How NASA will bake in space for the first time and why that’s a BIG deal!

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On November 2nd, 2019, Northrop Grumman launched a Cygnus Cargo Ship on a resupply mission to the International Space Station for NASA. On board was just over 3,700 kg of science experiments, vehicle hardware, crew supplies, and other important space stuff. But included on this flight was a space first. An oven. And not just any oven, but a custom zero g oven developed by Nanoracks, a leading provider of commercial access to space, that will be used to bake the first food in space – the DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie. So today, I thought we should do a history of space food, figure out why we haven’t ever baked anything in space before, and learn from the experts on how DoubleTree by Hilton, the sponsor of this video, will actually bake their cookies on the International Space Station.

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  1. Little

    12:54 This mans baking kittens

  2. Spookay T'is Me

    11:00 Awkward cringe moment

  3. Andrew Wilkey

    I’ve stayed at many a double tree…. and I can confirm that those are some of the best cookies I’ve ever had when they’re warm.

  4. Ermal Morina

    Hey Tim, your interviewing is insanely awesome man. Great thoughtful questions and an amazing informative video overall. Cheers, from big fan of yours from Kosovo.

  5. Jason Berg

    “Analyze the cookie”

  6. Direct Current USA

    I will cook a steak one day outside earth atmosphere !

  7. Spearit578

    Great video, I like how you started it by presenting the history of baking in space and why cooking in space is important.

  8. Todd Boileau

    Great video! The science behind everything is so intriguing. Now I’m going to find some cookies. This vid made me hungry

  9. Ethan Shearer

    The oven has an HDMI port?! 😲 you can see it on the top right at 1:39 its even labeled

  10. Andy Romaq Smith

    This is freakin’ awesome! I’m so glad you were able to get DoubleTree to sponsor this episode.

  11. snuffeldjuret

    25:31 magic shave!

  12. Wellington Harris

    Hey i’ve been to a Doubletree hotel in Charlotte and it was a cool hotel

  13. Space Bee

    Thank you so much I’ve always wanted to know about ovens in space.
    Wow that’s torture imagine smelling a cookie and not being able to eat it. This will cause arguments lol. And also I got this video up to 7k likes woohoo

  14. Christoff Havenga

    Besides a fan there are many ways to blow the air around… ;-)

  15. Micha Grill

    This looks like a torpedo tube. So are they torpedo cookies? 😂

  16. Max Miles

    25:30 The magically shrinking beard LOL

  17. Gman Tweet

    2:10 Communist in space doesn’t need any food. Communist in space is fed by the “Voice of the people of motherland”. It’s also called vodka.

  18. Bob Stein

    5:15 “Two cold-war enemies, unifying over space flight. Let’s not get me started.” No let’s totally get you started.

  19. Stefan

    I remember when I was baked in space

  20. Anchieta Cruz

    Your channel is amazing. I fell like having my childhood questions covered in your videos.

  21. Dlul Productions

    YEEESSSS I watched this launch at wallops on the antares launch

  22. Hey Siri


  23. Jyps Ridic

    I wish they just asked a cook. Literally this entire video I’ve just been repeatedly asking “so why don’t they just get a convection oven?” just an oven with a fan in it.
    16:52 Thank you sweet jeebus

  24. Cliff P

    25:15 Huston we have a problem,,,

  25. Space Cookies

    I approve of this message!

  26. Shahrooz Shadbakht

    How do the astronauts eat the cookies without crumbs flying everywhere?

  27. Leafbinder

    Just remember if you burn the cookies the smell will last for months

  28. Bill Martin

    I can see more and more need for a form of gravity up there. That spinning ring is looking better all the time.

  29. Julian R

    You can cook food/meat on 82c just fine, just takes like 16 hours xD

  30. Samuel Barrow

    Why isn’t there a “greenhouse module” you know a huge capsule specifically for growing edible plants.

  31. Tetex7 Tete

    “the perfect cookie” by Tim Dodd ;-)

  32. Felix Moffat

    25:23 Good one Tim! I’d probably do the same.

  33. Yuushiro Kimiyazuwa

    As a foodie, Space chef sounds a cool job (・∀・)

  34. maarten296

    I love this channel and his passion for space! He infects me with his passion!! Keep it going man

  35. FingerpaintDK

    2:39 It kinda looks like the maker of the new Glenn is fitting the old Glenn with a space suit.

  36. Desolated

    You know we’re moving forward when Paris Hilton’s family is making progress in space.

  37. Kevin O'Donoghue

    12:56 did he say bake the kitten?

  38. Debra Miller

    Never stayed at a DoubleTree hotel before, searching now, must find cookies. 🍪🍪🍪

  39. Slithery

    12:54 – Did he say kitten?

  40. Parker Bartnicki

    That sit down interview was rough.

  41. OJ's OJs

    in the words of Robert California: “so it’s *just* cookies.”

  42. Shane Cormier

    Tim, I really hope you speak with Yusaku Maezawa because you’re one of the people who deserve to take the first commercial trip around the moon.

  43. Pratyush Vashisht

    Hey, @ 6:19 you mention that ISSPresso mission ended in 2017. Why? Was coffee bad for astronauts?

  44. Qrash

    Why not cook with Infrared emitters (like some portable room heaters) or even microwaves?

  45. BB Does The Thing

    Hey Tim! I’ll be honest I figured we already had baked in space. Good video!

  46. MrFriskyWhiskey


  47. Animation Space

    0:02 me: WE DID IT BOIS! *opens emergency champagne*
    0:04 me: *drinks emergency champagne sadly *

  48. Mike Jones

    This channel has grown on me the past few months. At first, I was just the occasional lurker of random uploads but lately I’ve been watching all the videos coming out. Great interviews, explanations, and diagrams. I look forward to the next video!!

  49. Simon Blackmore

    Tim must have shaved his beard and edited some extra footage in at the end 25:29

  50. Christopher Wasko

    I was just gonna say I haven’t seen a vid from you in a while… perfect timing!

  51. Justin B

    RIP Starship 2019-2019

  52. Asef Jamil Ajwad

    Can’t wait for Tim to be launched to the ISS to interview astronauts!

  53. Mr.Andersen

    Tim is one of the very few i actually activate the “bell” icon ting on, alltough every youtuber cries for it, Tim actually deserve it and I actually want a notification when he releases a video. Great work Tim as always!

  54. David Englund - Video Spotlights

    I predict at least one missing baked cookie! Nice job Tim.

  55. Cydonius1

    opening a PIzza hut on the first space HIlton we had to have had in 2001

  56. RC Homemade Hobbies

    Don’t bring Flour to Space!!! “POOFFF,”😂😂😂

  57. Two Eye

    “how hot does it get?” – “oh wow you’re asking really hard questions here!”……. How is that a hard question? That’s like the most basic spec an oven has.

  58. Parker Teters

    Hey Tim, going through a rough patch right now and the video cheered me up a lot. Loved the video and appreciate everything you make.

  59. Gerre van der Meer

    25:31 So you really wanted to trim your beard a tiny bit just to say thanks at the end of the video?

  60. TheRosiebeam

    My favourite part was the interview with the mum from That 70s Show

  61. Caonabo Javier

    A new profession and carrer opportunity just opened up: Astrocook!
    I’ll write a space food cooking recipe book😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔

  62. IneptOrange

    I have never in my life seen an oven with four USB ports and a HDMI port.

  63. Jade

    Needs a space microwave. But the space wifi would go out when cooking!

  64. Vladimir Putin

    “There’s no laboratory like the international space station “

  65. Deathwing

    We’re the Kittens will be backed 😂WHAT?!?

  66. MartinGlazierMG

    Thank you for that “fan”question! :D Right at the start I was like… “Did these people ever heard of fan in ovens ” :D

  67. TraditionalAnglican

    21:06 – “We do need the samples back so we can test them.” So, you’re going to make them cook the cookies but not eat them, &, instead of allowing them to taste the cookies & quickly modify the next “test bake” according to their “taste test”, you’re going to have them send cookies down every 4-6 months & test them down here. So, instead of letting them do the process in 1-2 weeks, you’re going to do it in 2-3 years. Brilliant!😱🤦🏼‍♂️🤭

  68. Kieran Calder

    Why have a fan inside and push the air around that way?🤔
    edit: Wait lol he actually asked that later😂, Good job Tim asking my question

  69. Vlad Caso

    I can just imagine the American astronauts somehow pranking the Russians with this lol
    Or maybe even:
    “Hey bro, u want some cookie smell?”

  70. Zytran L

    The center of the oven where the kitten- where the cookie is actually actively baked.
    Schrödinger’s cookie.

  71. Known as

    “Real world conditions”
    … but it’s not in a world…
    It’s orbiting one…

  72. zapfanzapfan

    It really hurt me in the feels when it dawned on me they wouldn’t get to eat the cookies…

  73. Matrick13

    glad to see you uploading things again tim!
    don’t take it the wrong way, we support whatever you do :)

  74. Xi Waan

    12:54 Did he say kitten? What are they doing up there!

  75. TheEvilSketch

    Seeing that cookie bowl, and nobody eating any of them Arghhhh

  76. Evan Scammell

    Things I took away from this video:
    1: Astronauts are going to make cookies in space
    2. How convection works

  77. DFPercush

    I love how they “securely” riveted the metal frame around the flimsy silicone bag, lol. ripp

  78. BenGman

    NASA’s greatest achievement right now is baking cookies.

  79. GoldenBunips

    Fans that take oven temperatures are common. Have one in my kitchen, it’s called a fan oven!
    Seems a really expensive and complex way to make what could have been a standard fan oven.

  80. Dan Davidson

    Apollo-Soyuz is fascinating! Any chance of a full video on the topic? :)

  81. Reth Tard

    This is giving a new meaning to the expression “space cookies” !

  82. ArtemisFolly

    Three words: Fan Forced Oven

  83. Groanz

    I love how the women in the space station is so excited to explain everything.. <3

  84. Christian

    Why not a fan in the oven? The answer is: First law of Elon, the best part is no part;-)

  85. slipknottin

    “Getting a fan to overcome the heat”? Don’t those fans already exist in every convection oven already on earth?

  86. MO JOE

    I am not sure that getting baked in space is such a good idea. You know that high astronauts are gonna f up something !

  87. Matrick13

    “The radiation tapers off with distance as r^2 I think? One over r^2 or something. I have to look the formula up again, don’t quote me on the video on that.” — Smart person with a zero g oven 2019
    Square inverse law, he got it right!
    I think
    Don’t quote me on that

  88. Filip Skotnica

    Things I would want to be in a space hotel ?

  89. swampmonster123

    I love how he got embarrassed when he said it wouldn’t radiate

  90. Lukas w.

    Me: nom nom nom
    Mom: what are you doing?
    Me: analyzing cookies

  91. capri sun

    The last time I was this early I was learning about aerospikes

  92. Teslanomics with Ben Sullins

    let’s talk about whiskey in space…

  93. Christopher Jensen

    Looking forward to Gordon Ramsay critiquing the food in space

  94. SteveAkaGoatpile

    bless you for asking about the fan, drove me crazy

  95. cam 231

    Imagine smelling cookies after not for 8 months and not being able to eat them.

  96. Roepun

    That oven has more USB-slots than my computer.

  97. Science Compliance

    Video should be re-titled:
    “Company to drive astronauts insane by baking cookies on ISS that can be smelled but not eaten.”

  98. Jason Buford

    Breaking News:
    There has been mutiny on the ISS over fresh baked cookies.

  99. eric elinski

    “The team will then analyze the results of that cookie” This sounds like complicated science jargon for just eating the cookie and seeing if it tastes good

  100. The Capacitor

    This all sounds like a KSP contract.
    *Dock with ISS* ✔️
    *Initiate cookie cooking procedure* ✔️
    *Don’t burn the cookie* ❌

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