[SCRUBBED] Watch SpaceX do nothing with Starship SN9!

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SpaceX will be conducting a 12.5 km test flight of their SN9 prototype vehicle. This flight will be a repeat of the largely successful SN8 test flight, with some possible minor flight profile changes.

SN9 will lift off from Boca Chica, Texas under the power of its three Raptor engines. The Raptor engines will shut off one by one during ascent to decrease loads and acceleration on the vehicle. At apogee, the single Raptor engine still burning will initiate the vertical-to-horizontal flip before shutting off. SN9 will make use of its body flaps to keep it stable during descent. Prior to landing, SN9 will ignite two of its Raptor engines to reorientate itself back into a vertical position and perform a propulsive landing.

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  1. Andrew Britton

    It did not fall over

  2. Arslan Nauman

    Sn9: massive super heavy rocket with 30 raptor engines
    Fog: *i am inevitable!*

  3. Baerchenization

    Is there a timeline for testing a rocket with a full configuration of 20+ boosters?

  4. Scott Simms

    That new title though 😂

  5. Paddy Personal

    Humbolt? Lunar Orbit Rendezvous?

  6. Skullinor

    This title : See how SpaceX do nothing with Starship Sn9!
    Me: Oh well let see if it launch

  7. Kevin Riley

    better than being gone with the wind

  8. Joel Andersson

    Eileen, Eileen, Eileen, Eileen
    I’m begging of you please don’t land like Snate
    Eileen, Eileen, Eileen, Eileen
    Please do stick it, I just know you can
    Your beauty is beyond compare
    With flaming Raptors in the rear
    With stainless skin and flappety flaps
    Your tiles are ceramic hexagons
    Your voice is like a thunder storm
    No one can compete with you

  9. Francis Schweitzer

    The weather is Tasmanian Devil wicked

  10. Frank Agustinus

    Everyday Astronaut : Hi, wanna watch SpaceX do nothing with SN9 ?

    Me : Sureeee !

  11. Cal Vector

    Dropping a like simply because I support you. They’ll light that candle eventually!

  12. Ketan Ramteke

    Title: That’s not much, but it’s honest work.
    I literally had dream about SN9 landing and woke up to see this 😂

  13. Anonymous

    Yo I just woke up from a dream where I (somehow) found myself outside at spacex on a clear sunny day, and in the distance there was a massive gleaming starship on the launchpad. I just sat down and took in the view

  14. Nick Howland

    shouldnt we build a bars gatewaystation like on the moon on i duno phobos instead of just in space… and if thats not a good idea why?

  15. Justice Vanpool

    blueballed again

  16. DragPlaysGames

    I wish the description was also changed
    “SpaceX will NOT be conducting a 12.5km hop…”

  17. Stefen Smith

    Why couldn’t they build down like a missile silo for super heavy and use that to “catch” it as it comes back after a launch? It would make it easier to stack with the opening at close to surface level, easier to catch because loads could be distributed to the surrounding ground , wouldn’t have to worry about high winds damaging it while stacked or it falling over. Sounds like a win across the board

  18. Musicman 3rd class

    Even though it gets near 1 million views,wtf

  19. Eb Ashford

    Upvoted for title frankness.

  20. tripakastayw

    At least its in one piece and not like lego sets were you need to assemble it

  21. Harding

    If they scrubbed doing nothing with sn9, does that mean they launched it?

  22. Brian Frost

    Very odd, 879k subs, 824k views within 9 hours. Only 121 comments? These numbers seem odd to me

  23. Tyler Walter

    Woah that was a roller coaster ride of both joy and suspense 😂🤣

  24. PEllOW

    yup… a rocket

  25. Daniel Whyatt

    Well we all saw that coming. I didn’t even bother watching the live stream for 10 minutes today because I just knew it wasn’t going to happen. Like, when has it ever actually happened on the first day!

  26. Mike F

    Sls will never fly

  27. Roger Bradford

    Went to bed at 4.30am…looks like I did the right thing. Now 1.12 pm Australia Day : )…

  28. jimmy G


  29. DROID Dullaghan

    It is Australia day today all of us Aussies got up early to watch sn9 fly

  30. Josephine Lanzanas

    Well frick spacex

  31. Dark Waters

    Still 1000% more entertaining than anything on mainstream daytime tv..

  32. MR Channel


  33. Puuding Music

    I still clicked on the video despite the title saying they did nothing cuz it’s Tim

  34. Crasy Fingers

    anybody knows if they’re gonna attempt again to launch tomorrow?

  35. TheCrossroads09

    The ads were the most exciting! I watched until the end!!!

  36. Javier Garcon

    To be honest, letting us see Space X and their progress in Bocha Chica launch site is like watching Anthony Bourdain (RIP) visit other countries and describe how food taste… No different and just as exciting for us to watch..

  37. Ramil Malabago

    Finally! Perfect landing.

  38. howard wang

    Not sure what is in plan and plot

  39. Eugen Pop

    Rather do nothing instead of faking things.

  40. Jack Goodell

    how much fuel on the turbo pumps on the rocket engines use , does anyone know ❓

  41. Wagner Duro

    Well until the sn9 launch you can do traffic signs with your flaps 😂😂😂

  42. chuck holverson

    probably needs to go tomorrow.. they need the space. Main goal, just land and yank the raptors. Learned enough from the 8-9 cycle. On toe SN10-11. 12, 13, 14 gone. SN15 has all the new stuff. Gonna be fun.

  43. Jynxed Koma

    Loving that title.


    The title is amazing😂

  45. T Costello

    Someone’s been in Boca Chica too long!

  46. sloma111

    They didnt even chill nothin? Dude!

  47. James G

    such a waste of time waiting for this and then they cancel it

  48. weekiely 123

    Not sure if you’re aware but Thunderf00t has used you in his latest video. He accused you of looking at everything through “rose tinted glasses”.

  49. bautista mercader

    Cmon, do something

  50. Experimental Rc

    How are you not at 1mil yet ?

  51. Pip

    Pity about the wind problem… did you say when the next attempt will be…?

  52. Sammy Martinez

    That title lmfaooo

  53. AdonisGaming93

    well I had work today so im okay with it not going up

  54. connerrileythomp


  55. El Inextricable

    eda: “Watch SpaceX do nothing with Starship SN9!”

    many thousands of people: “Pretty exciting if you ask me!”

  56. Gerard Cabezas

    I think it’s amazing how starship managed to stay 4 hours without making anything

  57. DMart

    Time stamps? When does the nothing start?

  58. unknowngabriel

    This passive agressive title is gold

  59. Chuck Packwood

    I miss learning stuff here..

  60. porkisbad

    The launch went pretty good landed exactly where it started. Tomorrow it will launch for the second time. Couldn’t have asked for a better or more cool rocket and now its proven it can be reused after todays perfect launch and landing. Go spacex.

  61. William Yamm

    Thanks from France for your channel !

  62. death13a

    So did it successfully land if it never took off?

  63. Michael Skywalker

    I knew it would be scrubbed after watching for 5 minutes on the other amateur channels. The highest windspeed I saw at Boca Chica was 35 km/h and they were showing a 26 km/h speed with 35 km/h gusts. The temperature and wind speed is important data to show as well.

  64. Christopher

    Quick check that its in the same spot and in one piece.. yup scrubbed! LOl

  65. TheAverageRobloxian

    “Watch SpaceX do nothing with Starship SN9!”
    They really didn’t do anything though.

  66. Wuz314159

    What’s interesting is not that you recorded Starship doing nothing…. but that you recorded four and a half hours of Starship doing nothing.

  67. Rafał

    I don’t even wait for live broadcast :) like you say and your title to this video says. But one day video of SN9 not destroying itself during landing :P, will came to me by itself, I hope :D


    so did they launch or no

  69. Aure Sta

    Title wasn’t lying..:)

  70. Doctor D

    4 hours and 28 minutes …..

  71. Ensei Mada

    The start of streaming is 12:30 am.
    Glad I didn’t watch.

  72. jay mark kabo

    I’m watching anyway after seeing the title.

  73. Karmageddon B.

    Nice Clickbait !!! :D

  74. E

    Go home guys lol it’s would be an engineering and theor nightmare if they went

  75. E

    Strong south wind in my area (south fl)

  76. Skhumbuzo Sihoma

    I’m definitely gonna stay tuned until it happens

  77. Jennifer Means

    The title 😂😂😂😂😭
    Reminds me of sitting on Cocoa Beach getting sunburned for no reason 😂😂😂😭

  78. Karl V

    Ha ha, great title…

  79. Ammon Christiansen

    Imagine you spend all day toiling out in cold and windy Boca Chica, monitoring the weather, checking tank pressures, executing safety protocols, only to get told from upper management above that all your hard work had been for naught today. The launch would be scrubbed. Crushing. Defeat. An emotionless void. All because of some callused directors with no ambition or faith in your projects.
    But you knew that you had worked hard, harder than any journalist or vlogger ever would. You retire for the day feeling satisfied, if in nothing else, yourself.
    But then, you flip through your recommends late at night, and see a specific video. “[SCRUBBED] Watch SpaceX do nothing with Starship SN9!”
    Watch SpaceX do nothing with Starship SN9.
    You feel your blood boil. Your fingers tighten around your phone, cracking the screen from the sides. You can hear a scream building up from deep inside as the words echo over and over again in your mind: nothing. *nothing.* *NOTHING.* After what seems like an eternity of agony you let it all out in a display of ferocity and rage the likes of which have never been seen in all of Boca Chica. And you, quaking with anger, swear in your wrath to make your work on Starship known, and destroy any who refuse to recognize it, starting with YouTube personalities.

    This is what I imagine happens when a SpaceX employee takes Tim’s YouTube titles too seriously. Thanks for sticking it out there today Tim and trying to bring us this fantastic coverage!

  80. Jim Shreve

    Tim please don’t use a view of SN8 in air for your thumb view of your video of SN9 flight test. It is misleading. Otherwise keep up the good work.

  81. horsthorst

    Wait what? They scrubbed their plan to do nothing with SN9? So they actually did something even though they planned to scrub the event? 🤔

  82. Kenneth Wang

    I thought SN9 has successfully landed when i joined, then I saw the title…

  83. Branislav Kardelis

    Let’s go SN9. Thanks for the coverage Tim.

  84. mike mathews

    Well Space X needs to Fix the Weather issue on upcoming launches………..

  85. Alan Morris

    Better luck next time. Thanks for your suggestion to go and watch starship SN8 – mini documentary. Worth the watch.

  86. Dani

    Well it ended up in a perfect vertical position, thats definetely something man

  87. Joe Nicotera

    S turn breaking for the space shuttle was far from “ridiculous.” As far as I know, all shuttle missions included a breaking S turn.

    It’s very simple. Now that you managed to get your dragster up to speed the finish line just whizzed by. Do you think you should fix the breaks now? Because, well, the engineer sort of forgot to include the breaks in the contract.

  88. Dani

    Dude thats the best not clikbate ive possibly seen in my entire life

  89. Ben Zufelt

    At least there was no RUD

  90. Péter Orosz

    I will watch it all to honor your honesty in the title!

  91. Tyrone van der Merwe

    What’s happening

  92. George Macaulay

    Wow 4.5hrs of upload/stream. We salute your dedication.

  93. SKM

    Nice title!


    Well, but my joyful expectance was true! That already is worth it.

  95. Michael Quinones

    This title is everything 😂

  96. Walter

    To quote Winnie the Poo, ” It’s a blustery day!”

  97. Danielle Riley

    Thanks for your persistence.

  98. Carlos Fett

    Me: clicking exited on the new video
    Also me 5 sec. later : reads the title

  99. Umanfly

    Nerdle Cam says it was scrubbed till the 26th -27th ( 8 am -5 pm ) CST

  100. Evan Fillmore

    The title is hilarious xD

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