Starbase Factory Tour with Elon Musk [Part 1]

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Join me as I take a tour of SpaceX’s Starbase facility with Elon Musk as our tour guide! This is part 1 of 3, so stay tuned, there’s a lot more coming!

If you need some notes on this video with key points, check out our article –

Need a rundown on Starship? I’ve got you covered with our “Complete Guide to Starship”

02:02 – Conversation Starts
06:18 – High Bay
28:23.- Grid Fin
33:55 – Raptor V2
39:53 – HLS
40:45 – Stage Separation / Hot Gas Thrusters
48:00 – HLS (again)
51:44 – Outro

Extra special thanks to our Mission Directors! Peter Jordan, Nick Williams, Tyler Silcott, Mark Krieger, Roger Oldfield, PEDER HALSEIDE, Roberto Cordon, Benjamin Holland, Scott Maley, Robin Haerens, Rob Nunn, James and Becky Carter, Tim Engle, Taron Lexton, Chris Meleg, Corey Coddington, Chris LaClair, Peter F Maher, Steve Kemp, Vincent Argiro, Lars Nielsen (Denmark), IMAJIN, Nick , David A. Greer, Frans de Wet, Chad Souter, Sam Fisher, Arthur Carty, Lawrence Mansour, DLB, Chris Dibbs, David Glover, Max Haot, Ares Lovlyn, John Malkin, TTTA , Seth Pascale, Jared smith, Simon Pilkington, Héctor Ramos, Alejandro , Tomdmay , Mac Malkawi, Manalope , Tristan Edwards

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  1. Liêm Nguyễn Hữu

    “The whole design is wrong, just a matter of how wrong”
    my favorite quote from Mr. Elon

  2. Gabsare Sarg

    I love how there is just a dog walking around while in other companies much more stupid companies they dont even let you use your cell phone at work because it could “distract you”.

  3. David Noble

    The moment Tim asks a relatively benign question and it leads to Elon redesigning a Starship system on the spot. Priceless!

  4. Kaif Mohammad

    The greatest and intelligent person on earth right now ‘Elon Musk’.

  5. cqvio doli

    moments while he’s laying In bed then constantly jumps up. Lol

  6. Michael Kerr

    the fact that Elon has his dog Marvin with him at the plant was priceless.

  7. D Mar

    What an incredible human. Such a privilege to be alive during the same time as Musk. He will be talked about and studied in history books with the likes of DaVinci, Tesla, and Einstein.

  8. Sebastian B™

    This is incredible content, crazy how he gave you so much of his time, thank you for the video!

  9. Bobby Bands

    “I’m not sure if having this many things beeping is actually helpful” 😂😂😂

  10. Steve C

    In the space of a couple of minutes, “if everything around you is crying wolf, you just tune it out” & “all designs are wrong just a matter of how wrong”. Love this thought process.

  11. Eric Scott

    I LOVE how Elon realizes he should look at ullage venting on starship per application of his own production ideology. Totally a Eureka moment.

  12. Cale Therault

    I love the philosophy of reducing parts and processes. This is basically a modern day Sea Dragon rocket; it was super simple in design, but too big for the time.

  13. Daniel Chilton

    you gave Elon an idea – ‘he’s going to fix it.’
    Take a bow for helping improve the mission.

  14. Nerd World

    Historically corporate engineers are pushed to ( or hide behind ) department bureaucracy. Single ownership of a process is great, it drives greatness to success.

  15. Rohit Kulshreshtha

    Elon is truly an engineer’s engineer.

  16. Gary Hughes

    This is just the start of a new age.
    The wonders and the achievements of people like E.M are taking us on a wonderful journey into the unknown.
    Its a great time to be alive and to witness the changes that are taking place.
    Just saying.

  17. Benjamin Shropshire

    All problems are either: a lack of communication, a lack of time, a lack of money or the limits of physics. (And I think those are in order from most to least likely.)

  18. El Diablo

    Elon is so laid back, he just walks around the place with his little dog following him. Looking forward to part 2.

  19. Marco Malandac

    It’s so uncanny hearing hammering sounds in there. My mind is telling me that hammering shouldn’t be a process involved in making a machine that flies into space and lands perfectly on a barge. It’s like hearing sawing wood sounds in an operating room.

  20. Carlos Tarango

    “Arguably, now that you mention it, it might be wise to do this for the ship too…” – A design change in real time.

  21. LightWing Studios

    Tim knows his stuff! Even Elon thought about one of his points and said “We’re going to fix that.”. This is like watching two Brain Surgeons have a chat. :)

  22. Sahil P

    “All designs are wrong, just a matter of how wrong” my dude spitting facts

  23. Josiah Luscher

    I’m only 18 minutes in and this is the best thing ever.

  24. keyplayermark

    It is so cool seeing an interview with Elon like this. Not like the high pressure stupid question news crew. Good question and awesome answers! He seems so at ease with it. I love it! I hope there is more coming from Everyday Astronaut and Elon Musk.

  25. Cylo's Garage

    The point Elon makes towards the beginning about figuring out design vs manufacturing is SO IMPORTANT. I’ve been preaching this for years, if you want to be an engineer in the future, REMEMBER THAT POINT

  26. rebruisinginart

    Can we talk about how Tim just deadass contributed to the design of starship with the thrust on upper stage comment?

  27. FunkyMushr*(0.0)*m

    The thing that triggers me the most here is, that three years ago we were speculating about flying water towers… the developmental speed is insane!

  28. Been There

    Loved the way Elon walked us through the “Five Rules” beginning with “Don’t be stupid”

  29. The Shoop

    This is where you see Elon’s passion, Not in an interview room but out on the field in his element. I truly admire this man and Dam glad I am alive during this epic movement.

  30. cut

    I feel like it’s the first time I’ve met Elon, one on one, rather than hear him in an auditorium. Great interview !

  31. Jonathan Shell

    I love that Elon is literally revising the design of Starship in his head as we watch based on the questions Tim is asking. That is incredible!!! Amazing how Elon can completely dismiss his ego at will to accept any question (even from a YouTuber) as possibly a better idea than his initial idea.

  32. TheCarPassionChannel

    This is such great insight, both into the SpaceX factory and Elon’s thoughts on so many things. Thanks for bringing this to us Tim!

  33. Grotton Is Red

    At last….someone who appreciates the manufacturing engineers of the world. So many people who should know better think it’s so easy….it’s problem solving right from the get go.

  34. kYmo

    Can we take a moment to appreciate he called that building “Stargate” Elon is definitely an SG-1 fan! what a legend :D

  35. Ryan Yeti

    I love how much he likes that shirt. Owning his awkward moment.

  36. Jonathan Shell

    Tim: “How much does that Grid Fin weigh?”
    Elon: “I shudder to remember.”

    You could ask the crane operator behind you. He knows.

  37. piotr_ch

    he’s a genius. unbelievable pace of processing and solving problems.

  38. Steve Broome

    Tim, this is the reward you get for learning your craft and doing the hard work. I felt like we were listening to Mozart describe how he wrote a complete symphony You witnessed genius first hand. Very proud of you.

  39. Anonymous faggot

    I love how he talks about this stuff like he’s talking about the watering system for the plants in his backyard lmfao

  40. GarethWonfor

    How many owners of a company could talk about their products and processes with the degree of enthusiasm and knowledge demonstrated by Elon Musk in this video? – kudos to him, what an awesome Geek! – (also enjoyed MVP applied to the flaps! ;) )

  41. Stewart Ross

    As a retired Engineer and Physicist I was mesmerized listening to the free flowing conversation. it flew by, cannot wait for part two!

  42. Brent Daloney

    videos like this makes me respect Mr. Musk even more. He’s a billionaire that’s very busy running a number of businesses, but he still takes hours to talk with Tim (an average person) to get information out to the entire public internet.
    I haven’t looked, but I’ve never come across a video from Mr. Bezos like this.

  43. tomix1024

    By the way, it says a lot that he spent like 2 hours with you talking about rockets and actually enjoyed it, while he was not very inclined to do annually interviews with other youtubers ;)

  44. Tommy Lee

    This seemed so naturally off the cuff and an organic conversation while actually in the midst of assembly was so raw…very cool!

  45. Steve Krahn

    Amazing access to such a critically intelligent human being. Inspiring. There may be hope for the human race yet :) And considering ullage thrusters for Starship on the fly … humble. He seems to digest any idea critically.

  46. Milutzu K

    Those eyes belong to a tired man. Still impressive his energy.

  47. Griffey Johnson

    Would love to know what the “pores” or holes on the starship body are for. Are they planning burning methane on reentry as was initially discussed for heat dissipation?

  48. James T

    An hour with Elon is like a year in college, you just have to listen quick and bloody well 🧐

  49. BurningtunaDC

    This is just insane Tim. With the demands on Elon’s time it is amazing that he has the time to talk to anyone let alone for two hours. You are truly doing important work here. Thanks for shooting and sharing.

  50. Jay

    Mind blowing how smart Elon really is. Crazy that people still believe he’s just an investor. The man is one of the most important people to ever live on this earth

  51. Martin Wade

    Can’t wait for the follow up episodes – I can imagine this sort of insight into the development process thinking and engineering will encourage a whole new generation of engineers to choose aerospace technology as their preferred career path, just from watching a youtube interview – excellent work Tom and the team and Elon for being as open and detailed as he was !!

  52. Dean Kennedy

    I commend for consideration that the HLS doesn’t need to carry the RVac engines and tanks between lunar orbit and surface.

  53. Xeozy Zeoxy

    It will always amazes me how you’ve got the CEO of a company talking about the most small thing in the most detail. The guy’s head must be buldging with knowledge

  54. gourmayo

    never seen elon so comfortable speaking. Just goes to show how truly passionate he is about the spacex work. absolute legend

  55. Dean Kennedy

    “In process testing”. One of the problems with manufacturing done for the government is that the bureaucracy never lets you get rid of the in process testing. Part of why government projects cost so much.

  56. Matt

    People are going to be quoting some of the things he said here in history lessons a century from now. Particularly the bit about optimizing something that shouldn’t exist.

  57. PhlyDaily

    I love how we can see everything being worked on in the opening scenes. Only watched the first 7 mins, but got it saved for my lunch break!

  58. Ikeoluwa Ireoluwa

    “The most common error of a smart engineer is to optimize something that should not exist.”

    – Elon Musk.

  59. Wise4HarvestTime

    It’s good to hear Elon talk about the design and manufacturing process for cutting edge technology

  60. Ray L

    This is an example of what makes Elon Musk so relatable. During the interview he had a moment of inspiration of something that could be improved and didn’t shy away from calling it out. Most people of his stature cater to large ego’s that would prevent them from being real

  61. Heber Allred

    “I’m not sure having this many things beep is actually helpful”. 😂

  62. Arpedk

    Anyone doubting Elon Musk’s engineering and technical skills need to watch this video. I cannot believe anyone out there have the nerve to say Elon is not an engineer. Amazing insight in SpaceX. Great video thanks!

  63. MMA Fixer

    Only a fool will short any company, owned by this guy.

  64. Rogenson Kris Coilan

    “All designs are wrong, just a matter of how wrong” -Elon

  65. Nonyer Biznas

    Amazing interview. Elon never fails to impress and amaze. I would bet this interview will become very important to future generations. Kudos to Tim for the excellent questions.

  66. dylan trevena

    This is an excellent interview – what a difference it makes when someone knows enough to ask on topic useful and interesting questions. Thanks to both Tim and Elon for taking the time. This embiggens us all.

  67. Seth Apex

    I feel like having a ton of unused fuel on landing is a necessary cost of making sure you don’t run out of fuel. You can always burn fuel less efficiently if you needed to for some reason.

  68. Revy

    “Where beit the next one!” *Slams hand on mahogany desk* “WE DEMAND MORE CONTENT”.

  69. THE DUKE

    I’m wondering how it feels when you walk around your own space company and see only cars of your own car company ^^

  70. Clearphish

    Not quite everyday questions, and that’s a good thing. A total trip watching you guys talk. Thanks so much.

  71. 1DA19EC130 Shashidhar S

    okay this beats SmarterEveryday’s and Tory Bruno’s tour… i mean both are awesome af but still the rate of development at SpaceX is insane😌💯

  72. Clyde D'Souza

    Tim should win a Pulitzer or something.
    Amazing interview the technical detail and Tim’s ability to get into the nuances is what makes this awesome.

  73. Eskander X

    Love that he’s wearing the smashed Cybertruck window print and embracing it.

    “He might crack, but not break.”

  74. Your Subconscious

    I could not comprehend standing at the base of this! incredible.

  75. Drew Jenkinson

    The depth of this conversation is incredible and inspiring. Tim can skat about rocket science with the best of them. I fully expect this footage to show up in documentaries 100 years from bow that look back at this time in history

  76. Gerhold B. Kooper

    So much Wisdom, How-to-Think and Solving Problems shared which is so essential and applicable to any environment or discipline (I am in learning technologies)… Would so love to share this with colleagues and they absorb this, but I am not sure; typically ignored as being “gig stuff” when they see Elon… 😔

  77. Benny BooBoo Bear

    Elon here gives some really good advice that you won’t get with a typical interview. Hats off to tim for making this possible!

  78. Mr. Archives ✘

    *Wow this Elon guide is quite good at explaining rockets and finances. He should open his own aerospace manufacturing business.*

  79. Nick's Extreme Aquarium

    You can literally see Elons gears turning as he’s talking as he’s realizing problems in real time. Then, like it’s nothing, says “we’re going to fix that”. I feel like he has a lot of those moments while he’s laying In bed then constantly jumps up. Lol

  80. meggi

    elon has the talent to make little boys out of grown adults

  81. Josh Latterell

    This is the first time anyone has ever used “space ballet” and “mouse fart” in the same conversation. A truly historic interview, Tim.

  82. Marty T

    Very interesting, great interview. Fascinating to learn about the cutting edge of rocket science from the man himself

  83. Logan Krieger

    At this point, Elon just feels like a celebrity friend that frequently comes on the show.

  84. dboatrig

    This is probably the deepest dive into Elon Musk’s engineering thought processes that I’ve seen.

  85. JP vdL

    Elon mentioned on Twitter that he didn’t shower for five days prior to the interview for lack of time, the whole team being in surge mode for the first orbital launch. The fact that he granted you (and us) a 2 hours interview speaks volume to the esteem he holds you in. Congratulation to you and your team Tim!

  86. Willem vd K

    Needing the requirements to be bound to a person instead of a department is incredibly smart. Extremely simple, but done so wrong so many times. Genius.

  87. David R. B.

    Perfect timing, I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff “going on here” but haven’t heard too much official. Great tour!

  88. Luke Houben

    This content is supreme. I can’t imagine ever seeing a piece like this produced by a mainstream media outlet, nor would they know how to talk the talk. Exquisite viewing for the interested!

  89. Infinite Space

    Wicked tour, what an experience! Thanks for bringing us along 🚀

  90. Falcon9482

    It’s crazy how Tim went from asking only one question to Elon at a conference and tweeting him along with many other journalists to actually touring all of Starbase with Elon. Tim has gone very far in his career and will go even farther!

  91. Jardel Elias

    “A dino trap.” says the guy with a room full of Raptors.

  92. Scott Manley

    My father was an engineer and designer who specialized in developing manufacturing facilities and I grew up with an appreciation of how critical the optimization of manufacture is.

  93. Shriq

    I love how Elon references things from Tim’s videos, the fact that he’s a fan is so cool.

  94. Soyan Osman

    Can we just appreciate how absolutely insane it is that Tim pulled this off?? Hats off to you & the entire team – seeing you tour Starbase with its creator is seriously inspirational.

  95. LeoSkates

    When Elon stares off into space, he is actually staring off into space

  96. roverdad

    This is why you need a technical ceo for a tech heavy company. He is clearly deeply knowledgeable about the subject and the trade-offs of the decisions being made. Very impressive.

  97. Skul

    It’s fascinating hearing Elon talk. You can almost see the gears in his mind turning every time he speaks, like he’s constantly trying to improve on the very advances in rocketry he’s talking about.

  98. Tesla Owner

    “The most common error of a smart engineer is to optimize a thing that should not exist” – Elon

  99. NickFlightX

    “All designs are wrong, its just a matter of how wrong” – Elon.

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