Watch Rocket Lab attempt to recover an Electron rocket FROM SPACE!

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Rocket Lab is preparing for its Running Out of Toes’ mission, which will be quite different from the previous two this year. All because this launch will be Rocket Lab’s second attempt to safely return Electron’s first stage to Earth from space. Running Out of Toes will be launching from Launch Complex-1A, Māhia Peninsula, New Zealand. On this mission, Electron will carry two Earth-observation microsatellites for BlackSky’s constellation into a 430 km low Earth orbit (LEO) at 50° inclination.

Want to learn more about today’s launch? Check out our Prelaunch Preview! –

03:20 – Prelaunch Preview
12:07 – Rocket Lab Stream Starts
27:36 – First Attempt Hold
28:20 – Q&A
1:04:39 – Explaining about stage separation
1:20:20 – Go / No Go & Explaining Sea Level vs Vacuum Engines
1:31:41 – T – One Minute
1:32:41 – Lift Off!
1:35:12 – Stage Separation / Anomaly
1:41:15 – Initial Analysis
1:48:05 – Q&A
1:57:15 – Outro

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  1. Matthew Morycinski

    It does look as if the thrust vector rotated the 2nd stage off course and then the engine shut itself down. That would leave it tumbling, with variable acceleration, which is what I think we see.

  2. Wills Power

    I’m going to feel what they’re feeling Monday morning market open . $VACQ

  3. PuniSherOP

    You mean that the upper stage might crash on my terrace anytime? I’ll collect parts

  4. Phil Jeavons

    The upper stage lit, however they had to quickly shut it down. If you look at stage separation in the video it shoots off sideways, looks like the engine nozzle was pointing in the wrong direction or something. I could be wrong though! Just guessing….

    Update: Looks like they will be able to get the booster. So will be able to investigate that section at least.

  5. Jayden Dean

    🤣🤣🤣Karma is here

  6. All Good

    I ❤️ Rocket Lab.. succeed or fail.. proud Kiwi 👍🇳🇿

  7. Jakester! - The Darude Co

    I’m a diehard SpaceX fan but I fully support Rocket Lab, we all know that – well – it is rocket science after all. I’m really sorry and wish them good luck for future missions.

  8. Mark A. Demaline

    That sound is amazing.

  9. 1

    Do you think if I keep walking around the beach Ill find any parts or just sand?

  10. Fazeimpulser

    so close to 1M can’t wait for such a milestone and stream!

  11. Claudio Maia Santos

    The passion of Tim Dodd Is just the most satisfying thing.
    He doesn’t care about the teams, just want to see them score!
    I really like RocketLab and Peter Beck. I’m sure this won’t stop them!!

  12. Christopher Williams

    I rewatched it a couple times and it really looks like the engine lit and you see the 1st stage shoot off screen on the right…. Like they lost gimble control, then the engine shutdown the moment it realized that it was shooting off course…

  13. Timothy Kozlof

    Right after Maco, you can see stage 2 ignite and flail out of control, looks like it was trying to compensate direction or something shifted in the payload or could even of been a positioning thruster stuck on or one not coming on at all. that sucks but it happens.

  14. Paul Imisi

    Aww. Quite sad for them. After all that hard work. They’ll make it perfect someday just like SpaceX.

  15. avronaut

    Best Rocket Audio ever!

  16. James Hisself

    Wow, great audio at launch. Gutted about the second stage. Curious, wouldn’t a termination of the second stage still result in down range debris raining down on the first stage recovery? Smaller parts of course, but same ballistics more or less. Different trajectories for different densities and aerodynamics, but still an area of danger.

  17. Ad Astra per Aspera

    I got here by accident, but I been listening while working on a film project. Good talk/discussions @EverydayAstronaut. Thanks for sharing. <--subscribed Have good day be safe all.

  18. Arthur Alekseenko

    I have an impression that there was some fire close to the second stage at the liftoff. Very sorry to RocketLab!

  19. Douglas Bushman

    Way to go by cutting off live broadcast to review footage 🤣🤣Stay on live feed all the time until broadcast ends and then do your review !!

  20. Cyclone Inc.

    I wake up to the sad anomaly, I send all regards to Rocket lab, Spaceflight is hard, let’s hope they get it next time.

  21. Geoff Blackmore

    I saw at least three, possibly four separate specks of light coming down in a big arc across the sky after a red flash occurred, which I assume was the second stage’s brief fire. So, we know the first stage came down intact and was recovered, which means the second stage must have broken up (or was destroyed intentionally) as it was in at least two pieces, possibly three, based on what I saw. I’m not sure why each segment was visible though (it’s night here). After separation at 72km it continued to about 104km altitude before plummeting, but I don’t think that’s high enough for the sun to light them up. Also not high enough for re-entry burn? It leaves me thinking it either exploded or was detonated, with the visible light being the burning of each segment.

  22. Mark Jones

    I was watching the payload speed and altitude just after meco. I wondered if that was norminal. Apparently not.

  23. Mike Beaumont

    Ooohh yeah baby, gimme some hard telemetry!🤣

  24. TerrenceMattB

    1,000,000 subs let’s GO

  25. Robbie Surfer

    Strange when you see all of the people watching on screens and not talking to each other, they just sit silently

  26. Maria Uzcategui

    Electron 1st Stage: Ight Imma Head Out
    Electron 2nd Stage: *BOOM*
    Electron 1st Stage: *That was close!*

  27. WatchForIce

    It’s like watching the History channel compared to watching SpaceX.

  28. Robert Sandri

    I hope that the Rocket Lab people understand how terrible we all feel for their loss. I support and cheer on Rocket Lab with the same enthusiasm that I have for SpaceX and for the same reasons: they are both companies made of dreamers and miracle workers that challenge the status quo every day. I have every confidence that Rocket Lab will analyze this launch and correct whatever issues that led to its failure. I have no doubt that Rocket Lab will overcome this setback and continue to provide quality orbital services to the world.

  29. ManiacallyYours

    Two losses in a short time. You have to wonder if Rocket Lab will be able to recover from this? Eventually, maybe, but in the short term they won’t be flying until they can reassure customers.

  30. Planemeld1988

    Tim is about my age. It’s nice to see he’s hiring new writers and stuff – he’s making a whole deal out of this production, from clever but DIY youtuber to full-on media org. I could see the evolving synergy between Musk and his streams, a few well-placed publicity spots, a few opportunities well-met. It’s nice. A true millennial dream. I am excited for them.

  31. Per-Einar Dahlen

    I love how Tim admits he lack knowledge in some questions, instead of cramming out some half baked lies/guess like so many others does.
    The Dunning Kruger effect is weak in this one! Kudos

  32. David Noble

    Brain; “Pinky, did you plug in the battery?” Pinky; “Battery?”

  33. Dante Barnes

    Part of the process keep on Truckin brothers

  34. Sluggo

    I want to learn all about nozzle expansion.

  35. The Bullock Family

    Couldn’t image the stress but def know we’re pulling for them and they’ll def recover from this and continue to make great progress.

  36. Merk Ridge

    Night lights! Great idea!

  37. Rick Becket

    There was lots are sparks in the first stage exhaust. It looked very odd.

  38. HotelPapa100

    36:55 I’m pretty sure that an unpressurised Starship would collapse like beached whale if you were to lay it horizontal. That would require a quite dense cradle structure to keep its shape stable.

  39. BradiKal61

    Can you flip your Shure microphone over so its not upside down?

  40. Matthew Tandy

    Massive respect Rocket Lab, the mission was a failure but your hard work and great contributions to helping us become a multi planetary species haven’t gone unnoticed. This goes for all related companies, we need more like you.

  41. Markus Obordo

    F in the chat to pay respects to rocket labs upper stage and payload for this mission

  42. Tony Romello

    Is there a space insurance? Like do both companies lose money or does rocket lab have to pay their client for the lost property? Also, are there fines from whoever the faa equivalent is there? Almost like a reckless endangerment type fine?

  43. Everyday Smallstronaut

    L O U D

  44. b.griffin317

    Looks like the second stage lit while still too close to the first. Much closer than I’ve seen for other rockets. Can create interference between stages and send the second off course.

  45. Marc Moran

    Good to hear the first stage made a successful water landing. Something positive came out of this launch.

  46. kiwifruit

    Did the inter stage ring get hung up and not fully release when the engine fired perhaps?

  47. 4TheRecord

    Regarding the Q and A section – They could take advantage of the cold welding effect in space and use that for construction.

  48. Gr8Success

    “one for the history books ” :))) then at the end we will just gonna stop the stream bye ! :P :))

  49. bagpipe jack

    Hope the ambition is higher than just goto LEO.

  50. Drew Stevenson

    Ipwhich is bigger the broad side area of Starship or the latest single parachute successfully used on earth?

  51. Jeffrey Moy

    That’s a bummer. But we learn from mistakes and do better next time.

  52. Jas Draws Sometimes

    Keep on keeping on Peter you got this

  53. DWChiver

    Apparently there was a successful recovery of the booster.

  54. Jack Marlborough

    It looks like the second stage span out of control as soon as the engine lit?

  55. Azeyzel

    God, I could listen to that accent for hours

  56. zapfanzapfan

    Looks like the second stage engine lit for a little while before shutting down since you can see the nozzle going from red hot back to cold in a few frames. Or maybe that heat was just from the ignition system? They use TEA-TAB right?

  57. edthe2nd

    Sooo close. That must be painful, sorry to them.

  58. The SeanUhTron

    They’ve had pretty good luck up until now. I suppose it was inevitable that one of those hidden flaws finally shows its face.

  59. Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

    Space is really hard. Rocket lab team is doing a great job. Don’t let this stop you. Keep going.

  60. PolarPenguin526

    Does anyone know were tim gets his model rockets on display behind him. I know were to get the SpaceX ones but the others i’d love to find and have as a collection.

  61. nkronert

    Sad day for Rocket Lab and its customers. Hopefully the cause can be identified and eliminated.
    Good night Tim.

  62. Patch T

    Hearts go out to Peter Beck and his Dynamic Rocket Lab Team… Rocketry is Not Easy… After analyzing the Data you guys will be back with a furry… And will succeed reusing 1st Stage!!! “Rocket Lab Rules” I believe this engine out data will be the Dawn of a new innovation invention that will keep second stage relight malfunction to happen again! So Sorry guys!

  63. bob dole

    Good try Rocket Lab!~ keep up the good work!!!! !! much love!!

  64. Just a random person

    Better luck next time!

  65. Death Valley Dazed

    Ouch, this hurts, but keep at it Rocket Lab!

  66. John

    1:35:45 That’s one ominous looking team.

  67. cumorah Watson

    Better next tme👍 guys!
    Thanks anyway.

  68. Bryan Hall

    Is it possible that the payload partially separated from the 2nd stage at the 1st stage cutoff, creating an imbalanced 2nd stage that then spun off axis when it lit up?

  69. Greg C. Campbell

    Feel like this industry is turning into sports teams, friendly competition but also loyal fans who stick with their teams through wins and losses. Hang in there Skylab you guys are still awesome af

  70. VS24AT

    stage II pinwheels . thanks for the upload

  71. rahul banerjee

    Keep trying. Its success. Soon

  72. Luís Fernandes

    Better luck next time. We learn more with mistakes than with success…

  73. gth042

    1:39:16 “We don’t want to speculate.” Sure we do, Tim!.. Then you come up with something and we shut up! Thank you, your launch videos are fun. Best of luck in Big Bear county.

  74. Greg C. Campbell

    Electron crew still are crushing it, took SpaceX nearly two decades of constant R&D before they got to where they are

  75. crielio criel

    WOW! The channel is almost 1M subs.. advance congrats to you TIM!! good job!!!

  76. Roger Barraud

    15:00 LOVE seeing the East Cape (instead of that other cape) below :-)

  77. HypersonicMonkeyBrains

    Wouldnt this be considered a success if it was a Jeff Bezos rocket and would they not say it got into space?

  78. Chyna Mane

    lol if they lost telemetry, thats most of the good data bro

  79. Ivan 425

    dam that sucks :( didn’t except that was excited for recovery op

  80. Matthew LaFollette

    F :(

    Get them next time Rocketab!

  81. Kvatikoss

    Noo I was writing my exams today too.

  82. Roger Barraud

    Hey Tim – nice to see you getting the macron over the ‘a’ in Māhia – attention to detail :-)

  83. Aaron Harewood

    I was just scanning through this, I didn’t realise that there was an issue with this launch but I immediately saw what happened with the 2nd stage ignition. As soon as the engines light up you can see stage 1 disappear off to the side as stage 2 just begins to rotate wildly like a giant catherine wheel. Didn’t go gently into the night. RIP.

  84. John Paul Lafferty

    Space is hard! Try again Rocket Lab we love you here in the US and we love your success! You have a great rocket and an outstanding team you will figure out what caused this failure.

  85. Ronaldo Nunes ❶

    Bom dia obrigado pela atenção

  86. Brandon B

    Keep your heads up Rocket Lab!

  87. tct72

    It sorta looked like they might have forgotten to right click the booster and select ‘control from here’ and all the stage 1 reentry control data was sent to stage 2 instead. Stage 2 was tumbling after the engine lite, flight control computer might have been trying to recover stage 2 instead of stage 1. Lost a few rockets in KSP this way, it happens. :(

  88. Shawn Stolze

    A hard day for Electron Team. During the brief view we had for stage separation, it looked like there was a loose either support or pipe going to the right hand side of the engine (on the screen). Time stamp around 1:35:30.

  89. cantire1234

    Randomly came across this link after seeing the stock trending on Stocktwits. Never seen your channel before but really interesting and good coverage

  90. Max tree

    Good job Kiwis! Better luck next time. This Aussie is proud of you!

  91. Ayush Jaiswal

    Don’t why but m A bit sad and sorry for the team to know that they lost the mission ! But Always Supporting Rocket lab and this small bird will soon become An Eagle

  92. Thomas van de Hoef

    Argh – hope this is a learning event and diagnostics allows a cause to be pinpointed. Best wishes !

  93. mark1

    hard luck guyzz

  94. Roberto

    We are thinking of you guys. Keep it up🙏

  95. Andre Gulbis

    You can see the view pan wildly to the left on 2nd stage start. :(

  96. Khuong-Daniel Nguyen

    My regards for the Rocket Lab team. I am hopeful that the team will be able to recover from this, Ad Astra

  97. imdominic4

    rocket lab tweeted:
    An issue was experienced during today’s launch, resulting in the loss of the mission. We are deeply sorry to our launch customers BlackSky and Spaceflight. The issue occurred shortly after stage two ignition. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

  98. Farhan Syafiq Fadhillah

    This is my first time to watch (live from beginning) Electron launch. Well, I’m not lucky then. Anyway, good job for all the teams!

    (Edited because I just remembered that I was indeed watched the “They Go Up So Fast” but only on the middle and not until the end of the stream because of, you guessed it, Tim’s music)

  99. Fransiskus Xaverius Rudi


  100. Everything Space

    An issue was experienced during today’s launch, resulting in the loss of the mission. We are deeply sorry to our launch customers BlackSky and Spaceflight. The issue occurred shortly after stage two ignition. More information will be provided as it becomes available. :( RIP

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