SpaceX Starship SN-5 4K in Slow Motion!!!

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SpaceX successfully test flew their SN-5 Starship prototype 150m!!! Shot at 120 FPS in 4K.

This video wouldn’t be possible without my incredible Mission Directors!!!

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  1. Vladimir Cerovic

    Waiting for two days and I missed it… Was there any notifications last night?

  2. Gustavo Mota

    Thanks Tim, Gene and Rachel. Great video!

  3. Jimi Dee

    Happy birthday Everyday Dad. 🎁👍🏻

  4. Đông Hưng Phùng

    They started with a water tank, and now the grain silo. can’t wait to see the next flying thing. lol

  5. Invert FPV

    So Epic, this is the start of something incredible.

  6. Peter Bustin

    I can do a similar thing with a coke can and some hairspray. Giza job…

  7. Steve NoWorries

    What a great site to wake up to. From the UK, weld one to SpaceX, reminds me of “First Contact” film 😍

  8. ViniByte

    31 of these roaring. gives me a reason to live a little longer.

  9. Heath64 64

    flying grain silo

  10. Efacel

    Saw this right after watching the original footage. Keep it up!

  11. Bradley Gallant

    first grain bin to ever fly!!!

  12. Gerard Hammond

    One of the best angles to watch from!

  13. Tom Alexander Trones

    Omg, I’m so happy!

  14. Pancho

    The mere existence of Elon gives me so much tranquility.

  15. Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex

    “Today marks the beginning of a new era, even though this is a small step. We are a giant leap closer to mars than we were yesterday, the future of interplanetary travel is upon us. *MARS* *HERE* *WE* *COME* !🔥🚀”

    *— Austin Barnard*

  16. Achban Ilacran


  17. markmd9

    I can’t imagine how those tiny legs will support the rocket on Moon sand.

  18. Георги Карапеев

    Aaaaaaaaahahahahaa MADNESS! 👏👏👏

  19. Wild Atlantic Man

    Amazing. Congratulations to the SpaceX team. Flawless test, or so it seemed. Let’s get the nosecone on…👍😎

  20. moths_are_cute

    You’ve got one of the best angles!

  21. Justin Robinson

    Awesome. Great video. Thanks for the coverage!

  22. Abdullahi A. K

    Let me comment so I look back and tell my kids how we followed this great endeavour every step of the way. Glad to be here. Godspeed SpaceX!

  23. R G

    Could someone please fill me in on the function of the awesome stream of gas that shoots out sideways before engine ignition?

  24. RazvanRus

    Tim and Spacex got me super excited for spaceflight for the past 2 years.Great job guys for everything! I was up last night so I can watch a silo fly!

  25. Robert Mardis

    I was hoping you’d post something like this. THANK YOU! Too cool.

  26. ReadTheShrill

    Elon’s next venture: getting grain to market in record time!

  27. Magsud Ahmadov

    That was amazing, but I have to say it looks like a 2 liter bottle inside a can.

  28. NexPlays

    NANI!!! I trying refreshing the comments section but none showed up????!!!!!🤯🤯🤯

  29. nitroxide91

    Amazing! Congrats to Elon and SpaceX for their hardwork and dedication.

  30. Stephen Rushbrook

    But it’s missing something…. oh , I know. Tim screaming his head of “yeh, baby. Grain silos can FLY !!!!!”

  31. POVHFR Videos

    So cool, so perfect.

  32. Air Guitar

    Can’t believe how awesome and hilarious it looks. That grain silo just literally rose into the air.

  33. Jörg Hauert

    Sooo Great Go See. Hope next time with nosecone.😀

  34. 3rd dimension

    Wow! just Wow!! is that with just one engine? my God that’s amazing!!

  35. Alpha Orionis 911

    So what is the leak?

  36. Carlin Comm

    Wow, great work :) That’s just beautiful! <3

  37. Simon Clarke

    Excellent coverage of the build up and flight, even if it was 1 am in the UK. Keep up the great work.

  38. Adan Akhtar

    I’m quite young (15), so I can imagine myself buying starship ticket to mars in the near future and sitting on that beast!

  39. priya rajan

    Good job space X…
    (Now I can tell my friends that I was not the weirdo that tells watertowers can fly)

  40. James Allan

    Totally epic shot! Keep up the good work Tim and the team!

  41. Bob Bostwick

    Well that’s by far the best video of it yet! I especially like the audio sync, as I don’t have my neurolink implant yet.

  42. Totally Me

    Watched this replay numerous times. I still cannot believe my eyes. 😲

  43. Cody's Dab

    Waking up at 5am was well worth it to wake up to this 😁

  44. Blake M

    They’ve done it!

  45. Irene W

    ‘Be aware when all farners catapult their silos into the air’ 😜😅

  46. Happymars

    How about Tim’s reaction in slow mo?


    This is one of those moments that will go down in history, the beginning and the future of economical space flight. Well done space X 👏👏👏👏

  48. Walt R. Buck

    First time in since I can remember that watching technological advance has brought me near to tears.

  49. Tom van Reeven

    American friends of mine told me that SpaceX is really their only bright light at the moment. Well, shine bright and give us hope SpaceX!

  50. Ahmad Haruman

    Even in Slow-mo those bird’s where going pretty fast. 😂

  51. Sinuous

    I can’t actually comprehend how big that thing is, wish I was there in person! And the complexity of this feat is just mind boggling.

  52. Victor A Palkow

    ✋ 😀🤚 HIII HEY Everyday Astronaut
    😀👍 🚀 YAY I AM LIKE 👍 🚀 WELCOME ! 🚀 🤗💙

  53. Kevin Kohagen

    Love this slow motion take!! Great job!

  54. Thomas Th

    Amazing footage

  55. Gabriel Velasco

    All those years that I was so smug when I would tell my family and friends while we were watching my favorite 50s and 60s sci-fi movies that that’s not how rockets land…

  56. omri godijn

    Wooooot! Woot Woot Woot! Brilliant coverage, so happy to see that thing fly. The angle you got was much better than the SpaceX team got in Boca. Amazing!

  57. Athan Immortal

    Thank you so much for the extra footage, Tim! And spacepadreisle!

  58. Bavreet Ubhi

    what a time to be alive

  59. Prachur Gupta

    Hey, mr. Tim can you please do a video on the raptor leak?

  60. Matt Farrar

    They made it look so easy! I was actually laughing watching it live, it is just a very odd sight to see but absolutely unreal. Congrats to all at SpaceX

  61. Ryan Ritter

    Should have got redbull logo painted on the side

  62. amkarkare96

    Those landing leg deployment is really quick. @Everyday Astronaut Can you talk about it?

  63. Bram Moerman

    Wot. . . another ad for the Elon Musk Silo Relocation Program?

    Can’t get to your corn? We’ll get your corn to you!

  64. Silber7

    1:39 ground system explosion?

  65. Rommel Reyes

    Bezos/Blue Origin…Hmm time to “hire” Space X engineers 😉

  66. slybirder

    This is awesome!!!! We needed this happy freaking silo to go up, deploy landing legs and stick that landing! YEAH!!!!!!!

  67. C Fandey

    Something blew up on the ground when it was lifting off!!! You see at tine stamp 0:07 that there was a flash of light in the smoke, different from the way the exhaust lights up the smoke. Then at 0:08 you see 6-7 large black pieces of debris fly up just to the right of the craft and moving away from the craft.

  68. Ricois

    I remember watching the Ring of Fire – Grasshopper video back in the day and I was flooded. This is so much crazier!

  69. Sangeeta Kumari

    I missed it last night but thanks for this great footage Tim
    Love from india🇮🇳

  70. bhavesh gupta

    Star hopper watching from the back cheering: Fly my child, Fly!

  71. Adam Mansbridge

    Alright we’ve seen a water tower fly, a silo take to the air

    Bring on Starship!

  72. nelimalu

    It’s literally just a tin can flying, and I love it.

  73. SRE Astronaut

    awesome footage! does anyone know what that explosion was shortly after SN-5 lifted off the pad?

  74. emily tallent

    can’t decide whether it looks like a silo or one of those hip reusable metal water bottles… i mean.. That Thingy On Top™️ looks exactly like a water bottle cap 😂

  75. Holden Bennett

    This looks incredible! Great work

  76. Joel Blechman

    A flying thermos! Totally need one of these for my lunch box! (OK, you have to be over 50 to get this.)

  77. Jimmy & Itzel O'Connor

    Great footage Tim. We Appreciate your work. Your reactions live realty set an exciting ambiance 😂 👍

  78. Wiledex

    Amazing! Great coverage of the hop today!

    Question for you Tim. With your relationship with Elon, have you been granted special access to cover these events?

  79. Nick Allen

    Yes! Interplanetary!
    (Look at those thrust diamonds!)

  80. Michael Welch

    Man, that single Raptor engine is powerful!

  81. Christopher Taylor

    I cried during the hop…

  82. wxb200

    Birds: “What the hell is that?!?!?”
    Humans: “…………YEAH!!!!!!”
    Cats: “I’ve seen better…”

  83. faux selection

    It’s a Bird!
    It’s a Plane

  84. Naby Keita

    Just a gigant silo flying croocked thanks to a full flow combustion engine powered by methalox in slowmo.

  85. Gagan KP

    The way you celebrate was awesome ❤️

  86. Spaceguy 1969

    Tim your SN5 static fire scrub stream made it #36 on trending a bit ago

  87. The Cool Factor

    Ah, a creative way to relocate your grain silo you placed in the middle of your midwest farm crops.

  88. EpicZantetsuken

    “For a brick, he flew pretty good!” -Sergeant Johnson

  89. UV

    Those birds freaked out

  90. Chad McElroy

    And by the flight of a grain silo, the future of spaceflight and human innovation takes a step forward. We truly are on the path to the human inhabitation of Mars! And I am honored to view it live!

  91. Rahul Nandakumar

    Someone was betting 10 bucks in the chat that it goes boom boom.

    Thank you kind sir, I am waiting for my 10 bucks! (Thanks to Elon and team)

  92. Malc Evans

    On my top ten of the most extraordinary things I have ever witnessed .

  93. Ian Dennis

    I am so glad I watched this live, even though it was in the early hours of the morning where I live in Germany. Thanks once again for the excellent coverage Tim, Gene and Rachel.

  94. Jerome Cabarus

    everyone in the comments: “Look! a flying silo.” “Flying water tower.”

  95. jasonsadventure

    Most amazing, exciting, Earth-changing thing I have ever scene.
    It’s like seeing a Sci-Fi fantasy becoming our real lives.
    We’ll never be the same.

  96. uʍop əpısdn sı əɯɐu ʎɯ

    I’ve rewatched this like 100 times today, and everytime it puts a huge smile on my face knowing what this means for the future of spaceflight!

  97. Thomas Chow

    2020’s so bad even grain silos wanna get off the planet

    Jokes aside this years been great for spaceflight so far

  98. Richardson

    This gives me hope to be alive when we arrive to mars

  99. Aditya Krishna Arun

    somehow a grain silo doing a hop is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all week

  100. Ian Milham

    I can’t imagine 31+ raptors on a single vehicle. That’s going to be absolutely wild

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