Starbase Launchpad Tour with Elon Musk [PART 3]

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Join me as I take a tour of SpaceX’s Starbase launchpad with Elon Musk as our tour guide! This is part 3 or 3, so if you haven’t seen parts one and two, definitely start there!

00:40 – Exclusion zone, Florida and Oil Rig Platforms
05:00 – Walking to the Orbital Launch Table
06:45 – On top of Orbital Launch Table
12:40 – The urgency of making life Multi-planetary
18:50 – Final thoughts
19:35 – Outro

Extra special thanks to our Mission Directors for making this possible!!! – Damian Borth, Guillaume Le Saint, Nam Nguyen, iluli by Mike Lamb, Scott Ferreira, Phil Easter, Peter Jordan, Nick Williams, Tyler Silcott, Mark Krieger, Roger Oldfield, PEDER HALSEIDE, Roberto Cordon, Benjamin Holland, Scott Maley, Robin Haerens, Rob Nunn, James and Becky Carter, Tim Engle, Taron Lexton, Chris Meleg, Corey Coddington, Chris LaClair, Peter F Maher, Steve Kemp, Vincent Argiro, Lars Nielsen (Denmark), IMAJIN, Nick , David A. Greer, Frans de Wet, Chad Souter, Sam Fisher, Arthur Carty, Lawrence Mansour, DLB, Chris Dibbs, David Glover, Max Haot, Ares Lovlyn, John Malkin, TTTA , Seth Pascale, Jared smith, Simon Pilkington, Héctor Ramos, Alejandro , Tomdmay , Mac Malkawi, Manalope , Tristan Edwards, Ole Mathias Aarseth Heggem, NSS North Houston Space Society

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  1. Gohta Shiraishi

    I LOVE how everyone on the team is just as committed and just as driven as Elon is! When you have a crystal clear vision and really believe in it, others will follow!

  2. Tom Mize

    Everyone seems so excited to see Elon and update him on the progress.

  3. ADAmike

    It’s like he knows something is coming. Or more like something is ending…. Weird….

  4. Jimmy Tjomsland

    As someone who watched the Apollo moon landing as a kid, these three videos felt like being with Walter Cronkite and watching our human race strive for the stars.Thank You, so much!! Long live Elon !

  5. Have Halkow

    the Sputnik satellite inspired a lot of engineers that later worked for NASA. Elon is inspiring a whole army. Imagining the future is exciting.

  6. Brendan Schoen

    Watching that foreman report on their innovative self drivern solutions is so cool. It seems like such a good culture at the company, where experts are allowed to be experts and input their expertise into their projects.

  7. Kasual Steel

    The most unprecedented access to our modern day real live Iron Man talking about the impending extinction of humanity as witnessed by a repeating trending to zero of attempts explore our celestial backyard. And you reply with “Uhhhh, what if I got all the way up here and was afraid of heights?” Way ta go Beavis.

  8. Tomislav Pijanec

    Wow, I’m 31 now, and looking at Sam explain everything that’s going on makes me want to revert my life back to high school, get better grades and get into some kind of engineering that can make a difference in the world.

  9. Jimmy Bon

    To be honest.. its RARE to see a CEO and his co-workers with this kind of level of intimacy. There are less than 1% of ANY CEO that will act this way at all. Being hugged from a worker like that tells you about the sort of passion these people have. I have NEVER EVER known of ANY kind of CEO with this level of trust ever.

  10. canarc1

    I have worked heavy construction my whole life. The fact that a CEO of Elon’s level is down there talking to the Forman and such is pretty unreal. Most these guys are so insulated from that level. The guy just continues to impress at every angle.

  11. Roy Atkin

    I nearly cried at his determination to succeed wiping a tear away .

  12. TheMarsWalker


  13. Robert McDowell

    What a great experience and interview seeing how the rocket sausage is made. The amount of people, parts and construction activity all in coordination are mind boggling. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

  14. stan

    looking at the scale of work being done, my impression is that Elon wants to extradite all humans to Mars to save Earth

  15. Michael Dewell

    Isn’t it crazy that they think so much into this project…that they know 1″ of a weld on the inside and outside…gains 40mph? thats mind blowing to me how deep they think this stuff through.

  16. Joe

    crazy to think that on top of this, he focuses on so many other companies simultaneously

  17. Killing Moon

    When he gets out of the car it literally looks like he’s walking into a Hollywood movie

  18. JK-Video

    A man that I truly admire spoke often about “passionate explorers”. Elon is the epitomy of a passionate explorer.

  19. Tom Ludlow

    Dear Sam: Your passion for this is motivational. Huge fan of what you are out there doing. Super inspiring!!!

  20. sc32valve

    I like how Elon was getting progressively more pissed off with Tim’s questions. When Tim kept pushing the oil rig question and Elon had enough, it was all down hill from there. To be fair, it must’ve been hot as balls and tiring walking and climbing all over the site, but at the end of the video, Elon had that “I’m too rich for this attitude” which I appreciate.

  21. Serafin Nunez

    The man is building cathedrals. The men who laid the foundation of a cathedral never lived to see the first service held there. Musk recognizes that he won’t live to see an interplanetary society, but he wants to ensure that the foundation he leaves behind is solid.

  22. flyingchimp12

    Mr. Patel is a gem of an employee, you can tell how much he cares and how much he wants not just himself but the company to succeed. No wonder spacex is so efficient. He runs the show more than Elon lol

  23. WG 1947

    You can see in his eyes Musk “running the numbers” as the site engineer gives him an update on the operations. Thank you Tim for the great work (& the little interview you gave me) & thank you Mr. Musk for restoring “the dream” we had during Apollo.

  24. intelligent Human

    Dude he is tireeeeddddd. When he said morbid things about hoping he doesn’t die soon but “you never know” and his slow and short responses just screams exhaustion. He needs rest badly

  25. Jay Rux

    This guy won the golden ticket to meet space’s WilliWonka.

  26. ClemensAlive

    The most astonisheing thing about Elon imo is:
    “How can a human being be SO focused all day long for decades?”

  27. Mister Fusion

    When your employees greet you like this, you’ve done something right.

  28. Chad Carr

    He’s gotta be the most humble celebrity alive right now

  29. BattleGrown

    I used to be a maritime deck officer and the urgency at spacex reminded me of the urgency when a ship is pulled into a drydock. The urgency there is because every single day that a ship spends in drydock, it costs them A LOT of money and also the ship is not earning money during that time. Profit motive makes you do that, but for Elon, it’s purely principal. He rushes because there is a downward trend towards space exploration and he wishes to turn that around. He wishes to make Mars sustainable before the supply chain collapse on Earth. He knows what’s coming for Earth, but as long as Earth will have Mars to keep it’s information safe, Earth can be saved.

  30. metricmine

    The CEO walks up, one worker hugs him, the other “hell yeah,” and they are smiling and happy to be reporting their work to him. It is truly amazing seeing that. This is a fine example of how to lead, and what other CEOs are doing wrong.

  31. Juan Martinez Rossi

    I’m playing this video every day at minute 12:46. Just to remind myself of the urgency. C’mon guys, I know everyone of us can contribute his/her grain of salt in makin this a reality. Maybe not now, maybe not today, but with patience, introspection, hard work, and this sense of urgency, it is inevitable 🔥. Sorry for the rant it’s just Elon’s mindset that got me fired up 😂😂

  32. Hiram Rios

    This is my favorite part, this guy is getting this thing off the ground and also Tesla at the same time, I can only imagine he gets 4 maybe 5 hours of sleep a night. Great seeing how odd and smart he is being aware of a lot of the details.

  33. T1000AX

    seeing this man trying to get to mars makes me feel like we should all be helping him

  34. Mel Dube

    Watching Elon think through every little detail… this guy is the real deal. Who would bet against him?

  35. Nathaniel Asaba

    This episode is highly motivational
    Seeing Elon and his “Mars Gang” onsite is breathtaking
    Thanks to Tim for the initiative and Elon Musk 🙌 for making it happen.
    Exciting times ahead for space exploration lovers

  36. Trooper 6190

    I really appreciated his talk with the engineer as others have stated. What struck me was through their talk about the launch table and over coming certain issues, they both agreed that they should have their contracted workers become full time (long term).
    The people down their didn’t know that. Their job could be coming to an end in a month or two and would need to contract out with an other company, and more than likely travel a great distance to do so. Little do they know, they will soon be offered some much needed and (I’m almost certain) appreciated stability, for them and for their families. To me, that was a neat little moment to witness.

  37. Daniel Jensen

    Elon was definitely getting tired and running out of things he really wanted to talk about at this point, but it was pretty cool to see a clip of him having a normal work conversation with the construction people.

  38. Jack Eppington

    What impressed me here were the work crews, and in particular the chiefs that were briefing Elon. They clearly are on top of the game, and they tried to give him confidence about their plans and schedules. Even if he just got the overall sense of the next 24 hours, he can have a sense of overall site progress. And of course, they never know what specific thing he might have questions about. He seemed satisfied, and perhaps because of the back pain and cameras he did not ask a whole lot of detailed questions. Now, we observers have a better sense of how the site operates as well!

  39. drew lovely

    The quote about the guided missile hit home for me. Always course correcting, as long as you are moving forward you are heading towards your goal.

  40. Ash Pathak

    I am so envious of those guys in the crew. Imagine waking up everyday and coming to work knowing that you are literally building the future of humanity in space. My desk job is so jealous.

  41. GregV8

    The sense of urgency in Armageddon was less than this. This made me feel good.

  42. Michael Leffler

    Nothing short of extraordinary. This is a template for success that should be scaled up on so many different levels. He is exhausted, but also truly obsessive in his vision. Self-examination is unavoidable after viewing this. What am I doing every day to better myself and those around me? How can I improve on it? Stunned, but in a good way. Kudos to Elon for taking the time to show the world a few hours of “how it’s done”.

  43. Wackyedd

    To future people watching this, yeps, we got to live in the era of Elon Musk, he made your multi planetary existence possible with the help of amazing people, I hope your enjoying it, don’t ruin the planet like we ruined ours, and beware of AI!

  44. Davy Jones

    This last 20 minutes is a master class on business management.

  45. Lewis Michael

    This is trully amazing. The palpable excitment of the personnel, like kids on Christmas morning, getting to play with the world’s greatest toys and hanging-out with Father Xmas himself to boot (who’s also paying for their salaries).

    This how things are done folks. Destiny waits for no man!

  46. Robert Jones

    Just imagine the mindf**k of all this. It’s like a scene from Alien or Star Trek or something else I can’t think of. No wonder Elon says he feels like he’s an avatar. A modern day Brunel, or Tesla. Amazing stuff

  47. Pontius Pilot

    Interesting how Elon won’t be taken away from his present train of thought at the very start of the video. He has a very focused mind that doesn’t want to consider that which is not immediately necessary to the task at hand. Great video series Tim. Peace

  48. Eto Hige Gamer Culture

    Cool inside look at what led up to the full stack we watched a few days ago.

  49. Pedro Silva

    At ancient times was the Piramids, nowadays is Starbase. The future is bright (I hope so). Elon inspires me so much

  50. alan connelly

    Elon’s SpaceX has made space passionate again for the world, something governments politics and can never achieve.

  51. alan connelly

    Will have to get Elon to wear a hard hat. He is far to valuable a world asset to mankind, humanity, and the world.

  52. Marriage Insider

    The guy with the red safety hat is full of energy mehhn!!! I like how he’s sharing the moment with everyone showing leadership and asking them to explain what they are doing…He’s the man!!!

  53. kasi satya

    This man is incredible, I am totally in love with his intelligence. Could you imagine being able to be around this man for days on end to explore his thoughts and processes. WOW, I mean wow.

  54. Aaron Moore

    Shout out to that dude who hugged Elon, “we go make it.”

  55. gaming Prof

    This is an absolutely insane video. Listening to the engineer for the launch table wow.

  56. Peter Ruby

    The excited face of a young employee telling her boss that they will most likely make it in 11 hours was like from some pioneering movie. She beamed with excitement, this was priceless to watch!

  57. RustySpace

    This felt like a first person game, exactly the same visuals and audio :O

  58. Gregory Thompson

    You can tell Elon is getting tired with the interview at this point XD

  59. Strategic Thinker

    “We have to mount this thing tomorrow guys. No excuses.” – run-of-the-mill boss
    “It would be amazing if we could mount this thing tomorrow, which looks like we have a good chance of doing so.” – inspirational boss

  60. paintednow

    This guy around 06:20 – I think I have never seen anyone so confident, direct and knowing his stuff. At the same time he’s not hiding any uncertainties it seems. Pretty impressive stuff going on. Wow!

  61. Lemon_to_go

    When they arrive at the launch site it feels like playing the first minutes of a video game. Awesome.

  62. De4dCert

    What an incredible insight into the build and how spacex are just going for it. Cant wait for the launch!

  63. Josh Sclafani

    Man, you can see how tired Elon is and how badly his back was hurting. He’s limping throughout the videos. He’s an amazing leader as you can see how everyone is eager to please him. They are working through the night to meet their deadlines. Kudos to the whole crew! We are all cheering for your success!

  64. Jixster

    This is gonna be historic footage in like 50 years

  65. Panda Tactical

    All I can say is WOW! What would the world be like without Elon. Love him or not its hard to imagine a single person who has made a bigger impact on our future!

  66. Venture Pictures

    Elon: “Were not thinking about that right now” has “these are not the droids you’re looking for” vibes lol

  67. Peter Mbweku

    I feel like watching a movie now. Elon is the guy that motivate me the most in this world. I wish he keep on showing us his gigs.

  68. Lee50

    Has there ever been a human being like this? Honestly the 7 kids, divorces billion dollar companies and I mean multiple with goals that are hard to fathom. You can see the workers are pumped all over his business’s. For me it’s truly truly mind blowing.

  69. Ash

    This is insane, we can’t get closer to History

  70. Twistedwires73

    Having been in the military as a senior officer, I had the opportunity to interact with many General officers over the years. I was never one to be too intimidated by rank, but I’d always feel a little tense when walking around my unit with a General who was there to check on things. Elon seems like a down to Earth dude, but I don’t doubt he is tough on his people when things aren’t what he expects. You can see it in everyone’s eyes when he walks up. They want to show him they’re doing good work. I can only imagine the pressure they’re under. It’s awesome to watch. Nothing historic will happen without people making it happen. History will remember Elon, but all of us will remember the army of unnamed people in videos like this that are making history while we watch. Thank you, Elon. Thank you unnamed badasses. Thank you, Tim. Thank you, YouTube for allowing us to witness history in real-time.

  71. Evan Cihon

    Hearing Elon speak about the processes and ideas was incredible. Seeing how his team interacts with him on site was over the top. It is an incredible look into a process that is functioning at such a high level, while also incorporating simple trust and teamwork ideals. So many learning moments within this 3 part series!

  72. CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    When Elon and the construction guys start talking it’s like a movie scene

  73. GDawg2K2

    Does Elon know how his value to humanity? My God, so much from 1 person!

  74. Lois Sharbel

    This is mind boggling! How he inspires these sharp, energetic engineers to work SO hard non-stop and care about what they’re doing is amazing! I will watch these projects with a greater sense of wonder and amazement from now on.

  75. Barron Greig

    This 3rd part was particularly moving to watch. It made me re-assess my own life and resolve to do more in whatever infinitesimally tiny way I can to create value for the future of others.

  76. patrick schneer

    I got really emotional watching this. Being a fly on the wall and seeing everyone working SO hard with such a sense of URGENCY toward Mars really got me. 沈

  77. Zachary Zimmerman

    Sooo anyone else think its hilarious that when Lunar starship enters the Lunar orbit, Lunar Gateway will technically dock with it because it’s so much bigger?

  78. nabefs

    The thing that the most impress me is the enthusiasm of the two space X employees particularly the woman when people working for you are like this you know you can achieve great things

  79. ncbuys

    The way this very important person in history talks to the guys on a building site is amazing. The income gap is huge, yet he has respect. Leadership!

  80. Pixo Bixo

    This last part was absolutely mind blowing and very emotional to watch how everyone is working around the clock because every second count. It was like watching a movie sequel for Independence day 2 and spacex is building this launch pad for biggest rocket ever made to save our planet from asteroid impact.

    Can you imagine where we would be if all people are working together towards the same goal.

  81. TimeBucks

    He is literally a walking treasure for mankind.

  82. Solving The Money Problem

    I got really emotional watching this. Being a fly on the wall and seeing everyone working SO hard with such a sense of URGENCY toward Mars really got me. 🥲

  83. Jaap van der Velde

    Nothing “Everyday” about this, Tim. You’ve created an important historic document here, regardless of how Elon Musk’s project works out in the end. Great work!

  84. TexanUSMC8089

    Elon Musk has a crew that understands the history being made, and they’ve done 5 years worth of work in 1 year. Here’s one of the richest people on earth, talking directly with the people doing the construction. There’s no middle man checking on everything while he sits in his office. He’s walking around the construction site seeing the little details. Incredible. I live up near San Antonio. I need to drive down and take some pictures of history being made.

  85. Scenic Fights

    Space X is the most exciting thing to happen to aerospace in the last decade. Looking forward to see where Space X will be in another 10 years from today.

  86. Rinoa's Auspicious Travai

    These construction guys are the kinds of people who make these mega-projects happen.

  87. Videos From Elsewhere

    This was such a power move for Mr. Musk to give real fans that are genuinely interested and knowledgeable such total access to the program progress and to his thoughts on things, instead of allowing any major news or media organization. They would only try to sensationalize or exaggerate anyway. Well done for asking such insightful questions and letting us see everything unfiltered. This is true journalism.

  88. Pete Z.

    Here is one of the richest men on Earth sweating in a tee shirt, being interviewed by a self made YouTube star. This is beyond inspiring. Glad I have lived to see it. I just hope Elon doesn’t know something about an incoming space rock we don’t know! LOL

  89. Kartikey Detha

    It was like a war movie.
    They are preparing for the war that is just to be begun in a short time.
    Everybody is in hurry and trying to do the preparation as fast they can.
    Elon has forgotten his car in the middle of the war.
    Best part of the movie is that the king is fighting himself.

  90. Captain Penguin

    Elon out loud: “I’ll be long dead before Mars is self-sustainable”
    Elon inside: “…while my consciousness lives on in Neuralink.”

  91. Cory Drybrough

    Musk is the Man, I have gotten countless hours of entertainment over the years watching the things SpaceX has been doing. The way Elon runs this company is amazing it’s fun watching him work.

  92. AcidicMentality

    “I’ll be long dead before Mars is self sustaining.” -Musk
    “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” — Greek Proverb.

  93. Captain G

    The pride Sam Patel takes in his work shines through. That’s what having a great leader does for you.

  94. Spencer Dansereau

    I appreciate that as smart as Elon is, he is fully aware that his senior engineers are at the top of their game and he absorbs what they have to say; attributes of a real leader. Sure Elon is brilliant, but so are all the engineers who work for him and he knows that and respects their design choices and values their opinions and ideas.

  95. Param Chauhan

    “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are days where decades happen”. Watching this makes me feel like we’re experiencing those “days” happen. What a time to be alive!

  96. Infinite Space

    It is pretty neat that the employees act like seeing Elon is just an everyday thing. They’re so fortunate to be working on humanity’s multiplanetary journey!

  97. Doug Brinklow

    I feel that the entire time Tim is filming this, his mind is repeating, “OMG I can’t believe I’m here, watching this!”. Excellent job.

  98. Joe Rader

    This is like maybe the best look inside Elon’s world that’s ever been seen. Well done, sir.

  99. Luke Alby

    It is just so cool to see Elon in his natural setting as CEO of SpaceX. This is such a rare and inspiring video. Thank you Tim for sharing!

  100. Bradley G

    Seeing Elon and his employees talking and interacting was probably the best part of this entire tour. seeing a small glimpse of the raw process was amazing

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