Watch NASA/ULA launch Boeing’s Starliner, one of America’s newest rides to space!

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Timestamps (WARNING: Spoilers)
3:00 – Mission briefing and overview
11:35 – Vehicle overview and comparison of Dragon Capsule
33:30 – Go / No Go Poll
40:15 – T-10 seconds
40:25 – Lift Off!
44:55 – BECO (Booster Engine Cut Off)
55:20 – Spacecraft Separation
1:16:10 – First signs of an anomaly
2:00:53 – Kerbal Space Program Reenactment
3:41:45 – NASA Post Launch Press Conference
4:29:20 – Wrap Up / Overview

Boeing and ULA are launching the first uncrewed Starliner capsule to the International Space Station. This is an exciting mission that’s mirroring SpaceX’s Crew Dragon for DM-1 back in March, 2019 as part of NASA commercial crew program.

This is the first flight of the Starliner spacecraft and it is uncrewed. Assuming this goes well, it’ll mean we’ll see NASA astronauts launch very soon!

Need more info? Check out our Prelaunch Preview! –

  1. sulijoo

    This is the futuristic sequel to that old classic, One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing.

  2. AcidBot66

    Go smart, go safe, go Soyuz!

  3. RyanBlockb5

    40:20 launch

  4. Silas Marner

    Nice job effing the dog, boys! Poor thing!

  5. tempe1d

    Will there be any live/real time updates over next day or before reentry/landing attempt?

  6. Claude Poulin

    the chat was so funny during the breefing, i was laughing hard…Lots of serious guys trying to look serious and self confident..but boy they look so out of reality. The reality is that its a fail mission!!

  7. Jimbodiah

    Tip for Boeing: Moar Boosters!

  8. MI

    WHERE’S THE LAUNCH!? All I see are discussions and a panel.

  9. John R

    55:40 There must be an interesting backstory or at least an eventual visit from human resources for that unusually long hug.

  10. StevenWayneNewell

    Tim, very proud of your contributions to space advocacy and a fellow Iowan. Uncle Judd Holdren would be proud I am sure.

  11. Jefferson 3.0

    When is the next astro awards

  12. lepompier132

    Tim, when I see an Astronaut with a piece of paper that came from a small spiral notepad, this show how unprepared they were and mistakes slipped in few cracks in the safety net. The ULA part went well, but engineers at Boeing missed something in the programming and setup of the spacecraft once it would be on internal control. Even in an competition setting, it’s clear the contingency planning failed. Ok they are learning from that, but with all the experience they had over the years, that’s the one issue (Contingency planning) they should have shinned in order to avoid what happened in the first place and before the launch. That event surprised them and it showed in the live broadcast and when they show the main screen, when you see the spacecraft firing all it’s truster, sounded like deja vu from the India landing attempt on the moon. And the live broadcast from Nasa was lame, I’ve seen better coverage when the Space Shuttle launch the first time.
    SpaceX gave us better coverage of their launch.

  13. Java Man

    How can they say that demonstrating that the capsule can actually dock with the ISS is not necessary? I’d say it’s pretty crucial.

  14. Rich Mars

    did you ever find out why it holds it’s SRB’s for so long?

  15. LiL juuL manE

    *it hit the dome*

  16. Kevin Lindsay

    rough translation of the sign off: off nominal insertion= failed insertion, is in a stable position = it’s in space, fully powered = at least it did not explode.

  17. Alfie Gamer

    Does it have MCAS?

  18. 274727

    I hope that this is not what the TV coverage of the next moon missions will be. People sitting in mission control and PAO (Public Affairs Officer) insisting that everything is fine.

  19. Goodwill Zwelitini

    < 40%

  20. Bubbel gum

    its so sad that boing fails to provide footage coverage … they fail to jump onto the space hype train thats happening atm… after loosing so many airplaines last year they really fcked up here aswell to improove their image

  21. tam hewitt-baker

    you can get to space many ways. i use DMT

  22. Adam Kelley

    Starliner; mostly 40 year old hardware designs at twice the price with twice the issues!

  23. Live The Future

    uh, i am so confused… where is the launch?
    did the Livestream not upload properly? i can only see the post-launch review.

  24. Derek Blake

    If you are truly a fan do you require that many advertisements?

  25. Author of Vinnarian Curse R.A. Pierce

    Old stuff reconfigured to compete with SpaceX. Like watching a remake of an old movie.

  26. shourya shrivastava

    why they used rcs instead of engines on service module when the had manual activated it from ground even if the communication was late making me think that they are having problem with them.

  27. Jon

    You’re a smart dude, Tim

  28. quadrplax

    53:56 Well if Soyuz wasn’t around we would still have Shenzhou to keep some presence for *humanity* in space over the last 9 years. It’s too bad that politics prevent it from being an option for visiting the ISS.

  29. Kasper Lidegaard

    Thanks Tim for your great stream. Are you planing to do a meet up in Copenhagen. Regards from Copenhagen Denmark

  30. Christian Kinner

    Hey Tim! Thank you for all your effort to keep us informed. I would like to see a video from you talking about the progress of SLS in 2019 and from now on in 2020. Core Stage will soon being shipped to Stennis for Green Run test. Maybe you will cover that too. Would be great. Thanks again. Greetings from Germany

  31. CerberaSagaris

    Hi i just discoverd your channel, i think your doin great ! Question why aren’t they cooperating more boeing, spaceX etc.

  32. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    The Boeing flight suit looks “dope”! I love that shade of blue and the grey accents finish it off so well! I also think it looks more practical than the SpaceX one, especially the expansion joints.
    I think if the SpaceX one was the same colour scheme, I’d think that looks better, though it the shoulders do look quite restrictive by comparison.

  33. PA Nilsson

    I love it that you use meter instead of just feet 👍

  34. Mitch Rossow

    Rock-star job Tim! Excellent live coverage, better than any other news source. It’s been fun watching you grow and get better every day. Thank you.

  35. Diezel

    I got $1 says: Timer Error = Never push and merge code on a Friday…..

  36. TheSignificantOther

    Who else spotted Sam Neill at 03:58:42

  37. ImpHalla

    Oh man!!!! Ellen is gonna Go Off about that “Unmanned” comment. LOL
    Thx @everydayastronaut for spending 5 hours this morning bringing us this content. Much appreciated.
    Happy Holidays!!

  38. ForestCat_Peter

    Fantastic live stream, thank you Tim

  39. Claude Poulin

    I wish i was a journalist there!!

  40. bmer mer

    Outstanding job, Tim!

  41. Jack Hughes

    TFW you watch a spaceflight at 3 am, and then they keep talking until the time when you normally actually wake up

  42. wally neslund

    Great coverage by you, excellent job. Looking forward to your next launch coverage.

  43. Rufus Anubis

    Tim, Have looked into VASIMR propulsion?

  44. Don Moore

    Excellent channel – you provide an extremely educational experience. I watched this for a few hours. My favorite term used was “dissimilar redundancies” – makes sense. I would think Starliner would use Zulu time, not be in a time zone. There have always been the TDRS blackout zones – could they add some satellites to give complete coverage?

  45. J L

    Thank you Tim.
    I really enjoy your videos.
    You are a walking encyclopedia set.
    Cheers John L. Fairlawn Virginia USA

  46. Chris Townley

    Did they use the 737 Software!

  47. Wendigo

    1:40:02 HEY

  48. Matej Marković

    Tim: they dont even have to bother streaming the launch and flight from space it is not important

  49. OneEye

    Nice eating sounds, always love the smacking in my ears!

  50. devastor2

    Sad to read the comments of the live stream especially during the conference call. People are so narrow-minded…

  51. andrew martin

    new t-shirt “off nominal”

  52. Leon Kernan

    1:18:49 When the camera looking at the staff tells you everything.

  53. David Huber

    You’re a good man Tim.
    I’ll bet a human on board would have overridden and made a successful burn.

  54. excited box

    These reporters ask the dumbest questions. “How did it feel to have such a great launch and then screw up such a crucial detail?”. How do you think it feels?

  55. Zamolxes77

    1:10:00 Are they playing KSP on the mission panels ???

  56. Tanan Baboo

    1:16:17 when things start to go south. Tim notices all the thruster firing….

  57. Kevin Childress

    Twelve oh two alarm!

  58. SiaarZH

    That spacex mug jinxed it

  59. kumo sakura

    Just yoinked some of your merch yesterday, a bit thin for down where i live, but i love it.

  60. Gavin Ward

    4:28:06 – body language!

  61. bmer mer

    You’re a good man, Tim!

  62. Zoomer30

    When you have a vector, the “normal” vector to that vector is perpendicular (90°). Either + or -. It’s used to align the orbit with the target orbit.

  63. Paul O'Neill

    @1:16:45 Oooooh $h1t
    @1:39:45 Runaway!
    Boeing: … Um, Err, look, what if we built a large wooden badger?

  64. Keifer Alford

    Sooo they actually launched a rocket here right?! Right? I’m so glad I got to actually SEE a launch.

  65. David Webb

    Absolutely first rate coverage of this launch from you, shame about the poor info quality of the Boeing/NASA feed. Excellent use of Kerbal SP to demonstrate the issues (done on the fly). Top man!! At one point i checked the Boeing site and you had 10 times more viewers than them, doesn’t surprise me. Keep up the good work.

  66. jeb kerman

    Goes to description for time stamps (warning spoilers)
    Something’s wrong I can feel it.

  67. Scott Simms

    Tim, I just gotta say, that is dedication! You were on this situation forever! Great job!

  68. Andy Paine

    Great narration this morning. I started watching just as things went south and your insights for couple of hours were excellent! thanks!

  69. Mr. Hitman

    45:04 those porn sound effects though.

  70. Zoomer30

    Swigert: I’m goin’ manual.

  71. chubstheclown

    You can see how far behind they are even with the small, relatively inconsequential stuff. Where are the HD cameras on the various stages so that you can follow their progress closely? It’s actually fun to watch a SpaceX launch. It’s like you’re right there riding on the boosters.

  72. Marcus Knightingale

    So if the SpaceX Demo 1 mission had failed to dock back in March would you also agree that the crew should be allowed to fly on the next mission to the ISS?

  73. Jordan Mathieu

    skipped straight to t-minus 1 minute. this one took my breath away. so cool until that moment when Tim voiced what we all were thinking, “wow, cool mission control cams.” Derp! thanks again Tim!

  74. Zoomer30

    Swaigert: I’m goin’ manual.

  75. Robert Ray

    With this and the parachute issues, you have to question their overall quality assurance program and procedures.

  76. William Wilson

    42:04 I made the same face when I heard that.

  77. Ace Max

    yes where all on the same team but fanboys like to over react sometimes! =)

  78. Monteiro

    It must be amazing seeing this live near the launch.

  79. B B

    Ice cream cones for the astronauts!

  80. ThamiumOne

    2:19:15 Tim, this is to inform you that your KSP Starliner has just hired attorney Gloria Allred.

  81. Roy

    Speaking as a Dog Groomer these things happen, one minute everything’s going smoothly and the next you’re spinning around in circles loosing all your fluid !!!

  82. johnjap2

    Ok… “IT” Happens… has anyone tried setting an alarm on your phone and set it wrong!!
    Of course we blame the phone!!!
    “Dang Alarm Never Went Off!!!”

  83. bmer mer

    7:01 “To everyone that’s got their pitchforks out – please, please put them away! You sound like an idiot – to be quite frank.” Well said Tim! That really needed to be said. Thanks!

  84. Daniel Taylor

    So glad to have your coverage rather than just having to watch the official feed. You make even their boring coverage great! Real bummer about not getting to the ISS but I’m glad they’ll have a chance to land in White Sands.

  85. Lisa Bowers

    Perplexed Tim at 1:16:42
    Oh… huh… umm… interesting. 🤔

  86. Chris Odom

    Man, Tim, thank you so much for everything that you do to bring space down to earth for us plebs! Your dedication is unheard of! 100% you are my favorite YouTuber

  87. Lino Riester

    Thank you so much Tim for being so fair to both of these companies. You show how space enthusiasm is meant to be done, championing space, not any specific ride to space itself. This is the way I love my space nerds. Well done!

  88. metropod

    1:25:40 is where everything goes wrong.

  89. Copenhagen Suborbitals

    Thanks for the love Tim! We love what you do as well.

  90. Philip Chou

    Thank you making this issue understandable to us Everyday Space enthusiasts. Great job!

  91. Marwin Thedja

    Boeing’s spacecraft had an off nominal insertion just as its 737s had off nominal landings…

  92. TruthB Told

    The news conference reminded me of the saying “The operation was a success, but the patient died.”

  93. NMCCW

    Sigh. SpaceX has spoiled me. My expectations are too high.

  94. Glen Young

    I guess I’ve been too spoiled by SpaceX’s launch coverage with video of their launches all the way to orbit and payload deployment. I’m also used to the refreshing informality and enthusiasm of SpaceX’s coverage whereas NASA/ULA seems very formal and yes bureaucratic in their procedures.
    I recall military precision of the Apollo launches when I was a kid and it seems those haven’t changed with NASA.

  95. Everyday Astronaut

    Timestamps for mobile: (WARNING: Spoilers)
    3:00 – Mission briefing and overview
    11:35 – Vehicle overview and comparison of Dragon Capsule
    33:30 – Go / No Go Poll
    40:15 – T-10 seconds
    40:25 – Lift Off!
    44:55 – BECO (Booster Engine Cut Off)
    55:20 – Spacecraft Separation
    1:16:10 – First signs of an anomaly
    2:00:53 – Kerbal Space Program Reenactment
    3:41:45 – NASA Post Launch Press Conference
    4:29:20 – Wrap Up / Overview

  96. jocked07

    everyday astronaut: OH! ER! UM!”
    that’s a better explanation than we’ll ever get out of boeing!

  97. Robert Tefft

    For KSP players: They time-warped past the maneuver node? I hate it when that happens.

  98. AZOffRoadster

    If TimeWrong = true then GetTime() Speak(‘Oopsy’) endif

  99. Paul O'Neill

    Did Boeing move the 737 Max Software team over to Starliner?

  100. Andy Spicer

    I’m glad SpaceX has succeeded at this because if they didn’t we’d have Boeing talking about how fixed price contracts don’t work for space.

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