(SCRUBBED) Watch SpaceX Launch 57 Starlink Satellites PLUS 2 other BlackSky Global satellites!

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SpaceX will launch 57 Starlink satellites and 2 BlackSky Global satellites on their Falcon 9 rocket. It’s expected to launch on July 08, 2020, at 15:59 UTC, from Launch Complex-39a (LC-39a) at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Starlink 9, is the ninth operational launch of SpaceX’s Starlink communication satellite constellation.

Want to learn more about today’s launch? Check out our Prelaunch Preview! – https://everydayastronaut.com/starlink-9-falcon-9-block-5-prelaunch-preview/

  1. johnpew2

    Every Day Astronaut, you have a serious malady. Please learn to curb your obvious desire to talk. Verbal diarrhea is ruining your presentation.
    Keep trying.

    ver·bal di·ar·rhe·a

    the fact or habit of talking too much.
    “was it necessary to have the narrator exhibit verbal diarrhea throughout the entire picture?”

  2. Black Shelby

    I think falcon 9 will retire when starship becomes operational

  3. Fouad Farah

    Has ed Baker 😬😬😬😠😠😠

  4. David Kositsky

    Lights please turn them on

  5. Dorothy Jones

    You can’t use nuclear power in space because it put so much heat you can’t cool it in the ocean new cooling but in space it takes what they say a football size he defacement thing to get rid of the excess heat so you won’t be seeing it soon

  6. TheBossJC99

    too bad it was scrubbed

  7. Lincoln

    Serious question. Does anyone have a device on where to go to find out how to be a space janitor or just does anyone have a device on where to go to find out how to be a space janitor or just a maintenance man in space. Has anyone opened up a school for all of this?

  8. Piotr K

    Greetings from Poland across the water in the middle of the Europa ;) Love your materials, comments and growing knowledge of rocket science ;)

  9. 69JayBee

    Hi just asking if you have spoken about the Chinese rocket and unmanned lunar landing vehicle on the dark side of the moon. Thanks

  10. Alyssa A

    Tim they are launching starlikin

  11. 69JayBee

    David Little…… I feel sorry for his marriage!!!!

  12. Lloyd Sing

    Visl cameras are going to be A1

  13. space nerd

    Why such a dark studio? Feels like I should be getting ready for bed watching this. Maybe add some lighting Man

  14. pulesjet

    Guessing the fairing are light enough to survive the Fall. Space X has become more then proficient at this reusable thinking. Five seems to be the Standard today. 8 or 10 will be coming I think.

  15. fuba44

    Is it over yet?

  16. edward thor

    Is Tesla spacex involved with Apple.

  17. gasdive

    Love that you changed the title to show the scrub. I don’t stay up for them if they’re at weird times. Thanks! (now to put a like, because I’ve appeased the algorithm with a comment and I’m already subscribed).

  18. Valorie L

    67 yr old female here watching. Who knows, your base may be more female than you realize. Love watching your vids. Your positive attitude and knowledge are a big plus.

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  20. Wayne Ryther

    include us on your studio makeover… let us in!

  21. fuba44

    Ah, 2 minutes.. sry.

  22. SustainAbility Speaking

    Starship orbiting the Moon awesome plan like a station. Practical as a junction between Lunar Earth travel

  23. Brett D

    Tim, good rant. Keep staying positive, Hoping for a hop next week.

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  25. stuartajc

    6:24 did you say “hollowed ground”? Certainly sounded like it. *Hallowed*

  26. Ian Dennis

    Thanks for hanging out after the scrub I really enjoy just hearing you answer questions and talk about rockets

  27. Dorje Boleskine

    Your music is fantastic! 😊👍

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  29. Wyld WolfDragon

    Me: Can’t wait to see the ship launch! But… why has no one posted a timestamp?
    Timestamp: 21:21
    Me: Nooooo you can’t just add more time!
    Timestamp: Hahah Launch go bye bye **Windows XP Shutdown noises**

  30. Mel Clifford

    You gotta stop covering these Tim – you’re jinxing the whole program :)

  31. WingfootMcNova

    Tshirt sizes are weird bro. In the last 5 years I’ve honestly had M size to XL size fit me well depending on the brand and source. I’ve only varied by a few pounds in that time frame.

  32. David Little

    One of my favorite sayings is” If two people agree on everything, only one person is doing the thinking!”

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