Checking out the Starship SN10 wreckage!

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Pardon the wind noise, just grabbed my phone to show you Starship #SN10’s wreckage quick! It’s a lot more intact than SN8 or SN9. 4K slow mo footage with clean audio of launch, landing and explosion coming soon!

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  1. Scott Ferguson

    3:16 Truck driver: Hey guys! Any recycle today?!

  2. Isaac Lozano

    Elon: puts his own pog face in his future starship

  3. The Soup Store

    “I simply do not vibe with this universe”

  4. videolabguy

    Maxwell Smart said it best, “Missed it by that much!”

  5. ann onn

    “It touched down pretty soft”
    Did you watch the same landing as me?

  6. CLipka2373

    SN10: “Thank you, thank you all. I’m honored by your attention and applause. I want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to my esteemed predecessors, by quoting their immortal words: **BOOM!** “

  7. Phil Jeavons

    It didn’t touch down that soft, it was going about 15 mph when it hit the ground. Also, only a few legs snapped into place, the others were still floppy and didn’t lock out.

  8. TechyBen

    “I found it” mentality. Oh well. We can hope people understand simple things. :)

  9. Natasha Leigh

    SN10 just wanted to be with his girl Eileen 💞

  10. Stuart Pearce

    “Musk wanted to take it apart in a hurry” it worked out well,he planned it that way, pure genius……

  11. Stephen Eisenhauer

    Good to see Starship in its experimental “compact” configuration up close

  12. JON R Wieszchowski

    5:05 – Of Course SpaceX will get it, They’re Freaking SpaceX. Man’s Future to Space…..They Got this 💩❗

  13. George Garcia

    As long as the astronauts jump out and run fir cover quickly, I’d say we’re done!

  14. George Jones

    It would have been a softer landing if it hadn’t bounced.

  15. Glynn Jones

    So as long as you can off in five minutes they’re good for maned missions?

  16. Jeff Lucas Astrophotograp

    Watching slow motion upon landing, S10 bounced 10 feet off the pad. 😂

  17. Spicy Arbiter

    The wind makes him sound like a turian half the time

  18. Marco Schmid

    That thing wanted to fly so badly – three starts in one day !

  19. Abraham Gonzalez

    imagine if spacex sold little pieces of starship.
    Spacex: Stonks!
    We all: 😍
    It hasn’t to be the internal pieces, just the outside. People buy rocks from space, so that’s the matter?

  20. SomethingToJenga

    Elon: did it land? what’s it doing now?
    Engineer: yes. It’s just sitting there, what do you want to do?
    Elon: give the people what they want.

  21. Netopir

    Scott Manley is for the analyses, and everyday a is for the emotions.

  22. Rick Denton

    The question of the day, being SN10 exploded after it landed, will the FAA be involved in the post flight explosion investigation ?.

  23. eXViLs - 8B008B

    1:33 no, it was on side cause only 3 landing legs deployed.. other 3 didnt
    1:45 15m/s isnt soft at all :D

  24. Shibumi

    It needs a five engine configuration, so it can land on a central engine…

  25. Mike P

    For gods sake P L E A S E buy and use a Mic Muffler, dead cat or similar, that wind noise is unbearable!

  26. gelisob

    Somebody tell Tim that his phone has zoom capabilities too :P he did know about flip for selfie, sad that no zooms, his iPhone definitely has atleast 2x optical lens too.

  27. t3l3phasicworksh0p

    2:49 – those birds checking out their handywork – Avian Overlords laughing at tiny flappy flaps.

  28. Appalachian American

    The only thing missing was Wile E. Coyote standing next to the rocket with a sign that said “YIKES”

  29. Keith Kuhn

    “What happened here!” = “Oh the humanity of it” BTW, great video, thanks!!

  30. Craig C

    People in Denver: hey a piece of an airplane engine fell on my house
    People in Boca Chica: hold my beer

  31. Anish Thakkar

    I hope space x is saving such wrekage for icons in city that space x is trying to build around this site

  32. Ankur Debbarma

    The SN10 wanted to do the belly-flop manoeuvre again after touchdown.

  33. siddharth yanamandra

    What if elon builds a ship only for orbit like Hermes from the martian. Feels a lot easier than starship

  34. jamesread11

    Can we say a prayer for that landing pad… getting pounded with starships 😂😂😂

  35. Niklas Schmidt

    SN10: *Sticks the landing and proofs superiority over previous SNs*
    SN10 after 10 minutes: “Now I can die in peace” *initiates disassembly*

  36. Vampire Slayer

    Wow! I’d hate to ride the Starship all of the way to Mars…..only to end up dead in a pile of crumpled stainless steel!

  37. m & m

    S/N:10 = Rest in pieces! ⚰⚰⚰

  38. FRienDO

    That’s a certified landing And launch pad now.

  39. jleal4611

    If you watch lab Padres footage, you can see the left landing leg flopping around.

  40. Steve Perry

    It actualy came down so hard that it bounced twice and crushed the legs! Only half of the landing legs deployed correctly, the others were just swinging in the breeze.

  41. Douglas Johnson

    There was a small bounce at the end of landing.

  42. Roy Sinclair

    It didn’t come down “pretty soft”, look at the video it BOUNCED on landing. That stressed the ship and is likely the reason it leaked enough to cause the explosion. Still a great improvement and a step forward.

  43. Leon Hutton

    Imagine how cool it will look when all those pickup trucks are replaced with cybertrucks!

  44. Charles Ochello

    because of the lean, would have been SN 10 self destructed?

  45. Fred Bloggs

    It’s amazing you can just drive up and film. Try that in Area 51!

  46. Adam Rycroft

    “Wildlife refuge”

  47. My videos & etc.

    Other companies: Let’s use our top of the line cutting edge technology vehicles to asses and dissademble the wreck,
    SpaceX: 3:10

    God i love them

  48. Tyler Walter

    Still more in one piece than SN9 so it’s an improvement 😂 hopefully SN11 has a few leg days before launch 🚀

  49. NeonVisual

    I really wish Elon would let people have a small section of each SN so we could buy little framed squares of Starship with a nice picture of it waiting to launch.

  50. Mars Is A Lie

    Technically, it launched TWICE yesterday and stuck the landing ONCE.

  51. Seth Bond

    Hi Tim, you can literally take a sock off your foot and put it over the mic and cut the the wind noise by 70%.

  52. Ondrej Majernik

    Tim this is the ideal time to ask for a piece of steel for the MARS logo.

  53. Pray for Mojo

    They must have got so much more data to use on this flight!

  54. NerestroNL

    I can only applaud SN10’s amazing 5 min turn around for a second flight!!

  55. Alex Stapf

    It blew up 8 min 20 sec after landing

  56. Maxxwellwalt

    The wind noise: YouTube should add a wind filter Algorithm.. Like an AI.

  57. Timothy Semple

    Everybody’s driving by to look at the giant beached metal whale

  58. CMB

    A weld has probably cracked in an oxygen tank when it bounced.

  59. carl lundblad

    Stainless steel is recyclable, boil new steel on the leftovers and fire again.

  60. Jonathan Bööj

    2:34 BIRDS!!

  61. Aaron Crosby

    Yeah, i think Elon hit the big red button lol

  62. Tonatsi

    “It touched down quite softly”
    It literally bounced because of how hard it hit

  63. JA Shanks

    That landing was an epic success. The big badaboom was just icing on the cake.

  64. Hank THE Patriot

    The title of this video had me scratching my head… I watched it land yesterday, had I hung on for 5 more minutes…

  65. Joe Gibbs

    Scoop up some of that Stainless Steel, and use it for my Cybertruck. That would be awesome!!!!!

  66. Richard Migneron

    Tim, you need to see Scott Manley’s video, he does have a valid explanation of the explosion.

  67. AstronAcademy

    SN10: Lands

    Elon: What did it cost?

    SN10: Everything

  68. Tim Pedzinski

    SN 10 the first test article to fly twice. 10 K first flight and 10 M second flight.

  69. CyberAbot 1

    SN10 holds the world record for the minimum time in between launches!!!

  70. Jace Domon

    if you look at slow mo from some other streams the o2 tank rupture under the pressure fire comes after the rupture so its likely that the 3 legs that didn’t lock caused it to damaged the tank that then blew out from the pressure

  71. Adam McInnes

    The two best comments that I have seen so far about the explosion:

    “Starship SN10 landed on the landing zone; then burned off excess propellant in a rapid fashion”

    “Technically, it’s the first Starship to launch twice.”


  72. Nick

    I still believe they need two engines lit to land this beast.

  73. Alex Schendel

    Seeing it lying in it’s side makes me realize how often I lose scale of just how massive the Starship is!

  74. Tyan i7505

    Is Everyday Astronaut still down there every day now?

  75. Der Amo

    When Space x sell pieces of starship, they will make a lot of money!

  76. Jake

    Understand why, but still miss you’re Kerbal space builds.

  77. Richard Rigling

    Scott Manley, as usual, has a pretty good post-mortem

  78. jp

    3:22 3 of the 6 landing legs failed to deploy

  79. 非典型马列孙子996福报

    SN10:’OMG, I landed? I am on fire……Ummm, oops.’

  80. Alex

    Records broken by SN10
    First SN Landing
    First Second SN Flight
    First Second SN Landing (slightly firey)
    Quickest Turnaround time for an SN

  81. Matt Simkins

    For Sale: Starship SN10 used once, one landing leg a bit bent. With a bit of TLC it should be Mars ready in 50 years.

  82. rJaune

    That was amazing! We get further and further

  83. Milos Zikic

    Never say Dumping footage again 😁

  84. paca_bill

    The reason why it stuck the landing this time was that they finally painted the “X” on the landing pad. SN-8 and -9 didn’t see it, so didn’t know where to touch down! :) Curious if the SpaceX drone that was flying and filming after the landing survived the shock wave – that would be some interesting footage.

  85. Dom_ The

    There’ll probably be some pieces of stainless steel lying around outside of the fence that were thrown clear by the explosion. Probably worth having a look.

  86. James

    “The operation was a success but the patient died.”

  87. Stephanie Cowell

    Stuck that landing like Keri Strugg…earned a 10 but imploded on the inside

  88. sfs fan e

    I went home yesterday after watching the launch then Saw that it exploded

  89. alwade24

    You said “good morning everybody” almost identical to that kid saying “good morning y’all” LOL

  90. danimardani

    It slammed too hard the ground, that’s why got a fuel leak

  91. Pyriphlegeton

    Why won’t they just melt this down and make some small 2D Starship medallions? Or even just cubes. I just want to own a bit of starship! :D

  92. bhakti chohan

    The historic wreckage! I hope you get a piece of starship for the Mars Reconnaissance Studio B

  93. Hammer Games

    How about that unusual color of flames on liftoff? And the smoke behind flames was alike burning coal not methane, it seems it did not burn correctly. As well these legs did not deployed correctly on some captures. So maybe they would be enough, if they were all on place.

  94. Todd Johnson

    And Everyday Astronaut’s explosion video made it onto CNN, including Tim’s exclamations.

  95. The0ldg0at

    First they have to improve when they shut down a motor. one of the motor didn’t shut-down perfectly. That’s what caused the fire after landing.

  96. The PNolandS

    SN-10 was just a Meseeks, wasn’t it? It took off, landed, and then stopped existing.

  97. Hoa Nguyen

    sn10: I’m so tired for my landing work– I wanna go to sleep

  98. Nzeru Socia

    I was so waiting for this update

  99. Scorpz - Minecraft


  100. F

    *^ for sn10*

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