Watch Rocket Lab Launch their Awesome Electron Rocket!

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Rocket Lab’s 15th launch, In Focus, will loft 10 satellites into a 500-kilometer low Earth orbit for Planet and Canon Electronics. Planet is an Earth imaging company based in San Francisco, California. Their 150 satellites provide daily high-resolution images of the Earth. Their latest satellite constellation, Flock 4e, was launched on Rocket Lab’s Pics Or It Didn’t Happen mission. However, the satellites never made it to orbit due to an issue with the second stage. Their Flock 4e constellation is now being launched on this mission. Canon Electronics is a camera company headquartered in Japan. Their experimental CE-SATE-IIB satellite is designed to test various camera technologies.

Want to learn more about today’s launch? Check out our Prelaunch Preview! –
  1. 2nd3rd1st

    Why do they let sheep graze near this super loud rocket? If humans go deaf at that distance sheep do too and they can’t even protect their ears! At least give them a warning siren so they can prepare for it and run.
    People are so selfish…


    I was 1st

  3. Jager1726

    It’s so obvious that rocket lab is chasing SpaceX

  4. TorpidHunter


  5. Alain Isabelle de Montréa

    They make Boeing look like dinosaure

  6. Franklin Ratliff

    They call it a BALLOON. Because all it has to do is float in the venusian atmosphere. A dirigible and a blimp are basically the same thing (a steerable self-propelled airship). A ballute is an aerodynamic decelerator.

  7. Lancair W

    Is control center for the rocket 🚀 launch or a gaming competition? 😆

  8. Sanjay Poudel

    which one is the bigger rocket? falcon 1 or electron?

  9. Tom Morningstar

    VERY cool. I did not know why the orange flame becomes sooty black. Thank you!

  10. Freak80MC

    I know you keep saying RocketLab will never go bigger but I think they could in the future, with reusability, while keeping the payload the same. Because reusability hits into your payload to orbit, I could see them eventually creating a larger rocket that is fully reusable, first AND second stage, while keeping the same payload mass to orbit as the current one.

  11. 〈〈MM

    How is it possible to have a chunk of ice loosely glued to the rocket at hypersonic 8.000 km/h?

  12. Adam C

    whats bigger? This rocket or a falcon 9 landing leg


    tim is my favorite streamer

  14. Wes Irvin

    I guess it’s from being spoiled with Spacex, but the video feed from Electron just seems so 1980s….

  15. Lyon E

    Congrats Rocket Lab – too much

  16. Todd Foster

    Riding Rockets by Mike Mullane is a wonderful evocation of his Space Shuttle flights. Like being there! Thrilling!

  17. Greg Knipe

    tedium for 27 minutes. then some sparks.

  18. Lewis Massie

    27:25 Launch
    30:13 Stage Separation (second stage feed not working here)
    30:50 Fairing Separation
    34:00 Battery Hotswap
    36:28 SECO

    1:36:02 Satellite deployment confirmation

  19. Alexandr Kovalenko

    What is that broken English accent is?

  20. SkyEarthOcean

    SOOOO jealous they don’t have to wear masks. New Zealand is truly the best country in the world. Congrats on a successful launch!

  21. Chan Eric

    do Rocket Lab super chills the fuel and oxidizer like SpaceX did?

  22. mhan00

    I’m spoiled by SpaceX. I was watching the first stage after it detached and was surprised there was no boost back burn as it just started tumbling back down to Earth.

  23. Michael Domansky

    Congrats! Great launch!

  24. Glenn R. Frank

    Go Electron! Go Rocket Lab!


    Reflecting the dark space? You surely are very excited!

  26. kreativeasylum jh

    New, will the main stage recovered and used again??

  27. luatmyalvin

    thats ignition was so loud omg

  28. William E Higgins Jr. LCD

    New Zealand was a great place to film the Lord of the Rings Trilogy…

  29. William E Higgins Jr. LCD

    σ is a constant called the Stefan-Boltzman constant
    = 5.67 x 10-8 ( Watts / square meter ) X Kelvin to the negative 4 power

  30. Lewis Miranda


  31. William E Higgins Jr. LCD

    Love her accent…

  32. Walt R. Buck

    Such a smooth little rocket. Man I love it.

  33. Franklin Ratliff

    You need a competent sound engineer to adjust your settings.

  34. Cadence M

    Thank you, Tim !

  35. Slug Fest

    Final countdown at 27:18

  36. Franklin Ratliff

    Although at 5,000-lbs thrust it’s too powerful for reaction (attitude) control, it’s not a huge leap of imagination to see how Rocket Lab’s Rutherford could serve as the engine for Starship’s orbital maneuvering system (OMS). It’s very nearly as powerful as the shuttle OMS engine. An electric turbopump system eliminates the thick-walled tanks and heavy pressurant vessels required for a pressure-fed system such as was used in the shuttle, thus reducing the weight and bulk of an OMS compared to shuttle. The shuttle OMS also used an adapted engine (the AJ-10) previously used in applications such as the Delta II upper stage and the Apollo service module main engine.

  37. nem 1970

    These streams are great, nicely done Rocket Lab!

  38. Alberto Fourie

    Tim, curious to know where you intend to base yourself to watch SN8? Hope to head down myself next week and would be awesome to meet you!

  39. Dale R B Sr.

    Thank you, this was an awesome production and one of your best to date. Keep up the good work… :)

  40. somedude

    Tim, you should get into VanLife. no expensive hotels when you can just sleep in a van

  41. Dan Runi

    32 minutes onwards is just an mesmirizing shot! I’m not sure why I’m only noticing this now, but the radiatively cooled part ebbs and flows like a lava lamp !

    I love the trend of sharing launch footage like this and can’t wait for higher and higher quality shots going forward

  42. Valentino Kapić

    waiting for that day when someone install onboard of upper stage an extendable stick with a 360° camera.. would be awsome to look around in VR while those engine spitting fire

  43. Better With Rum

    YouTube is broken, it said this was live, but it says it was streamed 2 hours ago…

  44. My Stuff

    “It’s never too late” (to start a new career) I’m proud of you.

  45. Justin Kim

    00:00 Stream Starts
    04:30 Prelaunch Preview
    09:53 Tim puts up the Rocket Lab Stream
    15:20 Go/No-Go poll
    27:17 T-10
    27:27 Ignition
    27:30 Liftoff
    28:34 Max-Q
    30:11 Stage Separation
    36:33 Kickstage Separation
    37:10 Rocket Lab stream ends: Tim answers questions
    1:36:00 Tweet by Peter Beck confirming Payload Deploynment
    1:48:34 Tim talks about the Shop
    1:49:37 Tim ends the Stream
    1:53:11 Stream Ends

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