Starship SN11 exploded during landing, debris fell from the sky!

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00:00:00 – Q&A
02:12:35 – T – 1 minute Seconds
02:19:25 – Explosion (left screen)
02:20:00 – Realizing we may have just lost our cameras

Road closure starts at 7:00 a.m. local (12:00 UTC) and we’ll be able to help figure out the status of launch readiness with our new high quality, low latency pad camera!

SpaceX Starship SN11 will be attempting another exciting medium altitude test flight (~10 km / 33,000 ft). It will lift off from Boca Chica, Texas under the power of three Raptor engines. At apogee, it will flip into a horizontal (belly flop) configuration for descent. Prior to landing, it will ignite three of its Raptor engines to initiate the landing flip before shutting one down. SN11 will attempt a propulsive landing on the landing pad, potentially becoming the first Starship prototype to successfully do so.

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  1. William Evans

    “If this thing lands and we don’t get footage of it landing, I think I’m gonna cry!” Well, we did get footage of the landing, though perhaps not as we’d hoped. At least your cameras survived, as did the palm tree!

  2. Tubluer

    Really nice coverage Tim. You make the drama real.

  3. Jacob Stofmeel

    If it makes you feel any better, I wasn’t aware the extent of the behind the scenes work and expense you and your team have gone to for us, I now appreciate what you do even more. Sorry for your lost of expensive equipment

  4. Purnell Landfair

    Remember these are prototypes, not the end Starship! Do not get attached to them, wish them the best, and understand that they are teaching tools, for a far better Starship!

  5. Rick Price

    Well Tim your day ended not with a whimper but with a BOOOOOOM!

  6. Brad Gillespie

    Capturing debris falling is fabulous coverage! Great work getting the video. You rock! 🚀

    No one hurt, lessons learned.

  7. Phantom

    I really wanted SN11 to succeed… But it sucks that we couldn’t get a good footage of the explosion

  8. Ewan Murray

    Kinda reminded me of that battlestar scene, “what do you hear starbuck?” – “Nothing but the rain!”

  9. Charlie Derrick

    Can you document what the cameras look like? That would be interesting.

  10. Andrew abc

    I love your oiginal music… The closing sequence.

  11. AlphaCrucis

    Time to get some IR cams!

  12. Jim Miller

    “I’m gonna be so bummed if this thing lands.” — 02:17:38

  13. Longmatey 80

    Meanwhile at Space X,
    “hey what’s this big red button do?”🚀🧨

  14. 宇宙终结者

    “I’m gonna be so bummed if this thing lands.”
    *Rocket* : execute order 66

  15. Danny Scarberry

    Looking forward to this week’s OLF pod to hear the full story behind what happened today.

  16. Zachary 3D Prints

    Just tagged you on Twitter with the picture from LaPadre cam… A huge chunk missed the cam… seems to look OK

  17. hootentom

    SN11: “You missed me when I left, so I made sure NOT to miss you when I came back!”

  18. YouSurf

    NOW you know WHY THEY CLOSE THE ROADS and make perimeters.

  19. Chris TaT

    That’s the best sound you guys have had yet!!!

  20. Dean Stephen

    Thanks for the “Ticker Tape Parade” ending. It’s the first time I’ve seen that since I was eight years old. 🥲

  21. Yudong Sun

    ok! guess it’s about the time to double my patreon contribution

  22. David Morse

    Can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs!
    You are documenting the world’s most exciting and important omelette.
    Chin-up brother. You are important.

  23. Gabriel P

    Let the beast awake! 😂🔥🔥🔥

  24. Ron Wolenski

    I was reading about this on CNN and they had a video of SN10, and it was your video and you saying “It just blew up”. Even CNN follows you!

  25. bkly

    Can’t wait to see the stabilized tracking shots in 8K!
    Or do I?
    Anyway, even with this, it was an incredible livestream and let’s just be happy that we just missed an rud and not the first landing of starship

  26. Ingens_Scherz

    “Dear Elon, can we have some new cameras please?” “Er, nope. I gotta pay for a new rocket.”

  27. Ratkill

    I love that so many people are getting into space and exploration, but seriously, this is the only channel that really and solidly contributes, informs, and innovates . Thanks for everything you’ve done!

  28. ThomasGrillo

    Very sorry to hear of the loss of another Starship, and your media coverage gear. At least nobody was hurt, or killed. Thanks for covering these launches.

  29. Kevin Canada

    At least the birds were chirping on such a quiet and peaceful morning of aftermath!

  30. pfisherking

    Thank you Tim and Team!

  31. andres galviz

    My best wishes to the first dare devils going for a ride in one of this flying piñatas

  32. Gregorius

    2:19:33 I’ve never seen Everyday Astronaut be this serious. :D

  33. FuckinGoogleIDont want to

    Given that Elon is aware of Tim, I wonder if there may be an anonymous donation on the way.

  34. Kyle F

    I came here now to watch it hopefully without spoilers, literally plasters what happened in the title :(

  35. MrZalupa

    Subbed to find out if your cameras survived.

  36. Bill Seidel

    Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet 😁

  37. Planet Earth

    That was spectacular. Both the event, photography and history. Tim you are one of a handful documenting the event which makes this history lasting forever. Good job pal. And despite the unexpected result this will probably the most valuable data SpaceX has ever collected to date. A significant event.

  38. John Crowmer

    I can’t imagine debris landing that far away from the landing zone unless it was way way off target.

  39. Matt Billenstein

    95% of ppl would be happy if you guys stuck a couple gopros out there – they watch for the enthusiasm, not the video production…

  40. Jesus Vieira

    Thanks for the FAA guy who made us wait for the fogiest day ever

  41. Lisa Bowers

    2:26:18 Tim’s sad face made me want to cry.

  42. john gibbons

    Watching you from York UK. Fly baby fly!

  43. Fupperpish

    Arguably the coolest starship explosion ever, and we didn’t even get to see it

  44. Random Hobbies

    Hopefully you get a million views on this video and ads revenue to cover the losses. Thank you for what you do. We love all of these live streams

  45. william woo

    It’s alright Tim, I support you in Podcast. Take my small contribution and buy more equipments. No guts no glory. I was a Vietnam Vet. actually a medic. We didn’t always save everyone. Life goes on. We do our best and that is all we can do.

  46. Chris Boscurry

    It was kind of Elon to make sure you wouldn’t cry because SN11 landed without you being able to get a picture. Lol! Thanks, Elon.

  47. Luke B

    “Maybe spacex will let us keep pieces of a raptor if it fell on our…”

  48. Alex Okunnur

    Fortunately you didn’t miss landing recording :)

  49. Kirk Wagner

    I look forward to an after action report on your equipment.

  50. David Bierbaum

    There are steps forward, and steps backward, and sometimes one just falls down the stairs…

  51. W&K Bowser

    1937, Herb Morrison while watching the Hindenburg, ” oh, four or five hundred feet into the sky, and it’s a terrific crash, ladies and gentlemen. There’s smoke, and there’s flames, now, and the frame is crashing to the ground … Oh, the humanity.” 2021, Tim Dodd, “There’s big chunks of debris, there’s going to be boom … Oh my cameras!” I laugh because I’m pretty sure that would be my reaction also. (of course there no own on this one while it exploded)

  52. trampfossil

    Perhaps it was a test of the flight termination system and they forgot to tell everyone???

  53. Alexander Horner

    For the people who missed the live stream, could you not spoil the ending in the title? I know it’s a lot to ask but it takes away the excitement.


    Hope your stuff is ok..hope it was insured..! Hopeing for the best prepare for the worst👍

  55. TexasGreenTea

    SpaceX channel is like “We’ll have to check with the team to see what happened” and Everyday Astronaut is like “Bitch, it’s raining shrapnel on us. Just say RUD.”

  56. Eyco :D

    I wonder what insurance for pad cam would cost lol

  57. Boris Fett

    Looks like my Patreon money is going towards new gear.

  58. sunkid86

    To be honest Tim, this has been so far one of your best live streams to me personally. I love how much you guys invest in this both financially and emotionally, and that conveys a bunch of enthusiasm and passion which is sticky. Its infextious and that is why we watch these contents all over, not really for the technical details and flamey views, althought those are nice too, but the feeling that there is progress out there in the word that in some inreasonable way give hope to our (or at least my) everyday life. There are people out there pushing forward and you share that enthusiasm with thousands. And at this point I also have to say that you resctions are a great part of this, and they are fully ok. There is no such a thing as overly enthusiastic or too loud or emotional (no reason to say sorry at all as at SN8). The starship program is one of the greatest things happening on this planet rn, so it seems 100% valid to me. All in all, I watch Ppl on Youtube not things, so its your dedication and enthusiasm that brings me be back. Cheers

  59. ve2mrx

    Fingers crossed for the cameras!

  60. WingNuts2010

    Look back in five years and you will probably be joking about this, but for now the ‘not knowing’ is the worst. Thank you for all your coverage, news and especially the human emotions.

  61. Kasper Zier

    Ive never seen Tim so speechless!

  62. Rick de Maaijer

    I’m impressed you managed to figure out they terminated it before the shockwave reached you.

  63. Disparia Books

    Well, I guess we know what the Vehicle Rain part of the GTA Chaos Mod looks like IRL. Sorry Tim, but thanks for all your hard work!

  64. Aayush Tamu

    Maybe it went off the planned trajectory
    So Sn11 terminated itself. Rest in pieces SN11 and Tim’s cameras

  65. Hunter Reeves

    I’d like to remind people falcon 9 had 6 failures and 3 controlled ocean “landings” before successfully landing. And that was the “easy” way to land a rocket. Let’s be patient

  66. bahutu

    Thanks again for you coverage and commentary. Love it!
    I would love a more spoiler-free video title though. I like watching test flights without knowing what is going to happen :)

  67. Bill Brendel

    Well THAT was interesting!!!! Flight termination and raining debris…

  68. EZYRDR ***

    Tim’s heart sunk when it dawned on him how much worth of equipment he may have just lost with NO FOOTAGE.

  69. Black Fox

    If the camera’s gone auction it Tim, I mean what is left of it ;D

  70. Ministry of Magic: Depart

    Appreciate you. You’re the best stream for this stuff.

  71. Ari Keronen

    Congrats. You got to be officially part of the space program now.

  72. dt28469

    Probably the FAA guy blew it up with the big red button. He’s like, “Not on my watch!”

  73. Steve

    Jinxed, to paraphrase, “I’m gonna be so bummed if we don’t get to see this landing”… KA-B-O-O-M!

  74. Muhammad Kharismawan

    man i was so looking forward to the VR footage

  75. bobbyt2012

    Sorry Tim! Maybe you can auction off the pieces of exploded cameras? That would be some sick wall art!

  76. Ahmad Haruman

    2:19:56 Tim: “Do we still have our camera’s.”
    🚀+🎥 + 💥 = 🤦🏼‍♂️

  77. Jager1726

    I TRULY hope your equipment is ok. You should live stream the recovery. I’ve been with you since your “spacesuit days”. We support you!

  78. Drakesfortune

    Poor Tim, I hope your gear is okay. That sad looking around face, like what happened? It can’t all be broken!

  79. That Guy

    Elon: “Next”

  80. Thu Lx

    — TIMELINE —

    0:01 Stream start
    2:13:24 T-10
    2:13:34 Lift off
    2:15:53 Engine 1 shut down
    2:17:01 Engine 2 shut down*
    2:18:16 Engine 3 shut down* + belly flop landing
    2:19:30 Landing burn**

    * Got few seconds delayed due to connection being lost
    ** Debris from the actual rocket, most likely due to the Flight Termination System being activated

  81. That One Space Nerd

    Well they can launch in the fog!
    They just can’t land.

  82. Press Alt plus f4 please

    I watched it live
    Sad man :((

  83. ICANanimations

    did you see the starship launch today?
    …yeah me neither…

  84. NineCatto

    nice firework

  85. Paul Osc Slots

    I cant believe it made it all the way to Mars, not bad for a test flight!

  86. Vasy

    SpaceX probably:
    Let’s already blew up this SN11 and move straight to SN15!

  87. Hey Itsme

    2:19:30 debris start falling

  88. Ryan Hamstra

    Gonna guess that warranty doesn’t cover “hit by a piece of rocket….”

  89. Mrs Parent aka Masey

    Thank you guys for what you do! 🤞🏼 Your equipment is recoverable. Til’ the next launch 🚀🙌🏼

  90. Joseph Marello Joshy

    Come on SpaceX, if you are gonna blow up a rocket, atleast make it cinematic.

  91. Jordie Fitzgerald

    I hope you guys find your camera’s ok.

  92. FuckinGoogleIDont want to

    I was so hoping that Tim was trolling with that title and everything went great. Sad face

  93. Santiago 130

    I’m sooo sorry for you and your gear loss! I hope youll get something back soon! All my support for your perseverance and determination to not have broken down in the stream like I’d done 😅😅😅

  94. GeilooTV

    Didn’t know that Starship will have a stealth mode.

  95. Omatidio

    Hola e-astronaut buenos días desde España.

  96. playgrrrr

    02:13:35 launch

  97. Chad Atkins

    And what tf did they launch so early I’ve seen all the launches none have been this early or this foggy wtf

  98. Abdul Muiz

    For the first time, A Rapid *Scheduled* Disassembly

  99. Starless Aeon

    Wait what why so early i missed it !

  100. Kyle.SaiKiu Lee

    Rest In Pieces SN11

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