches. She adds some dynamism to the broadcast (and I’m sure she gives you some breaks to breath, Tim). I love how professional the whole production has been getting over time. Great job, team!

  27. Poison Toad

    Fantastic! I’m in NZ and had to log off to go to work so missed it this morning. Loving watching it now though! 😁

  28. Philip Anderson

    Well done guys for your hard work to bring this to us.

  29. KiloOneThree

    My thought from the last foggy launch, is that you need thermal and infrared cameras for conditions like this.

  30. Dovile Bugailiskyte

    The addition of MaryLiz to the coverage works perfectly, it’s very well balanced! Love it as always and thanks to everyone involved for their hard work!

  31. Roy HI

    Third time’s a charm.

  32. Jonas Lohmaier

    Imagine streaming such a launch as Tim and having more views than the official SpaceX Stream :) Congrats Tim and to the hole crew

  33. Dayle Guy

    Fantastic job team, well done recording history and making it……. norminal/human. 🤟👍

  34. ZaK K

    Absolutely amazing! 5 attempts to do what so many thought was impossible or would take decades to achieve… This gives me hope for a manned Mars landing in my lifetime. Thank you, Tim for this awesome coverage!

  35. Vineet Faske

    This video will get millions of views from Mars in future.

  36. J.B. Dazen

    Yeahhh! Such good work guys!

  37. S. E. C-R

    This was so awesome Tim…
    I wasn’t able to watch live but as soon as I heard that it landed I said to my husband, omg, I bet Tim had a heart attack and I came right to your channel to watch it land, but mostly to hear your excitement!! This was so amazing… thanks for everything you do for us!!!!

  38. John Smith

    Thanks Tim and everyone involved! Thumbs up!

  39. Ken Hayashida

    Thank you for sharing your front row seat to history! Totally impressed with your entire team and your fun!

  40. Jokūbas V.

    This was the first one since SN8 I didn’t watch live, because it was I think 1:30 am for me

  41. Tinkersmith

    Our hopes came true! A fantastic sight , and to see it still standing really brings that home! Congratulations to SpaceX! SO excited to see what they will do next! 😁😁😁😁😁

  42. Dillon Stine

    Your team is awesome! Please keep up the hard work….it is much much much appreciated!

  43. Debbie F.

    Very cool! Thanks for being there in person.

  44. Stealth Mode

    Awesome coverage . Was tearing up as Well Mary .. ty Tim and crew well done. History in the making.. TY From Florida :)

  45. Bradley G

    Mary Liz’s pure happiness and excitement during the landing is amazing. I love seeing people’s reactions to these things.

  46. Spooks

    I did watch it on my phone, I was at work and as a Paramedic I was not only hoping for what we saw, but I didn’t get a call during the stream!!

  47. Whack bag

    Hell yeah. Pretty wild how close to the edge of the pad it landed.

  48. Andrew Chisum

    Your guys hype is all I need you rock makes me more excited

  49. Jayson Black

    5:32:15 even the fish were jumping for joy. In the bottom left corner just above the ticker/infographic, you can see a fish jump out of the water lol.

  50. Alpha1111100

    U brought more viewers than Spacex itself. Kudos guys

  51. Eli K

    Tim is only human, a microcosm of all our emotions. Having been traumatized by sn10, we had a hard time believing sn15 was safe even after a near perfect landing.

  52. Ancient Astronut

    Thank you everyone. Great coverage and information. Congratulations all around.

  53. Cycling Brain

    Why is that I didn’t know about this stream??? Can you please let mere humans like me to be aware or this streaming next time? Please thanks

  54. Karl Ganje

    why is she apologizing so much :( its something exciting! be excited! no need to apologize. that adds to the stream

  55. AssaultFlamingo 2.0

    6:45:43 that shot of Starship emerging from the clouds looks like something straight out of Prometheus or Covenant! Imagine the things we’ll see and do in the near future going at this rate.

    Today will go down in history. Awesome work by the SpaceX team and everyone covering this for us to watch.

  56. Rusty Myers

    Thanks, loved all y’all’s reactions. I was watching from the park and got some okay shots, but your video is way better than mine.

  57. Jellybeantiger

    Incredible stuff,they got that huge thing to self land,now the galaxy beckons.

  58. Recon

    Yes, omg I been waiting months! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  59. Marco

    7:07:48 even the fish are jumping out of joy !

    Congrats SpaceX, Congrats EveryDayAustronout team!

  60. Proghead88

    I want a girlfriend who gets that excited about something like this :(

  61. Digital Olimon

    How incredible!
    Watching SpaceX all these years still feels like a sci-fi movie. Must be so surreal to see it with your own eyes

  62. Sean Remmen

    Amazing job capturing all of that footage guys!!! Truly amazing work!!

  63. Craig

    That entry shot of the flip is likely the only one taken! Great job! Love the second chair with MaryLiz, she’s remarkable in every way!

  64. SuperVstech

    5:39:13 fish jumped out of the water! Fish Excited for the successful landing!

  65. Azazel

    This has more views than the SpaceX stream lmao

  66. Anna Zverina

    Y’all are seriously the best for sticking around for SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS to guide us through this whole launch, answer our questions, and film it. Thank you so much.

  67. Helena Dzelalija Hammersc

    All we needed was for Mary to be right once =)

  68. Collin Fraser

    Meanwhile, fish launches itself, short flight, sticks the belly flop ! “HOLD MY BEER ! “ 🙏❤️🇨🇦

  69. Kazkov3

    5:14:49: They go outside
    5:22:42: T-1 minute
    5:23:50: Launch
    5:29:38: Flip
    5:29:49: Landing
    5:30:56: Explosion (jk)
    5:39:14: Jumping Fish

  70. James Webb, Disabled USAF

    Nailed it!!! What a beautiful launch and touch down!!! Way to go SPACE-X Team!!!

  71. Ric Chamen

    They gonna park this next to Hopper. So you gonna need new angles of the pad. You all did great work today as a Team. Congratulations!

  72. rldukes5729

    I am MaryLiz Bender’s biggest fan – excellent broadcast team. Great day, awesome flight, and they stuck the landing!

  73. Leo Martinez

    I truly love when Mary cries of happynes, made SN10 landing vid so much better and to se that reaction live on SN15 just makes this so much more emotional

  74. andrew

    congrats to spacex!

  75. Dylan Dreisbach

    The protesting is just sad at this point. SpaceX doesn’t stop to argue, they continue working on their passion.

  76. Steve Steranka

    Well done to the whole crew. Amazing coverage. 11/10 👏

  77. Gururag Kalanidhi

    This is bonkers beautiful 🔥 way to go Elon & SpaceX 🔥

    This means, we’re closer to Tim’s Walter Kronkite moment, soon.

    “And that’s the way it is..”

  78. Bryce T

    It’s amazing that they were able to achieve this on ONLY the 5th attempt.

  79. Will Dobson

    Yessssss!! Historic day

  80. gth042

    Thank you Tim & Crew. Best of luck tomorrow.


    Thank you Tim and the team. Bringing that little bit Xtra to proceedings as always! Feeling the joy. Always kept the faith that this day would happen. Overwhelming!

  82. Thomas Ashcraft

    Really thank you for sharing your genuine passion and filming all that incredible stuff! This is purely awesome!

  83. Artemis A-24

    Congrats to SpaceX and all that made it possible! Can’t wait to see more! 🚀

  84. Shubham kumar

    Starship SN15 landed successful
    Now. We can say peacefully Jeff who?😁

  85. Eduardo Breton

    ¡Great broadcast Tim! Thanks

  86. Jimmy Edward

    5:28:27 Hearing the sound of the rumble disappear just like that it’s so scary, like in a horror movie, you know something will happen

  87. Shubham kumar

    I want to say that human are so lucky because we have Elon Musk❤️

  88. Lewis Miranda

    Todd. YOU ARE AN AWESOME HUMAN BEING!! THANK YOU FOR BRINGING SPACEFLIGHT TO WE|US CITIZENS!!! I was the 9,748 viewer in the stream (thereabouts) but 6-7 minutes later there were north of 30,000 of us WATCHING!!! You, my FRIEND, are a STAR!!! So now keep it up! And yes, we ALL love and appreciate your effort.

  89. Dan Rustle

    wow. 1+mill views in a few hours, that is a record. LESSSGOOOOOOO! Happy Cinco De Mayo broskis

  90. ʍȝʅ

    That was precise…they did it at last.

  91. explosivejoe3000

    This is beyond awesome

  92. DS

    Thanks for doing this always! Can’t wait to see slow-mo footages.
    BTW does anyone notice the landing profile was different from what John was explaining during the official stream?
    He said they were going to use 3 raptors for flip and shut 1 or 2 down for landing.

  93. Zhou Junyu

    5:23:51 Lift off
    5:29:39 Landing
    You are welcome!

  94. Mad Tech

    5:23:45 – launch
    6:45:45 – replay of the landing that shows it came from belly flop when landing

  95. Raphaël V

    They actually did it! I thought this day would never come!

  96. Blitz Supremo Music

    Great stream and congrats to SpaceX, and Elon Musk

  97. Triadne

    History was made today. Thank you Tim and team for bringing it to our screens.

  98. SpaceLaunchUpdates

    Absolutely amazing from the team!

    Lift Off: 5:23:48
    Landing: 5:29:35

  99. Mad Tech

    Fking Beautiful

  100. Will Lathrop

    GO SN15!! Thanks to Tim and the team for this amazing coverage!

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