SpaceX Starship SN-8’s spicy static fire in 4k slow motion!

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SpaceX performed a static fire test of their SN-8 Starship prototype! Shot at 120 FPS in 4K. At this time the origin of the debris is unknown, but most speculate it’s something kicked up and not anything to do with the rocket itself. We should learn more soon 👍

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  1. Melody Srikanth

    Early! :D

  2. Ben Wilson

    it made that metallic groaning sound again at the end.
    Hopefully they don’t have to swap a raptor engine again.
    Tim. Ask Elon about that sound if you see this message.

  3. mawama takama

    Spicy? Oh Cheesus Lord, don’t give Elon Musk ideas. What’s next? Spicy Starship Wings instead of Tesla Tequila?

  4. the occupier

    And that flock of Birds took absolutely no notice at all

  5. Hejjo Moto

    THAT is awesome!

  6. Joy L

    Somebody must have left their stash of 4th of July fireworks under the rocket.

  7. Matt CA

    I want a version of this video with the scream of Godzilla.

  8. World Changer

    I missed it live. Thanks a ton for the glorious replay

  9. PeanutButter499

    Great Video as usual Tim, keep it up

  10. Doug InOrlando

    I wonder if the hot, high pressure hypersonic blast hitting the concrete causes ablation. That could destroy engines during launch. I expect pads to be covered with steel plate

  11. zenigel

    The birds got the best view of the static fire.

  12. Shaun Torpey

    awesome hadnt seen this angle yet.

  13. Aharon

    try the vid at 0.25 playback speed it is soooo dumb

  14. MaddMely


  15. Mel Clifford

    Go Tim! Great job as ever dude.

  16. rbg 1827

    “We’re going to try it with no flame diverter, but this could be a mistake.”
    – Elon Musk

  17. RandomMoon FPV

    I loved the ‘resonance -ORP-‘ noise of the valve shut-off… the slowed audio track really brings it out even more. Sounds like a big-*ss valve.

  18. wino99999

    perhaps someone forgot to take of the engine throat covers

  19. kauai diver

    That echo at the end is eery!

  20. Basque Wasp

    Wow! To the Moon and back in the bat of an eye…

  21. Erlich Gibbons

    gonna find my comment when this is ancient tech

  22. MICHAEL K Hobbs

    Way to go good job wish I could be there to see it take off.

  23. RechargeableLithium

    All Hail the Rocket Geese(tm)! LOL

  24. Jesus Cales-Rodriguez

    It made that Godzilla sound. All other static fires where the engine made that sound had to have an engine replaced.

  25. B3rnard

    I wonder what happend somthing exploded and the engines cut out

  26. Josh Maine

    I’m trying to explain to anyone who will listen just how crazy this rocket system is. I told a buddy just last night about how its going to land and he goes “but didn’t they already master that with the Falcon 9?”. Some people have no clue the show they’re about to witness when this thing flies and attempts to land.

  27. SuperVstech

    Awesome ice debris glow shower, and some VERY startled geese…

  28. Kamil_Zbrodziewski

    That sound in the end is like listening to a a-10 warthog. Cool but scary

  29. Gavin Balajadia

    Did we find out where the debris came from?

  30. Diarmuid Phelan

    It’s gonna work. That was a good sound:)

  31. Erik Medeiros

    Love the roar/honk at shutdown, sounds like some kaiju stuff.

  32. Aaditya Khanna

    I heard that they have started with the SUPER HEAVY now ?!

  33. Jim Bates

    Great clip. The birds flying by was a nice visual :)

  34. SpudzPlayz

    wow thats some amazing footage!

  35. Greg Chaney

    Someone left the instruction manual on the launch pad. And the burning pages were blasted everywhere during the test fire. That s my theory. 😎
    Cheers from Juneau Alaska,
    Greg Chaney

  36. Damian Ortiz

    Do you know when the 15km test is going to be done?

  37. Gregii flieger

    I can see Elon: “Ok,…. focus on Starship… light off the raptors…. enter the stunt geese….. Great! , that’s a take”….. :-) :-) ;-) lol

  38. Harvey 35

    Maybe it was just lights, smoke and some sound effects…just saying! 😀

  39. RC Tommy

    Nice! Any idea what those flying pieces are? They look huge 🤣

  40. siliconshaman

    and that was just one engine…imagine all of them firing! That’s gonna be awesome.

  41. Jiri Vondracek

    Those flying birds in slow motion looks like great artistic after effect addon. Put there music from arageddon end scene with F15 fly over :)

  42. David Webb

    And Elon thinks he will launch super heavy with no flame diverter 😂😂🤣🤣

  43. Benny Mellwing

    The SN5 Hop had a similiar debris explosion?

  44. Captain.K

    the static fires are always scrubbed and then they happen in the middle of the night so I can’t watch :(

  45. cozak23

    the honk at the end reminds of flushing the loo on an aeroplane .

  46. justin aldrich

    Them Birds flying by, were like WTF!

  47. John

    During the last hop there was similar debris flying everywhere just as SN8 took flight. Seriously hot thrust lighting up anything in its path. OK checklist complete…ready to skydive!

  48. Keen Heat

    oh nice, it actually happened. I had to go to sleep early from the live stream for work. Glad to see it didn’t get cancel at the end.

  49. Sampurna

    I can’t wait to see the 15km hop and the belly flop.

  50. Mike Robertson

    After seeing this view …. I’m almost thinking the rocket was blasting up ice that had form on the concrete.
    The debris keeps coming, so it doesn’t appear to be an explosion like I first thought. It will sure be fun to find out exactly what it was!

  51. young chai

    0:27 I have no more stress because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  52. Joost Kranendonk

    Nice work on the audio sync. Never thought of that.

  53. KUKUL

    Omg the roar of the raptors 😍 along with the shutdown sound 😍 Awesome!

  54. Aeric Moskowitz

    Absolutely spectacular video as always! Those birds have been immortalized for decades to come

  55. Niklas Koskinen

    Optimistically, it’s just something on the ground blown up by the exhaust. Pessimistically, one of the engines spat out some internal components, which were then blown up by the exhaust.

  56. subash sharda

    Hey Tim, what do you suppose those sparks were that started a second or so into the test?

  57. Abcd Xyz

    With those birds up there, the scene looks like a war zone

  58. AmiDonk

    I think someone forgot to move the boss’s car during startup.

  59. Bluestreak76

    Those birds went from dead asleep to warp speed in 1.2 seconds .

  60. thunderforth rc

    Ahh I think I just fell in love while watching that

  61. Christopher Howlett

    That flock of birds are the real gangsters, just flying straight through the clouds

    Badass aves aside, was the test supposed to be this short?

  62. mrnicktoyou

    Those birds flying past would have clenched those bird bums hard when that happened.

  63. FoldedEagle

    Just another stepping stone towards the future

  64. Seb T

    BRoo Look at the sound of those raptor engine O_O !!! amazing !!!

  65. MegaMilez


  66. Andrew Tinker

    Loved the sound in slow-motion, especially the ending base notes!!!

  67. Dirk

    Tim, I think you should add to the description that this was just one of the three engines tested.

  68. Beakerzor

    thank you for sync’ing the audio as if we were at the rocket, not a mile and seconds away

  69. Reghardt Jordaan

    Looks like chunks of concrete to me… imagine what the booster will do!!

  70. QuantumDesign

    birds: ah, what a lovely, peaceful night out here…

  71. Project Retro

    My mouth is on fire with this SPICY static fire!

  72. Mr Deplorable

    Waiting for that belly flop😁 full confidence in Space X…….

  73. Paul Spiers

    I wonder what that debris was flying out from under the Starship, looked like sparks.

  74. Ziyad EL-GHAZI

    That’s freaking awesome

  75. Đông Hưng Phùng

    SN8: fart out smoke and fire
    the geeks: wow

  76. Chris van Zyl

    “NASASpaceflight” labelled their coverage of the Static Fire “Single Engine Static Fire Test”, was this single engine?

  77. Batu Gunduz

    RIP concrete of pad A, you will be missed

  78. Cameron Hall

    We have liftoff!
    Awe, never mind.


    15 K hop. Here we go

  80. Cydonius1

    heavy booster with 31 raptors is gonna dig a hole a mile deep …

  81. andrew nelson

    Looking forward to the Scott Manley analysis on the sparks!

  82. SREE RAM

    Yaaaay😘😘😘 love your vid, you inspire me everyday

  83. The Covenant

    If there are somehow aliens living in underground cities in mars who comes out to surface occasionally for experiments and observations and just think about them seeing this gigantic behemoth falling from the sky like a meteor and safely landing on a far away plateau with that majestic sound of the raptors ,
    That would be a seen straight out from hollywood.

  84. BMW R1200GS Adventure

    Static Fire straight onto an Amazon Delivery Truck…

  85. Anunay Sinha

    What was that last sound, Engine fuel depleting completely since header tanks are small (just enough for landing) or something?

  86. Sebastian Niedbala

    Birds must have gone deaf after millisecond… then just carried on in complete silence as if nothing happened.

  87. Scott Simms

    Success or RUD, that 15K is going to be amazing to see! 🚀

  88. Fernando Ribeiro

    Hi, Tim! Do we know the origin of the “sparks” already?

  89. Freddy

    this gorgeous beast wants to fly already. Release the dragon.

  90. j-Tube

    Whatever went flying clearly looks back-lit to me from the engine flames. So it’s not “sparks” or anything on fire.

  91. DommyD

    “The World`s Loudest Fart”

  92. Ayece Channel

    There’s no way molten metal from the skirt would go down and then blast upwards. It’s probably concrete or any debris that’s on the stand or around it.

  93. Christopher Beddoe

    Some debris really flying there!
    That thing means business.

  94. William Wilson

    I was trying to count up how many full ignitions that area has been through. Two hops and multiple static fires already.

  95. Pvt. Duckling

    I just love that shutdown sound…
    I get why they are called “Raptor” engines.

  96. Roel de Vries

    Timing the static fire so that we have bird silhouettes for added dramatic effect. +10 style points.

  97. Ëë Mage

    Birds: We can fly too noisy metal thing.

  98. Kjorn Dogg

    maybe it was confetti for reaching the final milestone before the 15Km flight?

  99. The Exoplanets Channel

    *_”It is too round on the top, it needs to be pointy”_*
    -Admiral General Aladeen

  100. Garage, Bagnoles et Rock'

    so beautiful with the birds passing in front !

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