Watch Astronauts Launch to Space on the Awesome Soyuz Rocket!

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Cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov, and NASA astronaut Kate Rubins are launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan as part of the Soyuz (“Saw-YOOZ”) MS-17 mission. They are traveling to Low Earth Orbit for rendezvous with the International Space Station (ISS). This flight is Soyuz MS-17. This crew will join Expedition 63 on the ISS, taking the crew complement to 6. The current ISS crew will leave soon after, forming the start of Expedition 64. They will be joined two weeks later by SpaceX’ Crew 1 flight, raising the crew complement to 7.

  1. Mack M

    eh.. the vid quality..

  2. Solomon Beewater

    Buzz! Hello Buzz!

  3. Apratim Tewari

    Has it docked already?

  4. RC Maniak

    It is finally time to say good bye from Nasa to Roskosmos becouse Soyuz flights are way overpriced.

  5. Ramon Zarat

    It’s a 2 stage first stage.

  6. Franklin Ratliff

    The Soyuz uses nontoxic noncorrosive hydrogen peroxide instead of the toxic, carcinogenic, and corrosive nitrogen tetroxide/monomethyl hydrazine combination used in Gemini, Apollo, Shuttle, Crew Dragon, and Starliner.

  7. Jaidev Jhaj


  8. Justus-h


  9. Andron Shultz

    T-10 secs 32:53

  10. Wild Bill57

    I think it looks pretty good but I think our American and entries look really sexy.

  11. micomen

    Most reliable rocket in the world!

  12. Jim Bates

    I like the basic goal to go to space but the recent launch videos are fantastic glamor shots (sun cross starship) and this. Beauty.

    I’d like to think that “Blue Origin” would allow “Starship” launches at their facility.

  13. temper44

    I just read that Soyuz docked with the ISS in 3 hours. That should mitigate some of the cramped space inside the capsule. The Dragon is a 1st class suite in comparison, but the trip does take two days.

  14. Ginger Man512

    Late night stream? I was very very asleep lol

  15. Florencio Vela

    no one does what Elon does…period !! \@v@/

  16. F Heiser

    My favorite rocket? How many of you remember Mecury Redstone?

  17. Friday Californiaa

    Saw-YOOZ ! =)

  18. Pavel Kirilov

    Cross Fire – 35:04

  19. Henry Stitt

    Am I the only one who thinks the Soyuz crewed variant is beautiful? I love the look of it.

  20. RussianRooster - Living W

    Tim! at @32:44 was Russian! they didn’t say hold but Poosk which is Russian for Launch! or ready for launch.

  21. VL SH

    Отработанная годами система!

  22. Joy L

    Thank you Tim for brightening all our days

  23. Jerome Thiel

    That rocket doesn’t look awesome…

    I am lying, it does look good. ^-^

  24. The DIY Shop

    Would be nice if they upgraded the camera gear they use for the stream, maybe the could could talk to spacex and do a collaboration

  25. GDawg2K2

    Beautifully Kool machine.. We should be working with them & China. Not using them as some laughable excuses to maintain the military industrial threat that Eisenhower warned the world of!

  26. Roobesh Kathirvel

    Tim where do you buy all those model rockets please answer rhis

  27. Richard D

    Seperation of the strap’ons.

  28. Kendrew Addison

    Missed da stream cause of school

  29. william gorham

    megaherz himmelsstürmer (sky trooper/piercer) would be my song!

  30. Risk Anrut

    The Soyuz is an awesome rocket. But with all these new companies out there it really is starting to look like an antique.

  31. Richard D


  32. thumbugly

    Lol space elevator music.

  33. MacerSpaceflight

    Go to 32:50 for the launch

  34. edesge

    Could you put the exact link to this mission on your website?

  35. Gavin Gossett

    You know Russia doesn’t do pizzazz… 😉

  36. Pintu Kayu


  37. Drakeonius

    Hey Tim don’t knock your upcoming trip to Mars, it could be in a Soyuz…. without sleeping drugs lol

  38. Johannes

    The Hold Sound was ход (khod). (I think)

  39. Jamie Kirby

    Please tell me they have some cool name for that ultra high tech stick they press the buttons with 😂

  40. James

    ISROs man mission Gaganyaan will be awesome I am telling you they have a list of great records on making history in space science.

  41. Random Person

    32:53 is what your probably here for

  42. Greg Watson

    Launch prep music – Emer Kenney’s version of “Parting Glass”

  43. PageMonster

    Tim – you HAVE to admire their pragmatic approach.

    NASA: “Make me a pen that writes in zero-G!”

    Russians: “Want to borrow my pencil?” 😉

  44. Taylor Inase

    Please avoid talking over LC in final T-60s in future videos, especially with remarks about Atlas while we are watching a Soyuz sequence

  45. CalgarGTX

    lel I happened to click trough the segment of the video where MrBeast was talked about, and I disagree completely. The last thing we need is to give access to space to braindead ‘influencers’ like this. Bring back logic, reason, technical skill and science into focus please. I don’t want to end up in a space station where some clown will open the airlock for memes and views…

  46. Rodrigo Nogueira Mota

    Soyuz is the kind of spacecraft that people simply don´t give the value it deserves. it´s a reliable strong machine. yes the Orel (“Eagle” in Russian) is coming to replace it but nobody can deny how legendary and how strong the Soyuz is.

  47. uhyg uhyg

    3:12 Comms start!

  48. Kent Baird

    Tim, love your commentary. How do you think the excitement and interest in space today compares to the 60’s and 80’s?

  49. Michael Earnest

    Thanks for all you do Tim. I am inspired by your infectious enthusiasm for all things manned and unmanned space rockets.

  50. Rich Marceau

    @52:47 Story Musgrave is cool, but not sure “crazy” applies. He seems like a nice guy. ;)

  51. Stu Reedy

    I still think it’s cool that Shepard and Grissom rode ballistic missles. My favorite rocker is the big Saturn that carried US to the moon.

  52. tinbanger66

    Thanks, bro! This means a lot. And thanks to bush dr., who recommends this cool sh!t.

  53. Joy L

    Thank you for the tip about “Sigur Rós” being one of your favorite musics!
    I love it.

  54. Matt Jackson

    Don’t be afraid of pronouncing “aluminium” the correct way 🙂

  55. omri godijn

    Where can I buy a Russian rocket pokey stick?

  56. Tramseskumbanan

    The R7 rocket system was developed already in the 1950s.

  57. Yves Côté

    Well done Tim! I love following new rocket launch! Next Ariane?

  58. Jerome Thiel

    Typical Soviet engineering. Give them a pokey stick! If it works, don’t fix it! ^-^

  59. Adam Thompson

    They Use a FINGLONGER on the soyuz!

  60. Elgoog

    I wish they’d at some point show a video of the actual “boarding”. So, the going up with the elevator, getting in the capsule, hatch closing, etc.

  61. Rune Thorsen

    @Everyday astronaut
    1:06:17 _”There is a lot really good analogue video feeds literally analogue video feeds that are really really cool so”_
    Could link or direct me to one (any!) of those “literally analogue video feeds” ?

  62. atheia kid

    Happy birthday Kate!

  63. vicroc4

    I think my favorite thing about Soyuz is that unlike other rocket families that have a relative that doesn’t even bear a remote resemblance to their predecessors (Yes, I’m looking at you Atlas and Delta), this thing is still essentially the same R-7 that put Sputnik into orbit. The engines and flight control have been upgraded (and I believe the structure itself has changed somewhat, entirely aside from the upper stages), but it’s still pretty clearly the same design that Korolev brought into existence.

  64. mark Schippel

    My favorite spacecraft is the only manned spacecraft ever flown. Defining spacecraft as: designed to only operate in vacuum. The LEM. Hands down. As far as I can remember it is the only manned spacecraft. As far as favorite rocket? I agree that is tough but, I have to go with the majestic Saturn 5. Watching the Saturn 5 launch just gives a sense of size and power that I just don’t get with the other rockets… …so far. I can’t wait for Starship!

  65. Tramseskumbanan

    When you have strap on boosters igniting simultaneously it’s usually the engines or boosters that provide the most thrust at sea level that counts as the “first stage”. For instance, the shuttle’s (STS) SSME was the second stage where as the SRBs were the first stage. On Ariane V, the EAPs are the first stage while the Vulcain 2 engine on the EPC is the second stage.

  66. Mr Man

    I legit just got back from school and it ended :c

  67. Root3264


  68. Joy L

    the way you pronounced “imswaggyd” xD

  69. Mark Dmitruk

    Hi Tim, when you tell about crappy 360p quality of the Nasa stream, you better go and watch the it on Roscosmos youtube channel. They do have a hosted webcasts in HD, which looks just way better.

  70. Andrea Pieroni

    Tim did u already talked about details of umbilical detachment systems before launch? How do they guarantee no leakage in fuelling of propellant and at the same time highly reliable mechanisms for release? This just not for Soyuz but also for other launchers. If u could link some schematics I’ll be glad.
    Ps. I’m aerospace engineer but didn’t find details about it.

  71. budgiefriend

    It DOES look awesome.

  72. Keith Kelso

    First time watching a Soyuz launch. It’s kind of weird seeing the shot from the spacecraft during ascent and there’s land under it!

  73. Anthoney King

    Well i have to Agree the Soyuz is a awesome looking Rocket wished i had a Model of it it is very cool great Vlog thanks

  74. Alexander Böhn

    Never stop learning, indeed – I love your work Mr. Dodd, yes!

  75. Shane ORegan

    As always , Awesome! Soyuz is such a proven workhorse!!!

  76. Anderson Parra


  77. Sonderax

    I cale believe its a 3 hour journey. one day all ISS trips will be under 10.

  78. CEE TV

    43:15 love that statement! – Please make a whole video about this topic

  79. Lego_Master_ JVS

    soviet engineering go brrr

  80. Jonathan Chester

    Those cosmonauts have the same look as my cat when I stuff him into his cage for a trip to the vets.

  81. João de Carvalho

    Legendary rocket.

  82. Gibb

    Russian Space program….. It worked in 1967, it will work now, if it aint broke, leave it alone. A massive Happy Birthday to Kate Rubins what a b-day present. Fly safe all.

  83. steev

    So the bell doesnt notify me anymore gresre google messed something in again

  84. Reverse Psycho

    Crew Dragon vs Soyuz:
    Modern? CD: yes | SZ: no
    Reliable? CD: ?? | SZ: yes
    “Cheap”? CD: yes | SZ: no
    Korolev Cross? CD: no | SZ: *YES!!!*

  85. 6612770PLUS

    For everyone that can remember this…

    “Light blue touch paper. Stand well back.”

  86. Haram Bae

    we need reusable Soyuz!!!

  87. POVHFR Videos

    33:30 I would make a necklace like that! That looks so beautiful and clean…

  88. Tubluer

    “I hate pronouncinating things.” Sounds norminal to me!

  89. Keith Buck

    Callout to “Linus Tech Tips” to save the “Everyday Astronaut” the pain of a JANK mobile editing setup!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Andres M

    I’m very surprised, the astronauts don’t have any space between his legs and the panel of the ship, and the EXTENDER to touch the panel!!!!!

  91. colonelphunk

    The slanted taper of the R7 boosters is such an elegant and unique design. That with the Korolev cross they produce might make it my fav rocket aesthetically.

  92. Justin Kim

    00:00 Stream Starts
    03:12 Tim Appears
    05:40 Pre-Launch Preview with Tim
    10:57 Tim switches to the NASA stream(The scenes are in the past)
    12:22 NASA shows views(it’s not live now) of the Soyuz
    14:54 Music plays
    19:40 NASA shows Soyuz launch configuration
    20:20 NASA shows an animation of the launch
    23:33 NASA shows the view of astronauts inside the Soyuz
    28:02 T-5 minutes
    31:32 T-1 minute and 30 seconds
    32:02 T-1 minute
    32:27 T-35 seconds, the secondary tower retracts
    32:53 T-10 COUNT
    33:00 IGNITION
    33:04 LIFTOFF! (T0)
    35:02 Booster Jettison(Visual)
    35:40 View of External Soyuz rocket
    38:10 Switches to Animation(Signal Lost)
    42:14 Solar Panels Deploy
    44:19 NASA shows the view of Mission Control
    53:34 View of the LaunchPad(Other Camera) when the Soyuz Liftoff (REPLAY OF LAUNCH)
    (Tim also answers questions)
    1:01:48 Tim cuts out the NASA stream(Reason: he doesn’t like to see a lop of replays)
    1:24:47 Tim asks you to become a Patreon
    1:25:05 Tim shows merch
    1:26:07 Tim shows a tweet from Ivan Vagner congratulating the crew
    1:27:20 Tim ends Stream
    1:30:54 Stream Ends

  93. Eter IronGen

    Artemis Accords: “Sources suggested that Russia “won’t be an early partner””

  94. Claudio Maia Santos

    This insistence in using imperial is absurd. NASA should be helping to educate its audience in metrics.
    Let it go America!

  95. Michael Benno Butter

    Dear Tim! We learned Russian in our school days in East Germany… so I know the term “Pusk”, which could be heard some 8 seconds before actual lift off it really means the equivalent of “start”, “launch” , “lift off”. So another Russian word you can store in your new Russian Lexicon;-) Mike, Dresden

  96. Jason Stevens

    Legit just woke up and missed the stream by 40 seconds

  97. Jimbo Bimbo

    The space workhorse of the last few decades, and yes, old or not, it does look awesome!

  98. Greg Watson

    Launch music Emer Kenny’s version of “Parting Glass” If I actually heard this from somewhere else while watching a launch, I would dehydrate from crying myself dry directly into jerky… cosmo/astronauts walk into danger like most of us walk into an elevator. Bless you everyday, comrades.

  99. Jumpcut Jimmy

    There’s something to be said about the brute force, rugged and reliable tech the Russian’s have developed.
    I have a feeling they’ll be the country that really sinks their teeth in to space mining.

  100. Meloveulongtime

    Everyday Cosmonaut, hello

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