Watch Rocket Lab Launch their Awesome Electron Rocket! (2021.01.20)

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Rocket Lab will launch their Another One Leaves The Crust mission from Launch Complex-1A, Māhia Peninsula, New Zealand. This mission is a dedicated launch to lift a satellite for the European space technology company OHB Group into orbit. The mission is scheduled to take off during its 10 day launch window, opening on January 16, 2021, at 07:38 UTC [20:38 NZT]. On this mission, Electron will carry a communication satellite into Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

Want to learn more about today’s launch? Check out our Prelaunch Preview! –

07:30 – Q&A
15:30 – Rocket Lab Stream Starts
18:00 – Holding / Q&A
55:55 – T minus 1 Minute
56:55 – Lift Off!
59:30 – Stage Separation
01:03:05 – Battery Hot Swap
01:05:55 – SECO
01:07:35 – Q&A

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  1. nkronert

    In these lighting conditions, it is apparent that the flamey end is also a pointy end…

  2. Chaz 921dren

    Starting from 21:39 something continues to appear at the base of the stand, why.and what is it?

  3. Florencio Vela

    I’ve ordered the CyberTruck tri motor fsd & getting ready to order the S dual motor as well..I’ve made enough with TSLA to buy both..I love Space X, StarShip & all ELON does..

  4. Adriano Ormonde

    the sexiest quality engenieer ever

  5. superfly1842

    What channel just shows actually launch footage for those of us with busy lives who can’t just watch Joe blow talk for hours and hours and hours. I tried multiple times to watch this channel but its just random video footage of nothing and a dude talking. I dont need the details. Just wanna see the milemarkers.

  6. Drifter Lot

    Too long intro!!

  7. Caol

    Glad you are all safe and well. Thanks for all you do!

  8. Dynam1cS

    can’t believe you are getting more views than Rocket Lab does on their own launch!

  9. Dutch Drifter

    This broadcast is so much more proffesional than the NASA one. Both SpaceX and Rocketlab are doing a wonderfull job.

  10. Commanderpython

    Is this really an electrical rocket???

  11. Stephen Newell

    Love how fast the second stage fly’s away ha

  12. NASA

    Yep yep, it’s amazing

  13. LednacekZ

    Have you done any videos on the Virgin Orbit Launch One flight? Did I miss it?

  14. Lego Mechanical Maker

    Will you cover the virgin orbit launch?


    I can’t wait until launches do become everyday
    The future looks bright gentlemen!

  16. amit ashok

    If fairings/Booster/1st stage is not recovering or capturing by the space agencies, then it is legal to anyone (normal citizen) to go in the sea and capture and recover that.

  17. V

    omg i love space and space exploration but not as much as @EverydayAstronaut! 😇

  18. Unarcadia Arcadia

    Pro Tip when eating a hat: Don’t.

  19. omgmrtea

    I really love their New Zealand accent😍😍😍

  20. Pepe's bodega

    It does look cool with the black in their control room but I would get tired

  21. Strange

    The dislikes are racist because they dont like black rockets.

  22. Folkert Cornelis

    Two girl commentators! That’s a good thing, as long as they’re hot😁

  23. Joel R


    [YouTube is deleting my comments REPEATEDLY. Censorship at work…]

  24. 92redferrari

    Watched on catch up. Totally awesome. Thanks

  25. Benjamin Colborne

    56:55 is liftoff time

  26. Blissur

    Just becoming normal now tbh lol

  27. XYZ Concepts

    Glad you and the team are ok after the MVA. Don’t know what I’d do with no Everyday Astronaut! Stay Safe from Perth, Western Australia.

  28. Digital Ram

    I love how instant an cleanly the electron just turns on like someone flipt a light switch

  29. Grant C

    You very nearly said charged/discharged battries weigh differently but you saw the trap you was walking youself down haha. Nice one.

  30. JP Rough

    Always odd hearing our NZ accent on screen

  31. allan churm

    sorry to hear about the car damaged good job you were in one of the safest cars in the world

  32. Dennis Katinas

    He deserves every cent and more going his way. This is the american dream, maybe a worldly one for him, or one of worlds one day. Good Job Tim.

  33. Thank you for the intervi

    Good to hear Lisa Stojanovski (sorry spelling is not correct) is working for this rocket company. She will surely love this job!

  34. Jan Strojil

    The Electron does not have all that crackling sound of other rockets. Is it because it is smaller? Its sound is more of a continuous whooosh.

  35. Ryan Harris

    Should have toned down the red lippy, that said, loving the sound of ‘horizontal chicks on the pad’ 😂

  36. salukim

    new zealand is an island 4.8 million people

  37. asjeot

    Need more Virgin Orbit coverage!

  38. Adrian Trenerry

    Nice shoutout for Labpadre and NSF and the wider community following the amazing progress being made around the world to get humanity further into space

  39. Nep Nep

    Yay for rocket lab! Next is spacex starship.

  40. takanara7

    Lol, pretty ironic you were talking about how fast all the cars were going by during your livestream, then you ended up getting hit right afterwards.

  41. Rosianu Silviu

    Hello. Just wanted to know, what happens to the battery??? Will it become space junk? If so, then I’m not a fan of rocket lab anymore.

  42. Sebastian Radakovits

    Rocket Lab must have the best streams of any rocket company.

  43. Robert Powell

    What a launch, just sad I couldn’t be up early enough to watch it live. Thanks for the coverage :)

  44. Ashakari Singh

    How big is the Everyday Astronaut team?

  45. karma

    their kinda copying spacex

  46. A E

    Re watch

  47. Jordan Larson

    The “another one leaves the crust” pun said by the serious commentators is just one of the most cringey things ever lmao

  48. Twitch

    i want to see the crash footage

  49. LK S

    *Lift off at **57:00*

  50. Fernando Salvi

    Launch at 56:57

  51. Donald Burkhard

    Even if guy uninsured he should still pay. Also suspend or lose license for no insurance. Glad you both are ok.

  52. Alex Blacksmith

    Hey Tim, do you think you could make an OLED friendly HUD for your livestreams? ☺️

  53. John Lee

    Don’t understand why you have to superimpose your image on the videos. We are not interested in what you say or see you say it.

  54. Ankit Meher

    Best of luck tim

  55. Dash Man

    Hi Tim can you found out if anyone in the near future are going to visit an Apollo site to once and for all prove we did go to the moon ? Regards Dashman from downunder

  56. Minnesota Birdman

    Thanks for being here. Excited about our busy day! Great job and best of luck to you.

  57. Piotrek

    GmbH stands for Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, it is German form of business, equivalent to LLP (limited liability partnership).

  58. Olivia W

    Wait. U have to pay for the car? Here the one at fault has to pay everything (from their insurance)

  59. synonys

    Things are tough for the everyday astronaut, two launches back to back.

  60. trezapoioiuy

    Did they give up on the reusable thing?

  61. superi0r

    big pog

  62. SilverDeane


  63. RoAir 001

    yes it worked am happi

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