Kerbal Space Program Challenge / 1 Mil Subs Fundraiser! #EverydayKerbalnaut

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Welcome to my 1 million subscriber party!!! We’re going to attempt the ULTIMATE Kerbal Challenge while also raising money for a good cause, the Challenger Center! First, the challenge.

I’m going to build and send a multistage fully reusable vehicle off to Eve in Kerbal Space Program. Once there, I’ll refuel it, launch it, recover the first stage and get the upper stage into orbit where I’ll transfer Kerbals and send another Kerbal down to the surface of Eve and then attempt to get them off the surface AGAIN and then back to Kerbal!

This will be done ALL stock (plus expansions) and not using any cheats or exploits. If I DON’T complete this mission and throw in the towel before the stream ends (sans breaks), I will put on my horrid horrid old Russian flight suit.

Meanwhile, all superchats are automatically being 100% donated to the Challenger Center! Thanks to YouTube’s fundraiser option, 100% of the donations will go to them and YouTube won’t take a cut! Super cool! The Challenger Center and its global network of Challenger Learning Centers use space-themed simulated learning and role-playing strategies to help students bring their classroom studies to life and cultivate skills needed for future success, such as problem solving, critical thinking, communication and teamwork.

For more information visit their website!

Use hashtag #EverydayKerbalnaut for a chance to get a free copy of Kerbal Space Program, stay tuned on how that will work!

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  1. Jay Maldo


  2. Jay Maldo

    You had to put on the suit



  4. The Martian

    Congratulations🎉🥳👏 on 1M + 😇

  5. jane doe

    F! 12 hours? I’m just starting watching. I can’t believe you streamed for 12 hours. So cool. And probably also exhausting.

  6. efraser77

    Missed the live stream cuz my kid was playing ball. Congrats on 1 million!

  7. CK

    Can you make a video on the X-33 VentureStar? any idea why such a design is no longer used in modern rocket design?


    10:48:20 Take a bow Tim. Take a bow

  9. M Mitchum

    Ground control to Major Tom: What happened after “I don’t know if we have enough delta v to get this thing into orbit”
    at 11:55:00 ?

  10. Mark Stach

    Tim are you also on any alternative media like LBRY, Locals, BitChute, etc?

  11. MrBreadStone

    1:11:50 Stop simping for matt

  12. Ben Vexler

    “I don’t know if we have enough delta v to get this thing into orbit”

    Video end


  13. Joshua Romero

    The naughty witness fittingly disapprove because stopsign chronically drop next a dark captain. witty, misty turn

  14. Trey

    was a great stream

  15. SPACE899

    Watched the full 12 hours. Went to sleep at 2:00 AM. LOL🤣

  16. Larry E. Goines Jr.

    YouTube: “Something’s Wrong, Nobody Gets Done”?!?

    About The “J – K – L” Buttons?

    “J – K – L” Keys (Three-Button Play) Shortcuts:

    “L” ▶ – Plays Forward – Press Repeatedly To Shuttle Forward At 2, 3, 5, And 8 Times Normal Speed

    “J” ◀ – Plays Backward – Press Repeatedly To Shuttle Backward At 2, 3, 5, And 8 Times Normal Speed

    “K” ❚❚ – Pauses

    “K” ❚❚ + Hold “L” ▶ – Plays Forward At 8 FPS (NTSC), 6 FPS (PAL)

    “K” ❚❚ + Hold “J” ◀ – Plays Backward At 8 FPS (NTSC), 6 FPS (PAL)

    “K” ❚❚ + Press “L” ▶ – Steps Forward 1 Frame At A Time

    “K” ❚❚ + Press “J” ◀ – Steps Backward 1 Frame At A Time

    I Was Thinking Of Hollowing Out A Starship Using A Disassembled Calking Gun Type Mechanism To Keep Cabin Pressurized While Ejection Of Methane / Oxygen Tanks For Assembling Permanent Satellite For Docking To, Around The Lagrange, Moon Or Mars.

    Using A, “Rack And Pinion”, On The Tower Elevator, I Think I Heard?

    During the Vancouver Olympics You Could Play A Spotlight Dance Over The Web Using A Dozen Positions Sequences. It Was On The Television Program With Their Names Scrolling In The Marquee!

    “Co-Operation” – The Process Of Working Together To The Same End; Assistance, Especially By Ready Compliance With Requests?

    “Good-Old-Lag-Tyme”, Between Hopping Around Like Crazy Or Not?!?

    A Pulley And Wire Could Help The Tank Ease Along The Rack And Pinion!

    Use Ram-Jet, Reverse-Thrusters To Dampen Out Vibration?

    It’s, G(Earth) = 7.320624998 Mega-Meters / Cent-Day⁽²⁾

    With Eve’s Gravity Of 16.7 Meters / Seconds², And Sidereal Rotation Period Of 80,500 Seconds, Gravity Can Be Explained In Units Of: 12.4664832 Mega-Meters / Centi-Day² . . .

    16.7 meters × (1 Mega-Meter / 1,000,000 Meters)
    (1 Second × 93.1712962963 Centi-Days / 80,500 Seconds)²

    “Interplanetary Streamliner”?

  17. Hi Hi

    Congrats man I have been watching your videos for a few years and loved watching them I’m glad you got 1 million!

  18. Larry E. Goines Jr.

    It’s, G(Earth) = 7.320624998 Mega-Meters / Cent-Day⁽²⁾

  19. Gary Itano

    +$20. Anyway, as SpaceX initially tried, but abandoned carbon fiber, due to fabrication delays, when might we see 3D printed graphene or graphite Starships (a la Lockheed tank prototypes) given the weight penalties of steel? How much could that increase their payloads?

  20. Hippycracker

    So good to see you made 1M subs and raised 18k for a great charity. Hope to see some more KSP (or EVEN KSP 2??) from you in the future! 🎉❤️🤘👍😁

  21. Larry E. Goines Jr.

    Use Ram-Jet, Reverse-Thrusters To Dampen Out Vibration?

  22. Jason Lloyd

    Naming your craft “Uncrashable” is like when they called the Titanic “unsinkable”… it was doomed from the start.

  23. ShadowZone

    Fantastic mission design, really loved how you put this together! Congratulations on the million subscribers! Way to go, Tim!

  24. Phillip C Sandoval

    Hey Brothers and Sisters , Congrats on your 1,000,000 Subscribers! Love you all and Thank you so much!

  25. M W

    Is there an altitude you can achieve where you don’t get pulled back to your planet of origin?

    Vertically. Not an orbit. Straight line up and out of atmosphere?

  26. Böszme Boomer

    Soooooooo close to be 12 hours😭😭

  27. You Commented

    BTW what did you studied mechatronics aviation 🤔


    Tim has wanted me to work at SpaceX! The first thing I ever saw of him was the Starliner Launch webcast, followed by the aerospike video

  29. Larry E. Goines Jr.

    YouTube: “Something’s Wrong, Nobody Gets Done”?!?

    Fix The “J – K – L” Buttons, Morons!

    Beg For Money!!

    “J – K – L” Keys (Three-Button Play) Shortcuts:

    “L” ▶ – Plays Forward – Press Repeatedly To Shuttle Forward At 2, 3, 5, And 8 Times Normal Speed

    “J” ◀ – Plays Backward – Press Repeatedly To Shuttle Backward At 2, 3, 5, And 8 Times Normal Speed

    “K” ❚❚ – Pauses

    “K” ❚❚ + Hold “L” ▶ – Plays Forward At 8 FPS (NTSC), 6 FPS (PAL)

    “K” ❚❚ + Hold “J” ◀ – Plays Backward At 8 FPS (NTSC), 6 FPS (PAL)

    “K” ❚❚ + Press “L” ▶ – Steps Forward 1 Frame At A Time

    “K” ❚❚ + Press “J” ◀ – Steps Backward 1 Frame At A Time

    They Want Money??
    Ha Ha Ha, Would You Pay For That? (Not A Cent!!!)

    What A Joke, They’re Playing With The Big Boys Now, YouTube, Get With The Program!!!!!

  30. CheeseAndJamSandwich

    Spaceship name should have been: The Million Falcon

  31. Hexandcube

    “I don’t know if we will be able to do i- (stream ends)”


  32. Pablo Orellana

    Can you put the link of the craft?

  33. 420billybobslice

    Good job Tim. Much respect

  34. Michael

    What happened after almost 12 hours? Why is the stream over?

  35. Games Only

    Y u don’t use mods I mean like waterfall and better time warps like that stuffs

  36. HunterTheKerbalYT

    bruh Tim at the end be like: I don’t know if we will be able to do i- (stream ends)

  37. 0482

    He really did not want to wear that spacesuit.

  38. Arthur Lemos

    Already watched it 1 time, live and now will watch it again


    Thank you for all that you did yesterday, 18k is awesome! Thank you Everyday Insomnia-naut

  40. SFS Enthusiast

    11:54:56 NOOOOOO I WILL NEVER KNOW IF IT GOT TO ORBIT AND IF HE WORE HIS SUIT!!!! (Btw, it was 03:00 in the morning here in the UK i think)

  41. HL65536

    1:50:25 The propeller blades were stalling? Split airbrakes deployed?

  42. James Hoiby

    Congratulations Tim! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. They say the first million is the hardest — here’s to two million! Now get some sleep.

  43. Jonahs Gang

    How much have you raises

  44. Josh.

    Why do you play ksp on your mac?? You have pc

  45. nils dock

    you could save a ton of RCS fuel by managing your RCS ports. every RCS port needs to serve only one purpose.
    go to the settings of each RCS port and disable the ones you do not want, as a general rule i use reaction wheels for attitude changes (at least when time is not an issue), and only use RCS for translation.

    Tim your crafts have a tendency to oscillate with RCS burst in every direction (except prograde/retrograde) back and forth.
    for docking you do not need a ton of RCS ports, only one in each direction close to the center of mass.
    disable pitch yaw and roll on the docking ports and let your reaction wheels deal with that.

  46. Agent Orange

    Can you provide the craft file in the description?

  47. janmb

    Congrats Tim, well deserved!

  48. Witchdoctor

    12 hours?! You are crazy…. congratz on successful mission

  49. Fall SkyX

    There is always gonna be that guy who watched the whole stream,(may or may not be me)

  50. 1000dots

    Should have named it the Big Funding Rocket

  51. Ethan Forsyth

    This is great and for a good cause while still being enjoyable
    Also thank you Andy for answering a question I had

  52. MrGiffel

    Dont have time for 1 hour podcast,
    Streams a game for over 11 hour

    Realy mis OLF 😔

  53. harry sanderson

    why cant austrailans donate

  54. SP

    How mush raised ???

  55. William Thirry


  56. KennedySpace11

    I just love how americans pronounce indian names 🤣🤣 iam Kushagra Patel, 🤣🤣🤣

  57. Maynkraft


  58. Nickolas Hogg

    Where is the blunder birds when we need them

  59. Jager1726

    PLEASE DONATE! This is a great cause!

  60. Sparsh Kumar Singh

    11:46:48 “Hi it’s me Tim Dodd the Russian Cosmonaut!”

  61. Layton Vu

    Call in the blunderbirds

  62. takanara7

    11:22:40 – for like 13 minutes (until a little after 11:35:20) it’s like that scene from Austin Powers where the guy spends 20 minutes trying to turn a little car around inside a tunnel in the bad guy’s underground lair. I saw it live and thought it was kind of funny, especially since Tim was trying to get it done before the 12 hour mark.

    Also, he puts his old helmet on at 11:46:48!

  63. Jacob Miller

    Sooooo glad I can watch the replay!!

  64. Jeremiah DeRosas

    3rd longest stream i watched

  65. NyFyre

    KSP poggies

  66. James Taylor

    11:59:55 Perfect ti…

  67. Ankit Meher

    Thanks Tim

  68. Tertiary Objective

    Congrats on the reusable Eve mission, that’s pretty tough.

  69. Bart Kita

    11:59:58 Perfect timin…. :D

  70. InjuredRobot


  71. Isaac Sothern

    Hello there

  72. Ellie R

    amazing stream and congrats on 1 million subs!!!

  73. Lex Sosa


  74. Sir Derty ✓

    Have you heard of Star Citizen?

  75. samvarr

    watched the full 12 hours… time to watch it again LMAO 😂

  76. Eli Snyder

    Great stream!

  77. Manuel Neumann

    Your dedication is incredible. Streaming for 12 hours…mind blown!

  78. Jake D

    This was an awesome stream. Congrats on 1 mil!

  79. Spaceanimator


  80. ProDiamond

    Well that was a awesome challenge and charity!

  81. ZTGB

    Well, the iss flew over my place.

  82. Mart Rx

    Congratulations for the 1 million subscribers Tim! ❤️

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    Hi .first comment😃

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