Blue Origin VS Virgin Galactic // How do they compare?

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The time has arrived! We’re at the start of a new era of human spaceflight, commercial suborbital rides to the edge of space! And what’s crazy is there isn’t just ONE company doing it, but two companies are entering service at almost the exact same time! Of course we’re talking about Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and their SpaceshipTwo space plane and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin with their New Shepard vehicle.

So here’s a little overview of what exactly suborbital spaceflight is, what you could expect on one of these rides, and then go over each system, comparing them side by side for the ultimate rundown.

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01:30 – What is Suborbital Spaceflight?
05:50 – Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo
12:45 – Blue Origin’s New Shepard
20:50 – Side by Side Comparison
24:45 – Summary

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  1. Patrick A

    Can’t wait to see a ride on starship, that actually goes to space, cost way less than this.

  2. JM Studios

    one company provides a safe, reliable, smooth and enjoyable experience. The other bashes people on twitter

  3. Kurt Benes

    Tim love that you used the coaster Mako at SeaWorld Orlando. My favorite coaster there.

  4. Jim

    Wow, so this is what you can achieve when you don’t pay taxes.

  5. Joan of Bark

    VG for me. It’s more elegant.

  6. Nathan Lee

    To be honest, blue origin rocket looks like the man’s most important organ ( yeah that one)

  7. Kartoffelbauer

    I`m really exited about the flight

  8. Al T

    I think I’d go for Blue Origin’s experience if I could afford it, since those windows are a literally huge draw, and there’s something about the experience of climbing up a launch tower and lying down in an acceleration seat like you’re Alan Shepard that’s really attractive to me.

  9. Erik Barsingerhorn

    Tim your documentaries are getting more and more professional by the day, with greater content every day….(Astronaut)🚀

  10. P5ychoFox

    Before the end of this decade, Tim’s Norminal hat needs to be flown to space and then returned safely to Earth.

  11. Rares Grosu

    it’s much cooler to fly with a rocket in space than in a plane that doesn’t even reach space

  12. Darren

    Until the price gets down to the cost of a skydive, my overriding feeling is that this is a wasteful fad. Are we suddenly going to see all the billionaires pouring into space companies? Where have they been up to now?

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy a hat for future reference in case I need to eat it.

  13. The Sauce

    New Shepard design would fit if it was from “virgin” galactic.

  14. Mr Dandelion

    We will need to start gofundme to get Tim into space once these go commercial!

  15. berlinroots

    When I see Spaceship accelerating into space I can totally imagine a skyhook coming down and accelerate the vehicle into a stable orbit.

  16. Greg Culverwell

    Billionaires need something to spend their money on, but to me they are just mega bungee rockets.

  17. Parvesh Khatri

    When I think about space rides, I think about going to the moon, mars and other panels. I never think a space ride as a few miles above ride than an airplane.

  18. Sarvad Paygude

    CONGRATS ON 1M TIM, it looks like interest in Space is coming back!!

  19. Vasily Bullock

    Who would win in a battle, pressure fed astronaut or everyday astronaut?

  20. ItsFud

    What I love about these videos is that they’re interesting and you don’t actually need to watch them, you can just listen to them while you do other stuff.

  21. Søren Hartmann

    Really good video packed with a lot of interesting fact well presented. Thanks

  22. Switzerland

    Both companies are just hipster toys, focused more on marketing than actual engineering,

  23. Mootavic

    Tim, your assessment of the fuels is a bit misleading. Sure the final output of Hydrolox is water but you’re not taking into account the energy required to eloctrolyse the H2 and O2 as well as the energy required to store the fuels cryogenically.

    The environmental impact is more than the exhaust emissions.

  24. Matt Lowne

    Out of the two, I’d rather fly Spaceship 2 (or eventually 3), so much more sci-fi, and ofc the longer flight time is a bonus! But honestly I’d be thrilled to go on either 😃

  25. Nicola Rice

    Can you dig up some news on the sabre engine through Reaction Engines and do a video on it?

  26. Conquer Driving

    Brilliant video! Really well explained.

  27. BigFacts BigStacks

    Always extremely high quality content!

  28. M. Tariqul Islam

    Hey Tim, what is the max G each one pulls and for how long?

  29. Nick P.

    Tim, I just love these videos. Amazing job!

  30. Big Whoop

    Disappointed that Virgin Galactic rocket is pretty dirty.

  31. Marc Vales

    Strange to hear that just UK + USA is considered to be “an international consideration ” proposing to change lower limit of space from 100km to 80km, just for short view commercial interest!
    What about this other 95% of human beings living on Earth?

  32. ThunderDragon

    Who thought we can even think of the near possibility of going to space

  33. calvingreene90

    Blue Origin: Step by step on quaalude.

  34. Vineet Faske

    R.I.P to that test pilot who died for making commercial spaceflight possible.

  35. TheBooban

    26:48 people going to be fumbling with that on the way down. Rather have a hard shoulder bar.

  36. TheBooban

    23:38 VG’s engine is thrown away after each launch.

  37. Seth Jansson

    A reasonable rivalry? Simply amazing.

  38. Jack Fisher

    I would ride on either system in a heartbeat!

  39. Mark S

    Great job of putting this together, Tim. Nice perspective too.

  40. Kirk Jett

    When ya going to do a vid on inspiration 4? Now that’s gonna be amazing! 4 minutes versus 4 days….

  41. AdrianBoyko

    The Virgin Galactic pilots have, by far, the best job in the entire history of jobs

  42. halogenic

    Technically speaking you’re in space, even when standing on the earth.

  43. airheart1

    Definitely would prefer Virgin Galactic’s ride.. assuming I ever had a spare quarter mil layin’ around.. lol

  44. Java Man

    Imagine if Virgin could do round trips to Las Vegas in that space plane.

  45. David Bland

    To me it’s about the view from space and the microgravity. The windows on Spaceship Two are to small. Who cares about the interior design.

  46. Scott Wagner

    “Two billionaires argue about who’s going to be furthest from going to orbit”

  47. Tomo

    The fact that they had the revealing at the Intrepid is really cool.

    (Would have been even cooler if the Enterprise was preserved and had the unveiling there)

  48. Tomo

    Ok but who doesn’t poke fun of a civics towing capacity

  49. iKinda likeRockets

    VSS imagine what we could have been if we focused only on orbital rocket

  50. MikeB

    I think this will always be for the elite – like Concord was. I can’t see the fuels and prep costs ever coming into Joe Average territory. Hopefully this is the start of future larger ventures like trips to a moon base. It’s a truly an amazing time to be around though.

  51. Lord Grumbot

    A tesla roadsters window is actually larger than New shepherds windows, so the tesla roadster in launched in 2018 into mars orbit is the largest window in space

  52. Marko Milovac

    I doubt it that they’re going to let people out of their seats if zero g last for only 4 minutes. Imagine having six idiots floating around and then trying to buckle in while the ship is falling back to earth at super sonic speed :D

  53. Remtech Shelby

    Tim, Did you realize that it s now very probable that YOU WILL go to space. Lucky you, well disserved.

  54. Arno De Pauw

    Would love to ride on Spaceship2! Gonna enjoy seeing Sir Richard Branson fly on it tomorrow!

  55. Tom Greer

    Outstanding job, Tim, in providing a detailed overview of both sub-orbital systems.

  56. Eben Waterman

    I’d pay $20.00 for a 2 hour IMax show recorded by cameras outside SpaceshipTwo.

  57. UlrichVIII

    i’ll start saving for a ride to the moon on a starship, these early space trips are too short imo c:

  58. Kmmg

    He doesn’t upload often but when he does it’s amazing

  59. Dr mosfet

    Thanks for the complete comparison, but even after watching your very well done video, they both just seems like a over priced one shot vomit comet, if these endeavours turn out turn out to be successful, I will have under estimate strangeness of our species again.

  60. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    I definitely would fly on SpaceShipTwo just so I can have the same experience of what they had back in 2004

  61. Ruvik

    I wish Tim Dodd a very happy ‘I’m craving the soviet history of rockets’

  62. Adriaan Swart

    Coolest video ever! And no YouTuber has such a good intro song!
    Great soundtrack

  63. Rob Speed

    “crewed operational flight”

    I’m pretty sure VG still considers this a test flight.

  64. Michael Zanghi

    Ide love a ride on either! No thought in the decision, insyant yes.

  65. Will Evans

    Pretty sure Tim you will get to ride both vehicle’s. Look forward to your review after you do.

  66. Jared Mulconry

    Assuming I could afford it, I’d be down for the 101st flight on each. That seems like a nice, round number.

  67. Niels vd Spek

    i really like this kind of content the most :D

  68. jimbob2bob

    I hope Tim fulfils his dream by riding in either one of these. xx

  69. Srirami Reddy Gangireddy

    As you said, I feel Blue Origin more safer than Virgin Galaxy.

  70. Steve Siegelin

    I remember the days of the guy in the orange suit who said he’d never actually fly to space. Glad to see you join all of us in the yearning to fly amongst the Stars! Cameraman on dragon doesn’t sound so far fetched now huh?! Get us some good shots of the moon will you!

  71. LYFE

    After Blue Origin’s tweet yesterday, we all know whos more petty now

    Edit: Im going to address some of the replies to this comment. What I said above was supposed to be lighthearted and not to be taken too seriously. We’re all Team Space here after all. Its just that the Blue Origins tweet doesn’t sit well with me after their lack of progress perhaps a little bit of what went down on the HLS contract. Now Im writing this right after Unity 22 had a safe flight but I just hope commercial spaceflight gets less competitive and more “Oh wow we’re launching space tourist to space!!!”. Maybe one day we’ll see Blue Origin launch New Glenn before Rocket Lab gets their Neutron operational.

  72. Wrangler 9033

    Depends on cost for longevity and how the economy in general is. Think moment, you can’t ride if you can’t afford it or get funding for it. There a chance people will get bored with just going up and down. I think in the long term, they need go places in suborbital. Then i think it will be more sustainable.

  73. betav47

    Weird to have Falcon 9 for a scale instead of a banana

  74. Paul Reading

    Excellent as always Tim, thanks.

  75. Alex Landherr

    In the near future Tim might actually be an Everyday Astronaut, think about that.

  76. Stephen

    The longer flight makes VG the one I would go for. But no doubt BO / NS is the one for the best view with those giant windows.

  77. Vincent Groenewold

    I would like to ride on SpaceShipTwo far more than Blue Origin’s rocket. It seems more bang for the buck with a nice ride up and down. The other is simply more like a rollercoaster ride.

  78. David Pirtle

    I’d ride either one, though I”m sure I’ll be dead before it’s affordable.

  79. Sheepwars

    Thank you for making a more professional (and less childish) comparison between BO and VG than Blue Origin did on Twitter.

    I’m still surprised about how kindergarden their post was for a multibillion dollar company. Simply for that reason alone I would go for VG. If someone gives me 250k that is :D

  80. 4x4ArtistManagement

    Awesome video Tim. Would also love to get more insight on the differences in g-force, both for ascent and descent

  81. Joseph Gwara

    Wanna see some flat earthers get on those flights lol

  82. Guilherme Cavassin

    Could you talk about time out of the seat? and what are you allowed to do during this time? Thanks amazing video!

  83. Burebo Burebo

    would love to ride both also; oh, great episode again, as always

  84. billy5306

    I would prefer the Virgin Galactic also, much longer ride.

  85. Tamás Fábián

    Tap off starts like a pressure-fed, turbopump introduces positive feedback.

  86. Glen Hunt

    Tim, you posted when NSF was live! I stuck with them but did queue you up right away, though. Go Team Space communicators!

  87. Nick Rameau

    17:27 Couldn’t agree more! Now I’m more interested in keeping up with Blue Origin. Thanks so much for all the details, Tim.

  88. John Currid

    I own virgin galactic stock so I hope they do great

  89. funkyzero

    Gotta question that I’m stumbling with. On the VG ship, what is the purpose of the angled nozzle? Seems to me that non-symmetrical shapes like that would cause some effect, obviously a desired one, but I can’t figure out what that would be. Any ideas?

  90. atharva Joshi

    In short suborbital flights are new type of fancy amusement park rides 😂

  91. Guy from Poland

    Blue origin couldn’t pic worse time to post that “comparison” on Twitter

  92. Jeremy Glass

    Correction: acceleration in Newtonian physics is defined as experiencing a change in velocity, and as you coast up to your apoapsis, your velocity is decreasing, even though you don’t feel it because you and your spacecraft are accelerating at the same rate.

  93. Water Rocket Lab

    I wish both companies a safe flight

  94. Wen Hop?

    Finally, i can enjoy a new quality space video

  95. A.N.10Films

    Right after the Twitter dispute just in time

  96. T65Bx

    Who will win?
    •One half-plane-half rocket
    -Or –
    •One slightly NSFW launcher

  97. MXP Weapons

    It’s always beautiful when Tim uploads! I already know the video about Soviet rocket engines is going to be like a documentary.

  98. spiffyracc

    This is going to be a made for TV movie in 20 years.

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