Watch Jeff Bezos go to space on New Shepard!

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For the first time ever, Blue Origin will be launching humans on the flight proven New Shepard 4 rocket on their NS-16 mission. To put an even better twist, founder of Blue Origin and the largely successful Amazon, Jeff Bezos, will also be flying to space on the New Shepard capsule. Similarly to the last 15 flights, New Shepard will launch the capsule on a sub-orbital trajectory. However, this time, four out of the six seats inside the capsule will be filled with living, breathing people.

03:10 – Prelaunch Preview
11:00 – Blue Origin’s stream starts
23:45 – Q&A
1:46:00 – T – 1 minute
1:47:00 – Liftoff!
1:51:04 – Apogee
1:53:45 – Booster Landing
1:55:20 – Parachutes Deploy
1:57:15 – Touchdown!
2:17:25 – Q&A

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    the origin rocket landing looks so scyfy like

  2. Dave Svoboda

    This is a thrill ride, like an amusement park. Listening to the “capcom” makes me even more convinced. She sounds EXACTLY like what you’d expect on a Disney ride.

  3. Gordie Brooks

    I’ll get excited when Blue Origin goes to orbit !!

  4. S D

    I only watched about 2 minutes of scrolled through launch and it was the least exciting thing I’ve ever seen.

  5. Fflint

    they are not astronouts they are spaceflight participants if even! “one who flies in a vehicle above 50 miles (80 km) for NASA or the military is considered an astronaut (with no qualifier) one who flies in a vehicle to the International Space Station in a mission coordinated by NASA and Roscosmos is a spaceflight participant.”

  6. Fflint

    congratulations for being the first tourists in space!

  7. Thomas Wagner

    I would love to see Jeff and Elon take a ride in each others craft and get their comparisons!

  8. Guy Bowen

    Super happy for Wally! Congrats Jeff. Looking at the posts on the live chat…pretty sad that there are that many petty folks out there. Great job Tim.

  9. Marco Paravano

    What a complete letdown – was embarrassing to watch – how awkward and uncomfortable to watch. From the “burn” marks on the capsule that might have been decals to the pathetic video footage to the uncomfortable awkward commentary.

    I am not a big Richard Branson fan but he definitely did a million times better job.

    Well done Tim on holding your laughter and comments back – as you cannot afford to “alienate” them.

  10. MrBrainneeded

    there’s already a term for the billionaire-astronauts. It’s cash-cow

  11. patrik knoerr

    New Business idea : Sell tickets for these rides to tentacle creatures all over the universe. They will be amazed!

  12. Hamachingo

    I expect the capsule to take action pics and print them out while you wait for the ground crow to open the hatch.

  13. ProDanTech

    When SpaceX replaces air travel with Starship, these current space tourism options will quickly become obsolete.

  14. Hampus Andersson Fröknegå

    Imagine seeing the super heavy hover like the new shepard booster…

  15. Fabio Ferreira Gomes


  16. Colehogs

    Astronaut or not, can’t ignore the fact they strapped themselves to the nose of a rocket.

  17. André-John Mas

    A lot less rocket nozzles than a Falcon 9, but if it works that’s what matters.

    In the meantime this launch has both the oldest and youngest people to go into space since humankind has gone into space. So, in the sense certainly something for the history books.

  18. theJimTanker

    The BN 3 static fire test is more important than all of these toys for millionaires.

  19. Adam Manley

    Since i have been in a commercial airliner i guess that makes me a pilot

  20. Ryan McNair

    Surprised Bezos doesn’t fill the rocket fuel prior to launch from 2 large blue spherical tanks flanking the phallus inspired rocket. These would be known as the Blue balls.

  21. Stuart Hammett

    It sounds like this passenger pod (First Try, is it?) might be an actual tech first. Have any other crewed vehicles been purpose-built for vertical-launch suborbital flight? Freedom 7 was a test of orbital hardware. From that perspective, I wonder what are the further practical applications? I’m thinking the p word.

    I predict that the launch complex will soon be gussied up and sitting in the middle of a vast theme park/resort, PrimeWorld. They’ll call it “One Percent Off – the Earth, Duh!”


    They should name the experience “Ten Minutes in Heaven”

  23. Craig Bush

    I’m sorry… so what? Bezos, you lost in capturing the imagination. SpaceX wins. But, if you care about Billionaire space flight, you should have some market cap.

  24. Me Me

    I’m a pilot with 20 flights worth of experience.

  25. Phillip Bailey

    I know I’m being petty, but for me space = orbit

  26. John DoDo Doe

    How quickly can they cycle for another flight? That’s a cost factor.

  27. tricosteryl

    Bezos only tries to take a train that is already running.

    Copying SpaceX, copying VG…

    OK it is good news that engineers managed to build a launcher, but we only need Bezos money for that, not him.

    That what differs from Musk or Branson.

  28. Alessandro Pelone

    How cute is Blue Origin Capcom ^^

  29. vash crimson

    sounded more like “kill anyone “ than “kick anybody”

  30. Ryan McNair

    That’s one FINE flying phallus and that’s no fallacy

  31. Milton Miller

    I love it that they chose to feature Rivians for their ride. EV’s rule!

  32. Richard Stanley

    Well done Blue Origin team, but Jeff is not an Astronaut, same way i’m not an Aviator because i’ve flown on holiday to Cyprus.

  33. Nolan Delaney

    Johnson: Colonel, you better have a look at this radar.
    Colonel: What is it, son?
    Johnson: I don’t know, sir, but it looks like a giant–
    Jet Pilot: Dick.
    Dick: Yeah?
    Jet Pilot: Take a look out of starboard.
    Dick: Oh my God, it looks like a huge–
    Bird-Watching Woman: Pecker.
    Bird-Watching Man: [raising binoculars] Ooh, Where?
    Bird-Watching Woman: Wait, that’s not a woodpecker, it looks like someone’s–
    Army Sergeant: Privates! We have reports of an unidentified flying object. It has a long, smooth shaft, complete with–
    Baseball Umpire: Two balls.
    [looking up from game]
    Baseball Umpire: What is that. It looks just like an enormous–
    Chinese Teacher: Wang, pay attention!
    Wang: I was distracted by that giant flying–
    Musician: Willie.
    Willie Nelson: Yeah?
    Musician: What’s that?
    Willie Nelson: [squints] Well, that looks like a giant–
    Colonel: Johnson?!
    Johnson: Yes, sir?
    Colonel: Get on the horn to British Intelligence and let them know about this.
    Later, as Dr. Evil is escaping: Basil: Did we get Dr. Evil?
    Johnson: No, sir. He got away in that rocket that looks like a huge–
    Schoolteacher: Penis. The male reproductive organ. Otherwise known as tallywhacker, schlong or–
    Dad: Weiner? Any of you kids want another weiner?
    Son: Dad? What’s that? points at rocket
    Dad: I don’t know, son, but it’s got great big–
    Peanut seller: Nuts! Hot salty nuts! Who wants some– Lord Almighty!
    Woman: That looks just like my husband’s–
    Ringmaster: One-eyed monster! Step right up and see the One-Eyed Monster!
    One-eyed Monster: jumps out and scares crowd, then points to the rocket Hey, what’s that? It looks like a big–
    female Fan: Woody! Woody Harrelson? Can I have an autograph?
    Woody Harrelson: Sure thing. [Sees rocket] Oh my lord.
    Female fan: It’s big!
    Woody: Nah, I’ve seen bigger, it’s–
    Dr. Evil: (To Mini-Me) Just a little prick. It’s a flu shot. You’ve been in the coldness of space.

  34. Joel Rampersad

    Furthest that Blue Origin got was 100 km from Earth. Musk sent his whole car 100 MILLION km to Mars.

  35. Rory Shields

    I love how the new space tourism flights don’t use pressure suits. It’s about time that we got back to that. Like an airliner.

  36. Aleksandr Medvedev

    Calling space tourists astronauts is as nonsensical as calling everyone who rode an airplane aviator.

  37. Mike Glover Moresi

    Thanks for documenting this, Tim. Seeing Wally Funk get into the reaches of space was totally worth it all!

  38. Bill Griggs

    $42,424.24 per second to ride this rocket!

  39. José Enrique Roca

    I love how Texas now is playing such a big role in space travel. The space cowboy is just around the corner

  40. trespire

    Massive respect for taking Wally Funk to space.
    Her story is the story of the US space program.
    Remember how the space adventure all began !

  41. John DoDo Doe

    Amy hasn’t researched Wally as much as Wally has…

  42. Andrew L Hoover

    I have such mixed feelings about this flight.
    On the one hand I am excited for more lines to space.
    On the other, I have a hard time with Jeff Bezos getting to go to space when his employees largely can’t go to the bathroom.

  43. Jon Shaffer

    These guys calling themselves astronauts is like me calling myself a navy seal cause I shot my gun in the backyard. An insult to the people that spend decades to become a real astronaut.

  44. Soham Sundriyal

    People are hating, but i send congratulations to Blue Origin :)

  45. Eric Korenman

    Very cool. But still looked like a 8 minute joy ride atop a fiery phallus.

  46. Stuart Hammett

    What about speeds in-atmosphere before apogee, vs orbital? Is a fairing payload-protective?

  47. Diego Ramos

    That engine plume is so beautiful

  48. Jake

    Why no video inside? And upon landing that person in the window is totally motionless…no clapping, no self high fives, no fist pumping.

  49. Son of Liberty

    Seems like a nice little rickshaw ride.

  50. tibiawar147

    Great flight, but very disappointing to not get any onboard or view of space during the livestream.

  51. Thomas Donalek

    The best thing about this has been learning how amazing Wally Funk is. The only post flight interview I care about is finding out what she thought of the flight.

  52. Josh Esh

    Hopefully this encourages Jeff to speed up New Glenn.

  53. JZ's Best Friend

    Four went to space
    One with fair hair of gold
    One old and bold
    And two were bald.

  54. junmadine2000

    Wally Funk now holds the record for the oldest person in space! She beat Glen’s record!

  55. Wade Wilson

    Handing out “Astronaut Wings” to anyone simply willing/able to shell out the money for an elaborate roller coaster ride cheapens the title of “Astronaut” and is an insult to those who genuinely earned that title. You don’t get “pilot wings” and get to call yourself “pilot” if you buy a ticket and fly as an airline passenger… unless you’re 10 years old and a crew member gives you some plastic wings. “Spaceflight Participant” is a much more apt award for these intrepid passengers.

    (Imagine how silly an adult would look calling themself a “pilot” because they played dress up in a pilot uniform flew as an airline passenger!)


    Smart jeff bozos hype this flight up but don’t show your face or the inside of the capsule while going up!!! Very smart way to piss off a bunch of people!!

  57. Ego Oidios

    Its nice of Musk to be letting these two have their fun…..

  58. morgan ghetti

    Sp happy my middle class family could contribute some tax dollars to help subsidize ultra rich peoples doing a vanity space flight. So inspiring.

  59. Helder Afonso

    compairing between blue shepard and dragon and falcon,is the same of comparing a porche caen and a electric porche for a toddler,one is a electric car the other is a toy.

  60. Mediocre Engineering

    For a moment, there were 14 people in space. That’s incredible.

  61. Dominik Ko

    I wonder when Elon Musk will fly in his Dragon or Starship

  62. chris vanderburg

    I see the capsule is the same shape as Jeffs head. I wonder if the engineering team was playing a joke on Jeff Skullitor

  63. Fernando Zurita

    That was inspiringly awesome!

  64. Chris Deacon

    Love that Mars cap, where do I grab one of those!

  65. Matt Shumway

    This vanity trip has me the least excited I’ve been for a modern rocket launch. Wally Funk however made me tune in. Congrats and well deserved to her!

  66. P. Patrick Tukkers

    Quote from Oliver Daemen:
    “In retrospect I would rather have gone drinking with my friends on Ibiza.
    The trip was chill but boring. The wifi was also very bad”

  67. Oleksandr Dolganenko

    In the meantime, hedgehog under the landed capsule:

  68. PC9JEFF

    Most expensive carnival ride ever on the giant Johnson!

  69. I love this game ❤️

    Yer the massive title of being an astronaut, is now going to be thrown around like it’s nothing an easy.
    Definitely has to be another title for space tourism coz otherwise the achievement an hard dedication to becoming a astronaut is just not going to mean anything at all.

  70. dean woodward

    Datapoint- a flight on the “weightless wonder” (aka “vomit comet”) is just over $5000

  71. Goose God

    If I had the money that Bezos had…

  72. Itz_ Ultima

    Tim you should go through your entire rocket model collection and show us where you got it, how you got it, etc

  73. Interested In Stuff

    Well that was perfect coverage by you guys as usual. Thanks Tim. I’m happy for Wally, but I’m not sure I consider these four to be astronauts. Still a very groovy achievement. I’m glad nothing horrible happened.

  74. Kakha Khmelidze

    That was beautiful and smooth and historic!

  75. shakattak

    You can theoretically stack 4 fully crewed VSSes ontop of a super-heavy

  76. Bobby Agee

    The arguement is justified. But all of us that enjoy science and space flight should give all involved in this their do. Hard work and dedication has been placed into this event. God’s Speed NS1 Crew

  77. keco185

    Those windows are massive. I didn’t realize quite how large they were

  78. Thomas Bryant

    No disrespect, but I really can’t get over how much this rocket looks like a phallus with a mushroom cap…. so weird. But… congrats to Blue Origin, their member made it to space.

  79. KB3M

    Elon to Bezos: Congratulations on reaching the Karman line we’ll be waiting for you on Mars.

  80. Carlos Guevara

    I see it this way, this is the closest thing to us “normal” people to experience the real “going to space experience”, 500.000$ ? this is still very cheap compared to the options we had 20 years ago…

    I mean look at that, you experience lift off, you are in basically a small size rocket with a normal size capsule, your landing is like a normal ISS capsule landing, you will get to see again the booster that took you to space, for a person that always dream to experience this now at least there is a realistic BUT difficult option.

  81. Thu Lx


    0:01 Stream start
    1:46:52 T-10
    1:47:02 Booster ignition
    1:47:09 Liftoff
    1:48:01 Max-Q
    1:49:21 Engine cut-off
    1:49:36 Reach Zero-G + Separation
    1:50:30 Reach Kármán line
    1:51:04 Reach apogee
    1:51:46 1-minute-warning announcement
    1:52:33 Reentry


    1:53:58 Sonic boom + Landing burn
    1:54:05 …
    1:54:24 Touchdown


    1:55:21 Drogue chutes deploy
    1:55:35 Main chutes deploy
    1:57:16 Touchdown

    Feel free to correct me tho

  82. EasyDoesIt

    The landing will tell the whole story if it was a good flight or not

  83. Grak70

    Feel like they put Wally Funk and that teen on this thing solely so nobody would try to blow it up with Bezos on it. They’re basically human shields.

  84. cornel stamate

    im poor. i cant aford to be there with them but i was expecting at least to see what they see. the stars. these should be their first priority. to asure that the rest of the world can see the stars like they do. why should i watch then. biggest PR oversight. it was like watching someone watch a movie instead of watching it myself.

  85. Kirk Claybrook

    We need to get Elon to hook Jeff up with some Starlink so we can have video from inside next time

  86. Keith R Penny

    GOOD ON YOU @Wally Funk… you are now a record holder!

  87. Aditya Kamble

    That drone shot was straight outta VFX, great stuff…..
    Okay…. back to reading LIFTOFF by Eric Berger…..

  88. Klemeq

    Hilarious to me to see all the Rivian R1T electric trucks as part of the ground ops. Everyone else is has gotten theirs delayed.

  89. Mr BBI

    Well jeff knows all about that kind of thing…

  90. Atlantis

    Everyday Austronaut! Tks for sharing your passion for Space Flight, regardless of the actors!

  91. Santiago Aguilar

    Blue Origin is a flying vibrator.

  92. AleXitto

    1:47:02 launch

  93. Bert Blankenstein

    I’m happy for Wally Funk.

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