[SCRUBBED] Don’t watch SpaceX launch Starship SN11 up close!

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SpaceX Starship SN11 will be attempting a medium altitude test flight (~10 km). It will lift off from Boca Chica, Texas under the power of three Raptor engines. At apogee, it will flip into a horizontal configuration for descent. Prior to landing, it will ignite three of its Raptor engines to initiate the landing flip before shutting one down. SN11 will attempt a propulsive landing on the landing pad, potentially becoming the first Starship prototype to successfully do so.

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  1. Liam Gellett

    unlisted gang

  2. Matt Bush

    Stop being so foggy! Jeez!

  3. Jeff Harris

    You never waste our time Tiim

  4. Kevin Cass

    Absorbing your excitement…love it! Keep up the great work Tim!

  5. Ben Bradley

    “We provide The Highest Quality Youtube Video Titles! [SCRUBBED] Don’t watch …”

  6. Ipkiss Stone

    “Your guyzez time” hshaha. Thanks Tim, see you tomorrow.

  7. Richmond Mojica

    Scrubbed again 😡☹️

  8. satos1

    Not sure how much a Starship costs to launch but I don’t think the FAA inspector has deep enough pockets to pay for the scrubbing

  9. Dronetothetop

    So basically a lazy FAA guy didn’t show up.

  10. Gunner

    For those of you saying “maybe there’s a good reason he couldn’t make it”, imagine being in charge of Launch Operations and Elon asked YOU what happened.

  11. Philip Grocki

    TIM: We all appreciate your teams’ enthusiasm and HARD work!

  12. Armando O.

    I forgot about this channel lol
    Angry Astronaut is my go to anything space channel now.

  13. Nico Engerer

    Thx so much for your efforts, woooow 12k

  14. Thomas Thacker

    Broadcasting is no easy task, I have grown up with it… my father who was one of the first pioneers in live broadcasting, just recently left. He produced coverage of some of the biggest live events over the last four decades. Tim, what you are achieving and striving for, is just as good! keep it up… much respect!

  15. Divendus

    Thank you, Tim

  16. Bogey Hole Troll

    E Scallop?

  17. Madeira Plane Spotting


  18. muffty halbgar

    Wow, i so didn’t watch the launch!

  19. John Frian

    Wow youtube, thanks for the notification 3 hours after I literally watched the stream.

  20. Ma Mu

    Ah great, I’ve got this in my ‘notifications’ after it aired live… Oh wait it scrubbed :) Still angry for no reason :(

  21. Matthew Lewyn


  22. Alan Clow

    What value will a government bureaucrat add to the process? Send him to Boeing.

  23. Rossbotron 3000

    You guys rock! Maybe SpaceX could let you have a link to the onboard cams 👍

  24. Георги Карапеев

    Thank you for respecting our time and not prioritizing clickbait gains over it! Respect back!

  25. allan churm

    only in america..

  26. formworksucks

    Apparently the FAA guy had a flat tyre.

  27. JohnnyZenith

    Disgusting if an FAA inspector not turning up is the reason for the scrub.

  28. MrLion 68

    Unlisted? guess i found it

  29. Cydonius1

    so they scrub a rocket test because of one guy that is just an observer? seriously WTF is wrong with the FAA

  30. PA Nilsson SM3TTZ

    Appreciate your stream even if no launch. Always nice to hear you describe stuff :p

  31. MoneyMan [Fin]

    Is there anyone at spacex to check the following days weather?

  32. Perry Honeyman

    Has it been scrubbed ,what about it has announced it

  33. TheraPi


  34. Bill Mabee

    Can’t hear! Turn up the volume!

  35. Seth Jansson

    FAA inspector: Sweet. I’m gonna watch the launch on stream!

  36. Elias Kjærbo

    Of course its scrubbed

  37. Michiel Stikkel

    I will watch anyway. Any Tim Dodd content is good content.

  38. Richard Burton

    FAA inspector could not fly in because of flight restrictions due to the scheduled launch? Maybe FAA should fly in the day before the flight.

  39. Jan Borgula

    Video: Unlisted

    YOU CAN’T STOP ME!!! :))

  40. john vine

    Is that Will Weaton?

  41. Lyn Yarwood

    Audio fine here in UK

  42. John Cashwell

    SpaceX AND Everyday Astronaut always have the livestreams. Now that E/A is emulating SpaceX’s video hardware; Everyday Astronaut’s coverage and videos will be the best outside of SpaceX.

  43. duc c

    aight saved the video

  44. bkly

    Spacex did improve their stream for SN10 but your response to that is incomparable

  45. duduadubidu

    Hi Tim, your face looks too blurry, does not look 1080p at all. And your outdoor cameras look soft too.

  46. Keith Te

    FAA inspector couldn’t find Starbase TX on his sat nav.
    Elon will probably have to keep calling it Boca Chica until the name is ratified by the State or the County 😎

  47. Free Positive Energy

    Gee wiz man that fracking sucks………

  48. Planet Earth

    It’s okay Tim. I’ll call Elon and tell him to launch without the FAA twerp. I’ll also tell Elon to build a SpaceX gate at the airport.

  49. Jace Crawford

    Start stream earlier! Your competition takes too many viewers just being first but you are better

  50. Alexander

    They should invite that guy to do a close-up inspection of the raptor nozzles🔥 😈

  51. MaxKito2

    Can someone politely educate me please. My question is if this is no airplane flying zone, why FAA wants to be so involved in space travel out of the planet? I feel like is bureaucracy and pleasing some big people or something. I guess we have to wait 😔

  52. Free Positive Energy

    seriously an inspector was late!!!????????????????????

  53. Alexander

    I imagine some self-important suit walzing around the control room, complaining that somebody didn’t wait the full 1.5 seconds minium delay to readback a value or some other stupid rules.

  54. Mark J

    Imagine the looks everybody is going to give the FAA inspector when he/she/it walks into the door to Stargate tomorrow.

  55. premo Araujo

    there will soon come a time… when FAA will seek Musks’ permission… for pretty much everything…

  56. Big Red

    Tim you are way to nice to the FAA. It’s only time and money. Nuts

  57. TheJustonemore


  58. Grant Adamson

    Enjoyed and appreciated this even without a launch. Thanks!

  59. ofek pearl

    Your steam always has the lowest latency of any other broadcast I open. Thank you for all the work you’re doing there.

  60. Nik Las

    Congrats on the new cam views, they look really great, good luck tomorrow, hope the insepctor arrives on time

  61. JoeySpeed


  62. William Lewis

    man, another wasted day. Boca Scrubville at it again

  63. Forrest Page

    “didn’t get it up this morning” … Thats what she said

  64. Mo Herbert

    you know from a bureaucratic point of view a desert test facility doesn’t look that bad

  65. TJ Kaz

    FAA welcomes SpaceX with open hands and empty pockets.

  66. W&K Bowser

    I wonder if in the future if Elon will send out a private plane and helicopter to make sure the inspector can get there in time.

  67. æ


  68. Glenn Pearson

    I’m confused. If the FAA has made their presence on-site a pre-requisite for launch, then why would they not station someone at Boca Chica?

  69. Friday Ray

    Tomorrow will,be Glorious

  70. ignaw

    Really? Inspector failed to arrive? Was he traveling by horse and carriage? Can you imagine being sole reason preventing rocket from flying….

  71. Tony Zech

    Why government intervention never goes well… thanks FAA

  72. cpthornman

    FAA continues to prove Elon right. How much more of a joke can they be at this point?

  73. UDxstepheN

    love the new can tim hoping to watch the launch with tat view!

  74. Bruins19able

    That’s too bad. Was pumped all weekend for this. See yas tomorrow

  75. Latortuga 007

    Scrub you FAA!

  76. Feel Good

    Plaease higher volume on mic

  77. Nethascot X

    For goodness sake, FAA

  78. Jacky boi

    When is next launch attempt?

  79. Lucurous

    That’s really the lamest reason for a scrub.

  80. carl brown

    Scrubbed by the stinking feddies.!!

  81. Jack RAGLESS


    Edit: wait no it was scrubbed

  82. ignaw

    Not happening,

  83. Chandrashekhar Topagi

    What was that the smallest live streaming ever in the history of starship 😂

  84. runtman13

    What was reason for scrubbing today

  85. Rockets Are Sometimes Unl

    How Ironic would it be if the FAA inspector was going to take a plane?

  86. Yaz Morgoth

    Is the FAA playing games or what. You have one f*n job ffs.

  87. Roy CyberPunk

    TVE stream was suspended as I shared it.😂 Oh well…

  88. Ryan Wolfenberger

    Audio very low

  89. Ruben Braekman

    Wait what 😅

  90. Jeremy Roskrow

    Love the new camera’s :-) Fantastic job!

  91. Starship SN10

    Hopefully FAA inspector will remember to put on his shoes tomorrow

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  94. T.Jentzsch

    The FAA strikes again! ;(

  95. Kyle Kutt

    Is there going to be a launch today?

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    Should be a fun day!

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    Wow shortest starship launch livestream

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