Starship SN10 [4k, Clean Audio & Slow Mo Supercut]

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SpaceX tested another Starship prototype, SN10, to an altitude of 10 km in order to practice its daring belly flop to tail down landing maneuver. This time the flip was successful utilizing 3 raptor engines, then shutting two down for the final landing exactly as planned. Unfortunately 3 of the 6 landing legs didn’t successfully deployed (as you can see in our footage), alongside a fairly high landing velocity, resulting in an explosion 8 minutes after touching down.

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Check out Cosmic Perspective’s incredible mini film from SN10 too! –

We’ll be talking more about why they’re doing the belly flop maneuver in an upcoming video.

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00:00 – Realtime Recut with Sync’d Audio
00:15 – Lift Off
02:25 – Engine Shut Down 1
03:25 – Engine Shut Down 2
04:30 – Belly Flop
06:12 – Re-light / Flip
06:30 – Touchdown
07:10 – Explosion [Realtime]
07:40 – Slow Mo Shots
10:00 – Belly Flop
12:23 – Landing
17:14 – Explosion [Slow Mo]

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  1. Franco Carrieri

    Sobering stuff. Still, it convinced me that landing such a beast is doable.

  2. Niklas Schmidt

    Landing legs: “I’m too weak.”
    Unused methane: “UNLIMITED POWER.”

  3. Jithin Jose

    Wonder how a passenger fell like when that flip happens

  4. Burgsy

    Hey Elon, if this was “detonation” was accidental, it sure would be a pity to see the next SN to do the same!

  5. yuanliu0000

    Now we know how much time we’ll have to deplane a starship

  6. Mauktik Injankar

    18:40 that COPV on left definitely look like a small rocket

  7. Harpo Marx

    ” .. landing legs DIDN’T SUCCESSFULLY DEPLOYED ..”
    Who writes your copy?
    A typo like this make your team look bush-league,
    especially when nobody bothers to go back and correct it.

  8. Darren

    Pro tip: watch the slow mo at double speed to get things done quicker.

  9. Philipp Petsch

    Second unsceduled liftoff and unassembling at once. I’m impressed.

  10. Lucas X-S

    that one canister flying off after the explosion cracked me up

  11. Ramtin Nazeryan

    it kinda like when you park your car slightly on the side walk and the car is tilted :D

  12. Dhyan Vysakh

    copv be like: I’m free!

  13. Max Headroom

    This will give them the data needed to refine their landing Al Gore ithm

  14. Deval Maheshwari

    Title: 4k
    My internet: Plays it in 144p
    Me: I guess I’ll have to make do with that

  15. jerri lehane

    when UFOS come by,they don’t make a 10-mile wide racket,or we’d see so many more of them.

  16. Tyler Dyck

    it BOUNCED and *still* kept standing and 8 minutes later its like oh yeah…almost forgot. […] 💥

  17. lohphat

    “Where’s the Ka-boo…” Oh, there it is.

  18. Nishad Kharade

    Pad cleaning team like : Here we go again even if it landed in one piece !!

  19. charles joshi

    When they accidentally pressed the ‘self destruct’ button in excitement

  20. Aryan Soni

    Imagine in few years when starship gets as good as falcon 9 with propulsive landing or even better and we Will look back on these historical days.

  21. John de Haan

    one of those engines was not burning right throughout the entire launch I am amazed SN10 did so freaking well!

  22. Maoneill46

    after seeing the bounce in slow-mo I can tell that was a HARD hit.. impressive that it didn’t buckle at all bring on SN11.

  23. Rick Pellicciotti

    Every time I watch this belly flop I can’t help but think of “the Adama Maneuver “

  24. ZaBoss

    Yeah looks like some of the landing legs didnt lock after deploying.

  25. Brad

    It seems like they still have problems with those Raptor engines. Either starting and running too rich causing the yellow flames or faulting when shutting down causing something to blow up and keep spewing fuel!! Plus they still need two engines to land hovering a bit longer to allow a gentle touchdown!!! Lots of work yet to do!!!!!
    It will be a while yet before they perfect this machine with those engines which don’t seem to be as perfect as everyone thinks!!!!!
    Right now it’s baby steps to get this right!!!!!
    Cause that was a hard landing when you see a 150 ton tank bounce a couple of times!!!
    Every time it gets a little better!!! So that’s progress no matter what!!!
    Scott Manley’s video is the best by far of any post analysis of this thing landing!!!!!!!

  26. Dario Impini

    Beyond The Press is going to have to up their game to compete with this.

  27. Edward Rivera

    Look, that’s not an explosion, it’s just a rapid unscheduled disassembly

  28. JackyHarper

    imagine just watering your plants and thinking you’re being nuked

  29. mrplease66

    really makes me wonder whether it wouldn’t be easier to just land this thing aerodynamically…

  30. pterodox123

    I’ve never known the sound of a falling Starship!

  31. Steven Lloyd

    no one:
    SpaceX: Rockt Go BRRRRRRRRR

  32. Itz_ Ultima

    Me on a phone with a 1080p display: *mmm yes looks very good*

  33. Perwiramuda

    Do you guys think if all the landing leg deploy completly, SN10 will still be standing today?

  34. Collin Fraser

    Seagulls ; “ Now this is not something you see (or hear) everyday , cover your ears kids ! “

  35. Sven Schepers

    look at those COPV’s fly right after the second “landing”

  36. Johannes Dolch

    SN10: “I’m doing it, i’m doing it. Relaunch after only 8 minutes without refurbishing … And here it comes, starting Engines …. OUCH … that hurt! HALP! SOS! MAYDAY!”

  37. ChainArts Motion

    The small tank after the explosion was like, aight im outta here

  38. zanyking Tsai

    Elon Musk: Nah, I just want to celebrate luna new year with some firecrackers

  39. Anonymous Freak

    One of the engines was running fuel-rich the whole time – I wonder if it had a fuel leak, which is what caused the “kaboom”?

  40. Einherjar218

    This makes me so happy. Seeing that thing translate from the belly-flop to landing is just incredible

  41. Jeremiah Mullikin

    Oh if the landing legs would have worked this one would have survived.

  42. Starharbinger

    Imagine landing hard in that thing while being stuck in the crew cabin at the top. Knowing it was about to explode and being powerless to escape. I still think any crewed version needs a third stage/abort system. Otherwise, it’s just a propulsive landing space shuttle. It should make a great autonomous fuel/cargo lander/tanker or space ferry between space stations, though.

  43. Luis Alvarado

    Insert spongebob meme: 8 minutes later…

  44. Alan Osman

    When it’s falling you can hear it – sounds almost like a jet flying by

  45. Andrew Farrow

    I can’t see any thruster firings throughout the entire flight. If there were really none we must be witnessing the most amazing TVC stuff going on.

  46. RealGoose

    14:07 Those feet are straight from Deadpool 2

  47. Frank Derks

    Here’s your captain speaking: prepare for rapid disembark.

  48. Jean Roch

    Takeaway : the landing pad should have been inclined, not horizontal. That way all six legs would have touched down at the same time. SN10 wasn’t the problem.

  49. lsmeteor

    Oopsie, looks like someone butt-pressed the self-destruct button while sipping on their beer during celebration

  50. Kent Frederickson

    Imagine being strapped into that beast when dropping into a new atmosphere then trusting that the Raptor engines will relight and land you safely. Congrats to all the people that have worked on this. Amazing!

  51. Kirt McKenna

    Someone needs to cut this with the theme song from The Expanse

  52. Ben Sawyer

    The COPVs breaking free and soaring off into the distance gets me every time.

  53. Alex

    I love how you can hear it falling through the air before the engines light back up.

  54. teelve

    Nobody :

    The landing legs : I’m about to end this man’s whole career

  55. Frodokeuh

    18:34 some say that cilinder tank is still flying xD

  56. JingJing

    Starship Landing Pad: Ahhhhh sh*t, here we go again…

  57. S

    Sn10: *lands*
    Explosion: loading…loading…loading… 8 mins later, BOOM.

  58. HoaG

    I think there was a bird with his wings burnt cuz it wasn’t moving

  59. S

    Sn10 actually exploded when it landed, time just glitched for 8 minutes because of the awesomeness of that flip maneuver.

  60. Brenton Moodley

    The COPV visible at 18:36 was on entirely its own mission

  61. made

    The birds are too cool to look at the explosion

  62. Dynoids

    Space x here in texas is a lot like my KSP save.

  63. jotatsu

    17:17 that bird is like “wtf end of the world, fly fasttteer”.

  64. elle wild child

    There is nothing like that moment when the smoke starts clearing, and it unveils SN10 leaning, and in flames…but standing. The most beautiful and symbolic capture.

  65. Chris

    That slo-mo of the explosion is one of the most memorizing things I’ve ever seen 👍

  66. Andrew Charlton

    This is spectacular footage. Thanks to everyone who’s down at Boca Chica for this coverage.

  67. Michael P.

    SN10 after landing: And now for something completely different

  68. Ecto Gaming 20

    there was a COPV jetting away. i wonder how far away it ended up

  69. airbreath

    I always love watching the cold gas tanks spin off after it blows lol 😆

  70. TheYxxy

    Wow, the exposure on the explosion shots is incredible! I cant believe how good that last shot looks :D

  71. Alejandro Pérez

    Amazing images here. You can even see it bounce when touching the ground. It wasn’t a soft approach at all.

  72. John Little

    love how the one COPV had a nice spin stabilized ascent from the wreck.

  73. Kimmo Koskinen

    17:17 Near perfect timing from the bird (pelican?).

  74. Ugg Ooga

    17:56 the wrinkling steel is so satisfying

  75. ZentiicV

    At 13:21 it reminds me of the space shuttle lighting it’s engines

  76. F

    Imagine how nice it will be in the future to be able to look up historical events and be able to see them happen in 4K slomo like this

  77. Kevin Shen

    When it explodes it looks even more like a tin can

  78. Rick Faulkner

    Imagine being one of the 3 losers who voted this down! I want to meet them and ask them why, on Earth?!…

  79. Nathan Williams

    0:20 Bird: Yeah I’m gonna find somewhere else to live..

  80. Chris Moule

    6:01 – I assume that is SN10’s passage through the air that can increasingly be heard.

  81. Alan Krampf

    Looks like one leg was flipping back and forth right before landing, I wonder if that’s what caused the lean when it landed.

  82. Qsek Qsek

    That wide shot really shows how the flip works especially becasue you see the ground and the rockets speed in relation to it.

  83. Patrick A

    You can really tell that one engine is running fuel rich from the beginning. The other two flights didn’t have any black exhaust behind them.

  84. Charlie the Tuna

    That landing looked like Flash Gordon kind of stuff, you know the old flash gordon.

  85. Alex

    That was a super quick turnaround for starship, regardless of the outcome of the second flight

    The dude on the spacex stream said ‘we wont be flying this starship again, and starship decided it would rather fly one more time and die than be grounded forever

  86. Philipp Duffner

    Incredible how it still stuck the landing despite those wobbly landing legs

  87. ultimategotea

    That COPV went WEEEEEE!

  88. Nathan Prince

    The first Starship to fly twice, SN10!

  89. Nizio Cole

    Sometimes I like to just forget about the numbers and just think “what did I just watch”

  90. Kerbal X

    And this was the third try Falcon took five

  91. Maxim Coppens d'Eeckenbru

    Summary: pointy end up, pointy end sideways, flamey end down, flamey end everywhere.

  92. Sam Millar

    There once was a ship that hopped again
    And the name of the ship was SN10…

  93. Infinite Space

    Awesome job guys, and incredible video!

  94. acart034

    Congrats SpaceX!!!!
    Continuing to do what we’ve once thought was the Impossible!

  95. Philip Emanuele

    Most realistic sound experience… highly recommend people wear good headphones and this is exactly what it sounds like when you’re there.
    Borrow a vibrator and put it to your chest and that’s what it felt like lol

  96. Latortuga 007

    SN9 liked leaning too much.
    SN10 liked flying too much.

  97. Nicola Canti

    i think Elon Musk wanted to launch sn11 so quickly, that he cleared the pad in the quickest way possible

  98. ZestyMountain

    Now we just need Tim’s reaction in slomo


    Been waiting for this

  100. Colin Gibbons

    Today we fly and bounce, soon we stick the landing on other worlds

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