Launch – Flip – EXPLODE! Starship SN8 Slow Mo 4K and Clean Audio Super-Cut!!!

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Here’s our full realtime 4K recut with clean audio in 4K –

Definitely watch Cosmic Perspective’s SN8 mini film!!! It’s incredible! –

00:00 – Ignition and Liftoff
03:15 – Flight and Roll
04:03 – Engine Shutdown 1
05:06 – Engine Shutdown 2
06:25 – MECO – Belly Flop
08:27 – Belly Flop
10:14 – Engine Relight – Flip – Boom
16:21 – Launch and Landing Composition
17:19 – Wreckage with ISS Flyover

  1. E2qNX8btraQ3zRD6J7fc

    The added sound effects around 14:40ish made that slow-motion shot pay off in my mind. Kudos guys!

  2. Nova Valentis

    stunningly beautiful! If someone uses this footage for an epic music video it’d be a hit!

  3. Mike Jacobs

    Thanks for sharing!! Great footage. I like the ending RUD shots where you can see the COPV’s say F this I I am outta here. ;-)

  4. nick Claridge

    Man, that sound as Starship comes down engines off – AMAZING work Tim.

  5. WideGamut

    10:25 Holy Mowwllyy thats a sick perspective ! And its amazing how this thing is flipping :)

  6. Helmilectric

    WOW, just WOW. Goose bumps for a second time. Thanks a lot for these awesome pictures. Outstanding!

  7. Lake J22

    Thank you for taking the time to make this compilation. It’s amazing

  8. Michael Branson

    RIP SN8, you did great and you will be remembered. LOVE the final shot of the ISS going overhead, beautiful work there.

  9. Preston Black

    Absolutely unreal we’re able to send these massive earth bound machines out of our atmosphere and land it back with such grace.

  10. Guy Weiers

    That`s such a blast every time I watch it.

  11. Mark Brandenburg

    Tim! this footage is amazing my man!

  12. Byron Wellburn

    Exactly how I feel every morning

  13. smevox

    Got chills watching this great footage!! Can’t wait for the next one!!

  14. J Town5000

    Incredible video, great work!! I really liked the duel shots put together at the end! That was a nice touch.

  15. Justin Brown

    I would LOVE someone to try and build an R/c version of this.

  16. Alex Mullins

    Dude!!!!! That timelapse at the end turned out AMAZING!!!! great job!

  17. Inimbrium

    17:30 one day, the Starship will be docked to the ISS, not just gazing up from the landing pad. And one day soon.

  18. Derek

    Man, the crackeling roar of rocket engines will never bore me

  19. Tinkering in Thailand

    I still get the shivers watching this historic moment :)

  20. JC Davis

    That launch/landing mix at the end is so beautiful!

  21. Matt Donley

    WOW, what a way to document an event! Beyond amazing, very clean and provocative video, Emotional composition, bravo

  22. Paul Clarke

    Cosmic Perspective shooting simply amazing video once again – well done!

  23. Mark Troxel

    Great series of 4K and audio, really shows the fine details of the test flight. Awesome job!!

  24. daniel stine

    15:59 ok this one

  25. rybářská vrána

    Elon just never gets old. love this stuff and can watch it over and over. Thanks for your work pulling this together.

  26. Fadzli Hensem

    that Raptor ‘kicking’ when it shutdown really made a breathtaking view.

  27. A Scott

    One of the best things I have ever seen here: 13:21

  28. William Korb

    So much detail that I missed on previous, lower quality videos! Thanks Tim, Ryan, & Maryliz! This is yet more fantastic work on your part! Wow. Just wow.

  29. SyNc Life!

    Jesus… this is art. SpaceX would probably pay for that footage just because of it’s astonishing quality! Incredible piece of work you’ve done there Tim.

  30. Matej Marković

    16:22 this is where I got chills

  31. Ewan Corbett

    Oh my god. You guys absolutely nailed it. I feel so lucky to get to see this, I thought the amazing footage was over!

  32. A L

    That landing composition at the end gave me goosebumps. Absolutely stellar.

  33. Boris Fett

    Thank you for the incredible audio and footage as well as keeping me excited for the future. Go Team Space.

  34. Dale Lundgren

    Outstanding footage! Almost felt like I was there…

  35. Philip Brown

    Tim , making everyday astronauts of us all. Nice work!

  36. R G

    outstanding footage, especially the smooth tracking at 9:16

  37. Fac Torio

    Crazy footage! Although some bits were a bit wobbly. Nice job synching the audio as well!

  38. Znut Demenz

    It`s descending so slowly in the bellyflop mode :o
    Amazing footage!!

  39. Collin Smith

    10:14 You’re welcome.

  40. Ninilium

    10:15, now that’s the view for which I have been waiting.
    Thanks to Tim and Team!

  41. Pointillism

    13:24 absolutely unreal.

  42. Connor Gray

    This video is so beautifully made with editing and everything!! Visuals, sounds, 10/10!!! Amazing to watch the SN8!

  43. Cameron Rennie

    11:40 you can see the heat distortion from the engines

  44. Hydrolox Aerospace

    1:36 (Tim Dodd screaming) It’s okay! I did the SAME THING, even that hoppy-jumpy dance thing. It was a beautiful flight.

  45. Brett Mciver

    Wrong video Tim we want a video of only your reaction, that’s the epic one we want 🤣🤣🍻🍻🍻☕☕☕☕😜

  46. Dino Schachten

    12:57 Stunning. Just stunning.

  47. Thomas Wagener

    Dear Everyday Astronaut: very, very, well done!! Very much appreciated!

  48. Apache FPV

    4:10 is my favorite sound, the distant hum sounds like some sort of fission reactor, sounds extremely powerful.

  49. Jeremy Roskrow

    Stunning footage! Such a great done & thank you all :-)

  50. T Robins

    Nicely done Tim and crew, this showed many of details I was hope to see. Thanks very much!

  51. Kjartan Bergtorsson

    So unreal and moving, nice work as allways Tim, loved the eary music.

  52. Ian Milham

    I watched this in my model 3 with the sound on full to get the most realism possible

  53. James Guy Photography

    So amazing to see it fly after all that time staring at it.

  54. Jonathan Morton

    14:16 When your buddy taps your beer with his and Rapid Unscheduled Beerplosion occurs

  55. George Foot

    “Wait a sec, I don’t remember my exhaust being this green on the way up… Oh.”

  56. subliminalvibes

    This is amazing!!
    Had to recalibrate my brain to get used to you removing the 8 second delay in the sound… 😎👍

  57. Something Seems Off

    As a pyrotechnic I just want to say that the was one very satisfying explosion!

  58. Klaus Wagner

    love the moment it cracks and looses its rigidness / hull wobbling at 14:17

  59. daniel stine

    14:25 full stop this is the most fantastic thing I’ve ever seen. Wow.

  60. Lectric Dolphin

    15:50 that chunk of debris flying almost perfectly along the horizon showing no signs of ever slowing down 😦

  61. Hean visal seyhak

    Can imagine the feeling of the starhopper and Sn9 have just saw and withness thier friend dead 😔

  62. Ssenyonga Gadhaf

    I love and respect your work man. It means alot.

  63. Astronacademy

    I love that you synced the sound up with the video!! It’s so much less trippy!

  64. jonny96

    Outstanding footage! Such an exciting time for space flight, keep it up Tim! 🚀

  65. Mark McCombs

    15:51 I would love to know the velocity of the debris that shot across the field of view. Incredible!!

  66. 8Flux8

    1:15 listen to all those sonic booms…ahhh…😊

  67. Michael Wolfe

    10:16 reminds me of Gandalf and the Balrog falling through the Mines of Moria

  68. smallstars

    Dear SN8, you will live on forever in the history books. Thank you for setting the Starship program up for success in such a spectacular fashion.
    Tim, thank YOU for inspiring everyone, and working so hard; doing what you do so well.

  69. Mattedge704 V

    I never knew silence could be so beautiful. (After MECO)

  70. The Random Tube

    The COPV’s are like “Yeah, I’m outta here!”

  71. Jeffrey Reckahn

    Incredible achievement by SpaceX. I have watched this a hundred times from multiple angles, and I’m still amazed

  72. Paul Bearly

    Incredible work there! Absolutely brilliant camerawork and editing!

  73. No Fullname

    10:30 Does the tip of the nose cone follow a perfectly straight line throughout that entire flip maneuver?! Good grief!

  74. adam berry

    Found the best song for SpaceX: To The Moon by Gain Altitude, great outro!

  75. Darthmoll12 Gaming

    this was truly a historic moment! Somewhere on mars there will be a museum and the SN8 nosecone will be in it!

  76. KM

    Best footage ever. Well done, Tim. loved that explosion at 14:10 and the composition shot is epic!

  77. CRISPR

    just great, thank you so much for this! The “Wreckage with ISS Flyover” scene is so beautifully bizarre. I love it

  78. Arno De Pauw

    I just cant get over how good the tracking and audio are!

  79. BLUEFLAME 351

    Watched it live from my bed in the UK intending to go to sleep afterwards – didn’t really work since I was smiling for the next half hour…

  80. Jsmith

    10:16 is such an awesome perspective.

  81. 6612770PLUS

    Q: What is the reason for that ‘crackling sound effect’, I presume is produced by the engine exhaust?

  82. Fox On

    Amazing! Any thoughts on releasing that last scene as a poster? So much history in one image

  83. Uche Oji

    Any excuse to watch this again, and I’m on it! 🤯😁😄

  84. Ed Ore

    14:17 slow-motion , the LOX tank section peels open like Pillsbury dough roll. That whole video was INCREDIBLE! Thank you Tim.😊

  85. B R Pers1l

    Every time I watch those landing burns after the bellyflop to tail down, there’s always a little spark of hope that it will land this time

  86. Erik Bongers

    What I hadn’t noticed before: the flaps/wings are really working hard to stabilize the freefall.

  87. Picarus

    Incredible coverage of the test, well done Tim and team!

  88. Maverick

    Amazing work! Thanks for everything you bring to the community!

  89. iera

    10:30 What even is this shot bro!? WOW. And the sound when it relights, aldafsldlsakdjdsajf

  90. Galaxmul

    10:16 My favorite part! SN8 drops silent like a stone and then surprisingly late (my heart stops ;D) SN8 flips for landing…so great!!

  91. streglof

    Wait so that cloud it was falling through was from it’s own liftoff…

  92. Brice-A.

    17:19 – Wreckage with ISS Flyover – Cherry on the cake, beautiful!

  93. DJ Delorie

    10:17 – “I bet you’re wondering how I got in this predicament. My story started six minutes ago…”

  94. Ryukachoo

    Interesting visual experiment in “if sound traveled at light speed” through the magic of editing

  95. Peter Dallas

    This may be the one video I watch more times than the falcon heavy test flight

  96. Rinoa's Auspicious Travai

    That was a nice view of the landing.

  97. What about it!?

    What a time to be alive! Thank you for bringing us these pictures! 😍

  98. Nye James

    One of the best RUD shots of SN8! Surprisingly quiet explosion …

  99. MuitoDaora

    17:19 MIB inspecting the remains of a crashed spaceship.

  100. A Henderson

    I’m glad I got to witness history with you guys!

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