[SCRUBBED] Watch SpaceX try and land Starship SN15!!! (2021.05.04)

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SpaceX Starship SN15 will be attempting another exciting medium altitude test flight (~10 km / 33,000 ft). This UN-CREWED rocket will lift off from Starbase (Boca Chica), Texas under the power of three Raptor engines. At apogee, it will flip into a horizontal (belly flop) configuration for descent. Prior to landing, it will ignite three of its Raptor engines to initiate the landing flip before shutting one down. SN15 will attempt a propulsive landing on the landing pad, potentially becoming the first Starship prototype to successfully do so.

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  1. Bretton Woods vs BTC

    I know you are currently doing a live show but I cannot miss your past content (this show) as I love what you do. So I watching this first and will watch the next show tomorrow UK time
    Thanks so much for great content

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    ι’„η₯ 星舰SN15δ»Šε€©θƒ½ζˆεŠŸοΌ

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    Thanks for your coverage, and for your honesty in the title (scrubbed).

  6. iposhi2

    For some reason everyday astronaut doesnt feel like everyday astronaut anymore, maybe its because hes now very big with studios so its not just an everyday person hes a big deal now.
    And maybe thats a good thing

  7. Blade Wraith

    Kerbal challenge: as many launches to LKO as you want… But only a single trans burn to eve. But it has to deploy:
    a relay array
    scanning satellite.
    Manned return mission.
    Orbital station
    And at least 2 rovers. So dock all in orbit and then a single trans burn to eve…

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    I know i should be posting the challenge idea on twitter but sadly i don’t have an account so here it is: Eve surface landing and return with a air launch system. This is not only hard but worth considering. It might be better to do air launch systems on venus since you would experience more atmospheric ressistance so why not use it to your advantage. Close surface gravity but thicker atmosphere means ground level launches have more disadvantages compred to that on earth, also temperature too plays into this you need to get out of the thicker part of the atmosphere before you accelarate too much otherwise you’ll overheat. also maybe no parachutes because you would build something that can fly.

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    Happy Scrubmonth spacex!

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    LOVE the updates to the stream. really appreciate your hard work bringing us this content!

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    How does one spell SCREAM? Or, should that be SCRUBBED SCREAM?

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    Pretty views with the cactus blooming!

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    Have elon give you an old or not to snuff flight suit from the dragon program. You deserve it

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    If the production quality keeps leveling up at this rate, SpaceX is going to just outsource the Livestream to you! Lots of love for constantly upping your game

  19. Kikito Tejada

    I will tell you what happened to SN11: FAA

  20. eamonia

    Man, I was really hoping that SN15 wouldn’t have crashed…
    Just kidding, they scrubbed the launch.

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    The video is unlisted how does that work

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    i really hope SN-15 launches soon! i really need some inspiration in my life in this otherwise crappy year.

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    Why scrubbed again?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1:07:42 🀯 πŸš€ Starship model!!

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    So sad

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    how was this live 11h ago?

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    You are given away trad secrets with regards to the tesla motors !!!

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    Do the whole HLS mission. id watch that.

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