#dearMoon: Help me be this generation’s Walter Cronkite

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I want to be this generation’s Walter Cronkite. Help me bring space down to Earth for everyday people.

#dearmoon #sendtimtothemoon

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  1. Philip Hill

    I love watching this guys broadcasts, his enthusiasm and personability bring the launches into my living room. If you let him fly with you then I know he will bring the moon to us all as well. I believe he will be a great representative for us all, he has my complete support!

  2. cmilkau

    Not only would this be well-deserved for Tim Dott, I’m positive he would make it an amazing experience for all of us!

  3. P5ychoFox

    Tim’s dedication is astounding. This is his life and what he does enriches ours. Please take Tim along for the journey (we want him back though).

  4. Mystery Hombre

    Can’t think of anyone who deserves this better and you can livesteam, or at the very least record the whole thing – so if you go, we all do!

  5. Rayyann Alqadry

    I just learnt that I was rejected. But no matter what, you have all of our FULL SUPPORT!!! WHEN you get chosen, you will be more than Walter Cronkite, you’ll be our Armstrong…

  6. Spandan Ray

    Yusaku Maezawa you send him you send everyone following him. Please send him to the moon.

  7. zandNL

    YouTube added a pre-roll ad for funeral insurance to this video. I don’t think the algorithm has much confidence.

  8. Spandan Ray

    Take this Man to the Moon. He deserves it🚀🌑

  9. Ross

    Absolutely outstanding and compelling pitch for your place on the DearMoon mission Tim, best of luck.

  10. Harold

    Tim, you’ve made me so emotional. The way you asked was so humble. It truly feels like, you want to go there not just for your self, but also for us. If you got there, we also got there. You deserve that man. Thank you for trying❤️

  11. Fhat Videos

    If there is a single human on earth that deserves this the most, it’s you Everyday Astronaut ❤

  12. Dominic

    Was waiting for this! Vote up! What you’re doing is documentary and this is a needed skill within the artists! looking forward that you’re ony board!

  13. Stephen Calderone

    The everyday astronaut becomes an actual astronaut. Hell yes. Can someone please make this happen?? Tim is literally been giving this his all way before any of this was main stream. The dude is so down to earth (no pun intended) and humble. He has educated and inspired myself and hundreds of thousands of others in all things space for god knows how long. I can’t think of a better person to go on the Dear Moon trip.
    Yusaku Maezawa, there is not a single better person you could take. Please make it happen!!!

  14. Guitar MAX

    I’ve submitted for this too, but I can honestly say that Tim would be a great choice!!

  15. SCT15H_07

    I really hope this happens for you Tim. It would be well deserved. I couldn’t think of anyone more suitable to document such a historic mission and share it with the world.

  16. John Santos

    Let’s get this man to the moon! 🚀

  17. Trex531

    We all have seen the great effort you’ve done to bring space to everyday people during all these years. I think you deserve a seat on Mr. Maezawa flight. Good luck Tim!

  18. Ishaan Gupta

    Everyday astronaut : will you take me to the moon
    Yusaku Maezawa: sit on my back 😂😂

  19. SDG 1309

    “Fly me to the moon
    Let me play among the stars
    And let me see what spring is like on
    Jupiter and Mars…”
    It’s a small part of the famous Franks Sinatra’s fly me to the moon song, that inspired me a lot; that entusiasm let me to know your channel…
    And it is one of the best things that it have ever happened to me…
    ¡Go Tym bot, the every day astronaut, become the astronaut that we all want to see!

  20. Anthony Ingram

    As a blind person, Tim describes things very well. even I can picture what is going on. his content has gotten me interested in space flight. He deserves to go to the moon.

  21. Ben Gruenbaum

    I was literally just thinking the other day you’d be perfect for dear moon!

  22. Dan McIntyre

    That’s awesome ! And you would be a great candidate 👍

  23. ravenclawtom

    the cool thing if tim does go, with the way he does things (his recording and enthusiasm) it would be like all of us goes with him.

  24. Jonathan Roy

    Yusaku please get this man the the Moon, he really deserve it.

  25. Judah Matthews

    I hope you make it, Tim!

  26. Hector Ramos

    Can’t thing of anyone more deserving of a spot on Starship than Tim Dodd!

  27. Ken_the_Bigfoot

    My dad, who was a pre-teen during the apollo launches, not knowing who you are, stated during the SN8 launch (watching your livestream)… I swear… “Who is this kid, walter Cronkite?”

  28. Waker of Winds

    It wasn’t until Tim called himself the Walter Kronkite of this generation that I realized why I love his channel so much.

  29. ktw54321

    I’d love to go. However, I know Tim would be better at documenting the experience. That means more people would get a taste of a trip like that. I’m in full support sir. Fingers crossed for you.

  30. Karl Lundblad

    MZ, this is exactly the guy you want on this trip.

  31. Tanner Liddiard Films

    For all those times he said he would never get on Starship
    😂 Good luck, Mr. Dodd

  32. GWIvid

    Yes ! This would be amazing! Everyone, comment, like, share, do whatever interactions you can to get this video seen!

  33. Sahan N

    Can’t think of a better suited/deserving candidate :’)
    Tim’s bursting with charisma, he’s patient, kind, inclusive and just..overall, the dude’s an incredibly virtuous human being if anything.
    My first comment on this channel, long time fan and appreciator. Best of luck and keep up the fan-frikkin-tastic work, Tim! ^^

  34. Mateo Solveira Lorda

    You deserve it more than anything Tim! You helped me develop my interest in Spaceflight and gain some new knowledge. Good luck and greetings from Argentina!!

  35. Eldrath

    Would be funny if Maezawa san says “Sure I’ll take you but you gotta wear the Russian suit”

  36. Brett Sebring

    Out of everyone who wants this, I think you have the best shot. That was nicely humble with exactly the right amount of aspiration! Ad astra!

  37. Pinochet

    No, there’s not a slim chance you’re going.

    There’s a big chance, and you have a bunch of fans backing you, Tim! Good Luck!

  38. Kmodoe

    Tim has made me fall in love with space. He is inspiring so many people to join the industry of aerospace. He deserves this so much

  39. Gwahir

    This man’s excitement for space and all it promises is palpable. He has gifted his excitement and helped many take up careers that will send humanity beyond our small globe. If the point of Dear Moon is to inspire then Tim Dodd can multiply that inspiration and create real, tangible improvement in the lives of others through the people he reaches.

  40. E

    I feel like if Elon saw this he’d forward it along to make it happen. He seems to think a lot of you Tim so who knows!

  41. hailstorm711

    You deserve it Tim. Hope Maezawa-san sees this video. All the best.

  42. Colin Watt

    WHHHAAAATTTTTT?!?!??!?!? TIM !!! This is awesome.

  43. catbertz

    That’s a really good pitch. Humble, focused and ambitious.

  44. Ruth Field Beck

    Looking forward to your 1st reports from space!

  45. Stevan Matejic

    if you end up going, please come back, we need you and love you Tim

  46. Blaze Pascal

    I would love nothing more than to see Tim Dodd go on the DearMoon mission.

  47. Otsim Media

    Tim inspires so many people all around the world, if anyone deserves this its him!

  48. bigred2oo

    Absolutely no one is more deserving of this. Thank you for inspiring so much passion for space Tim

  49. Adam Graveen

    Yes yes yes, this exactly! Although definitely get the landing right, we still want Tim afterward.

  50. Jack Keville

    There’s something about applying to be an astronaut on a rocket that you’ve witnessed explode on multiple occasions… Best of luck, Tim!

  51. Ethan Grey

    If anyone deserves it, it’s you. Best of luck!

  52. Thomas Bartolotti

    I sincerely hope you get selected. You got me excited about space travel and helped me realize my dream of becoming an astronaut. You would be a great fit for this!

  53. Neshamah Eby

    I’ve watched this like 5 times now and every single time I watch it I get more and more excited for you! Good luck, you deserve the chance to do this and thanks for your ✨amazing✨ videos

  54. Robb H

    The stones on this guy. I look forward to your launch man.

  55. staff


  56. Mark S

    Be Tim Dodd. That’s enough inspiration for the next few generations to come.

  57. Robert Gow

    How could anyone dislike this? I don’t get this world.

  58. mb houtex

    Tim, if anyone should be on that rocket besides Elon himself, it’s you. Godspeed, sir, and good luck, rootin’ for ya all the way!

  59. DDView

    Walter Cronkite was the face and voice of everything important for me in the world growing up. Born in Jan of 1950 I was eyewitness to so much unbelievable history. Sputnik, Explorer, Kennedy ”We choose to go to the moon” speech at Rice university… Mercury, Redstone, the Vanguard failures and Atlas triumphs. Alan’s highs, and Gus’s lows. John’s orbit and Ed White with his Space Walk and mobility “pistol”. These were my hopes and heroes as I grew up. There was a lot of sadness along the way to Apollo and the moon as well. Thankfully the thrill of a Christmas Eve with Anders, Borman, and Lovell reading from Genesis while skimming over the moon, and the epic voyage culminating with that famous “Giant leap… Those are memories ever engrained in my mind’s eye. The face of those memories I remember most is Walter Cronkite and knowing “That’s the way it is!”…. You trusted Walter.. To me Tim Dodd in this new age of firsts and the YouTube phenomena is beginning to take on that appeal as Walter did back then. If there is a YouTuber that can represent the public eloquently, that invokes the spirit of the times, and the wonder of it all. Tim’s the guy. When he evoked my favorite voice in memory…. Contest was over… Go Tim! and We miss you Walter! And “That’s the way it is!”

  60. Café e Ciência

    Hope to see you there too! We’re in Step3 o/

  61. benjamin1254

    I actually cried at the end tim. You have my vote. To see tim cry his heart out in space would be amazing and bring so much extra joy to us. Knowing you have a 0.0001 chance to go… But still a chance means the world to someone whom really respects your work. Keep being awesome.

  62. Caetano Galli-Gonzalez

    He definitely taught and inspired me, i would love to see this channel incorporating moon videos. With all the greedy details that all of us come for!

  63. EclecticByTea

    I’d love to see you on a flight to the moon. You’re the reason I regained interest in space after a few years, and you’re also the reason I started supporting Spacex. I love your videos, Tim. Never give up.

  64. Jason Hopper

    I seriously teared up at that last line. If anyone deserves this opportunity, Its You Tim! I’ve been watching your channel since the beginning and I can’t think of anyone better to go!

  65. MrDanthemaniam

    Yusaku Maezawa, if your reading this, I am 63 I watch NASA and Walter Cronkite like I now watch Space X and Tim. As a Sputnik baby I was inspired to became an engineer. We need inspiration and someone to tell the story. I know who all the story tellers are. Tim is an artist of story telling in this new medium. No-one would do a better job than Tim. Bring him with.

  66. Elijah Marshall

    Even if he never goes to space, he will always be an astronaut to us.

  67. Jay

    We should send recommendations in mass numbers so he is for sure chosen. With 957000 subscribers we could make this happen

  68. Jay

    OMG Tim you changed your mind!! If anyone deserves a safe unforgettable trip it is you.

  69. Noah2000 B

    Good luck! Your videos have inspired me to be an aerospace engineer and I’m only one year away from graduating college! Thank you so much for your work

  70. Scott Gleason

    “Space isn’t remote at all. It’s only an hour’s drive away if your car could go straight upwards.” – Fred Hoyle

  71. Bumbo

    At the end of the video, I can hear the little kid inside him :)

  72. Dream Dice

    I always knew there was a non zero chance you would be interested in one of his seats, and to that I say you 100% deserve the seat

  73. Tim Boeh

    Tim, having witnessed the fledgling space race through Cronkite and CBS as a kid, I can say that you bring the same spirit that he and the networks did in the 60’s. When was the last time any of us saw a major network these days do the kind of in depth space coverage that you and your crew do? It really does remind me of the “good old days” when it was all new! You deserve a chance – we’ll all be better for it!

  74. Paul Shedleski

    Yay Tim! So glad you decided to do it, you were always my #1 choice for Dear Moon from the day I heard of it!

  75. HPV

    Yusaku Maezawa: Most definitely Tim, so long as you don’t shout ‘NO WAY, NO WAY’ every 5 secs.

  76. XI MIPA 5 Bagus Dwi Susan

    Buying a cosmonaut suit….
    Start streaming from Tesla…
    Interviewing Elon exclusively…
    Making 1 hour long video full with high quality edit & explanation…
    Build a studio near Starship….

    Now that’s a lot of effort…. You deserve it!

  77. Boof

    I literally can’t think of anyone who fits the criteria better than you, Tim!

  78. Nuova Zeta

    It feels like… if you go we all get to go with you. Your passion and excitement will touch everyone… I hope you are chosen

  79. Ruby Rubenstahl

    I can’t think of anyone more deserving or more aligned with the goals of the Dear Moon project.

    This needs to happen.

  80. Elizabeth Short

    I don’t know if this matters but Everyday Astronaut has brought my family and friends together launch after launch. You have sparked an interest in space in each and every one of us. Even when my kids were traveling 1000’s of miles away for work we gathered in front of YouTube to listen to your broadcast. No matter the time zone You have created the space geek in us. I appreciate you and the work your entire team does for us. Every time we tune in its educational and I learn so much more. And that feeds the excitement to experience so much more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You deserve whatever it is you ask for 👏👏👏👏

  81. THICC1

    You have to go, you’ve inspired so many people to love space including me. Would make a cool video too

  82. explosivejoe3000

    Welp looks like you’ve finally warmed up to the idea of actually going to space…. Hope that works out for you!! : )

  83. Dylan Gibson

    You are an inspiration to me and my family. Good luck tim!

  84. Ruben Pesoa

    Imagine Tim covering on stream from the other side of the moon

  85. Redondo Rita

    As someone who not only remembers the Apollo launches, Gemini and the Space Shuttle. I remember watching all the Mercury launches starting with Allan Sheppard all televised with narration by Walter Cronkite. What you need is an advisor like Walter Cronkite had with Wally Schirra did.

  86. William Rice

    Hell yeah Tim! Take us all to the moon with you! You brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my lips. Thank you for all you do! I hope you get this chance!

  87. guyranting

    Sending Tim to the moon would be so much bang for yusaku’s buck. When you send Tim, you’re sending all of us.

  88. LinusSexTips

    The best way for us viewers to help Tim is to like this video, he didn’t ask for it, but I think he deserves this one.

  89. Jacob Cottom

    I want to see Tim be simultaneously about-to-explode excited and about-to-pee-himself scared

  90. Trippy Dead

    YES, If anyone deserves to go, it is Tim. Plus Tim makes music, making him an artist!!!!!!

  91. CSM 27

    Send Tim to the Moon!!!! This man definitely deserves it! He’s inspired so many people already and just imagine how many more his love of space could reach!

  92. Arjun Amin

    Tim Dodd: The Actual Astronaut

  93. WarHero

    TAKE HIM. He deserves it more than anyone. He is an amazing person!

  94. Matt's Youtube stuff

    If anyone deserves this it’s definitely Tim. Best of luck!!

  95. Machete Yo *x*

    He wanted to bring artists as well.. My man Tim just happens to have a space themed music portfolio.

  96. Swaggy Tako

    If anybody deserves it it’s this man he’s brought me to love space!

  97. The Legacy

    So much confidence after your equipment getting damaged, Tim? 😅 Your enthusiasm is infectious.

    Never change, my friend. Never change.

  98. ultimategotea

    Let’s make the Everyday Astronaut an actual astronaut!

  99. Lincoln Schaaf

    What happened to “I don’t want to go to space?” Tim?

    But seriously, good luck! And thanks for making me love space!

  100. royeverett

    You’re literally the #1 fan, it just makes sense. You deserve it man.

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