Watch Rocket Lab test booster recovery hardware for the first time!

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Rocket Lab will be launching its Electron rocket on a mission for Alba Orbital and ALE Co., Ltd (ALE), from Launch Complex 1 (LC-1) on the Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand.

This mission will be the first time that Rocketlab test recovery instrumentation on board this flight. It will include guidance and navigation hardware, including S-band telemetry and onboard flight computer systems, to live-gather data during the first stage’s atmospheric re-entry, as well as a reaction control system to orient the booster.

Want to know more about this mission? Check out our Prelaunch Preview!!! –

Thumbnail photo by @trevormahlmann !!! You can buy a print of it here! -


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  1. Genghis Khan

    Earth is flat, get used to it.

  2. Are we not entertained?

    I don’t watch these to listen to the noise from your brain. Annoying.

  3. Ulrich Grobler

    Whats up with the time wasting in the beginning of your videos?

  4. Main 1

    why was it launched from new zealand? Isn’t it harder to launch from further away from the equator?

  5. Alexandr Kovalenko

    Why would you want to stream Soyuz launches? Russia – is terrorist state, same as North Korea. Do you make streams of their launches?

  6. SergKiev87

    Nope, no suit no style. I don’t believe you qualified to speak about rockets, you don’t wearing the space suit.

  7. Simon Ingram

    Musk the billionaire who gets away with deformation and slander nice going American judicial system well done.
    Musk the person that invents the tunnel/vacuum pipe/electric car and a reusable rocket, only he did not, all invented before and to a better quality.
    He also invented his bullet proof glass for his bat-scrap-mobile which I do believe he did invent as it failed twice. Wow such a great first impression he is such a moron with no morale/dignity/manners and above all respect. Money cannot buy any of those, and Musk is the definitive proof of that.
    He is after all a pathetic person.

  8. TommY SmittY

    where s the booster landed i don’t see It ! or is it in the water ??

  9. Tobor Again

    Why doesn’t rocket lab use grid fins?

  10. Kardelen Deniz

    Baris özcan dan merak edip gelenler

  11. Gggggg

    proof earth is flat! 01:09:30

  12. HD 101065

    And hes allowed to just…steal other people’s livestreams??

  13. Ben Copeland

    lol, why is everyone in the launch control room wearing gamer headphones!?

  14. trenteth

    since the sun just went own in Australia I’d guess that the light was from the setting sun in NZ

  15. 2nd3rd1st

    SpaceX sends Falcons and Dragons to Space.
    Rocket Lab sends a ball pen?

  16. Jay Stone

    Did they not recover the rocket or does Tim not cover that?

  17. Eric George

    When you do your video about rocket pollution, are you going to talk about dropping lithium batteries in the ocean?

  18. McGCh46e

    Let’s say, SpaceX lands on Mars. Mars is vibrantly colonized. Humans are doing very well in their new habitat. How then is the project sustainable? Is the Mars project going to turn into a large interplanetary Welfare Colony? How is the colony going to earn its keep? How is money to be made? Mining, manufacturing, research – how will they justify their existence?

  19. M J

    What is everyone’s job while they are on their computers? Obviously they are checking to make sure everything is good but can they control anything on the rocket while it is in flight, or do they just monitor and check the data? I don’t know, isn’t the rocket mainly autonomous? If anyone can enlighten me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  20. Neil Moss

    Tim gets more viewers than RocketLab’s own live stream!

  21. TheSolarFuture Enthusiast

    Hey there Tim, I’d like to see a tiny improvement to the prelaunch data.
    THIS WILL BE THE: The tenth flight of an Electron rocket.
    This should only have one “The”, either THIS WILL BE: The tenth flight of an Electron rocket or THIS WILL BE THE: Tenth flight of an Electron rocket.
    It’s my OCD and your content is great btw :-)

  22. ICANanimations

    flerfers are having a field day @1:07:40

  23. bruchpilot747

    Everyday Dodd: _Yeah I’m confused_
    Conspiricy theorists: _heavy breathing intensifies_

  24. Prowler Cam

    It’s a “vicarious” ride along. A “literal” ride along would mean you were on board the rocket.

  25. SergKiev87

    Nope, It’s not friction and it’s not heat of compression, it’s just aerodynamic resistance, that heats the rocket.

  26. ducks on a rock

    90° is east not south.

  27. Lewt Scott

    Regarding the question on NZ electricity generation, it is mostly hydro with a handful of geothermal stations (including the second one built in the world). Several wind farms have been installed in the last couple of decades which are helping with increased demand/unwanted immigration.
    There is only one thermal (coal/gas) plant at Huntly, just south of Auckland, generating 15% of the total (apart from a couple of small diesel fired peak load plants.
    There is no nuclear (NZ being nuclear free by law).
    The largest hydro plant, Manapouri, near the bottom of the South Island, generates about 12% of the total but this is used to smelt bauxite (from Australia) into aluminum. Transmission of this power to other users is difficult due to its is distance from markets.
    If more renewables (solar/wind) are added there is significant scope to convert existing hydro to pumped hydro for storage, especially when the whingers demand everyone drives EV’s.

  28. Adam Ladd

    Rods from god are not skyhooks – it is a concept to use a rod (usually tungsten or some other strong, high density material) re-entering at a sharp angle so that it hits that it hits a ground with a considerable portion of its orbital velocity; as an alternative to a nuclear device. As a decent sized rod would have kinetic energy equivalent to a small nuke.

  29. Philip Roes

    I made that same comment about the fish eye lens and the world being flat on a twitter comment a few weeks ago! :D

  30. Pyrojen

    so you were watching a guy watch a guy watch a guy watch and narrate the launch?

  31. ichglotzTV

    9:35 What place in Germany is he talking about? “Braun”-what? Or what?

  32. Paridaens Glenn

    Are rocket companies liable for the damage caused by there rockets (e.g. leakage of toxic materials(fuel, batteries) , composite materials or radioactive material), within the oceans/world??

  33. Cameron McSpadden

    Not stealing. (reappropriation of Boeing assets)

  34. Mike Jones

    Don’t worry about your videos becoming longer. There’s nothing better than watching an hour-long informative space video after work. I love aerospace. Keep up the great content and lengthy videos!! 😺

  35. Corey S

    “Rods from God” was about kinetic darts that are ‘launched’ from orbit.

  36. Ambonec

    1:14:30 spinning the booster end over end would provide centrifugal force to get the fuel towards the bottom, as the LOX is under (high) pressure, that’s less of an issue.
    Assume that’s why early Soviet launches used Hot Staging, as the next one would still be under acceleration.
    Unsure how NASA managed Cold Separations but did from almost their onset.

  37. Luda Critz

    Do you ever consider tl:dr quick links or something? I just sat here for an hour and nothing is still happening, you’re just talking. Sometimes I like to nerd out and listen to you but god damnit, I just wanna see the launch already.

  38. Rishabh Vats

    Lol why does he flicks his hands in funny way it kept me distracting

  39. OriginalNuckChorris

    Cubic yards? Seriously?

  40. Luuk Hendriks

    Does anyone know why it’s sparking do much?

  41. Shanmukh Sagi


  42. migkillerphantom

    “East into darkness”
    Uhh.. should we tell him?
    They launched on a terminator orbit, anyway.

  43. Dan Mitchell

    Tim 9pm in New Zealand this time of year is only just after sunset so you will see the sun higher up

  44. Anton Krause

    How do you join his discord?

  45. Wandi efendi tandit

    Shoot and the for moon 🚀🌔 success NASA.👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

  46. David Kutzler

    Thank you for clarifying that compression, not friction causes the heating during reentry. It’s a popular myth that meteors glow because of “friction with the atmosphere.” Anyone who owns an air compressor understands how much heat is generated by simply compressing air.

  47. Daniel Roden

    you could bring the space suit out once a year. or not. special occasions maybeeee?

  48. Anton Nym

    I do hope that Rocket labs gets some resuability, as that will be a requirement for being competitive going forward. what impresses me about RL is their new Robot which constructs the launch vehicle body from carbon fiber, recipe-ready in only 12 hours instead of 400.

  49. Vlad Caso

    I wonder why they call it max Q?
    Maybe because Q is the variable for airodynamic forces or whatever in the equation they use.

  50. Dustin Snodgress

    Awesome coverage! As always. Learned much!
    I don’t work in rocket science, but I teach kids math and help inspire kids to be future scientists and mathematicians. Does that give me a discount? Lol.
    Jk. Love what you do. I share your vids with many of my students so they can see to beauty of science.
    You do an awesome job sharing the excitement that of the space travel that happens today!

  51. takanara7

    “Has anyone ever clicked a video and thought ‘why is this guy wearing a space suit’ and clicked off?” – I’m sure I first clicked the thumbnail and was more likely to keep watching because I thought the suit was cool. The only people who would be bothered are: A) people who don’t think space is cool in the first place, in which case they probably wouldn’t be interested in your videos and B) irritating pedants who are going to be like “hrrrmrmm, why does this guy need a pressure suit at seal level, this is totally unrealistic.”
    Anyway I get not wanting to get into a smelly, unwashable space suit, lol. But the suit was cool and probably brought in like 20 viewers for every 1 it repelled.

  52. Aaron Stevens

    Arent the fuel tanks back-filled with helium to keep them pressurised? I believe this takes care of any ullage situation.

  53. M J

    Did they succeed in recovering the booster?

  54. Chiana's Geek

    No, EE. Stuff on *planets* is kinda weird, relative to most of the rest of the Universe ;) o7

  55. Debra Miller

    Just stunning Rocket Lab!! CAN NOT WAIT for Wallops Island launches!!

  56. Johannes Benning

    Someone should put a Piezo Pickup on a rocket so we can hear what a Rocket “sounds” like when it’s vibrating under thrust

  57. bazoo513

    Tim, next time let us listen to the control loop audio.

  58. Genghis Khan

    Look at nossle shadow in plume. Do ur calcs

  59. Jeremy Felix

    “BRO WTH HAPPEN TO THE SUIT, consider me a UN-SUBSCRIBER”, Said no one ever.

  60. Argus

    Barrel distortion earth confirmed.

  61. Andrew Vieira

    Was gonna buy in your shop but shipping is expensive to the UK

  62. cambobby2011

    (Hey, I have some funny qsts here. I want to hear from others). Normally through history, growing cities, goes along with drug dealers and prostitutes!!! How these 2 categories are gonna go on Mars to develop their business ( drug dealers and prostitutes)??? Probably women/men already on Mars are gonna turned into prostitutes, but what about drug dealers? How are they gonna get their stuff up there? Probably they will order it from Mars and get their stuff in the next SpaceX trips to Mars (like by UPS or Purolator) or are they gonna find secret ways to bring it up there like prisoners find ways to bring it into prisons…Are they gonna have gangs up there? Are they gonna have Hells Angels or any other similar gangs? Anybody has an idea? These are funny, questions but it will happen for sure!!! :) (Btw, I’m not looking for a job on Mars…LOL) Or maybe Elon will become the leader of a gang up there on his ”Tesla-vidson”?…LOL Just curious to hear from others. :) Tks.

  63. ConfusedNyan

    I wish I’d seen this one sooner. Anyway, a question on my mind: Theoretically, is RocketLabs’ NZ facility in the range necessary for a 51.6deg inclination for anything to the ISS? However, I somehow suspect that they’d likely actually not do anything to the ISS as SpaceX and Northrup Grumman, and soon, Sierra Nevada, pretty much have this market laced up.

  64. Douglas Smith

    In the video when the rocket is launching, it really sounds a lot like a very loud jet. Is this due to the electric pumps or is this a artifact of the video recording process?

  65. Wesley Gray

    They sure do have the nicest command station.

  66. Andy Spicer

    I think the spacesuit was a good hook when you needed it. It’s what got me to watch you for the first time. You don’t need a hook now. You are a hook as you are. You are kind of a big deal now!

  67. Charlie Walker


  68. GhostBear55

    Hey, Sorry for the late comment. Was wondering if you have a video on the Artemis Moon Project?

  69. hupo


  70. J W

    I want a full electric pump flow video and t-shirt. Please.

  71. Cameron Webster

    T-0 @ 55:43

  72. J A

    Six launches this year … impressive.

  73. Gerard Hammond

    awesome!.oi oi oi!

  74. matszz

    Where’s the part with the booster recovery?

  75. Das Daleberger

    I went to bed after the first hold phase, should’ve waited it out. lol Never a doubt on a touchdown from rocket lab.

  76. Dave

    congratulations to my brothers n sisters across the ditch in New Zealand!!! we’re proud of you in Australia

  77. Valorie L

    Love the show. You come across as someone that would be fun to hang out with. So informative and cool. Subscribed. Thx.

  78. Ambonec

    10:13 “Rods from the Gods” is based on Project Thor (mentioned in Niven’s & Pournelle’s “Footfall”) about having heavy (e.g. tungsten) items re-enter down on enemy bunkers

  79. 420Ninja

    seems like alot of ablation from the engines

  80. No Name Supplied

    55:40 launch

  81. Jason Deal

    Just a tip please mute the talking while your talking I was super lost for a min towards the beginning of the vid when he said something about the re-entry other than that awesome video thank you for the updates

  82. evorios s

    Congrat, Rocket Lab! You are amazing!

  83. D. G.

    NASA/Air Force’s X-37B! We need to know!

  84. Scott

    Of all the options (patreon/youtube etc) to contribute to you, which method takes the least “CUT” out of my donation ?

  85. starwolf

    No Tim we’re living on the inside of a Dyson sphere. LOL

  86. Brock Hooper

    55:49 at full volume

  87. Jason Phillips

    Dude, “Moon Dance” is an AWESOME piece. But I watch because of your infectious enthusiasm, wonderful sense of awe (which I share) and great KSP sessions.
    Love it all, keep it up.

  88. Anton Nym

    Great video as always and I am subscribed. One minor correction from 7:34 where you say Alan Shepard propulsively landed. He didn’t. Shepard stayed on a suborbital trajectory for the 15-minute flight, which reached an altitude of 101.2 nautical miles (116.5 statute miles; 187.4 kilometers), and then fell to a splashdown 263.1 nautical miles (302.8 statute miles; 487.3 kilometers) down the Atlantic Missile Range. All good wishes, sir!

  89. tbyte

    “Rod from god” is a weapon lol :)

  90. Robert Blount

    Love My Radar. They are also doing a thing on their app for Star Citizen. Just amazing. I’m even more excited

  91. Jumbo Dogg

    Extravagant! Can’t express my overwhelming excitement for Rocket Lab!!!! Keep it up!

  92. Average Joes

    Oh, Science Out There, my favorite Stargazing/Storm Chasing you tube channel, thats cool!

  93. Art Dodger

    dam i missed the chat for this ima gonna have to pull my head out my you know were … or not … what ever !!!1

  94. A Little Life Left

    “Wow that thing cooks”
    New tshirt?

  95. Aaron Ratcliffe

    I really want you to get and use the SpaceX space suit

  96. Imagine A World

    49:08 looks like todd howard after 76 release

  97. Orion Aerospace

    Such a clean launch! And that re-entry was awesome! Hope we get some more coverage next time :D

  98. RockyMountainMotion

    1:07:23 Tim turns into to Tony Northrup for a minute lol. Your enthusiasm in every teaching moment is epic. Thanks for all the content!

  99. Christopher Lawley


  100. michael brown

    Launch at 55:42

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