Artemis VS Apollo: Is NASA’s Artemis program actually “sustainable?”

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NASA’s making some big moves to finally get humans back to the moon for the first time in over 50 years. The Artemis program is shaping up with checks written and hardware built! So how does a 21st Century program to the moon compare to that of the 1960’s?

In Today’s video, we’re going to answer the question, why does NASA think Artemis will be a sustainable program when SLS is sooooo dang expensive AND it’ll take at least two launches to get humans and their lunar landers to the moon.

This CAN’T be more sustainable than Apollo, right? Well, we didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the costs, so today we’re going to really dive into the total costs, including development, infrastructure and hardware by giving SLS and Orion a full cost audit.

But we’ll even show you how the Apollo program and Artemis mission profiles differ including the specific orbits and rendezvous and everything required to get humans to the surface of the moon and even talk about the upgraded safety considerations and hardware involved.

Once we look at all these details, we can answer the question, 50 years later, is the Artemis program actually an improvement over the Apollo program or is NASA going completely in the wrong direction when returning to the moon?

#ApolloVSArtemis #SLSVSSaturnV

03:50 – The Hardware
15:55 – The Missions
29:15 – Safety & Upgrades
35:50 – Program Costs
46:20 – Rant
52:25 – The Good Parts of Artemis
55:35 – Conclusion

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    I love how he hints at future videos in each video. It’s like he is trying to increase his workload…

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  4. Leonardo Avellar

    Really wanted to see the math of those questions, with ballpark numbers, or some insight from twitter elon (wink wink tim) :
    How much can a refueled and entirely redesigned moon variant starship take to the moon surface and come back to LEO?(to be refueled and get new cargo to go back to the moon)
    Considering: No heatshields and flaps weight
    High monted engines for moon landing that are probably way lighter than 3 earth landing raptor engines that are not needed
    On situ O2 refuel for the way back that elon proposed, maybe bigger methane tanks and smaller O2 tanks redesigned and optimized for this O2 refuel purpose(burn all O2 on the way to the moon, have methane for the trip back to go back with no cargo, refuel O2 needed)
    Maybe some kind of fairing ditch as it will never leave space once it launch once

    i supose 30~40% more payload with all those changes (i don’t even know if it really is possible to land all the ship and come back to LEO even with no payload at all, never did the math)

  5. Fahad Alharbi

    Well three thing to explain cost of things that Nasa is building, first, one item things are expensive, if are are just building only 20 of a thing that is ver complex, it’s very exlensive to develop.. Second.. American labour, this why American cost of Iraq war is more expensive then all the oil in it. Just treating 20,000 veterans for 15 years with American doctors cost more 2 trillion dollars.. Third, cost plus, which could related to first reason, samll non commercial items.. Solution, well, this money is worthless and the state is indept for 26 trill, this just continue printing the money until China stop believing in it and then major inflation and the USA will become another version of Venezuela

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    We all know how the cost hemorrhage happens. It is the $L$ – The Senate Lobbying System.

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    do they actually try to get on the moon with starship by 2024 or is mars still prio no. 1?

  10. docoj65

    Wouldn’t there be sense to creating fueling stations early , maybe Bigelow-esque platforms in Earth orbit and lunar orbit to lessen the ongoing need for multiple Starship to Starship fuel transfers beyond the first round needed to set up the stations?

    I’ve heard that if a carbon source is found on the moon, methalox could be made, and if so couldn’t Lunar Starships be used as tankers as well as landers?

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    Honestly angry Tim kinda scares me

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    Boeing employees be driving BMWs for telling NASA “workin’ hard!”

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    Given the comparisons you showcased they should have just modernized the Saturn 5 so it had modern lighter computers that required a lot less power and made a few improvements on it’s safety and saved themselves hundreds of billions and TONS of time.

  14. Keldor314

    I have a feeling that the specific Starship proposal was designed to be “minimum risk” configuration for the benefit of the selection team, who are leery at the idea of reusable Starship and the engines kicking regolith up etc. A sort of way of telling Nasa that even if half of Starship’s features don’t pan out, they’ll still be able to build a workable vehicle specifically for landing on the moon.

    If all goes well, we’ll never see this lander variant. They’ll just use Starship, which will have proven itself feasible and put to rest all those concerns.

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    Apart from just going to the moon, wouldn’t we start establishing a lunar colony as well as move a step forward in mars exploration?

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    When Starship flies to orbit and back, Elon and Spacex get the Collier Prize; SLS out years get cancelled.

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    Why the price tag? Every dollar went to a person, providing “jobs”. The more spent, the more “jobs”. And Shelby and company supported it to supply “jobs” for their states.

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    A wonderful presentation Tim! It’s good to hear that Artemis will eventually be more cost effective than the Apollo program. The key is program continuity so that “eventually” becomes a reality.
    Thanks very much for all the work you (etc al.) put into the research and video production. Very cool stuff.

  39. The Magitechie

    Honestly, I think the new way NASA is doing things is nice and all, but they really should have lit a fire under Boeing’s tailfins waaaaaaaaaaaay earlier than they did. I do very much appreciate the perspective of taking into account everything the early space missions gave us besides rockets, as well as showing how the costs will go down eventually. Very well done with the video 😀. I still think Boeing is more than a little too cozy with the government, and that’s in more than just spaceflight.

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    I picture spacecraft operating in a similar way to this in my head, but that’s from years of studies in celestial & orbital mechanics, along with just being a massive lifelong spaceflight/rocketry nerd.

    I think this will go a LONG way in helping those who are new to orbital mechanics “get it”: for these ideas to go from an abstract notion of unintuitive maneuvers to a real understanding of exactly how things happen in orbit.

    Well done Tim Dodd & Crew, well done!!

    *Post Script: I can’t help but giggle a lil everytime I think of you as “Tim” instead of “Everyday Astronaut”. I’ve been here since the beginning: before the “no photoshop” series, the first public pics posted on social media, the transition from art project to spaceflight enthusiast to serious science communicator(term used with due diligence). The first time I heard your name as “Tim”, I thought that was just the generic name given to your character “Everyday Astronaut”.

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    You: How much will it cost?
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