SpaceX Starship SN8 Test Flight [Incredible Clean Audio & Real-time 4k Video]

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On December 9th, 2020, SpaceX conducted a test of their Starship SN8 prototype in Boca Chica, Texas outside of Brownsville. Despite very low expectations, it successfully lifted off, completed 2 planned engine shutdowns and reached its planned apogee of 12.5km.

Then it shut down its engine and belly-flopped back to the landing pad, successfully relit 2 of its engines, and performed a bellyflop to tail-down maneuver, before losing pressure in the fuel header tank, causing it to lose its engines and crash down faster than survivable, although right on target.

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This was shot from nearby South Padre Island along with Cosmic Perspective (Ryan Chylinski and Maryliz Bender), Spadre (Gene and Rachel Gore).

00:00 – T minus 10 seconds
00:10 – Ignition & Liftoff!
01:50 – Engine Shutdown 1
03:20 – Engine Shutdown 2
04:48 – MECO – Bellyflop
06:40 – Engine Relight & Flip Maneuver
06:50 – BIG OLE’ BOOM

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  1. Tal Johnson

    Beautiful, I watched it live and I just couldn’t stop smiling the entire time

  2. The Monster Mash

    Am I right in that you can hear it falling as it bellyflops pre-engine light up? Like a stereotypical WWII plane noise as they dive.

  3. Isaac Westawski

    still a beautiful success! this ship is literally going to be the first of its kind, and it did beautifully for its baby steps!

  4. Christoph Kitterer

    Great editing doing the whole flight perfectly cut through all these angles. Thank you Tim and Cosmic Perspektive for this great clip!

  5. cosmin

    One of the most beautiful and powerful things i ever saw. Thanks a lot man!

  6. Mathijs Wijkmans

    The sound is amazing

  7. Luke

    Absolutely genius, just wow…

  8. Bobby Coggins

    I love the sound of SN8 falling just before the engine relight.

  9. Tomás Gutiérrez

    6:30 the epic sound of a 13 story height grain silo coming down from above…

  10. FrikyMediaLP

    these shots are amazing!! Still blows my mind that it ALMOST made it …

  11. jonas hvass

    Elon walking around like a thug life boss, admiring the beautiful chaos he and his team inflicted upon their landing pad. Insane success!

  12. The Northwest Forager

    The sound really brought it to life. Loved the sound of it falling and the engines kick in right before the landing attempt.

  13. na63fets

    “Farewell, SN8, and we thank you.”

  14. random guy

    My emotions are still peaking five days after, this is now real life, guys!! So hyped for the future

  15. JanPogiMan

    Finally clean cut without screaming interruptions. Thank you!

  16. drew4021

    thanks for this one and for the historic record. that shot of Elon touring the wreckage at the end is truly iconic!

  17. Merxellus Gogou

    I really WISHHH we see the Telemetry Data on the next flight.
    Make it happen Elon🤧

  18. Mecke Duli

    7:47 is my new desktop wallpaper until I have one of SN on Mars!

  19. Ryan Hall

    The sound this thing made when those engines restarted is something indescribable! What a sick video!

  20. DetroitSteel

    Just before engine re-start you hear the sound it makes while falling… This is the first video where I can hear this…

  21. George Milojevic

    Still can’t wrap my head around this launch. Amazing footage!

  22. Ben Hay

    6:20 as that doppler shifting whine starts to ramp up! :O beautiful prelude to the engine relight and off RUD :P

  23. Claes Wikberg

    just WOW, im so impressed by the engineering and the build teams working at spacex, its insane!

  24. Wavetrex Infinity

    The sound is so loud that even the best microphones are completely overloaded by it and clip hard.

  25. Andrew Ballard

    7:41 I want your clothes, your boots, and another rocket.

  26. New Mexico Rocketry Revie

    I honestly liked the one with Tim Dodd screaming more.

  27. Zenn Labs

    When the two gimbals twisted independently I thought it had it… then the green flame happened :( so close

  28. dC_Furious

    6:40 re-watched going from horizontal to vertical 100x i absolutely love it. What a peace of engineering this rocket is <3

  29. Dave Fox

    one of the most impressive things i’ve ever witnessed

  30. Disruptive Times

    one part of me wanted to see this thing go boom, the other wanted to see a perfect flight. I got everything I wanted.

  31. Leonardo Centeno

    Amazon job! congrats to all the team, you’re really doing an extremely professional work out there 👏🏼

  32. Jason Rackawack

    I love how star hopper is there in the middle of the action.

  33. Matthew Hill

    One of the most magnificent things I have ever laid eyes on.

  34. Antonín Jedlička

    Oh boy what an incredible audio, must’ve been hard to record it this way.. imagine full thrust od super heavy

  35. wino99999

    I can’t imagine actually being inside a Starship during this crazy last seconds flip manoeuvre prior to landing…… That would be a wild ride!!!!

  36. Stefan Heymanns

    I am surprised you can’t hear Tim yelling and screaming on this video. He was only a few miles away, right? ;)

  37. Momin Fayaz Malik

    The whole footage including the last three shots were really amazing !

  38. Shuntsam2

    Beautiful! Who would’ve thought a belly flop would sound like a Jet

  39. Peter Dallas

    The Space Station going by at the end gave me chills

  40. Nick Schmitz

    Unbelievable shots, just amazing! You can see the magic going on at this place, especially on the video with the ISS flying by…

  41. More Than Money

    That music with Elon walking through the wreckage gave me goosebumps!

  42. The Random Tube

    This is next level! He said he was going to do something but I did not expect this😍

  43. Sai Vijay Ragav

    Tim Dodd is fighting with Spacex in making the perfect SN8 hop footage

  44. Elis Grahn

    I can’t get enough of this… Equally entertaining every time.

  45. Chronovore

    I can not wait to hear the sound of the super heavy booster with 10x the number of engines roaring to life.

  46. Stevan Matejic

    That shot with Elon makes me cry, so poetic.

  47. Aritra Banerjee

    Watching Elon Musk walking through the wreckage of SN8 made me cry… 😭

  48. engines and more

    Any rocket company: dont destroy the rocket, it will set us back years.
    SpaceX: hehe, rocket goes yeet.

  49. Xero

    Audio is bugged – it’s missing Tim’s freak out of “NO WAY! NO WAY!” during the landing flip. 😝

  50. SnapPilot

    I see this and a freaking cry – age 27 – I hope i can get on one of these one day and go die on the moon scrubbing space toilets’

  51. Yehuda Langer

    Wow! The entire production is super professional, but that ISS Flyover at the end is the perfect cherry on top! And to think it was shot by accident… keep up your excellent work tim!

  52. Matthew Littel

    Love the ISS flyby over top of the remains of SN8. Such an amazing shot Tim!

  53. Ismail Yusof

    It’s just insane that at this stage of its development phase, SpaceX’s Starship is already the most advanced rocket in the world. Period.

  54. C_O_N_T_E_N_T

    the pop those things made on relight
    imagine being inside for that.

  55. Alvar Lagerlöf

    6:00 looks so weird. Almost like it’s hovering.

  56. Rasmus Andersen


  57. adam berry

    Found the best song for SpaceX: To The Moon by Gain Altitude, great outro!

  58. devansh gupta

    that shot of elon towards the end was epic.

  59. R Kramer

    And this monster is “merely” the upper stage… Utterly ridiculous… and absolutely incredible!

  60. Wingnut

    Please get an interview with Elon Musk talking through what is happening in this video.

  61. Marshall Rapp

    Second most beautiful sound I have heard, next to the first cry of my son.

  62. JJ Abrams

    Is it me or elon walking in the site is pure badass

  63. ekoden

    That whole ending scene was reminiscent of an out-of-body experience – well done, my man.

  64. David Muncaster

    Watching this gave me chills. It’s an honor to see history being made. Thank you for bringing it to us Tim!

  65. flyingchimp12

    I can’t be the only one that thought they lost 2 engines and were just going to belly flop into the ground lol

  66. David Parker

    Mate, this video is literally, your coming of age production. Awesome!

  67. Pablo Anaya

    That was INSANE. Thanks a lot Tim and all the team for this EPIC coverage.

  68. Denis Yurin

    Honestly, the last shot – Starship wreckage under the stars – was pretty amazing too!

  69. João Abreu

    The sound is SO GOOD! It literally just made me cry of excitement! This is as close to feeling a real launch as I’ve ever felt! Thanks for it EDA!

  70. Jane Doe

    This gives me hope that one day we will become a space-faring civilization.

  71. TheStarMan

    I’ve watched this flight like 50 times and it’s still not less amazing to see!
    Congrats to the @SpaceX team for this awesome milestone👍

  72. AJ

    that shot with elon musk is so simple yet so inspirational i can’t explain it

  73. Petr Rohr

    The slow-mo shot of Elon walking through the wreckage! The focus pull from wreckage to build site! The ISS timelaplse! Dude, this is art!

  74. Waker of Winds

    I am still in awe at how smooth and slow the swing maneuver was right before landing. In renders it always looked so quick.

  75. QuantumSupremacy

    The wreckage looks like something out of Pacific Rim, everything is so huge!

  76. Dhaval Harsuda

    This feels incomplete without Tim screaming and going crazy

  77. Mayank Upadhyay

    I love the music at the end, gave me strange emotions on seeing SN8 last time, I hope the world will remember it

  78. aceg81

    That nosecone sitting right in the center of the pad after the rest exploded. Pretty much Kerbal Space Program IRL.

  79. Akhil C

    Hey Tim can we expect binaural sound in upcoming launches it would be awsome to hear rocket brrr in 3d ……

  80. Jimmyjam C

    The very best audio recording of a rocket launch that I have ever heard without all the distortion!! Great job!

  81. Darren Stott

    Tim, this footage is absolutely outstanding. Phenomenal stuff!

  82. Zinui

    crazy to just see that thing fall in style like that. engineering at its finest

  83. C M

    7:40 the best scene in my opinion. The man, the myth, the legend! surveying the aftermath…..”I never give up!”

  84. J Mack

    The Wright brothers would be proud- congratulations to the SpaceX Team!

  85. MrJohnManiac

    4:57 those nosecone RCS thrusters working their butts off! What a video.

  86. Bootstrapper Wilson

    This is Robert A Heinlein’s vision made reality (almost there)
    “Open skies.”
    “Safe Landings.”

  87. Jimbo Bimbo

    That belly-hop is the craziest thing I have ever seen! “Impossible” really doesn’t exist for them.

  88. Simon O

    This must be special- Tim was speechless the whole flight…

  89. Karl Struhs

    gotta make a poster of that shot of elon looking at the mess

  90. Marin Pelletier

    Can’t imagine the sound that 28 of them is going to make for the booster😱

  91. Jimbo Bimbo

    7:47 – Elon: “You did good, my friend!”

  92. CheapVlog

    6:39 Most badass move in spaceflight history.

  93. TheCommander1000

    starhopper just standing there, being like: “bruh”

  94. Tian Cilliers

    Best part is the steadily rising whistling of the air at 6:24 as SN-8 comes down

  95. broomy143

    Starhopper sat there like *”This is Fine”* whilst being surrounded by fire

  96. Dominic Hadley

    Starhopper: *Nervous Chuckle* “I’m in Danger”

  97. ben seniah

    It took them a week to edit out Tim’s screams

  98. Spider Guy

    Can we just take the time to thank the people behind the cameras for bringing this amazing footage to us? 👏👏👏

  99. Garage, Bagnoles et Rock'

    The last 3 shots 😍

  100. Jacob Clarke

    I’ve watched this launch possibly 100s of times and I’m still not bored of it

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