Are rockets terrible for our air? How much do they pollute?

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  1. Otterlee Artward

    How much pollution when rocket goes boom? Just kidding.

  2. James Huffman

    Thanks man my 11 year old son was just asking me about this a week ago and I was like I know a guy who is working on the answer I’ll get back to you.

  3. Bo

    *”flamey end of the rocket”* now he’s speakin’ my language

    edit: 55-minute video warning o.0

  4. Alejandro Alcantarilla

    After watching the video you can say… it’s all up in the air 😂

  5. snuffeldjuret

    Hm, I was expecting there would be more football fields needed to refuel!

  6. Nic Wilson

    When you consider that these airlines frequently fly empty flights just to keep their place, too…

  7. tiago l

    I know this is going to be great Tim, I’ll watch when I have a spare hour.

  8. Jerry Rupprecht

    This is incredible. Definitely worth the wait

  9. Brandon Smythe

    I’ve never seen solid fuel before. It’s literally solid. So interesting.

  10. Troy Walt

    I’ve done it, i’ve watched it to the actual end, not bragging… just stating the facts. peace

  11. Christopher Taylor

    Who’s ready for the rocket haters to start taking this out of context

  12. Sholin Wright

    I was just there—along with about a bazillion screaming kids.

  13. Allon Vorlete

    50+ min everyday astronaut vid?
    Couldnt click fast enough.

  14. BiggieYT

    I really want to see a video of Tim just ranting about climate change deniers

  15. Bill

    5 minutes old? 1 hour long? I’m here for it

  16. bird bros gaming

    Awesome job as usual, Tim! Going to be deep-diving into the research tomorrow but we just used your video on “Is Raptor king of the rocket engines?” today as our science class and we had to compare turbo chargers to turbo pumps, went over the 4 rocket engine cycles, etc. Have you ever considered doing a video on rocket engine gimbals?

  17. Wile CKoyote

    You may well have answered a lot of questions for a lot of people who were previously unfamiliar with the subject. Which is a great thing.
    Thank you Tim.

  18. Patrick Stephen

    I’ve been waiting so long for this! :D

  19. Limi V

    Wow, that’s a very in depth video. I love it when people discuss subjects in depth with all their complexities. I started the video and before I knew it, it ended and I was surprised those 55 minutes have gone by. There’s no higher praise
    So… when’s the next one??

  20. imre//

    “Stay until the end of the video” :
    Video is 55 min long

  21. sambowman91

    Don’t be putting imagery of Dove satellites being deployed when you’re talking about space debris. Those make actual money, bro.

  22. Mathias T.W.P

    **pointless argument about climate change and all that stuff**

    You can’t tell me what to do!

  23. Skitter Litter

    I’m so happy you made a vid not stream

  24. Alex Landherr

    At 22:20; “Fun ratios”, only heard in physics, chemistry and video editing circles…

  25. William Swenson

    Soon, in a theater near you, “Tim Dodd Returns!” Welcome back, road warrior.

  26. Hugo Wijk

    This is great, I’m writing a school paper on the sustainability of Starlink and this, with all it’s wonderful sources, and new perspectives is an amazing help in tackling the ecological sustainability of Starlink.
    Did you find any relevant sources on the production of Falcon and Starship/Super Heavy? I understand that you didn’t have time to include, or research, too much on that for the video, if you found anything though that would be a huge help!

    It’s amazing to see the content that you can and get to produce these days, with you very own footage for all kinds of things, and such incredible research and detail on the subject. I’m loving these longer videos!

  27. Dragan Vujanović

    .. .
    Say, how come none of ESA rockets werent included in comparision of emissions and how much do they produce on average? Or I missed that mention.

  28. Mega Megamind

    Tim, you’re an amazingly passionate guy, and that passion is contagious, and in the tough times we are living, it’s great to have moments of relief such as watching your shows! Keep up the GREAT GREAT work, we all love it! 😊👍

  29. Touay

    If starlink can help people work from home, and therefore not have to drive o work, maybe those launches will reduce overall co2 output.

  30. Bram Moerman

    Bottom line to me, before the show “you can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs”

  31. Jaxon Mattox

    I like to say that complaining about emissions and environmental damage from rockets is like complaining about carbon emissions from a C130 delivering food and medical supplies to somewhere just hit by a hurricane, the good they do drastically outweighs the bad

  32. RarestAce

    This video was just great brother. Thank you for all the hard work that you’ve done on this one. Very much looking forward to your next one as well as your DM-2 coverage!!

  33. Joel Will

    Yo, so glad you posted this today, I really needed it:)

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    Tim Dodd already getting 16 and a half days of watch time just 5 hours after uploading the video.

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    Shout-out to Tim and 6 month research that he condensed into 55 minutes… Keep it going!! 🎊😄

  36. Fernando Queiroz Popovic

    E. A. :”Makes a video about rocket pollution”


  37. Zac Kurtis

    So your not a rocket scientist or a climate scientist yet you teach millions. That’s gotta count as something expert-y.

  38. Gwahir

    Been looking forward to this!
    Time to settle in for Space!

  39. Dankeus Memeus

    Sooo happy this video finally came out! You have done so much research, and I’m happy about how much work went into this whole video. I’m so glad I am subscribed, you deserve way more. The visuals were so amazing

  40. Paul Haynes

    “giant cloud of steam” = giant cloud of water vapour. You can’t see steam.

  41. vTerrible

    Tim, your hanging out with Ben to much. Didn’t know if this was everyday astronaut or spacanomics

  42. Martin Wessely

    OMG FINALLY I love these long documentaries.

  43. Mayank Shrivastava

    I can’t thank you enough for this video, I have been in arguments with people about rocket pollution, trying to explain them how they are not half as polluting as they look at launch. And how the value that we generate from a launch outweighs the negatives of one. You put it all together really well. I am going to share this everywhere and will use your video every time I get into an argument regarding rocket pollution ever again.

    Also, I have said this before and I say this again. What an incredibly researched video. Tim, you are setting the gold standard for YouTube production quality. Videos so well worked out we can learn a lot of rocket science by watching them and reading the resources. Great graphs this time around(animations otherwise), very well crafted and amazingly structured. I love everything you do, have been doing that for a long time and intend to continue it for the foreseeable future.

  44. Ryan

    I’ve been waiting for this moment..!

  45. Mac Catt

    Tim, you’ve stated before that you were a serial college drop out. I think if the then you had had the now you as an educator, the then you would have been far more engaged, as the now you is a brilliant communicator. But then the then you wouldn’t have dropped out, changing history, so the now me would be watching the now you…. Errr I think, l’m confused, but not with the content of the video…. Great job ;)

  46. tegneren

    Dammit, Tim! I was literally on my way to go to bed, and then I saw that this was out. Sigh!

  47. Jason Dolph

    Orbital rings are totally feasible with current technology, just not fiscally realistic.

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    This should be a series on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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    Put shortly: This video is awesome, and so are rockets!

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    Every single side tangent in this video qualifies for a stand-alone high-quality youtube video, the effort put into this is astronomical. Good job tim!

  52. Filip Skotnica

    Please Tim, make a video about nuclear propulsion in rockets. That would be so awesome :)
    Also, amazing work on this mini-documentary, great job.

  53. Tim Braeckman

    easy comment: thanks to spaceflight we at least know about global warming

  54. Dylan Schiff

    I’ve never been this early! Thank Tim!

  55. Azer White



    methane can be even obtained from something called sludge , sludge is made from sewage water , its in my science book (U can google this )

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  58. Tomas Beblar

    I love the analogy of the “leaf in a forest fire”

  59. MrXtacle

    Me: Oh wow, 56 minutes? This is going to take a while to get through.
    Me, 54 minutes later: Hol’ up, that’s it? It’s already over?

  60. Jak Extreme

    -“It will take a solar farm the size of 6 football fields!”
    -“So be it”

    I love this guy

  61. Alex Landherr

    At 4:30, we can’t by definition live on an “uninhabitable” world.

  62. bagged malk

    “Politics and pointless internet argument over climate change”

  63. Jackie Zuhong Gan Zheng


    Consult Scott Manly

  64. Pekoneko117

    The thing is, It´s not about “This pollutes, let´s stop using it”, it´s about “This pollutes, can we stop using this and SUBSTITUTE it with a cleaner thing?”
    It doesn´t matter if rockets pollute or not. They are the only way to reach space.
    Cars pollute, but we can swith to EVs. Carbon/gas/petrol/etc… pollute, but we can switch to renuable energy. And so on…
    Airplanes. They pollute, but they are the only way to transport people fast and big distances. Until electric jets come we use polluting ones. (For example, We can´t change and do what Greta did, spending 2 weeks on a boat to travel the atlantic, just because planes pollute. Simply not doable).

  65. Menno Jongejan

    These straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense, data-filled segments are awesome. The amount of work that has gone is in this must be insane. Thanks for making some of the best truly unique content on the web, Mr Dodd!

  66. Nick Schmitz

    Hey Tim, just great work, really! I’m sitting here in Germany without School for one week now and I wasn’t really able to see my friends, so it’s amazing to be able to watch your video! Just want to say thank you for your work and that you motivate me and so many aerospace fans all over the world!!!
    Stay healthy!

  67. Will Black

    People: “Rockets are bad for the environment.”
    Me, an intellectual: “HUMANS ARE BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!”

  68. Andy

    Congrats, you can now put your new computer together! lol :P lol

  69. Ben Hay

    This video flew by, am so grateful for all your effort and dedication. Thank you as well to you Patreons. Love your content Tim, keep on keeping on – I’m excited by the prospect of a potential future follow up about surface pollution and/or space pollution.


  70. Dat Boi

    Yo I would listen to these while I folded towels, that’s an epic combo that works out. Once all the towels are folded, time to start another task and finish the vid!

    productivity 💯

  71. 1000dots

    That shot of reentry from the fairing’s point of view blows me away every time. Looks like the stargate from 2001

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    My man Tim with the real talk about the externalized costs of manufacturing and complete supply chain ecological economics! <3 Always a pleasure to get sucked all the way into one of these videos, thanks for the research Lisa!

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    Rockets aren’t the problem. There are so many other things to focus on before people start complaining about pollution of rockets.
    This video is amazing man and so insightful. You are a legend! Keep up the brilliant videos man.

  88. Matt Dahle

    Tim: *posts pollution video

    *everyone liked that*

  89. Maurits Spijker

    Tim Dodd you did it again!
    A proper professional scientific study with a clear and nuanced explanation. I absolutely love these type of videos and I admire the effort you and your patrons put into making these videos. Keep up the great work!

    I’d love to support you on your next video’s as soon as I have money to spare.

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    Great job with the video Tim. You make boring stuff interesting.

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  93. Lewis Massie

    “Get your periodic tables ready” This chemistry student has been ready for years

    btw, polybutadiene acrylonitrile is pronounced poly-buta-di-ene acrilo-nitrile. The break is where the descriptive factors are
    14:24 you nailed this one though

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    Love you Tim

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