[LIVE 3 MILES AWAY!!!] Watch SpaceX launch 4 civilians into orbit for Inspiration 4!!!

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SpaceX will launch four private astronauts on the first free flight mission of Crew Dragon on Inspiration4. The Falcon 9 B1062-3 will launch Crew Dragon C207-2 into a 575 km low-Earth orbit; this will mark the highest orbit a crewed mission has gone to since the STS-103 mission in 1999. The Inspiration4 mission will launch from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A), at the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, USA.

Read more about this incredible mission here by checking out our Prelaunch Preview!! – https://everydayastronaut.com/inspiration4-falcon-9-block-5/

Want to learn more about what to expect on launch day, watch this video! – https://youtu.be/Lr_zfpzGxQQ

Help raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital here! – http://everydayastronaut.com/donate

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  1. jan

    tim saw it a dozent times and he sitll goes “holy crap nooooo wayy”

  2. Ratty Woof

    6 ‘Holy crap’, 5 ‘Oh my God’, 5 ‘Wows’ and 1 ‘No way!’ – what a wonderful command of the English language.

  3. bary1234

    This was beautiful :)
    Love you Tim.
    Its good to cry when there is a good reason. And this is one for sure.

  4. Solomon Smith

    Petition to give Tim a seat for the next dragon mission🚀

  5. Marjan Vujadinovic

    Thx Every day astronaut for everything! I hope u will be with them in space, maybe moon! GL!

  6. Kyle jones

    Thanks Tim more amazing coverage.

  7. Nick Watts

    This is just awesome well done everybody involved. Brilliant job Tim I just love how invested you are in this it really shows. Best wishes from Nick in the uk.🚀🚀

  8. PaddyPatrone

    It’s ok to cry. This launch was very emotional.

  9. Chingkhei Nganba Sapam

    Makes the Blue Origin space flight look like a toddler attempt to walk.

    Way to go Space X, next destination Moon and Mars.

  10. smtxtv

    Great streaming production. BTW… that’s some crazy music at the end. Nice Apollo 11 parade shots too ! Back when the country was united, and made all of this possible for today. I remember all of that… @ 13 years old.

  11. Interested In Stuff

    For some reason I was a lot more nervous for the humans in the capsule this launch than normal. The pictures they send back will be epic. I hope they do a ton of panos given they have a 360 degree once they are above the space toilet (that apparently is also in the nose).

  12. Pascal

    You’re legend bro ✌️

  13. gefftech

    This is what happens when a billionaire’s resources, intellect,imagination, philosophy,ambition, selflessness and ambition all align…….very rare

  14. Nick Grobler

    Epiicc, I cant imagine how exciting this must be for them!

  15. Nick

    Some commentary during launch would be good, also the space X launch shot

  16. Divjot Singh Manchanda

    Truly an everyday astronaut!❤️

  17. Paul Kirwan

    Subtitles: “Vehicle is bitching down range”

    Me: “I’m with you on that, buddy!”

  18. haze

    You emotion and passion is amazing and why I love your channel… amazing as always thanks for the footage…

  19. kosmic dust

    elox flexing hard on bezos weak mission

  20. Galen

    2:06:00 — Oh wow, I’ve never seen that before!

  21. m hack

    Really enjoyed, thanks for sharing

  22. Kenneth Christensen

    Got up at 2am (Denmark) to watch this launch. I just got up for work and watched Tims live. Him crying almost made me cry. I totally felt what he was feeling. I still want to go see a launch and see Starship. This is amazing

  23. Crouching Hamster

    Leaves at the most important moment…you’ve lost your touch.

  24. Bosingr

    This is an important mission, sure. But just imagine the first manned Starship mission. Tim, you will need someone with you to take care of you and give you your meds for that one. And drive you home.

  25. Zulfakar Aspar

    Congratulation SpaceX! Thanks Everyday Astronaut for the coverage. Keep up the good work.

  26. Brad Clifton

    At what altitude above earth would it be equivalent to Mars at avg ground level (sealevel)?

  27. A Bou

    FANTASTIC!!! I ran to the front porch to wave, ” Bon voyage ! ” And gave a prayer of thanks to the financier and cause St. Jude’s.

  28. Philip Texter

    Was at coco Beach, great launch and was streaming u durring our outing with some pizza 🍕. Always look for enthusiasm buddy. Take care and good travels back..getting bitten rn on the beach at night…I. usually am good at home in pa..but they’re relentless. Awesome night regardless, what a plume! And primary nitrogen thrusters! Very easy to make out in person.

  29. Gamer Sheheryar

    I just don’t have any words to describe how amazing this is

  30. John McHale

    @Everyday Astronaut My oldest daughter died from Cancer and this flight means the world, I have tears in my eyes watching this. Thank You for your coverage Tim.

  31. Edwin Voon

    Watching Everyday Astronauts fly into orbit with Everyday Astronaut! One day going into space will be just like taking a flight.

  32. Scott Parnapy

    I truly love the classic hands on head and “No way!”

    I cried pretty hard, too, btw…

  33. MarkoDash

    The puffs of rcs in the exhaust plume of the second stage is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.

    This must be tweaking Bozo’s nose.

  34. Jun Abejo

    This is such a historical event: first time civilians to reach space for a long duration!
    Good job, Tim!

  35. Cory Crandell

    That’s why I love ya tim. You’re a real human being. I can only imagine being there… bucket list stuff…

  36. Stubby Phillips

    That was amazing, but then they just shut down the feed and leave us hanging?!?! No feeds, no updates, nothing but an orbit tracker on the SpaceX web site? Gee SpaceX, thanks for slamming the door in our faces!

  37. Michael Anonymous

    What can I say? Great job Tim! Thanks so much for emphasizing the humanity of getting civilians into space without government support. Such a milestone for everyone :)

    A very very happy day for us all.

  38. Ankit Rai

    The idea of streaming live from the car i.e. parked at KSC is awesome!!

  39. elle wild child

    When he started crying…powerful. It hit me too.

  40. Pisten Broke

    One day you should do this channel from space Tim . That would be the ultimate awesomeness !

  41. Space OdJobs

    Somehow the SpaceX feed on Tim’s livestream is faster than the official channel. How?!

  42. Grunt Lima

    I love space exploration for a number of reasons. As for space tourism I don’t believe it has any value to mankind. Let’s do less sight seeing and more for mankind’s critical issues. That said congrats to all who made the launch a success an look forward to a happy ending.

  43. B Hal

    Boeing and their Starliner is grounded due to engineering issues.

  44. kiran kumar

    Initially your voice was perfect after your tuning it got messed up a little

  45. Mark Overton

    Love your vlogs today another great mile stone, can’t call this work 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  46. James High

    If I remember correctly I haven’t seen so many smiles during a launch the astronaut’s look to serious it’s good to see smiles I hope this makes more people wanna go up it makes the ride look not so bad.

  47. Riki Mitchell

    Mate we all know what it means space flight has gone from dream to meme in a blink …more power to Elon

  48. Dave B

    Cool. Good for them. Now let’s get that Starship into orbit! That’ll be truly inspiring.

  49. afham Mk

    Blue origin and virgin galactic competing to send civilians for 3 mins to the edge of space while spacex casually sends 4 civilians for a 3 day trip in orbit around the earth

  50. RicardoA BH

    So amazing…. Incredible

  51. aaronak2005

    That was was an awesome launch. Great footage Mr. Dodd!!

  52. Kenaiwolf

    Tim, you’re such an incredibly humble and kind soul. Go ahead let your emotions flow, without any apologies. We truly DO live in an amazing time.

    As a guy who is of your late father’s generation, I can sincerely say that I hope you either have kids or adopt some day, because you would be an incredible dad. :-)

  53. soozarty

    If he would want to go, I think we all need to start a campaign to convince Elon to put Tim on a crew/launch.

  54. Hank Kingsley

    Probably one of the most important missions for SpaceX so far

  55. william woo

    Nice, this one for you and all the astronants be safe and come home safely. Have fun. I will never every do this but I remember my first tandem jump at 10,000 feet. The worry of not landing safely was over and the fun of flying in the air was paramount. So no matter what enjoy the moments till you actually land to earth

  56. Mark O'Connell

    Watching you freak out is part of the fun.

  57. Billy Tucker

    Love that Everyday Astronaut watches every launch like it’s his first! Always seems special.

  58. HeliTom

    That launch teared me up.. 🥲 so inspiring indeed!

  59. Craig Robertson

    2:01:37 for anyone who is showing this to their kids or in-laws.

  60. DrTubeman

    Thank you, Tim, take care Luv your work man.

  61. Ngon1420

    Imagine, Tim going to space one day. With this achievement, that’s not too far fetched!

    Tim will be in the fans seat, he represents everyone of us!

  62. Mark O'Connell

    Tim still gets emotional.

  63. AM PM

    Speechless! So proud

  64. ChuckyLarms

    The images of the 1 stage thrusters visable on reentry are incredible

  65. Verisimilitude Dude

    I didn’t realize you had two different colored eyes. I haven’t watched in full screen for a long long time. Awesome video and awesome launch. So emotional. Wooo!!!!

  66. Buzz kill9000

    Awesome! That video at around 2:06 or so is, well, exceptional. Thanks for sharing. Great mission and great cause.

  67. Elon Musk

    Was a great launch again, congratulations to everyone

  68. Tactical Tesla


  69. Leo H

    Many of us shaked and weeped, me included. And it is going to be the same for splashdown. This is one of the most incredible things I have seen in my life. Like a celebration of the great achievements we can aspire to when we work together.

  70. Justin Halfpenny

    Amazing!!! Love the 1776 donation. Peace and love to all :) xx

  71. BunkerFox

    It’s good to see the comment section be so nice after the live chat was so toxic

  72. Brad Stewart

    I see Tim getting a ride in the future.

  73. FuzTheCat

    I want to see Everday Astronaut rap …

  74. David Collier

    Elon your a freaking rock star dude. You are doing stuff nasa can’t even do!!! You freakin rock man!

  75. Simulation Prince

    I can’t believe I just witnessed history!

  76. Robert Klein

    I live right across the water from 39A and have seen every launch since the 1970’s, but what I saw tonight was an indescribable beauty like nothing I’ve ever seen. The Twilight Effect almost filled the entire sky and I hope some amazing videographer was able to catch it.

  77. robboinnz

    Tim speechless due to emotion, because they were him, they were all of us.

  78. Rachel Dali Hug

    I cried too. It is so wonderful to have something to be excited about when it comes to space. SpaceX has been a game changer! I was born the year man first stepped on the moon, and I have been waiting my whole life to see us go back there! I lost hope that it would happen for awhile there…but I believe we WILL go back very soon, and then we’ll be off to Mars! The future of humanity in space is BRIGHT! Thanks for the awesome coverage!

  79. Lincoln Schaaf

    What a spectacular launch and mission start.

  80. Kendall Ickes

    Hey man, we were there too. Amazing. Keep up the good work. Im hoping to meet you one day.

  81. Farras Ariq A

    Blue Origin has sued the Earth’s atmosphere for making it too difficult to reach orbit

  82. Aero SpaceGuy

    People who dislike this are Blue Origin lawsuit filers 🤣

  83. the salty animator

    im in pure disbelief that i am actually alive to watch history being made, well done spaceX!!

  84. David Masefield

    Great emotion and passion Tim, you are a great human being!

  85. Mar Red

    Having lived through Challenger as a 7th grader, this felt very similar and I’m so happy they’ve made it to orbit. Great day.

  86. Mad Tech

    that other perspective view of the launch and stage 1 landing was fking beautiful
    Thank You very much for the stream

  87. Darth Vinci

    They make me cry every time Tim.. It’s pride, accomplishment, hope, potential, history-in-the-making.. 🚀

  88. Dan Pennington

    Makes me emotional every time I watch a launch.

  89. OriginalHuman

    What an emotional journey… I’m so happy for them!

  90. MICH 369

    ¿ Quien bosteza primero ahí arriba!?
    Saludos cordiales desde aquí Buenos Aires 👍🍀🐯🖖🇦🇷

  91. Phil N

    Spacex is making history again!

  92. Bobby Ray

    I happened to come upon this channel when you had Elon on. Followed since and had no idea this was happening tonight and got a notification and clicked on it…. there was 17 seconds to lift off. Best decision I made in a while. Thank you for this.

  93. TwistedManifest

    God, The feels i get with this type of stuff. History right here


    It looks like a frekin ball of fire in the dark at left off! way to go!

  95. The Meloan

    Absolutly incredible my friends great live stream as always xQcL

  96. Steven C

    w00t! Go Inspiration4!

  97. Henry Pierce

    Well earned Astronaut wings by Inspiration 4 who are on no mere carnival ride.


    lets goooo , thank you tim for such a good coverage, GO st.Jude!

  99. Krishnan Narayanan

    One day we will live on the dusty paths of the distant planets. I believe, my friends.

  100. Me Anonymous

    that was amazing!

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