Watch Richard Branson fly to space on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo!

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Virgin Galactic, a company founded by Richard Branson as part of the Virgin group, is launching another crewed flight of their spacecraft VSS Unity, also known as SpaceShipTwo. The mission name is Unity 22, marking the 22nd mission. The spacecraft, which will for the first time be “fully crewed”, will be air-launched underneath White Knight Two, its carrier aircraft.

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  1. ChrisNLD

    Question: How many orbits of earth did they do?

  2. Diamond Dog

    That wasn`t a space flight and they still are not astronaunts. A beautiful flight but far too short for me..Not worth the money they paid. Please tell these people that it wasn`t space. Don`t get me wrong..take the word space out of the equation and it was absolutely brilliant. One day he`ll go into orbit.

  3. Christopher Starshine

    As amazing of an accomplishment this is – not belittling them or anyone on the team, especially the pilots, and this will definitely change the world of space flight – but calling them Astronauts shouldn’t be allowed unless they went through decades of training – engineering, EMS-firstaid, +much much more, etc. But to be honest, I would probably want to call myself an astronaut after this awesome flight to space too!

  4. ThatGameGuy

    “Space is virgin territory”

    Does that mean I get to go?

  5. storminmormin14

    All you Bernie bros in the comments complaining about how this is only accessible to the super rich should remember million dollar room sized computers, $500 4gig 3G iPhones, million dollar genetic testing, steam buggies, and literally every other amazing product that you take for granted but some rich person shelled out insane amounts of money for the first crappy version. Be grateful for early adopters and be grateful for Sir Richard Branson giving them something to adopt.

  6. jahmac24

    Hii Tim what do you think about the pollution factor of there solid rocket booster as its a rubber based fuel

  7. Roger Froud

    Compared to what SpaceX is achieving, it all seems a bit lame and pointless.

  8. IstasPumaNevada

    “momentous moment in history”
    Man, this company is really full of itself, isn’t it. At best, it’s a “marginally important moment in excessively-rich-person-entertainment”.

  9. Likey

    I still don’t get why reaching space for a minute gets seen as an equal performance as orbital flight.. Yes this is exiting and also a great achievement but isn’t “real” space flight something else?

    What I’m trying to say is, that I would rather safe my money until I could experience a full orbital flight because I think it would impact my life more..

  10. Craig Lamb

    That is one nasty looking rocket flame. What kind of fuel are they using?

  11. Jackson Willbert

    When Tim takes a trip to space, it should be on a SpaceX rocket.

  12. Peter Wilson

    Well done Virgin but Virgin and Origin need to improve their streaming to match SpaceX.

  13. Anthony John

    Went to the moon in the 70’s.
    This is pathetic.

  14. Larry E. Goines Jr.

    Newspapers Had The First Word Processors, Not Idiots!!!

  15. Charles Pelletier

    Afraid these rich people’s joy rides is going to hurt the average persons interest in all things space.

  16. EliteGeeks

    Yeet-o-nauts it is…

  17. Rasputin Putin

    How come Owen Garriot has become Richard?

  18. DocQuanta

    I’ve read SpaceX’s target for the cost to launch a Starship to orbit is $2 million per launch. Lets assume they hit that target and lets assume it can reasonably accommodate 100 passengers for a short duration. You could easily see $30-40k per ticket orbital flights. That is still a hefty sum of money for most people, but for a day or a few in orbit, it is in the ballpark of what middle class people could be willing to pay for a once in a lifetime experience.

    Even if it were $10 million per launch for SpaceX, and the ticket costs were comparable to Virgin Galactic’s, even a few hours in orbit is a far better experience than a few minutes of weightlessness on the edge of space.

  19. K 13

    And here I am, waiting for Chad galactic’s spaceship to actually orbit the earth

  20. AZOffRoadster

    I’d have thought the onboard music would be Mike Oldfield’s Five Miles Out.

  21. Larry E. Goines Jr.

    As Of 2021.07.05, Andy Jassy Is Amazon’s CEO, Not Jeff!

  22. bitnukl

    This the the most American (aka worst) way to get into space. 🙄

  23. Jacques Zahar

    Tim, FYI cruise altitude for airliners is typically between 39000ft(Airbus 320) and 41000ft(B737)😎 and Concorde used to fly in the range of 60000 at the time.
    45000 ft is a bit more than usual cruise and pilots will probably wear oxygen masks all the way up, in case of rapid decompression

  24. Eric Racine

    Hope that this endeavors lead to something more useful than giving a rollercoaster ride to overly rich people

  25. duncan amos

    I thought the Kármán Line was at 100 kms, in which case, the vehicle didn’t appear to ‘go to space’…

    He’s come a long way from selling records out of a telephone box though.

  26. meatbear

    garbage. 50mile ballistic trajectory, this is so pointless. Elon is the only way

  27. Flat Plainstone

    86 km altitude. Not bad.

  28. 3Dogs1CatandMore

    I did a quick google search and could not confirm. Is this a viable way to launch payload to lower orbit? I think when this concept was originally proposed by Burt Rutan, there was a hope that this might be a more efficient way to deliver payloads to orbit. Is this still the hope or has it been debunked? Otherwise, it’s just a nice toy. In the context of altitude, U2 is flying at 70,000ft, SR-71 is about 85K ft., X-15 has a record of 354,200 ft (107.96 km), Startlink is at 340Km, ISS is at 250 miles. So, 282,000 ft is a pretty high-flying thrill ride but still far short from VLEO.

  29. Martin D A

    Dropped it right on the white lines…I’m sure there will be some more of that later in celebration.

  30. Shaun Whiteley

    Started to watch this on my phone, decided to wait till I get home to watch this on a big screen! It deserves it!

    Just glad all went well, go Virgin! 🎉🎂🍺🥂👌👍😘

  31. Dean Oliver

    Well, I suppose the super wealthy have a new thing to check off of their bucket list. It’s a cool looking craft and a neat concept but this was more of a celebration of Branson’s ego than a technical accomplishment.

  32. Tim Wolfers

    It is what it is, a very expensive “edge of space” joy ride, nothing more.
    Up next, the giant vibrator with Bezos on board.

  33. S.E. Sander

    What an absurdly ridiculous song to glide to. You have the power of 80 million songs at your disposal and you choose that garbage?

  34. Don McElfresh

    I think they need to invest in Starlink for better communication. It would be nice to see it in real time. What do you think?

  35. Thisiss Grimm

    imagine 52 years after landing on the moon we are celebrating flying to the edge of space?

  36. Peter Hobelsberger

    14:10 You need to look at general relativity. Free fall is not acceleration.

  37. Zach

    Lmao billionaires exploring ways to leave the planet because they realize that they’ve destroyed the planet… so inspiring!

  38. Ontir

    Maybe Astrosetter, like Jetsetter.

  39. Angel Hernandez


  40. ocharni

    was just browsing amazon looking for some spacex stuff then it hit me….sometimes im not a smart man

  41. C Ryan

    why wouldn’t speed have gone to zero at apogee

  42. Steve

    hot dang we goin got space

  43. Fr. Ted Crilly

    Music from some white rapper instead of rocket man by Elton John

  44. Mr2winners

    Tbh, spaceX boosters have better live streams.

  45. Kevin Steele

    As much as everyone is going to say who cares it’s just him again, it’s because of him that we all have the opportunity to do this now his funding and Bert Rutans drive made this happen

  46. Jeff Schwager

    Some possible suggestions for those who briefly go up into Space but it is not their profession might be “Astrotourist,” “Astrotraveler,” or “Astrovisitor.” And those who’d never consider going into Space might be considered Astrophobes, while those who love Space (such as yourself) could be considered Astrophiles.

  47. Conor Raypholtz

    he probably passed out.

  48. MagCynic

    I don’t understand the big deal. This was a high altitude flight. It’s cool and all, but Elon Musk already has his eyes set on Mars.

  49. OgaDuby

    1:04:47 – 10 sec prior to separation from a White Knight Two (carrier)
    1:07:35 – apogee ~ 283000 ft (86 km / 53 miles) altitude
    1:18:50 – close to landing

  50. ryan wilson

    Everything about this stream is what I don’t want space to become. Celebrities etc…crap sucked

  51. betelgeuse145

    Don’t forget Burt Rutan !

  52. Harry Strahlendorf

    Go SpaceX, Go Elon!

  53. aarav p

    Altitude in feet, speed in MPH bruh…

  54. WebCoLocal 1

    1:07:47 remember this happened 50 years ago. Ridiculous

  55. pat

    Talking over the Virgin video stream was…disappointing. Quickly left.

  56. Belal Tabish

    Sorry, I watched Wimbledon final.

  57. Abonanno24601

    Roger Waters went into space?? Cool…

  58. Morelyz24Tv

    Pretty sure the engine exhaust shroud is angled so when they are in a Climb attitude the vector of thrust stays on a semi horizontal plane, They pitch down on release to counter this force, then when clear they allow it to tilt them Up and assist climb. Remember The only time engine is one is during release then climb. Like vectored thrust on a Fighter jet!!

  59. John Brooks

    A fun ride for the elites of this planet !! Not everyone has $250k to burn for a minute at the edge of “space”

  60. Thomas Brown

    You should have been the official narrator. The absurd hype of the official narration was cringeworthy. Thanks for giving it perspective.

  61. Spill Burg


  62. WebCoLocal 1

    Virgin Spaceship wouldn’t even make a decent lifeboat for a proper spacecraft.

  63. Krystal Brooks

    I watched this live. I was disappointed.

  64. Thedeepseanomad

    They need to give those engines some extra secs of Isp.


    When Branson’s involved I always worry they’ll get into a pickle

  66. Thomas Kindig

    I’ll keep this in mind if I ever have $250,000 and six weeks of free time to spare. Then I can join the ranks of “everyone”.

  67. WebCoLocal 1

    My vision of space tourism is first waking up in my SpaceX Star-cruiser stateroom. Will I watch a few sunrises and sunsets in the lounge this evening, do some orbital site seeing with the telescopes, or take a spacewalk? There’s no rush, it’s a three day all inclusive orbital cruise! 🚀

  68. Lord Xanth

    Hard to believe they make this whole business only for some tourist to experience a minute of weightlessness…. What are they up to?

  69. LP-TV

    sooo….. can they steer SpaceShip Two on the Ground?

  70. Wade Wilson

    Not meaning to sound like sour grapes here, but a couple of comments… 1) Even Spaceship One, Spaceship Two’s predecessor, HAD to pass the Karman Line to win the X Prize. (Heck, it’s tail number was N328KF for 328,000 feet/100 km). No Karman Line, no space. Imagine the Russians’ very public glee if Alan Shepard only reached 80km! 2) Handing out “Astronaut Wings” to anyone simply willing/able to shell out the money for an elaborate roller coaster ride cheapens the title of “Astronaut” and is an insult to those who genuinely earned that title. You don’t get “pilot wings” and get to call yourself “pilot” if you buy a ticket and fly as an airline passenger… unless you’re 10 years old and a crew member hands you some plastic wings.

  71. George Viau

    …thanx a launch…

  72. gorka rullan

    Is the rocket consuming the cone? It looks smaller at the end.

  73. FridayGood

    1:07:32 Made me laugh so hard xD

  74. John Brooks

    I couldn’t hear anything but I am sure that I heard Jeff Bozo screaming at the sky Nooooooooo 🤣🤣

  75. diane webb

    There were some communications problems…not between ship and base, but in the audio and visual production for the audience viewing via computer. That needs more work.

  76. Jay Bee

    Stephen Colbert is so painfully unfunny.

  77. Ck digital The Q of 6th

    The First CEO In Orbit Space, a public record mark in history, it shall be.

  78. Thomas Sørensen

    The event was somewhat let down by the non-stop gratification of everything Branson.
    Were they celebrating a flight, or a man’s ego?

  79. simba

    Oh boi was that cheesy. Too much marketing, dumb celebs and all that.
    Like wtf was that Khalid thing and the family running toward him.. Come on, like a bad written script..
    Authenticity is always better than overload marketing and sponsor name calling just for the sake of it.

  80. Shadowkey392

    They should really be thanking Burt Rutan. Without him and his Spaceship series of vehicles, this would not be happening.

  81. L CRUZ

    Inspiration will blow this out of the water

  82. Alpha Ωmega Man

    So glad to see the Dream come to fruition after all of these years!👍
    I was at Mojave in 2004 and witnessed both flights of Spaceship 1 that won the Ansari X Prize. Great Memories. Would love the opportunity to get up there!🤞
    Great job to Everyone!
    Especially Richard and the team at Scaled Composites. Beautiful Spacecraft!
    Mike in San Diego.🌞🚀🎸🖖

  83. Mattsretiring

    I am genuinely perplexed about how I feel about this
    I was so excited when I heard the concept of Virgin Galactic.
    This has impressive me that it had finally been achieved but the overall result seems underwhelming.
    The OTT branding perhaps tipped it into the MEH basket
    This is 2 magnitudes in cost above what “EVERYDAY” people could reasonably imagine paying.

  84. Tyler Hackner

    Would love for average citizens to do the same thing!

  85. Andrew Byrne

    The best man won

  86. RraMakutsi

    I don’t agree that these people went to space… 100km is ~330,000 feet, not 282,000 feet. They had a fun ride for sure, but didn’t go to space.

  87. GCM

    Branson was a pioneer in the “billionaire space playground” thing; nice to see him pioneering important results as well. Also kudos to Burt Rutan for creating so much of the engoneering used here.

  88. Jay Bee

    This is the best thing ever! Wait…they’re bringing him back?!😣😇

  89. MortalMostly

    not super in-love with the virgin territory thing, but its very nice to see this come to fruition after following this for decade

  90. CarpIXOYE

    Leave it to Branson to assemble a high-profile celebrity cheerleading team!

  91. Zoomer 30

    Cantered nozzle = so the thrust goes through the center of gravity/lift?

  92. Michael Coffee

    A glorified vomit comet, powered by burning tires.
    I wanna ride!

  93. Thu Lx


    0:01 Stream start*
    1:04:47 T-10
    1:04:57 Separation and ignition of the spacecraft
    1:05:57 Engine shutdown
    1:07:36 Reaching apogee
    1:13:36 meme potential
    1:19:10 Landing**

    * The stream started way after the launcher had already fled, so no footage of its liftoff here)

    ** Very butter landing right here

  94. tj _

    Was so cool

  95. PantsAreAnOption

    really cool, wish i could join a ride like that some day.
    BUT “space is virgin teritory” not quite yet. get above the karman line before you make such claims :D

  96. Zoomer 30

    When you want to go to space but not really, think Virgin Galactic.

    “You can get out of your seats and move about….. Well, nevermind, get back in your seats.”

  97. Fred Bloggs

    Launch from plane is at 01:04:40

  98. Spacefan21

    GG guys !!

  99. Matt

    Dear moon will put any space tourism flight in dusts

  100. Cosmic Something

    That was great! I can’t wait for this to become a normality so all of us can experience the same thing!

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