The Best Spaceflight & Space Science Events of the Year!!! The 2019 Astro Awards!

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Welcome to the 2019 Astro Awards!!! A time where we reflect on all the exciting things that happened throughout the year in spaceflight and space discoveries.

Now of course, these are nothing official… for now… , just a time to look back on the awesome science, discoveries, engineering and achievements made in the past year. We took polls here on YouTube, Twitter and Reddit for your favorite missions and now we get to soak them all in!

We do put these in an order and I put the most weight on how you voted in the polls, BUT at the end of the day, I get final say on what goes where because I said so ;)

So without further ado, may I present to you, the 2019 Astro Awards!

  1. Rocket Nerd

    Great idea to credit Joe Barnard! (20:55)

  2. Kerbal Essence

    Hearing Tim cry is honestly the saddest thing apart from Opportunity.

  3. Benedikt Fischer

    Pleeeaaaassee come to Vienna again 😭😭😭 i missed this and IT was one of the moments i regretted the Most😭🙏😍

  4. Mikel Mikes

    Great Was looking forward to this..

  5. Treyton Zoss

    2019 was an amazing year for the aerospace community!
    I can’t believe how much your channel has grown! The amount of work and dedication you put into this is simply amazing. I can’t wait to see what is possible with a whole team working with you!
    Cheers for 2020 :D

  6. Mikey Anderson

    I love these award videos soooooo much!

  7. Alfons Rasmus

    Great video, keep up the good work! When i first found this channel i didn’t know the differens between a saturn V and the space shuttle, and now, a few months later, space is one of my biggest interests. You are so close to 500k subscribers!! That will be another thing to look forward to in 2020 ( :
    So thank you, for giving me and all the other viewers these amazing videos and a new hobby for me!!!

  8. SpetsnatzLegion 336

    2022 Astro awards live from the moon, amirite

  9. Daniel Fernandes

    Instaclick, as always

  10. Gwyrrd

    And thank you Tim for the quality content you brought us this year !! You’ve become my main source of spicy space information sauce, recommended for every meal

  11. Robbie Whitelock


  12. Daniel Lynn

    Your end speech was really touching, so much it brought tears to my eyes. I love your content keep doing what you do.

  13. Shannon Taylor

    2020 meet up that doubles as the love astro awards

  14. e1123581321345589144

    8:44 you mean India right?

  15. Minecapy Plays Games

    ‘YEET MODE activated’
    People, if you haven’t sub now

  16. Thomas Chow

    i love how even though you’re doing this channel professionally for quite a while now, you still maintain the wide eyed wonder that many of us secretly have!

  17. ray fultz

    Awesome👏 Can’t wait too see what all happens this year👍

  18. Joey Lotrecchiano

    Tim, I just wanted to say, after a couple of years following along with your journey, I really enjoy watching your content. Keep on doing what you’re doing because it really is very enjoyable to watch. Thanks for another great year of great content. <3

  19. Giuseppe Cazzavillan

    the way the opportunity mars rover made me cry with those finals words

  20. Miuzik 8OP

    I love your stuff, but P-L-E-A-S-E try to use the word “Literally” correctly, and less. My pet peeve? Yes… Reflects on the legitimacy of you content? Also yes…

  21. astronomized

    Ohhhh boy, been waiting for this one 🤩

  22. Trex531

    Congrats Tim, great video and yes, we’ll look forward to see the next Best Spacefligh & Space Sciece Events of the Year LIVE!

  23. Ian Brown

    Great round-up of the year. Keep up your great work, I learn so much, my Grandchildren learn so much from the better explained style the Discovery Channel fails to do.

  24. sam kinneson

    Alright I’m in my 1st week of subscription to your channel I have no prior experience or education to speak of but you, space X, rocketlab, and boeing have lit a fire in my soul! to the point I am prepared to move my family 3000 miles from Oregon to be closer to the launches joining your team would be a dream job. I may not know much about rockets but I’ve shot a good amount of video and pictures in my life and would love to be considered I am completely open to moving to Cape Canaveral Houston Boca chica or anywhere in between

  25. Axolotl Buddy

    Is “for now” a hint or a hope?

  26. Mikicat

    Beacuse of DM-1 docking i’ve burned my pizza

  27. James Falcon

    why didn’t you bring up the 50th anniversary of the moon landing?

  28. Tomas Beblar

    The Beresheet lander wasn’t an impactor, it was lithobraking

  29. Jackson Armstrong

    I love these videos, all the way back to the first one.

  30. Jeffrey Leclerc

    25:40 Freedom for Hong Kong, Freedom for Uighur, Down with the FireWall!

  31. Klab

    23:00 Aliens made a snowman, nice.
    *aliens starts singing **-DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN-*

  32. Makyou Kun

    The Nusantara 1 Mission by Space X. Happy new Year from Indonesia

  33. Carrie Osmo

    All the best in the twenties and thanks for the content. Much appreciated.

  34. David Lappert

    Thank you for all you do Tim. Watching your content throughout 2019 has been so inspiring. You’ve reignited my passion for aerospace. Your awesome content is what made me re-analyze my career trajectory and go back to school to pursue computer engineering. Also the FFSCC hoodie is sick. Cheers to a wonderful and expansive 2020!!!

  35. Vice

    Every other space company:yea lets do somethink diffrent:D
    ESA: *_S O Y U Z_*

  36. Helyzz82

    You are doing such a great job, honestly, you are amazing!

  37. smashstuff

    Yes, Tim should get an award

  38. Paul Hackett

    Another great video. I’m looking forward to watching some of the exciting events 2020 has to come on your channel. I’m getting antsy already. 😊

  39. Sharkcraft

    1:25 even though it was a joke, it is still true
    I know that I saw at least one of the stars you named (aka Betelgeuse)

  40. D. G.

    How about a discussion on the:
    Ion thruster!

  41. Josh Owens

    Really appreciate all the work you’ve put into this channel dude, its super impressive stuff and it seems to get better with every video. Your enthusiasm is contagious, keep doing your thing! Happy New Year!

  42. Yosh 64

    Happy new year Tim! May 2020 be even greater than 2019.

  43. Will Andersen

    3:12 – Que the nostalgic acoustic guitar 🙄
    When I die, I hope they crank up NIN or Grimes.

  44. Morticus

    Thank you for binging us all of space, while staying firmly grounded. Keep up the great work, please and thank you.

  45. Donut Guy

    I’m 100% sure you’ll reach a million in 2020! ❤️

  46. Holden Bennett

    Everyday Astronaut writing a script:
    Writes: hit the ground running
    Thinks: No that’s too subtle… how about:
    Writes: hits the ground sprinting!

  47. Tony Rusi

    6:30 ACTING!

  48. Hamza Abdullah

    28:13 “World’s most powerful rocket in the world” 😂
    Internet never forgives.

  49. Eman2047

    Stopped what I was doing to watch this lol. Loved last years. This will be just as great. Hope one day this is official!

  50. Billy Malouf

    Love this channel—keep up the great work!

  51. Isaac Foulger

    You should make the picture of Elon musk wearing your shirt a shirt 😂

  52. UncleManuel

    I give a huge like and a comment before I even watch the rest of the video. Because I can. And Tim definitely deserves it… :-)

  53. Andreas Beckert

    Would have loved to order one of the T-Shirts, but 30$ plus 16$ shipping is just a too hefty price tag for a shirt. Could you look into getting international shipping down somehow?

  54. Nipun Sharma

    The last 10 mins were probably the best.
    I’m actually getting addicted to your videos. Love the work you do! Best wishes for 2020.

  55. Rockman2261

    33:23 where did you get those cool black hole animations?

  56. WB Bush

    Take it from an Apollo era childe you’re doing great job

  57. tubularAp

    Those jiggling alibaba rocket awards will become very valuable collectibles … eventually.

  58. J D

    Happy and Healthy 2020, Tim!
    Keep going – always curious, industrious and humble.
    Should we be expecting more interviews, with people of the Aerospace industry (old and younger ones) ?

  59. THICC1

    4:52 hahaha i love it “YEET mode activated)

  60. Rocket Nerd

    Thanks for an amazing 2019 Tim!

  61. Nathan Xia

    That scared me when I heard you went to the ISS. Thankfully that a mockup.

  62. tiago l

    Well Tim got some influences from Joe…

  63. Martynas Valevičius

    27:43 I’m so happy for the guy, it seems his life has a purpose again!

  64. Gold Gamer

    My space starter…. died 😭

  65. Braeden Bowman

    Joey B got called out at 20:59 lol

  66. Thermophile

    “My battery is running low, and it’s getting dark.”
    I may just be drunk, but I’m crystal.
    Edit: crying. Not crystal.

  67. Achelon

    2040 – Astro Awards held on the Moon/Mars and now we are watching this just on youtube, remember how this was now ;)

  68. Matúš Barta

    Thank you for visiting Vienna, that day was one of my personal highlights of 2019! Meeting you and this community was just awesome experience to talk about my favorite topics with people I never met and don’t speak their native language, your content and you are connecting people around the world to share their passion. Thank you for being awesome and so down to earth. Excited for your content and space events in 2020.
    No. 1 Astro award goes to YOU … The Every Day Astronaut!

  69. Deep Space

    I’ve been checking every hour for this yesterday until I found out it was going to be today, what a wonderful surprise to wake up to. Happy New Year EA!

  70. Frost M002

    4:48 “YEET Mode Activated”
    LOL XD

  71. aullik

    2:35 I really hoped that there would be 16+ super imposed small pictures of Jim Bridenstine saying his line.

  72. NFSHeld

    Hey Tim, just wanted to let you know something.
    In Germany, there’s an annual stream event called “Friendly Fire”. It’s a charity stream going on for 12 hours, and features many popular German YouTubers and Streamers. It takes place in early December, and I happen to know that the manager and planner for this event has to start planning everything in *February*! Just as a heads-up on how much work it actually is to set up a live stream event with multiple live guests.
    So although I really dig the idea of creating an actual award show, for 2020, especially since it’s the first year, I’d advise you to start off with a semi-live stream having you and your crew prepare live moderation, but with mostly pre-recorded, non-live interviews, maybe even just recorded over Skype if an actual meetup is impossible to arrange. It’s much easier to have you and a your crew visiting them with the setup, than bringing 10 people to the studio, and have flights, accommodations and catering work for 2 days and studio space and tech equipment all working in a critical moment for an hour straight.
    I do believe in your hard work, but live shows are harsh. Streams can lag. Microphones fail. Flights get delayed or cancelled. I really want the awards to become a thing, and it’d be a shame for its reputation to become “that thing where tech team tried to fix a sound issue for 25 minutes and 3 out of 5 award winners couldn’t show up and comment on winning the award because life happens.” So do yourself a favor and plan a show, but do the critical stuff that does involve other people beforehand so you have a second and third shot if something goes wrong.
    All the best, I love your channel. In fact, I’ve been recommending it to any person that is maybe just slightly interested in spaceflight (and to many who I suppose aren’t even into spaceflight, or maybe weren’t but now are thanks to your content). Good luck in 2020.

  73. It's bastisas

    why has this guy “only” 500k subscribers

  74. Tajjulo _69_boi

    Hi Tim love your vids (pls see this comment).
    I am only 13, love science, rockets and your work.

  75. Mad Science Workshoppe

    I got a tear in my eye when Oppy came up.

  76. Pete Martan

    I think EDA needs one for Elon interview! Keep it up Tim🚀🚀🚀

  77. DB Crypto

    SALT….Great job “Boing” (the sound a spacecraft makes as it ricochet’s off the stratosphere) ….other than that whole missing the space station thingy…

  78. Christian

    Nice reminder of the Hubble Deep Field: “Oh my God, it’s full of stars.”

  79. Mythricia

    Omg, I had to pause at 5:22 and literally teared up. God damnit Opportunity, or rather, god damnit Mars, why’d you have to have such a freak dust storm and bury our little perfectly-functional rover?! I hope somebody punches you (yes, the planet) when they first step on Mars!

  80. Doctor Bonez

    Thank you Tim. You are the best thing to happen to Aerospace media since the SpaceX live stream. Happy New Year and hears to lots of accomplishments and knowledge to be gained in 2020.

  81. ivan terrible

    “My battery is running low and it’s getting dark” is going on my tombstone.

  82. Jose Pena

    Oppy! Nooooo! Good bye little buddy. Been following Oppy since I was in High school.
    They should call the first human landing zone or lander, Opportunity Base.

  83. N R.J

    Poor Soyuz never gets the fame. It’s nothing exciting but just keep going Soyuz.

  84. William Swenson

    “because I said so…”. You’ll make a fine parent someday, Tim.

  85. Luca D'Entrone

    Wow, the first Everyday astronaut video of 2020! awesome!

  86. Carter Brown

    I just noticed this after watching you for so long that your eyes are different colors, neat!!

  87. Water Sheep

    “STP-2 Falcon Heavy Center Core –
    YEET Mode Activated”


    can you give him an award , this is guy is dope

  89. Rag Kaka

    I’m literally in tears after watching him conclude and thank his viewers.
    Everyday Astronaut is a part of my Everyday life now. ❤️

  90. Marcus Olsson

    That you make such quality content for free, it’s amazing. You are a living proof that one can change carrier and follow your dream of working with your hobby. You are for sure among the top space journalists out there.
    Thank you from Sweden, I have no hesitation that 2020 will bring even more and bigger things!

  91. David Willis

    ah yes
    i shall consume the humor

  92. Andrew Edis

    That duel vertical landing is a thing of beauty and makes me smile every time I see it.

  93. Shlomi Zuckerman

    Can’t wait for 2020 Astro awards live event!

  94. The Exoplanets Channel

    Best 2019 space hit: *first image of black hole*

  95. ciudadanubis

    Tim, do you remeber when you bougth a smelly space suit and started this amazing job?
    It’s been like… yesterday, and now you’re a VIP in the space world, a person to consult, a referent.
    You certainly brought the space to the average people, an achievment done in the past for one of my personal heroes, Carl Sagan.
    Well done!

  96. Stephen Flynn

    Can we all please give Tim an award, he deserves it more than any!

  97. Touay

    This years Astro awads coming live from the moon!
    This years Astro awards coming live from mars!
    This years Astro Awards coming “live” from proxima centauri!

  98. Joe6168

    Opportunity: “My battery is running low and it’s getting dark”
    Unff, I felt that one. Sleep now little rover, you lived longer and went farther than your builders ever dared dream.

  99. Piotr D.

    You know it’s everyday astrounaut when “short” video is over 30 minutes

  100. Endercrafter

    Aaaaand the Astro Award goes toooooo…?!
    Everyday Astronaut

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