Best Space Gifts 2019!

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It’s that time of year again where we try to explain to our families what us space nerds want for the holidays. I mean, come on, you can never have too many awesome space things.

All the gifts from last years article are still available here! –

For 2019, I have composed a list of some of my personal favorite space related items. This is either stuff I’ve found in the past year, or maybe even stuff that I liked so much, I bought it. Some of them are on my wish list too! For your ease of shopping, I have written this article version where all of the photos are hyperlinked to go right to each item. Full disclosure, some of these are affiliate links which can help support Everyday Astronaut financially. However, this is not sponsored content and everything on this list is something that I genuinely like.


Thanks to my Moon Walkers for helping produce each and every video! – Neurostream, Max Haot, Thomas May, Jason Padilla, Joe Leva, John Malkin, Larry D Lysinger, ArcTechInc, Blake Jacobs, Ole Mathias Heggem, Jared Smith, Mac Malkawi, Jethro, TTTA and NSS North Houston Space Society!

  1. John theux

    The best gift for me would be a forced convection oven because it’s cheaper and more efficient.

  2. Kimberly W

    Ignition! Is great

  3. spaceboy8675

    i saw apollo 11 yesterday on hulu

  4. earFront

    It’s been tooo long with out a Tim D video.
    Good t to see the Tim again.

  5. Rameka

    Is it possible to get the “i’m late for my flight” print on it’s own

  6. Jackie Zuhong Gan Zheng


  7. Dirpyninjasqid

    kerbal space program 1 will still be updated for years o come

  8. TheSoldier03 / Chappie

    I cant buy the Apollo 11 film in my country. Sad

  9. Ender Slayer546

    I got the golden record

  10. Ivan TheAdorable

    what book would you recommend for space newbie?

  11. Dovakin EScrolls

    Hazza! Tim. Go Science

  12. Oleg Cha

    What are his glasses called?

  13. Anton Krause

    How do you join his discord?

  14. andrew nelson

    No microgravity indicator? 🌎

  15. Max Kraan


  16. MPK_455

    I have bought ksp last friday

  17. jezmy2006

    Hey dude – you forgot to mention your awesome music!!!!

  18. Konami

    Dang, no Star Citizen?


    I am new here

  20. a toaster

    Cant wait to buy these for myself.

  21. Siddharth Butala

    im broke…….

  22. Joshua Morgan

    From what I hear, the LEGO Saturn V that was suggested last year is going out of production soon so if you haven’t picked one of those up yet, you might want to.

  23. Elopeous

    man. what a time to be alive

  24. MrZayLock

    Where can i see the documentary

  25. Andrew Kaylor

    Hey Tim! Thanks for including the shout out to the Patreon support. You guys make tons of amazing content, so thanks to you, Trevor, John and many many more that pour their time into this passionate career. You guys all rock respectively!


    Send hidden side of moon pics

  27. Joshua Engering

    Bring back the grid fin coasters!

  28. Ethanz913

    Great video as always Tim!

  29. Rob Andrew

    No starnan hoodie again one day Santa Tim will bring my wish come true wishing on a starlink 🙏

  30. Grange Gardener Organic Vids

    Good on you Tim, A Big thumbs up for promoting other Space enthusiasts at the end of your Video. A true Space lover!

  31. Starman

    Hey Tim great video i’m just wondering if the Grid Fin not a coaster coming back into the store.

  32. Robbie Whitelock

    I ALSO HAVE KERBAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Hugo Wijk

    Don’t forget the ESA space shop, they’ve got some pretty cool merch and it’s nice for us Europeans if you want to support some locally produced space-action!

  34. Winterentorm

    You always make awesome content! 🚀

  35. Zain Raza

    Keep up the great videos Tim! :)

  36. Kerbonautics

    I wish people got me stuff for the holidays.

  37. Mark Hancock

    My favorite present from last Christmas (from my son) was your photo of the first Falcon Heavy launch.
    My favorite present this year (so far) is a photo of Jim Irwin on the Moon given to my dad by Jim with a hand written note to my dad from Jim on the photo. Jim went to our church back then.

  38. Joe Skop

    Arghh! You forget Racket Kit models, by producers and via 3d printer! :-(

  39. James Bradwell

    You’re allowed to say “Christmas” you know.
    Nobody is going to be offended :)

  40. Robert Mcalister

    I hope you will do the space awards again 😊

  41. Kyle Ryan

    Hes not lieing his merch is super nice everything I’ve bought I’ve been very happy with

  42. Micheal After

    I asked for Ignition!. Thanks for the suggestion

  43. Jp willerd

    Your such a sexy nerd. 😍

  44. Daniel Baulig

    Arlo Skye space series is fully sold out :(

  45. Amirhosein Mousavi

    2020 is going to be second space rice

  46. Mister Meow

    I never received any gift from someone for 18 years and im 18 years old🤣

  47. Will Broad

    Bought your stuff!!!!! Dad is getting Joe’s. Gonna be a ludicrous house

  48. Léni Vienne

    Thank you so much for last year video, I was able to get the Vans x Nasa shoes and they are still gorgeous <3

  49. Ali Ch

    You Can’t Stay the Behind the Trend Can You?

  50. -Nuclear dragon-

    I got the lego Saturn V for my birthday this year

  51. Stefan R

    I recommend the Full flow staged combustion cycle wear.

  52. pieter welkers

    What do you want for christmas?

  53. pahlavi5312

    I like your merch too, don’t worry! I wish I could get some (e.g. that ffscc jacket), but having it shipped to Japan is gonna cost me an arm and a leg :(

  54. JenJen on wheels

    Awesome stuff. I also really like Answers with Joe merch, I like that he has some awesome space t shirts (I have the father of dragons one and my next purchase will be the ‘I’ll be back’ falcon 9 booster shirt) and those shirts aren’t branded with his name or channel name and I like having that option.
    I have a list of stuff I want from your store also but would love to know where your astronaut button down shirts come from?

  55. Mark Steudlein

    This year I read Scott Kelly’s Endurance novel (audiobook version). I thought it was a pretty fantastic space read.

  56. MrZayLock

    Where can i see the documentary, i’m from Perú

  57. TLI 69

    Yes I need those

  58. Tyler Pierce

    I have that Lego Lunar Lander sitting on my shelf… in the box… since June… smh

  59. kaya cayci

    1 i have the LM lego
    2 i have ignition
    3 i have a collection of other lego space stuff i designed
    4 i have KSP + simple rockets 2
    5 i have the lego saturn V

  60. Christian Higgy

    Thank you I will definitely buy some of these items for relatives for Christmas

  61. Mike Robertson

    Great vid Tim. My boy loved his hat and sticker pack, for his bday. You are a great sharer of great content. Thank you, sir!

  62. Stuart Fox

    For the first couple of minutes I thought you were saying “giffs” so I thought that was the theme of the whole video, best giffs of the year….

  63. Freddie Reid

    A gift: a rocket?

  64. Uteopia

    you know you’re space nerd when you have space-themed underwear ^_^

  65. Ignacio Ferrentino

    Hey! I love your content!!! It would love to see a resume for every launch that we have within 2019… For those like me that don’t follow all space companies. Thank You very much for your rocket passion

  66. William Swenson

    “We’ve pretty much explored the planet…” Argh, Tim. The exploration of our deep oceans is often likened to the exploration of outer space. The surface of the moon is better mapped than the planet’s ocean depths. Still, I love your enthusiasm and the high quality of your content. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  67. reasonablebeing

    Lunar mission Tee for me. I was 9 when Apollo 11 landed and watched it live.

  68. Chowdder

    Hey Tim, can you link where you got those awesome shirts in your wardrobe? I really like the space shuttle pattern one, thanks!

  69. JoeDog McKeel

    One recommendation for you Tim,
    Graphene: The Superstrong, Superthin, and Superversatile Material That Will Revolutionize the World by Les Johnson and Joseph E. Meany.

  70. Josh Ross

    This was legit a problem for me. I didn’t know what to tell my family. They just kept getting confused

  71. RufftaMan

    Thanks for all you do!
    As a thank you, I used your referral code when I bought my Tesla Model 3, which I’ll get in two weeks or so.
    I’m sure you can use the 1000 additional free supercharger miles.. =)

  72. The Call of the Road

    Great recommendations Tim! I’m wearing my Voyager shirt as I type this and have also had my eye on one of those record sets.Good stuff.

  73. Deep Space

    is there no more grid fin not a coasters?

  74. Jeremy Banks

    “if you don’t have KSP I don’t know if I can consider you a true space flight fan”
    I feel attacked. Cmon Tim, I’m a busy spaceflight fan. Cut us some slack bud.

  75. John Frian

    I really want that starman hoodie! Aww – sold out

  76. James Hood

    Wow, I’m here early for once.

  77. Robbie Whitelock

    I’m buying the lunar lander lego

  78. Tubular Topher

    10:18 Hey Tim, where did you get that star patterned button-up? I’ve been looking everywhere for that.

  79. aribbonatatime

    I want a t-shirt with the “Everyday Astronaut” logo on it.

  80. Space 2123

    6:59 He looks like the villain in Skyfall.

  81. Christopher Taylor

    The one time I’m early

  82. Raul Cavalcante

    youtube is drunk again 2 views and 8 likes

  83. Hangtime Central

    The real question: what is Tim doing for the Astro Awards?

  84. UZI


  85. Aerospace Gaming

    Grumble, I have SO many hobby’s I don’t know what to ask for

  86. Duckhead Gaming

    02:16 I missed it because it LITTERALY wasn’t in any cinemas near me :(

  87. Callum

    Don’t forget to send Joe some hugs in a box this Christmas!

  88. octaypus

    the merch looks so cool! love the thought put into them

  89. aceman67

    Kerbal Space Program: The only gift that matters, TBH.

  90. Ian Golsby

    “Personally, I really like *my* merch”

  91. Lex Wilson

    I got a lego Saturn 5 for my b’day and I LOVE it!

  92. Lifecraft

    Everybody: “Hey you can donate to my patreon because i want to make a living out of this!”
    Tim Dodd: “Hey, how about donating to a youtuber, heres a list of twentyish guys who do a good job!”
    Tim is a good guy, be like Tim. :)

  93. Dragan Vasiljevic

    I am Here!

  94. Robin Steens

    Why buy KSP 1 when you don’t even own a decent computer to play it on… So I guess I’m waiting for KSP 2 to have an excuse to buy a new computer

  95. Coobk165[GER]

    im getting the 12020 kurzgesagt space calendar :3

  96. Ollie

    2019: starship model
    2030: $30 starship flight

  97. HIF1alpha

    As the only space-y person in my family and circle of friends, I totally plan on gifting these to myself 😂

  98. Matt Horkan

    “We’ve pretty much explored our planet”
    (Laughs in ocean)

  99. Y Perm

    “Want do you want for Christmas, son”

  100. CubeCraftGalaxy

    Start: 1:23
    Lego Lunar lander: 1:23
    Apollo 11 Movie: 2:08
    KSP: 3:15
    Voyager: 4:40
    Ignition: 5:55
    Case For Space: 6:22
    Beyond the Known: 7:15
    Everyday astronaut merch: 8:15
    Suitcase: 11:30
    Patreon: 12:30

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