[SCRUBBED] Watch SpaceX try and land Starship SN15!!!

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SpaceX Starship SN15 will be attempting another exciting medium altitude test flight (~10 km / 33,000 ft). It will lift off from Starbase (Boca Chica), Texas under the power of three Raptor engines. At apogee, it will flip into a horizontal (belly flop) configuration for descent. Prior to landing, it will ignite three of its Raptor engines to initiate the landing flip before shutting one down. SN15 will attempt a propulsive landing on the landing pad, potentially becoming the first Starship prototype to successfully do so.

Need to know more information? Check out our Prelaunch Preview – https://everydayastronaut.com/starship-sn15-10-km-test-flight/

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  1. Gizmo87

    I don’t know why people were actually expecting a launch today, the weather was crap. And on the chat the other night on the Lab Padre cam, I also said the weather forecast was for bad weather, but no, people insisted there would be a launch. Look, I’m excited as everyone else to see SN15 fly, but I’m patient enough to wait for optimum weather so that we can have a successful flight, which is more important than ever since SpaceX won the HLS contract. Sheesh, too many people have launch fever.

  2. Dr mosfet

    Sorry about the Scrubbed, I was looking forward to.
    I have a question regarding reusing rocket fuel tanks after the rocket expended all it’s fuel, can it be for occupancy of Crew. I read somewhere that they where developing plans for main shuttle fuel tanks, to turn into a space station before the ISS, was there a flaw in the ideal of reusing rocket fuel tanks for occupancy? And if not could SpaceX do something similar?

  3. Max Krumholz

    Watch SpaceX try and land Starship SN15!!! Where?

  4. Anthony Archer

    Lol 2 and a half hours!

  5. Nina Kleemann

    I like the new design, it rocks! But honestly, i think the only you version of the stream was way more smooth to watch. The female voice was bothering me (also her questions). Feels you are talking now to the team instead of us. Leave this kind of livestream better to nasaspaceflight, there it feels way more comfortable. The double face cam perspective was also hard to follow/watch over hours. Anyway, you try to do what people votet on twitter. No hate, just my opinion and a feedback about the stream changes. Still love your amazing videos! :)

  6. Saksham Narvar

    Thanks for the stream👍👍👍

  7. Recon

    Mann I stayed up to 3:30am and passed out hoping to see a soft touch down when I woke up.

  8. Aj Torres

    Watch how spaceX waste everyone’s time waiting to be cancelled at the end

  9. Andy Lendrem

    You would need a lot of dragon capsules to ferry 100 people up to the starship.

  10. Paul Meyer

    Just hang in there.

  11. Bhaskar Krishna

    Hi, would you consider Thermal cameras to cover fog situations and different perspective as well ..

  12. Roger Barraud

    CactusCam <3

  13. ED&EV

    Can I ask? When will be the second attemp? Thanks Tim!

  14. Tony Hernandez

    too sad! Try again when?

  15. Tony Hernandez

    Too Sad!!

  16. Mrfluffybeehive

    It never took off

  17. Antss Skatesalot

    Sorry for the scrub love you Tim

  18. Wilfred Darr

    “You can’t choose where you’re from” isn’t an excuse for a nation that habitually steals technology from other nations while hoarding (literally executing people they catch stealing) their own, for a nation that ignores their government’s human rights abuses, and ignores international treaties to which they themselves have signed!

    The idea that this ethos could be taken into the next phase of human history as we colonize our solar-system by what at that time will likely be the most powerful country in the world should give pause to everyone, no matter how much you appreciate the fact that they are moving human space flight forward.

  19. Ak Wakatsaka

    You can tell when Tim has had a good night’s sleep 💪💪💪
    This stream was on fire 🔥

  20. Shad0wAngel

    NASA has suspended the $2.9 Billion moon lander award to SpaceX citing protest from rivals.

  21. mongol shonny

    What is the highaltitude record?

  22. Quest for knowledge

    So is our ludicrous future scrubbed ?

  23. Mr. Pete Channel needs 90

    100 upgrades my foot!

  24. klong8963

    Great production really upping your game. Like MaryLiz Bender in tandem with you Tim.

  25. Steve Anderson

    when you change distance from a reflective surface and your sound frequency and velocity remain a constant you will cycle through reflection backwalls as you move through distances that match the distance of the wavelength, the cool part is the diamond pattern in the thrust-er is representative of the wavelength. i wonder if spacex is throttling down on lift off to reduce energy as they approach constructive reinforcement and throttling up as the approach destructive reinforcement…

  26. Daniel Kazmer

    What’s with the false thumbnail? Hmm?!

  27. ThrobbinHood

    The 2nd host REALLY killed the vibe/flow of the stream for me..

  28. David H Haindongo


  29. The Funny xD

    POV:You missed the live

  30. Steve Anderson

    yes DB’s are logarithmic(as you observe them on screen and volume based, amplitude) but as the phase’s line up they are directly proportional, in other words equal and opposite phases cancel out the energy and when sound lines up in phase they double…PAUT/TOFD NDT guy <--- and im sure that the launch pad studies are focused on learning about it due to the fact that mars wont have premade landing pads.....

  31. Steve Anderson

    I feel like learning about rocket flight and space travel is a black hole of learning, just when i think i’ve found a way to fully understand something based on Kerbal(and matt lowne), you, scott manly, spacex i learn a better way to understand something in such a way that it can be applied to an everyday astronaut who is enthusiastic about space flight but chose a path other than real astronaut. I’m sure that all of us who aren’t flying in space hopefully embraced the gifts we have! I think the reason we are so enthusiastic is that as spaceflight becomes more common and less expensive the chance of getting a job in space becomes more plausible…. im betting on Elon, SpaceX, and you guys!

  32. Ronn W

    Hey Tim thanks for streaming this for us. I think you have the best reactions you can really feel the joy that you have and it is infectious. :D

  33. Rudolf Wickond

    Cant they just put the SLS upper stage into the starship cargo? Since SLS ist man rated it should be safe.

  34. This username is already

    What happened

  35. Donald Battles

    With all of the problems that Space X is having with Starship, I think they should stand down and bring a technical audit team to audit the entire operation including design.

  36. Abso 45 fly

    awwww you chaged the communications will staqrt soon i liked dthe other one

  37. mysterioso 100

    Much ado about nothing.

  38. grantbent

    I liked seeing the view that included the location of the “cactus cam”. It gives a worthwhile perspective on how you are covering things.

  39. Crasy Fingers

    do they only attempt to launch on week days? no possible window sunday?

  40. Floyd Bertagnolli

    I’m watching a pre-recorded session. I hope you read these post facto.
    The cosmic perspective assistant was very pleasant, but her voice/mic volume was much lower than Tim’s.

  41. Ian Lowe

    “scrubbed” originally had a more literal meaning. In the days when aircraft or train departures were actually chalked up on a departures board by humans, then “scrubbing” a departure literally meant going and wiping the departure from the board. it’s an analog term in a digital world.

  42. Javimarulu

    Musk: “bunch of people will die in the process”

  43. SFG


  44. Chad Messer

    I’m sorry but I’m not digging your friend she isn’t a good match for you on the show

  45. Edward Schoenman

    If Starship gets dirty, do they scrub it?

  46. Jay Kay

    I used to go camping on the beach on the Gulf of Mexico back when Boca Chica was known only as where the Rio Grande river emptied into the gulf. There was nothing out there except for the beach and the occasional Border Patrol coming by to make sure we were not illegals.

  47. Andrew Goodall

    I probably would have missed it so I guess I’m lucky it was scrubbed. That feels wrong :/ . I guess it won’t fly at weekend.

  48. Eduardo Urrutia

    Working at the moment, didnt get to hear what happen. So
    What happen if ANYBODY can tell me please. Did the launch happen or do we have to waite till tomorrow? Explosion?

  49. William Palacio

    Two and a half hrs,, to listen to your silly crap ( get lost)

  50. Mr. Beidl


  51. David Menard

    What doe’s scrubbed mean really i know it’s aborded launch but why scrubbed lol

  52. MrGlenspace

    I would be shocked if launch next week. Elon will be in NY for SNL. I could see a weekend try or wait after next week.

  53. Alain Isabelle de Montréa

    Last guy to leave the LEM upon first landing on the moon, Last team member to kick the boquet. I saw you in black and white. Your one of my hero Buzz have a smood saling.

  54. Hossam Zayed

    I was late so i couldn’t join in in time but when I came to join I found that the title was changed to [Scrubbed], so I decided to open the video just for the sake of saying Thank you “Tim” for being a one of kind honest and decent you-tuber. All the respect and best wishes for you bro

  55. Passing Through

    I knew it … this one is going to take more than a month. Not holding my breath anymore. The thing can crash as far as I’m concerned and we can wait for the next one. No rush.

  56. jbizzle1966

    One would think that with all the experience building the Merlin rocket they would have addressed all of these issues.

    With that said why was the launch scrubbed?

  57. IRri

    Just want to premiss . Moon and Mars landing pads. Sell leveling and pregradeing of locations. Assembly touchdown sites. Later catching facilities towers. Starports. .🤔😎👍

  58. jbizzle1966

    One would think that 60+ years of making rockets we should have this down by now :(

  59. larkiedeek

    Really good broadcast. Thanks.

  60. Oliver Weeks

    Love your videos and content dude. Tip though, speaking as an audio engineer, please try HPF (High Pass Filter) your SM7b mics to 100hz or so, there’s a switch on the back. Will get less plosive overloads on your speech. Thanks for the amazing work. You guys are ace.

  61. Des Marron

    Mary Liz is very lovely

  62. Ethan Forsyth

    The men on mars by 2024 no longer feels impossible

  63. Rusty Viking

    I rushed home from work too =[

  64. Richard DeVenezia

    As EA gets more and more popular and watched, have you considered taking on a Deaf interpreter ?

  65. Stricker sniper

    cactus cam pog

  66. Alex

    Windows: 8 -> 10
    Apple -> IP 8 -> 10
    Samsung: S10 -> S20
    Spacex: Starship SN11-> SN15

    WTF is it with companies and skipping numbers?
    Are they actually expecting us to believe they magically made so much progress?

    Next year Intel will probably unveil their brand new process, 14nm+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  67. Jan Heimann

    RIP Michael Collins

  68. Hervé Turcotte

    Thank you for this high quality stream, it looks so professional, this is world class, well done! By the way, I really like this format with MaryLiz and Tim presenting and the new graphic design is amazing.

  69. JazekerXX

    why is it scrubbed?
    and when is the next lauch attempt?
    anyone knows?

  70. Bagus Nurdiansyah

    Watching the entire live stream for 2 hours and 30 minutes just to see flight was cancel

  71. ckuno


  72. Emerson Farah

    Virgin Galactic to close a deal to use alcantara base in Brazil
    it is close to the equador line and will save 20 % of fuel

  73. Vorn Ame

    Next window?

  74. Fam Borghi

    lo spruffio non spruffia

  75. Elias Kjærbo

    We need a name for the cactus in the cactus cam!

  76. Triadne

    Thank you for the stream today Tim.

  77. I love pizza 41

    @Everyday Astronaut Tim should just move Down to Boca Chica

  78. Chitranjan Baghi

    someone please save us with the timestamps.

  79. Navi Yemen

    What happen? It was supposed to launch today.

  80. Boboy

    Scrubba dooba

  81. William Jönsson

    Great stuff when next try?

  82. oh no

    so monday??

  83. oh no


  84. Not Pog

    Scrubbed, rip :(

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  87. Liam Robins

    Yes,Yes,Yes………………….. But No,No,NO

  88. AwesomePuppy404

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